Jennifer Lopez American Idol 2012 Contract Rumors: 20 Million Reasons

Jennifer Lopez

Has Jennifer Lopez signed a contract to return for American Idol 2012? Insiders are saying that’s the case and it was done with a massive raise from last year’s $12 million paycheck, according to The Wrap:

The pop star will be returning to the singing competition with a contract with the Fox Broadcasting Network that’s “a smidge over” $20 million, according to one of the [sources].

Both insiders said the deal is complete but has not yet been signed.

Another insider close to the show denied that a deal was in place.

Others disagreed. The $20 million was apparently the base minimum for Lopez, and after tough negotations with Fox, ended up just above that number.

Was Jennifer Lopez such an irreplaceable component of last season’s American Idol that she was worth $20 million this time around? I guess if Idol was previously paying Simon Cowell over $50 million then they’ve got that kind of money to throw around. Apparently someone was much more impressed than I was.

Hopefully this becomes official news soon so we can get on to more interesting news like the American Idol 2012 auditions taking place this summer and the follow-up callback events. The new season is almost here!

Source: The Wrap via MJs Big Blog




  1. She brought the most press and endorsements the show has ever had according to E online. She must be making the show loads are they wouldn’t pay her 20 million a season.

  2. I’d pay her the $20 million not to come back and fire Steven and Randy and hire judges that will do actual judging rather than hearing “That was beautiful” or “in it to win it!” week after week again.

      • I am sorry. But I have to agree with Shawn! I don’t think she is worth twenty Million. Randy is getting a bit stale. Tyler has some funny remarks. But seriously he seems to like everyone. And at times he looks bored. Also is American Idol going to be competing with the X/Factor? That could hurt it some. Simon Cowell’s show might be refreshing. JMHO.

      • Hi Shery K…..Hope you are enjoying the summer…..Can’t wait for Idol season to start…..Hope its no an all Country show again!!!! LOL…

      • My spelling is awful or should I say my typing….Sherry….I hope its NOT an all Country show again….LOL

    • I agree!!! None of the judges deserve to be paid that much, especially in an economy that’s in total shambles! Maybe she was the best 2 out of 3–but even saying that isn’t much, considering none of them were much more than mildly entertaining, and less than useful to contestants. Where has all the common sense gone in this country?

      • Hi Phyllis G. Nice to see you again! It’s OK. I mispelled your name last year. And apologized to you! I don’t know if you even saw it? There were so many chat boards going for AI.I hope it is more interesting this year. I am kind of a country fan. Keith Urban is fantastic in concert. But as you know I am a huge ” Adam Lambert fan”. Just love him. And I am glad to see he is doing well. We moved in this heat! It’s only 110 degrees here! LOL. I did want to put that in caps. But no can do. Have a nice sumeer Phyllis!

      • Sherry…I like country too but last season was ridiculous…..Carrie U. was great, Scotty & Lauren were not great……I liked Lauren better than Scotty…..but than what do I know….I haven’t picked the AI since Carrie..LOL…..You know how I feel about Adam…..New cd this fall. Look for it…..Have a great summer..

      • Phyllis, I agree. Last season was rididulous! Carrie U is a stand out from AI. And yes last year was Blah. We will see how it goes this year. Nigel said something about changing the voting system. It should be interesting to see what he does! I am definitely waiting for ADAM’S new cd coming out this summer. I will be buying it! Have a great summer this year Phyllis! And I hope to see you again. Be good now! LOl. Just teasing you!

  3. I’m not sure she’s worth 20 million+, but she’s at least worth more than the two bobble heads that flank her. IMHO these three earned their salaries during the tryouts and Hollywood rounds more than they did after top 24. The talent for season 10 was dazzling compared to season 9. So, yes, pay them whatever and keep things as they are.

    • Templar…..I totally agree with you….The auditions were fantastic but once the live shows started, the judges became different…especially Steven…..If those judges were back like that, then they would of all been worth the money…..

  4. “Both insiders said the deal is complete but has not yet been signed.”

    An unsigned deal is an incomplete deal. 😉

  5. Wow $20 million. Seriously! Well, I don’t think there has been a more highly rated show that paid the actual talant so little (which i believe is nothing). So, I guess they can afford to give everyone a huge raise.

  6. I’ll leave all the “money” matters to the powers that be. It doesn’t affect me one way or the other. So why let it take up space in your heads.I think Idol has been on so many years because it is good entertainment. There are a lot of good singers out there (and lousy, as we have heard) and it’s good that someone who is not rich already can have a fair shake. So, just sit back, and enjoy the music.

  7. Maybe it’s time they increase what they pay the contestants who really make the show happen. They are worth more than they get.

  8. The contestants are great but, is Jennifer after the money that 20million+ package. Is that the reason she just had a divorce with a her husband.(iam not really sure whether they are divorced or not but i think they are).

    I think the previous seasons Paula Abdul was much more better than these 2 new judges.

  9. i think that is great. she has a real eye for true talent. i would like to see steve again too i didn’t miss a show in 2011. first year i enjoyed the show that much.

  10. why ? Jennifer has a big head if she thinks she made Idol…actually it was Steven Tylor not Jennifer no loss if she doesnt come back just keep Steven and Randy…
    Steven added the excitement and humor that the show needed..He should be paid more than Jennifer
    she was not the best judge at all. I have watched Idol since day one and This season was truely the best but not because of Jennifer.

  11. They should have saved thier money. Jennifer Lopez, they should offered Marc Anthony the money he is so far superior in talent than Lopez. Lopez is a product Anthony is the real gifted talent. I vote for Marc Anthony!

  12. AI, oh my. Ok I would love to see someone like Pink, Christina, or someone from the Country Side. Not much on J’lo at all.

  13. I think all 3 judges needed to be replaced. They repeated themselves many times last season and often what they had to say made little sense. Thank goodness I watch for the contestants.

  14. I think it’s AWESOME ! I loved the show SO much more last season. The 3 of them make an entire difference to Idol , in my opinion. It’s the PERFECT COMBO ! ! ! Jennifer with her soft and loving personality, Randy with his “Got 2 B serious” and infamous lines , and Steven, who has the ” SWAGGER ” goin on ALL the time ! And BONUS ! They ALL know their muzic !!! Like I said, “THE PERFECT COMBO !!!!

  15. fixed show the judges suck ,wath the show tonight 04/11/12 and jl and randy need to go they gotta bring back simon and paula

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