Jennifer Lopez Shocks Herself With F-Bomb on American Idol! [VIDEO]

Jennifer Lopez Drops F-Bomb On ‘American Idol’

American Idol 2014 judge Jennifer Lopez shocked herself on Wednesday night by accidentally dropping the f-bomb. J-Lo was being teased by American Idol judges Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. and apparently forgot for a moment she was on live television.

During her critique of American Idol season 13 finalist Jena Irene Ascuitto, J-Lo was telling the singer how she needed to let loose and be more ‘messy’ in the performance. Keith and Harry prodded Jennifer to give them a “hair flip” demonstration of how Jena could loosen up.

Rolling her eyes at Harry and Keith’s antics, J-Lo mumbled the f-word to the sky, and then promptly remembered she was on live TV. The look on her face as she covers her mouth in shock at what she just did is priceless.

Sadly, the censors were so fast on the edit button that we didn’t actually get to hear Jennifer Lopez being naughty. But watching the reaction from her and the other American Idol judges more than made up for the bleep.




    • I disagree. Compared to the two female judges from last season, JLo is charm and grace personified. Better than Mariah, Nikki, Ellen, Kara, and more credible than Paula. I wouldn’t say no to Cher as a judge, or Kelly Clarkson, but JLo is just fine with me.

      • She just needs to be a little more aware of her place as a mentor…. Hey, at least she can walk in her high heels….. Last year, Randy & Steven Tyler (or was it Keith?) had to help both Mariah and Nikki across the stage & down the stair – like two old ladies — every show!! :):)

  1. F#!# your comments…You haven’t lived if you haven’t dropped an F bomb before..And how dare you insult Adele, she is beautiful too..some like it thick. She could have been bending over a counter as opposed to the casting couch….lol. life’s too short laugh u morons!

  2. She isn’t running for president like Hillary Clinton! However, if Hillary was spy videoed (like they did Romney), you’d probably be surprised then what you’d hear!

  3. I think Keith’s fans should get on the Net and gave Harry a big ‘F’ U for saying there are only 6 teeth in the front row at Keith’s concerts. Harry may be a New Orleans sophisticate, but down in the bayou it’s a little different and dentists aren’t getting rich there either.

    • Harry is not as big as he thinks he is in this Bayou State — maybe too big for his britches!! And, perhaps that is the reason he is doing Idol… Needs the $$ to keep up his lifestyle. His name may be big here, but it’s only his name — not a really celebrated star… He has associated himself with New Orleans — likely to boost his ‘stardom’…. is he even from New Orleans? Prob. not — neither is Emerald Lagassi…. This is what I think of Harry… Aging, career going downhill, old school – not as popular, historically, as Louis Armstrong or Percy Sledge for that matter — and never will be — gets a few gigs here and there when someone wants a jazz performer and he likely would not be their first choice! Since he’s been on Idol, I truly cannot stand him, and I’ll be darn if I ever useup any of my moments watching him perform — anywhere !!!

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