Jennifer Lopez Performs “I Luv Ya Papi” On American Idol This Week [PICS]

Jennifer Lopez in "I Luv Ya Papi"
Jennifer Lopez in “I Luv Ya Papi” – Source: Vevo/YouTube

This week on American Idol 2014 we’ll be watching Jennifer Lopez perform her new single “I Luv Ya Papi” but with the more family friendly setting of the show, how will she pull off the oversexed video from the song itself?

In her new video JLo pokes fun at the macho music videos filled with half-dressed (or less) women by filling it with men in skimpy Speedos as she tours around a mansion, yacht, and all over the place.

Lopez’s friends in the video say it’s time for the women to objectify the men for a change (think “Blurred Lines”) and so the set forth to do just that and they do it a lot. Check out these pics from the video for an idea of what JLo is getting up to in there.

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What do you think of JLo’s new song? Are you ready to grab a download of it or pass on it for something by one of the Idol’s remaining Top 10 contestants?

Watch Jennifer Lopez sing “I Luv Ya Papi” in her new video:

Image credit: Vevo/YouTube




  1. If this performance was one of the AI contestants, Harry Connick Jr.
    would’ve hated the lyrics and had issue with the ‘singing’ (or lack
    thereof) and the insult of such an offensive performance. SO DO I !!! This is a ‘bottom 3’ if ever in singing, song and
    performance. Come on J.Lo., you could do better than that–or can you?!
    We get it already–you got a big ‘A’ and a pretty face. Don’t you have
    any other tricks in your bag? You’re in the company of two intelligent,
    serious, GREAT musicians and you squat real low on stage with your knees
    wide open?! You choose AI’s best singing alumni talent to look cheap and chant such imbecilic words, “I
    luh-ya’ papi”?! Really??? Then expect your judgements to be taken seriously or even as
    intelligently? REALLY???!!! Hey J.Lo. you have a
    daughter, so does Harry (3 in fact), so does Keith (2 in fact). This was
    offensive to me as a woman, daughter, Latina and musician! You ought to be
    fired as a judge on American Idol!

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