Jennifer Lopez On American Idol 2012 Confirmed

American Idol judges

It’s official. Jennifer Lopez will return for American Idol 2012 this January along with the other two judges, Randy and Steven, along with host Ryan Seacrest.

Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe made the announcement this morning on Seacrest’s radio show and you can listen to the news below. Jump to 3m30s to hear the tidbit on JLo’s return from Nigel:

I am delighted to say that all three judges, along with the brilliant host of American Idol is back for the next season.

So what you do think? Is this good news for the new season or should American Idol have saved her $20 million paycheck for someone else?




  1. Too bad I was hoping for at least one judge that won’t say “That was beautiful”, “Dude this guy/girl is in it to win it!”, or “that gave me goosies”. I might just watch X-Factor this fall and the Voice next winter and skip idol. I guess they’d rather pay someone big bucks just to be a cheerleader and not have someone on there who will be honest.

    • IMO the judges complete their obligation by weeding out the chaff and bringing along the top 24. Which they did very well for season 10. After that they only need to show up, look interesting and point out the really glaring mistakes. I’m satisfied.

      • Problem is they didn’t point out any kinds of mistakes in the live show performances. The judges are supposed to give feedback to help the people at home decide how to vote. If all they can do is smile and say things like “That was beautiful” after a performance that was full of flaws then they aren’t doing their jobs. Sure Simon could be a little harsh, but he was honest and if there were any problems with a performance he pointed it out, which left room for them to improve, and he would tell someone if he thinks that they might be going home the next night. The judges this past season did the contestants a huge disservice by constantly telling them that they are great, and not telling them ways they can get better. It’s called constructive criticism and they didn’t have to be mean, but they didn’t have to sugarcoat everything either.

      • Shawn, I’m afraid that’s an exaggeration. They pointed out the mistakes when it was needed. Besides, if you need celebrities to tell you how someone did, maybe you really shouldn’t watch idol. I personally don’t care who does it. Like templar said, their job is done after the top 24 is made up. All I want is to listen to talented people sing. So go ahead and stop watching. We really won’t miss you.

      • Templar…..I agree to a point. Yes, last season they did pick the best 24 and during auditions they were great….The only judge that I thought didn’t bring it to the live shows was Steven Tyler….At least J.Lo and Randy did give corrective critizism….To Steven everyone was beautiful and great..Come on Really???!!!!

    • Right on Shawn I guess no IQ reqired when it comes to judges on Ai just lame comments from BIMBLO to suffer through! I guess her ex is the only winner!

    • I am with Shawn. Spare us the smiles, the 2 inches of makeup and the pom poms and get down to it. For people in the “music business” (and if I have to hear Randy talk about the one tour he did with Journey before any of the contenstants were even born I’m gonna…)they just don’t know thier stuff.

    • I agree with you 100% Shawn. I wasn’t hoping that the judges would be mean, but a little constructive criticism would’ve been nice. There were plenty of performances where Simon would’ve definitely pointed out the flaws. There was way too much sugarcoating this season. Looks like we’ll be getting more of the same next season. I’ll definitely be looking forward to The X Factor with Simon & Paula. At least you know that you’ll get constructive criticism on that show.

  2. They should have saved their money. I was not impressed with JLo..I think she was in it to win it and get her career back on board. I think Steven and Randy really do care about the kids trying out. I think it is just a stepping stone for JLo. Sorry, but that is how I feel.

    • Okay now that the judges are all coming back, how about overhauling the voting procedure? This present format is not good. It should be similar to “Dancing with the Stars” or even “America’s Got Talent”

  3. I think this 3 really do a fair job. Jolo’s sensitivity I appreciate, Steven’s comments are funny although a bit crude, and Randy’s comments are probably spot on. The only change that needs to be made is for each phone number to be limited to something like 5 votes. Of course, that won’t happen ’cause that’s the only AI can brag about 90 million votes.
    I look forward to a great year eventhough it will be hard to beat this past season. I thought and of the top 5 could have been the winner and I’d have been satisfied. There has to be some way to keep someone like Pia in the top 10 because she is just too good to be the first one to go.

