Ryan Seacrest Shows Off Skinny Legs on American Idol [VIDEO]

Ryan Seacrest Goes Barefoot on

Host Ryan Seacrest works hard to maintain his slim physique, but we think maybe he could use an extra sandwich or two! During a humorous moment on American Idol 2014 last night, Ryan rolled up his pants legs to imitate finalist Alex Preston — and revealed some seriously skinny chicken legs!

American Idol finalist Alex Preston gave his performance last night with his pants rolled up to show off his ankles. Judge Harry Connick Jr. apparently found this style choice fascinating. When host Ryan Seacrest took the stage to chat with Alex and the judges, Harry asked the host if he would mind showing off his ankles.

Ryan promptly rolled up his pants legs and even took off one of his shoes and socks. The very slim American Idol host proved to have some extremely skinny legs under there. We know some girls who would kill for ankles like his!

Naturally, Harry Connick Jr. just had to take advantage of the situation and rushed on stage to steal Ryan’s shoe. He fled backstage with Ryan chasing after him. The shoe was eventually recovered, but not until after Ryan had to hop across the stage with his barefoot leg held high up in the air!




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