Jessica Sanchez Previews Upcoming ‘American Idol 2013’ Performance Of ‘Tonight’

Jessica Sanchez is ready for her return to her Idol roots this week when she appears on Thursday’s ‘American Idol 2013′ to debut her new single “Tonight” featuring Ne-Yo. Jessica fans are no doubt ecstatic at the singers return and can’t wait to finally get to hear the closely guarded single.

In an interview with MTV Jessica described “Tonight” as a party song to celebrate going out and having a great night. Seems obvious. Jessica isn’t sure how her collaboration with Ne-Yo came about but she’s overwhelmed by the opportunity.

Jessica’s appearance on American Idol 2013 follows Phillip Phillips’ last week where he performed his single “Gone, Gone, Gone” which was selected as the farewell theme this season. Sounds like Jessica’s song features a little happier subject considering the topics!

Check out Jessica’s interview below along with her cover art for the new single “Tonight” and then share your thoughts on both. Are you excited for Jessica to appear on American Idol this Thursday on FOX?

Jessica Sanchez - Tonight




  1. After a long time of waiting. Jessica Sanchez will be coming out once again to blow us up. Let’s getting ready to a big party with her .. to perform her carrier debut single”tonight” w/ @NeyoCompound on @AmericanIdol on March 21st. #withAISeason12
    i love you so much Jessica. Go forward…

    • It must be my device. Some videos are just not supported on mobile devices. If anyone else is experiencing this Jessica’s video can be found on you tube. While youre there check out her Living Without You performance. Outstanding!

  2. I read somewhere that Jessica’s preferred style of singing is quite different from what she did on AI last season. I was surprised by that only because she sang everything so beautifully. I’m looking forward to hearing her single. Matthew is right about the subject matter of Phillip’s “Gone, Gone, Gone”. I’m guessing the producers think its serendipity. Last year’s winner with a hit called gone, gone, gone, etc. I don’t like it for the farewell song. It was a pedestrian choice and too depressing.

  3. Of course, im extremely excited to see Jessica sing again on the idol stage! im counting the hours now when the AI12 (March 22/2013) will be viewed on Philippine channels like ETC & STARWORLD .

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