Songwriter Greg Holden Talks Success of Phillip Phillips’ ‘Home’

The songwriter behind American Idol 2012 winner Phillip Phillip’s coronation song says he never expected his song to be such a success.

Scottish songwriter Greg Holden says things have been insane since Phillip sang his song on the American Idol season 11 finale.

“It has been totally off-the-chart insane,” he said. “When I heard my song on American Idol, I couldn’t get my head round it. Then my phone just exploded with calls and texts…I will definitely, eventually, earn money from this, but it’s not like the song is on American Idol then somebody hands me a cheque for a million dollars.

Holden 29, is looking forward to another possibility.

“It’s the biggest thing that’s happened to me,” he said. “If sales reach 500,000, I will get myself a little gold disc, which would be incredible.”

Holden, who also performs himself, had been singing the song “Home” in front of his own audiences. But none of those audiences were as grand as the American Idol one.

“The song I had been playing on tour was ­suddenly being played in front of 20 million people,” he said. “Now I have people wanting to write with me and I will have the opportunity to sit in a room with influential people. Who would have thought it?”

Check out Greg’s version of the song after the jump.




  1. It won’t be long before you get the gold disc, Home has sold that 500,000 in the US. Congrats to Greg! Another nice humble guy. HGWG win AI!!

    • @Carlos5118…I have no clue what a funeral marching song is buddy…since Phillip won Idol, the song is a hit, he is performing at the Capitol on the 4th of July, he is nominated for best song and performer at an award show…I would venture to say most of the listening public doesn’t agree with your opinion.  Press on P2 and ignore the ugly side of the industry.

      • @Pally 45…it will be nice to see him out of the Idol setting.  Isn’t it weird we’re posting a month later!  It’s fun.  But even funnier is that you and I and a couple others on this thread are P2 fans and the rest are J Sanchez fanatics..maybe that’s the fun part.  Hope your boating trip was everything and more.  Later!

      • It was fantastic and quite the break I needed! I should have packed a little more sunscreen though. Ouch.

    • @Carlos..WTF..I didn’t read beyond your second sentence.  Maybe you can tell other people what to do, but believe this..and I am as serious as a heart attack, don’t tell me what to say or fact, pls don’t respond 2 my posts.  At this point in time, ur just plain annoying and don’t exist 2 me, just like JS.

  2. I wonder if Francis Scott Key will get a gold disc in about 50 years after Jess has sung the national anthem 500,000 times?

    • Hi LCRK:  I hope when PP wins his award, or even a nomination, it’s for his music.  BTW, do enjoy yourself at the Hamptons!!

      • u don’t have to defend p2 if he’s really that good. if ever u defend him, stick to the issue without being too personal. the issue is that holden’s song to me doesn’t sound original and that it is similar to a funeral marching song. the song won, did it not? it did not deserve to win because the performer phil was flat at some portions of the song. now if your ear is not that trained in music, then i suppose you can’t really argue aside from hitting below the built, like a boxer who can’t hit his opponent in the face.

      • Philip cannot even sing up to par… How can he even win an award in music? See, Phil’s fans and JS’ fans are the same, only that Phil’s fans think they are the only ones entitled to resort to sour graping, if you will. You self-righteous acrobats!

      • “Attacking the victor?” is malicious and disrespectful? What malice is there if someone thinks that the other’s musical composition is similar to a national anthem and hence not very original?  It is an opinion for heaven’s sake. You could have rebutted an opinion for another opinion about the issue at hand without getting into the inimical topic of fans’ defending fans. We live in a free country and people must be allowed to express dissent without fear of being insulted,

  3. The melody of the song is very familiar and is akin to the cross between the Australian and Scottish national anthems. It also sounds like an octave higher version of what John Denver would typically sing, but an inferior version of Billy Joel’s “Everybody Has A Dream.” This song is just about average, nothing fancy, nothing original. Perhaps if Steve Perry would hear this song, he would squirm at the way the Oh Oh Oh Oh was sung as it is too high for Holden to sing and so too pitchy. In Phil’s rendition Phil did not have to sing it but only helped out by the band and orchestra. 