  4. I agree that there was too much promoting of the judges and their latest CD, book, or whatever this past season. The judges were allowed to make the show too much about themselves. It should be about the contestants. I really don’t care what the judges are doing outside of the show. If their work is done after choosing the top 24, get 3 cardboard cutouts of the judges and place them on the chairs. Then a recording can be played using the comments we know they are going to make, and move on to the next contestant’s song. Pay them a lesser amount during this time. Give the money saved to charity. (Sure I’m being sarcastic. I think the viewers want live constructive comments that we can’t predict but will help future performances from the contestants.)
    While we’re talking about how to improve the show…I hope they have corrected the sound problems they were having last year.
    Also, who did you listen to this summer after the show was over? Who was the person you wanted most to hear sing again? Was it the same person you voted for during the season or the finals? Whose performances did you go back to see? As time went on, did you care that much? I was surprised at my own answer.

    • I agree on the (not) promoting of the judges and their latest cd’s or commercials. Give it to the contestants, isn’t that what the show is about? Promoting the new young talent? The judges had their time with fame now create it for the newbies.

  5. One point I’d like to make to the ones who say that the judges only job is to find the top 24, then how come when the live shows start are they still there? If they have done their job of finding the top 24 then shouldn’t they just says here’s the contestants that we found and now it’s up to you. Then also why do they give their feedback of the performances? If not to first give contestants tips on how to improve, and second to help people decide which way to vote. Finding the top 24 is only one part of their job, the second part of their job starts during the live shows in offering their expert opinions on the performances.

  6. I also agree with the non-self promotion of the judges to an extent. I don’t mind if they take a few seconds to plug a CD, book, or whatever else they might be selling, but the airing of music videos, or building up an entire show towards a live performance from one of the judges(which wasn’t actually live the shows producers just think the viewing public is just plain stupid) is going a little overboard.

    • But Shawn, can they really decide anything other than the save? They give their opinion. Maybe they liked most of the performances? It’s not that they can only praise the contestants, but they can be nice about giving critisism. Why can’t they give their honest opinion on the performances without a person like you respecting their opinion? I don’t see you up there critiquing the contestants for our entertainment. (thank goodness)

      • Hell I’d do it and they wouldn’t have to pay me inflated amount of money. I am not saying that they have to be mean to the contestants, but they can say things like “I don’t think that was your best performance, here’s some tips for next time.” Instead we got repeated catchphrases like “That was beautiful” or “in it to win it”. They weren’t giving criticisms, they were just being cheerleaders.

  7. Seriously, these judges were at their best during the auditions. It seemed that the minute the show went live, they seemed to die out…..especially Steven…….To answer your question GISELLE…..I’m still waiting for James to cut his first single/CD.

    • Hi, Phyllis G! Maybe Idol should have two sets of judges–those who choose the contestants from the auditions and those who then take over for the top 24 and can be impartial, give constructive criticism, and actually offer sentences that do not sound the same week after week. These judges should not be telling the viewers how to vote and not be performing or promoting their own agendas. OK, back to reality.

  8. I though I was not going to watch idol after Simon left but I did watch last season. I though the three judges were kind of entretaining along with being judges which worked for me. Some people are right though by saying that they did not point out contestants mistakes that much but were too sweet instead. Hopefully this year that changes but again I like the judges. Jennifer is great.

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  10. Finally they have judges for American Idol that really know their “stuff” with respect to singing and entertaining !! Kudos to all the judges … !! They are doing a bang up job .

    • Personally, I’m a huge fan of Steven Tyler, but I don’t agree with the judges, when they tell the contestants that they did a “beautiful” job, when they didn’t. I miss Simon’s honesty.

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