Phillip Phillips Talks About Upcoming Idol, Performs ‘Home’

American Idol 2012 Phillip Phillips

American Idol 2012 winner Phillip Phillips recently sat down with Yahoo News to discuss his first album and his time on American Idol.

“I’m doing really good,” Phillip said. “I’m recovering well. just taking it day by day and week by week. trying to push myself to get some stuff done. trying to get ready for the long, crazy year ahead of me.”

Phillip says the album will drop sometime in November or December.

“I want to have a little writing on each song,” Phillip said of his upcoming album. “It’s coming along. It’s going to be a long summer.”

The album will have “a little bit of rock and acoustic stuff. Maybe a little jazz,” he added.

Check out the full interview and an acoustic version of “Home,” after the jump.




  1. Really like this version of  ‘Home’….I know he wasn’t completely comfortable with the song in the beginning….but it seems that he has started to put his stamp on it and is starting to like it himself.  He looks like he is feeling better now too…glad to see that….looking forward to seeing his performance tomorrow night on the ‘Capitol Fourth’ celebration show.

  2. I love this version of the song. He seems like such a sweetheart of a guy. Can’t wait to see him tomorrow night!

  3. It’s good thing P2 is better now, but sadly still need to wait until Nov or Dec for his album, to hear new music from him.  JS said hers maybe out in October. Yehey, got to expect album Oct & Nov. 🙂

    • November or December is still pretty fast to make an album. I would rather they spent more time on it and made sure it was excellent rather than rush to be the first one to get their album out.

      • Yeah, actually. I also think JS’s songs is not much of her composition probably just some that’s why it would release earlier than P2’s but P2 album could be all his original~ 🙂 either way, would be excited to have their album asap, just to hear new music from them~ hehe. 🙂

      • @Pally…  The end product would be better if not so rushed.   Sure hope the waters are safe to swim in around here if you know what I mean!

  4. I know you all think I am going to say something bad.

    Well you would have been right if I had chose to say it.

    I have made the choice not to say anything at all though. 

    Good luck to Phillip in his career!

    • @Taymaro…You will have to let us know what he sounds like up close and personal.   Should be a good time for you and your nieces.

  5. Phillip ( in the Interview .. ” I’m proud of  Jessica … and I know Jessica is proud of me ..” )..
    Sweet kids ….
    There are several YouTube vids created by ” PhillJess ” fans… there’s a good one using the song ” Terrified ” by AI alum Katharine McPhee… quite nice..

    • I think they are all good friends who went through the same experience together.   Truly believe all the negativity came from the fans, not the contestants.

  6. Hey kids, mjsbigblog has all of the new duets from the top 5.  Go over and take a listen.  P2 and Elise sound real good and so do Hollie and Deandre.  That’s all I’ve listened to so far, but I’m impressed.

  7. Phillip’s bro-law played so loud I couldn’t hear P2 sing. Ruined a good thing. The performance would have been good with P2 all by himself. That’s who America fell in love with. He doesn’t owe his bro-law his future.

    • he is not good singing by himself, he needs all the backup to sound good,  everytime he sings its like that 

  8. i just saw him on wedu, he left a LOT to be desired, definitely a disappointment 

  9. nice performance…but i hope they get rid of the other guy playing the guitar next time..he’s playing too loud’s overpowering pp’s voice..

  10. Just watched P2’s performance from last night.  He looked so healthy and strong, love the raspiness of his voice.  JLo, for once, was right…he sings sexy!

  11. Finally got to see Phillip’s 4th performance. It was just Ok for me, I don’t think it was his best, but Home is not my favorite song of his.

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