    Any rate, old man (l0l) as some Phil’s fans might say, don’t take it seriously, AI’s just a reality tv show. Oh yes, it is a reality tv show, and guess what, irony of ironies, who is the nominee for the NRTSA (national reality tv show award)? Neither Phillips nor Holden, but the runner up Jessica Sanchez, about which Branden is yet mum and quiet.

    • I like the sarcastic but gentle comments, Mr. Greene. Yeah, very true, this song sounds like a national anthem. Let Justin Bieber sing this song and I would have thought he was singing the Canadian anthem, lol. Oh yeah, oh yeah, Mr. G, you hit the nail right on the head “irony of ironies,” it is JS nominated for the reality tv show award.

      • Justin Bieber…is such a cutie and yes a great talent still in the budding process…there was Michael, then JustinT, and now JustinB

    • Yep….NRTSA…..that is what I want to be nominated for….go ahead hang your hats on something…you people are incredible. 
      Phillip could single handedly stop a terrorist attack & you people would still find something wrong with that.
      It is too bad that none of you have shown anywhere near the class that Jessica displays.
      And, the last time I checked I don’t think it is Branden’s job to comment or post an article on everything…..I am sure there are plenty of things he has not posted in regard to all of the contestants….that is not a knock on Jessica….just reality….something I think many of you are unfamiliar with based on the endless posts trashing Phillip.  And, don’t say that I trash Jessica, because I don’t & never have….I say that because that is usually your excuse for attacking.

      • a typical and expected reaction of a philfan. when will they ever argue without getting mad nor becoming personal, mr. greene. i think a lecture on the rules of “debate” is in order here, for both sides of phil’s and js’ fans. 

      • What is your real name and what “show?” I would be glad to nominate you, Mmcrell, but I think the list is full already. I guess you dislike Randy Jackson’s being on the nomination list, too? Give credit where credit is due. Most of Phil’s fans would trash Jessica likewise, any time, anywhere as most JS fans would Phil. We’re breaking even in this department, no need to appear self-righteous, dear lady or gentleman. 

        I think we’re better served if we stick to criticize what people do or can’t do or what good music is and what is not, without necessarily getting too personally involved. It is my opinion what “home” is to me, as a piece of music in relation to the whole gamut of songs I have heard over so many years. And it is an ironic twist of fate that Jessica has been nominated rather than Phil. It is an observation and not an affront to Phil’s persona.

        And as to Branden, did you notice I put “yet” as an adverbial modifier? I am waiting what he is going to say in this regard. As of yet, he has not written about it. There’s nothing wrong with that. He will or might, one way or the other, sooner or later.

      • @8ad5aca8633073fc12d01c82ecd0a45e:disqus…Absolutely.   To say such harsh things about the victor is truly malicious or just plain jealous.  I agree Jessica isn’t the problem.  The reason I’ve turned away from her completely is the total disrespect of SOME of her fans on a almost ritualistic and continual basis.   The solution is simple..pick and choose.  Listen to the music or musician you enjoy.   I love Home, listened to it all wkend as a friend has a compilation of P2’s songs from Idol.  Once Phillip gets out there and people hear it more, it will be big.   And JS fans, I promise, I won’t enter her threads anymore and will try to be more tolerant.

      • Yes..Jessy is so classy in that Tina Turner “I’m a cheap lay under 16” disaster dress.
        Yes, so classy to appear on every single talent show on TV since age 5…and still not able to win one.
        Yes, so classy to appear before a boxing event to sing the national anthem of war for the killing of innocent mothers and children by drone attacks from the skies with the bombs bursting in their hair.

    • i thought likewise, that the melody wasn’t that original, and to me it sounded like the perfect version of the philippine national anthem. the “march” staccato portion of the music is very similar to the songs that the marcos’ regime has had forced people to sing.  

      it also sounded to me like a “marching” funeral song when the body is brought forth to God’s home. anyhow, in the end we would be in one’s home and the message of the song is astoundingly compelling, if it only had been sung by the right person/s. i don’t follow stever perry that much, but to me lionel richie or (luther vandros had he been alive) would have done a lot of justice to holden’s “home.”

