Haley Reinhart signs to Interscope Records

Haley Reinhart

“American Idol” Season 10 2nd runner-up Haley Reinhart has signed to Jimmy Iovine’s Interscope Records, according to multiple sources.

Haley is now the fourth season 10 contestant to sign to the label. The others were winner Scotty McCreery, runner-up Lauren Alaina and Pia Toscano.

Earlier in the summer, Haley, along with other Top 11 contestants were given management deals from Red Light Management. So that means she’s ready to cut her first album.

While there aren’t any details on her album, Haley did tell Reality Rocks that she has some hopes for her upcoming release.

“In a perfect world, I would love it be bluesy, soulful, funky – a lot of stuff incorporated,” she told the site. “I think it’s possible!”




  1. Good for her. Saw her EP at WalMart along with Lauren’s and James’, but Scotty’s sold out day 1 and I’m still waiting for them to restock.

    • Scotty is the winner and getting air play so he is selling about twice as many but for an unpromoted EP of cover songs they are all doing very well. David Cook and others are not doing that much better in the current sales market.

  2. Can’t wait to for Reinhart’s new album. I love her voice and have already worn out her EP.

  3. Congrats to Haley 🙂 WTG!!! can not wait till you first album is out.
    It is looking like James does not want to sign with Interscope unless he has to. James is currently writing songs with Marti Frederiksen and James Michael to shop around to other labels for a recording deal.

  4. awesomeeeeeeeeeeee…
    the truth is Haley,Pia are really really good and talented they should make an album and we are waiting… ”this time” of Pia is really good…i love it..
    and we are waiting for others album or singles too…
    and another truth is that now Pia is the one who gets the highest attention and news than others even the winner…

  5. I hope she gets to record the type of music she likes and we like. It will be interesting to see what music is being written that fits her style. One thing to her advantage is the sulty twist she can put on any music.

  6. So so happy for her! I’ld say that Interscope Records really made out by snagging her. I’ll be one of the first in line to grab her album when it hits stores! Way to go Haley!

  7. Haley was not the second runner up. Lauren was. Why are they saying she was second runner up……

    • Because Scotty won, Lauren was the first runner up and Haley was the second runner up?

    • Scotty won, Lauren was runner up and Haley was second runner up or third. It is the way they describe people in contests – like Miss USA for example.

      Whether she was second runner up or third Place is moot. To me, she was a winner who, with James, took far more risks and tried many different interpretations of songs than any of the others.

      American Idol is a popularity contest and, for whatever reason, the voting is dominated by Southern States. 9 of the 10 winners have been from Southern States with Lee DeWyze being the one exception.

  8. Congratulations Haley!!…Jimmy Iovine said that Hayley reminded him of Stevie Nicks so hope he takes Haley under his wing & makes her a star. Just not sure I’m happy about her signing with Interscope..they don’t seem to really “get” the artist….hope this is not true with Haley!!

    • Jimmy Iovine is the head of Interscope. If Jimmy gets her, then Interscope gets her. And after all those months of working with Haley and all the accolades Jimmy and the celeb mentors have given her; Iovine totally gets her and really digs her. She’s ignited his inner rocker-guy!

      • Who else got an unrecorded Gaga song to sing. Never been done on the show ever. That’s what they think of Haley. She is an unmitigated star.

  9. winner…runner up…second runner up, therefore
    I believe second runner up means 3rd place.

  10. Reading comprehension for the win: Scotty = Winner, Lauren = 1st Runner up Haley = 2nd Runner up.
    Anyway, grats to the best Idol eva:)

    • This is the first time I have ever heard anyone refer to Haley as being a “screamer”. These days, it just seems anyone who does not sing in a certified country style, is considered a “screamer” by most country music fans. I guess I am one of those rare country music fans that can appreciate all forms of music, on some level (even rap in very small doses). In my viewpoint, Haley’s music can be described as being bluesy, soulful, jazzy and emotional. But “screaming” … I just do not see that. No matter how hard I try.

    • Haley was the one, who thought she was wonderful, but wasn’t, she screamed and growled, ghastly. James screamed, but was a pleasant screamer.I liked him. The winner was Pia. Fantastic.

      • you both shut it. Obviously James remains as an unpleasant screamer and Pia ended up 9th. Haley beats them by miles. And “what contestant was Haley?” I can say now that if you watched AI this season and Haley didn’t got your attention, I loathe you and you don’t know anything about music, simple.

      • People are entitled to there opinion.
        I personally didn’t like Haley. There is no need to dictate to others.

  11. All the kids on Idol this year deserve to have records made. I think this was the best Idol season ever. Beautiful voices…great talent!

  12. This young artist had the most distinctive and soulful voice in the competition. I didn’t think they made singers like that anymore. You have to go back 30 or 40 years to get that kind of blues, rock and soul mix… Raitt, Joplin, Nicks, Ronstadt-true original epic voices. Congratulations Haley. Couldn’t happen to a better vocalist or – from what I have seen – a nicer, more humble and good-humored woman.

  13. I was not a Haley fan during the show, as I became obsessive about James, but I have to say she was great on the tour show that I saw. I agree, lots of great talent this year, and it really showed on that great tour. I will be buying lots of CD’s as each one comes out. Have to say though, I thought Pia remained blah still. Might just be me, though. And probably time will help her stage presence.

    • I have to agree with you in regards to Pia. I will give her props for being a very attractive girl with a decent voice. But, her stage presence has always left me a feeling a bit disconnected. Haley on the other hand is a pretty girl, with a very distinctive, bluesy voice and a amazing stage presence.

  14. Sounds like great news – but I’ll wait for the official announcement. I think Iovine dropped more than a few hints during the Idol competition on how impressed he was with Reinhart and how she was the full package.(looks, charisma, solid technique, crazy vocal talent)
    Idol left her “bio, backstory, personality” somewhat of an enigma – nothing like the attention they lavished on faves. But Haley turns out to be a well-liked person, a born singer, and a good interview.

  15. Anybody know whats up with Stephano?? I can`t wait to see what he`ll get up to.

  16. Excellent! Cant wait for Haley’s New Album! I love her voice! She is really good!!

  17. I am so happy for Haley…Looking forward to her CD. Not surprised that James doesn’t want to sign with Jimmy Lovine. I think James wants to sing his music, his way….No matter who he signs with, I’ll be on line buying his CD…..

  18. Haley! love the bluesy, soulful, funky way you sing…plus, it’s sexy..See you perform NY 8 24 Your great! RHF

  19. It’s about time! Thanks, Interscope, for not wasting any more time. She could have released a collection of just her idol performances and I would have bought it. Looking forward to some original Haley, now. I predict she does better than Scotty and Lauren, if Itune downloads are any indication…

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