Jennifer Lopez expected to sign ‘Idol’ deal this week

American Idol 2011 judges

The Hollywood Reporter is is reporting that Jennifer Lopez is finally expected to sign a deal this week to return as a judge on “American Idol” next season.

“We’re in good shape. No worries. No dark clouds on the horizon,” Cécile Frot-Coutaz, CEO at FremantleMedia North America, which produces Idol told the Wall Street Journal.

Lopez has been the only holdout as Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler inked deals shortly after season 10 ended. Her holdout has likely been due to salary negotiations, sources believe.

Last season, Lopez took home a whopping $12 million for praising judging the contestants.




  1. Thank goodness. We need at least on coherent judge. Steven spends most of his time listening to a distant drum [ or guitar riff], and Randy makes as much sense as a parrot throwing out random phrases.

      • I suppose….
        that is if she can manage to keep her
        “goose-bumps”, cryin’ and “rump-bumping”
        under control….

      • If Jennifer Lopez is holding out for more money to judge Idol this year because she thinks 12 million dollars is not enough then she should feel real sorry for the poor people who are supporting this show who can’t even put food on the table. She’s a spoiled little rich girl…..who needs her!

    • Oh, is that what Stephen is doing? I was not sure, just figured it was the drugs.

    • I would not thought of him, but he would make a good judge, great idea. Wish it would happen.

      • He had been a mentor many times and was technically helpful and stern and either last year or the year before sat as a judge during the tryouts and handled himself very well and was pretty tough. I think you can tell a good judge by how they mentor. I never understood why Randy was there although I could guess…Maybe mentoring should be a prerequisite before judging!

  2. Glad she is back……To me, she is honest and gives some corrective critizism. Steven is to wishy, washy…and Randy tries to be another Simon Cowell. Welcome Back Jennifer…

    • I know your a huge James fan Phyllis but I’ll never get past last years James swooning, that, in my opionion, was not honest.

      • Ron….Did you mean J.Lo swooning over James?
        I just feel that she did give corrective critizism, whereas Steven was a wash….I know she critized Haley (who I know you are a fan of, me too) but it made Haley perform better. Seriously, think about it!!!!

  3. I was holding out for at least one change next year. The ‘judging” did me in this past season. Thank you FOX you have just given me back about 40 hours of my life. How does he say it Seacrest “OUT”

  4. How about the constant shaking of heads and verbal dislikes, over and over again, when one of there favorites were eliminated over another. How are the other contestants suppose to feel “were not worthy”. Honest judges should be more impartial.

    • All the judges did that when a favorite got eliminated……Its history but Lauren should have went before James….I was shaking my head……Kris Allen beating out Adam… know I can go on and on…..LOL

  5. Hip Hip Horray! I Love these 3 Judges together. In fact all the judges they’ve ever had were good. Don’t listen to those negative comments. There’s a reason this is the #1 most watched show in America!

  6. Boring, boring, boring. They say the same crap to every singer… get goose pimples, they are all the best, blah, blah, blah. Jennifer should stay home with her twins who now have divorcing parents, not be out making an extra 12 million that she probably does not need, she just wants to be highest paid judge on the show to boost her own ego. Guess her kids are better off with the nanny, they probably know her better than their own mother.

  7. Who cares! I will never watch this show again! After watching first hand how the producers treat people..I repeat I will never watch this show again. It’s a joke an a disgrace! Everyone whos involved with this show should be ashamed! I’m not really sure how they even sleep at night!

  8. I don’t think any of the judges were worth whatever they got paid, but I guess JLo really needs that 12 Million to pay for the bling and designer clothes required for her image as “Most beautiful woman.” In case anyone is interested, I’d do it for 5 Million, show up in my Wal-Mart clothes and represent “Normal people who listen to the radio.” How hard could it be to repeat “beautiful” “In it to win it” and flirt with the hotties. Although I’ve been a long time Idol fan, this next season, I’m looking forward to my new favorite…The Voice!!!

    • Agree for the most part, but let’s just pop open a beer and enjoy the ride!!

  9. I can’t stand that hag. She adds nothing but fake smiles, fake hyena laughs, & fake “live” performances that weren’t even that good. I’ll still watch the show next year. I’m not gonna say I’m done w/ Idol.

    Then again, I didn’t watch the final perfomance (2nd to last show, Scotty & Lauren) so depending on the talent next year, I’m probably closer to being done watching it than some.

    I watched two seasons ago after Siobhan got eliminated. This past season I got smart & stopped once there was no talent left, which was after Haley got knocked out. Next year if the best one ends up in 6th or what have ya like Siobhan did, then that’s when I’ll be done for the season.

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