      • May topak ka talaga.  Give credit where credit is due.  Phillip has a hit with this song.  On the 4th of July he will be singing at the Capital in D.C. for PBS which they will broadcoast.   It is not necessary to constantly berate this man in order to try to bring J Sanchez into the spotlight.  I remember distinctly her fans telling me to get off the thread for her and perhaps that’s what you should do..skip right off of P2’s thread.   Congrats to Phillip and Holden and continued success to both of them. 

  4. I love this song. I love the original by Greg and Phillip’s version. I hope Greg’s career goes up, I really like his style and songs. Good luck in the future Greg and Phillip!!!!!

    • The song is really nice and to have it heard first then sang in the finale, Philip really had taken the “jackpot” move to winning the season 11. Good Luck Greg!!!!!!Philip made you famous dude!!!!!!!!

  5. i like both gregs and phillips version of the song congrats to both they will both have an fantasic career.

  6. phillip phillip the voice is better rather greg holden,phillip phillip more sexy voice

  7. People it won’t change in 3 years even! This trash talking between fans reminds me of the STILL trashing talking between Kris Allen fans and Adam Lambert fans! Get use to trolls coming on each others threads and trash talking! It never goes away and that is sad! Bullies on the Internet hiding behind a faceless computer, how brave would any of them be face to face????

    • what is your point? that it is unfortunate when people ventilate and express their opinions like what u do now? is it bullish if someone would like to protest until justice is served? how can people be happy if the one who can really sing lost to someone who can’t? if ur sad abt that, then just move on with ur life and stop telling people what to do because ur not a court judge.

      • Would be nice if I understood anything you said Carlos. Your spelling is terrible. The gist of what I could understand is that you’re implying I was telling others what to do? Sorry that is what you took out of what I wrote. For the most part all I was saying is most people say nasty things and are brave when hiding behind a computer. Nothing wrong with venting, it’s another thing to say nasty things in order to do that!

    • sorry then i guess we don’t understand each other. forget it buddy. yeah i do short cuts to my spelling, thanks for the feedback coz (i mean, because) i’m just so used to that kind of wrtng (writing) in txtng (texting). but ur (your) point is well taken. peace.

    • My point is: If someone is expressing his or her feelings through this forum, it is all right. If you think that they are talking “trash,” then just be aware that you are not the “judge” of the forum who can tell people what to say or what to write. 

      With regard to spelling and grammar, some corrections: say (1) “Get used,” not “get use,”  (2) “each others’… with an apostrophe after “s” if you mean “others” to be plural, or before the “s” if you refer to it as singular; (3) put a comma after “It never goes away…. It never goes away, and that is sad, or better yet, put a semi-colon since “It never goes away” can stand as a sentence by itself; (4) your last sentence is a “dangling” or “run-on” sentence; consult a grammarian or a grammar book on this matter.  

      otherwise, just leave people alone on how they write coz the stones u throw at them may hit back at u….

      • Thank you for the grammar lesson! I totally deserved that! See big man I can take it!! One must if they hand it out! I still stand by my POV, it’s not necessary to be “ugly” in order to vent per say! You are trying to say I am telling others what to do! I am not! I am not judging either, just stating what I see! Listen if you are allowed to have your piece so am I!!! I just won’t be nasty about it!

      • Let there be no mistake about it, Carlos5118, better know to his friends as Carloser, is the resident court jester of trash talking and mis-information that even the KGB is jealous of.

        Carloser…I believe you have a roll of loo tissues stuck to the heel of your shoe…that’s it… shake it off…shake it, off like a wet doggie.

    • @Sam…I don’t see any other contestant’s fans attacking Phillip Phillips except for Jessie Sanchez’s fans.  They are so bitterly jealous and devastated that she lost the contest.  You’d think they would be happy she made it to second since she was eliminated weeks earlier.  I can only imagine the chaos when it was Adam v. Kris…that had to be epic!  I would have been cheering on Adam..but didn’t dislike Kris Allen.   This season is almost comical with all the miscommunications because of the language barrier, etc.    Oh well, press on Phillip and Adam, love ya

      • Just to let you know…..when Adam and Kris sang off and Kris won all the Adam fans were shocked because he was the front runner for the entire season but none of us (Adam’s fans that is)  were nasty or said mean things about Kris.  I was one of Adam’s hugh supporters and all I could say was if Adam wasn’t in the competition, I would have voted for Kris and that was the attitude of most of us back than.  This year, the Jessica fans were horrific.  Nasty and down right mean…….

      • Exactly. I was rooting for Adam and my daughter was rooting for Kris. This has been the Jess fans that have caused pretty much all the friction. They call people stupid, deaf, dumb, and retarded. Then, when that doesn’t work, they move on to their children.

      • Although I really enjoyed this season of Idol, the Jessica fans have been totally obnoxius on this site.  There really was no need for the name calling, etc.  Back in Season 8,  the Adam fans were upset but not nasty.   We all supported Adam and still do.  The Jessica fans should just move on and support their idol……… 

      • @Phyllis G. LV:  It was different then, you’re right.  Everyone I knew loved Adam but also knew he wouldn’t win.  Hard to believe in this century he lost bc of his sexuality. He was and is Amazing.  I agree Kris was a good kid and Adam liked him.  The expression on his face was priceless when he won, Adam calmed him down! I think the only ones happy with Jessica’s fans are Branden and Matthew bc they kept this site on fire (not in a good way).

      • You have a point there.  I would have thought by now that the Season was over but I still keep getting these stories about Jessica and her fans are still carrying on!!!!!!!!!!!  ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

  8. To me, this song sounds like Barry McGuire’s Eve of Destruction blended with a couple of other folk songs from the Vietnam era.   And as far as opposing factions still arguing after several years, after nearly 50 years people are still arguing about the Stones versus the Beatles.  

    • So true, Templar. This song became popular to inspire those who lost their loved ones in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Those were the days when country singers could really sing with all their might and their soul, barring looks, barring everything that was non-musical. When I read Carlos’ comment on Home’s being a funeral march song, I was reminded of this protest song of the 60’s…The Eve of Destruction. I thought Phil did his best to sing this song, but I guess to old folks like us who have been through a lot of songs and singers, we know that Home (or Philip) was not enough in it to win it.
      But, to be sure, we’re not “attacking the victor” here. we’re only saying that Home is not an original song, take it or leave it.But to all Jessica’s fans, we know the culprit of Jessica’s defeat. It was the questionable voting system. The AI TPTB knows that, and hopefully, next year there will be a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t matter really who lost, if we know that the system is fair. We know that the voting system is not fair, because if it were fair, why would AI need to revamp the show? But, “see Old Man, it’s only a reality TV show!” Guess what, it’s not the winner of this reality tv show who’s being nominated for an award, which, prestigious or not, is still an award.

      • Because of the voting system were Colton and Deandre early voted off.
        And don´t forget Jessica was voted off after the top 7 show against other girls like Hollie or Elise.

    • i’m not as old as u guys (lol), but yeah, i hear yah both templar and mr g. “home” is not original in sound, in content, and in props. to me what comes to mind hearing “home” is “dust in the wind” by kansas, which topped in billboard 100 in the late 70’s and became famous all through my high school and college years (now, now, don’t attempt to count my age). but, listen to the lead singer of that song and the background singers, they’re all up to the beat and not pitchy. this is what music is all about, and sorry to say that nowadays some music pieces have been turned into a travesty of props and marches and what have u to hide the incompetence of the singer.

      • Wow, Carlos, “Dust in the Wind!” I’ve never heard that song before, but I googled/youtubed it after reading your comment. And yes, it is so much like “Home,” even the Oh Oh Oh Oh.. in the middle and towards the end of the song.  Very interesting. I bought Phil’s “Home” though. Now I won’t listen to it but just focus on “Dust in the wind,” wow, gosh, a really nice song. Bye Philip, Bye “Home.”

      • I love Dust In The Wind by Kansas! My parents listened to it all the time! I agree with what you said to that Sam person. Who cares how you spell words? That is my worst subject so please “Sam” don’t judge me! Lol
        I like Home but it’s not my favorite. I more into Elise. I voted for Jessica to win. If it wasn’t for that crappy last song forced on her she would have won! I still think she did!

      • Yes, Carlos, triple wow. You are the best, and yes, “Dust In The Wind,” by Kansas is the nearest thing to “Home.” I have “youtubed” it and listened to it after so many years of not hearing that song, and… that is it, I have nothing more to say…A very touching song, indeed! Now “Home” becomes a “garbage” in the garage.

      • Correct me if  i’m wrong…..The song ‘Home’ which Philip sung during the AI finals, sounded like music in the 60’s… i’d like to compare it  to Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer”. When i heard that song during the AI finals, I thought i was back in the 60’s again. Folk songs were indeed very popular those days even in the Philippines, and we had quite a number of folk houses or(music lounge) where folk music lovers used to hang out to listen to awesome folk singers performed with their guitars. What i really liked also about folk songs those days is when you hear a performer pluck a guitar strings, it really sound wonderful!! However, i didn’t get excited with Philip’s performance. I’m in my 50’s now and i had so much of that tunes in the 60’s… not that i’m saying Philip is not good, but it sounded outdated. It’s totally outdated! I don’t hear folk songs played on a radio and elsewhere these days…

      • Correct me if  i’m wrong…..The song ‘Home’ which Philip sung during the AI finals, sounded like music in the 60’s… i’d like to compare it  to Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer”. When i heard that song, ‘Home’ during the AI finals, I thought i was back in the 60’s again. Folk songs were indeed very popular those days even in the Philippines, and we had quite a number of folk houses or(music lounge) where folk music lovers used to hang out to listen to awesome folk singers performed with their guitars. What i really liked also about folk songs those days is when you hear a performer pluck a guitar strings, it really sound wonderful!! However, i didn’t get excited with Philip’s performance. I’m in my 50’s now and i had so much of that tunes in the 60’s… not that i’m saying Philip is not good, but it sounded outdated. It’s totally outdated! I don’t hear folk songs played on a radio and elsewhere these days…


      • Correct me if  i’m wrong…..The song ‘Home’ which Philip sung during the AI finals, sounded like music in the 60’s… i’d like to compare it  to Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer”. When i heard that song, ‘Home’ during the AI finals, I thought i was back in the 60’s again. Folk songs were indeed very popular those days even in the Philippines, and we had quite a number of folk houses or(music lounge) where folk song lovers used to hang out to listen to awesome folk singers performed with their guitars. What i really liked also about folk songs those days is when you hear a performer plucks a guitar strings, it really sound wonderful!! However, i didn’t get excited with Philip’s performance. I’m in my 50’s now and i had so much of that tunes in the 60’s… not that i’m saying Philip is not good, but it sounded outdated. It’s totally outdated! I don’t hear folk songs played on a radio and elsewhere these days…

      • Correct me if  i’m wrong…..The song ‘Home’ which Philip sung during the AI finals, sounded like music in the 60’s… i’d like to compare it  to Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Boxer”. When i heard that song, ‘Home’ during the AI finals, I thought i was back in the 60’s again. Folk songs were indeed very popular those days even in the Philippines, and we had quite a number of folk houses or(music lounge) where folk song lovers used to hang out to listen to awesome folk singers performed with their guitars. What i really liked also about folk songs those days is when you hear a performer plucks a guitar strings, it really sound wonderful!! However, i didn’t get excited with Philip’s performance. I’m in my 50’s now and i had so much of those tunes in the 60’s… not that i’m saying Philip is not good, but it sounded outdated. It’s totally outdated! I don’t hear folk songs played on a radio and elsewhere these days…

      • BobbyTommyKitty

        Apparently, you live under a rock, during the last 5 years there has been a slow, but steady and strong revival of alternative folk rock. This started in Britain and it found its way to America as it usually does. You must only listen to top 40 pop or hippity hop. I’m sure you have never heard of Mumford & Sons (usually included the list of top 10 Brit bands of all time)

        I’m happy that AI and Phillip has brought you up to date on current music trends. However, the new folk rock, music and lyrics both, is much different that the 60’s version.

        Now scat BobbyTommyKitty, go listen to modern music and get updated. Only then you may comment on Phillip because you are about 10 years behind the trends at present..daddio!

      •  Carloser,

        Where have you been hiding…that basement of yo momma, I was getting worried that yo doggies might have eaten you.

        You whine and whine with your musical knowledge acting, but you never answer my challenges. Ha…you claim Jessica this great voice with a range of 4 octaves, when at best it is only 1.5 or maybe a 1.75 if you are willing to admit she is horridly flat in the lower 20% of the register. Growling is not an acceptable way to expand one’s range.

        I call you out on this because it is a travesty to the few great artists with ranges of 4 octaves and even fewer, with 5 octaves. 

  9. Hey people, do you really think that this song will go far as LordKlein wrote below? If so, how? I mean Phil’s “Home” sales are dwindling in Itunes. I think it is in # 76 now, down from the top 1 or 2 some 3 weeks ago. Mr. Greene wrote something on this in the other thread. I hope he will find the time again tonight to continue his analysis on the “sales” of the song.

    • Bik Bok, please find below a revision of what I wrote last night for a backgrounder:
      (1) Itunes is a music download retailer like Amazon,
      Napster, Rhapsody, or Jango. Itunes gets 70% of the download/digital music
      market.  This is the one referred to by Phil’s fans when they say Phil is
      soaring in Itunes and, understandably, they think it is big deal. Now, this 70%
      Itunes’ share of the market is part of the bigger share in the US music
      industry since not all songs are sold digitally (by downloading). The whole
      digital/download market, of which Itunes gets 70%, constitutes 30% of the whole
      music industry sales. Now if Itunes had gotten 100% of the download music
      industry, then one could say that its share in the whole US music market is
      30%. But since that is not the case and Itunes only holds 70% of the pie, then
      that makes Itunes to only hold about 25% of the whole US music market. The
      other 75% are shared mostly by the retailer giant Wal Mart and other outlets
      such as Best Buy and Target.  When Phil’s fans say that Phil is
      “soaring” in Itunes, this is what they are talking about–the 25% or
      1/4 of the whole US music market–but, apparently they are not aware of it and
      they just brag as if Itunes were The End All and Be All of the music market.
      Branden had an article on this last May 31st and even he did not quite elaborate
      on the scope of Itunes’ impact on or share in the market as a whole. 

      (2) The Jessica fan base, on the other hand,
      understandably because she is reeling badly in Itunes by implication (see
      Branden’s article, May 31, 2012), points to Wal Mart as an outlet to boot in
      terms of Jessica’s advantage over Phil in sales. In fact pre-order sales of
      Jessica’s AI album at Walmart is way, way ahead of Phil’s. These fans also cite
      Jango, which shares with Amazon or Napster the remaining 30% of the digital industry
      of which 11% is taken by Amazon. In other words, where Jessica has apparently
      lost to Phil in the 25% share of the music pie, she could still pull it from
      the 75% of the pie. Honestly, I am not certain if Phil’s fans are aware of this
      “music pie” when they just brag outrightly that yes, Jessica’s fans
      only talk and not buy her songs. Apparently not, since they always allude to
      Itunes as the Goddess of the Music sales, which I think betrays a lack of
      thorough thinking and understanding of the US music market, not to mention the
      World music market.

      (3) How big is the US music market relative to the
      world? It comprises 35%, the biggest one, followed by Japan 18 %, Britain,
      Germany, France, and a host of other countries that made it to the Top 20,
      including Mexico at top 12. Now, when some Filipinos coming from the upper
      echelon of the Philippine society would claim that Jessica could be No. 1 in
      World sales, they are alluding to the Japan market since a lot of Filipino
      artists and musicians make it big in Japan and to Mexico as Jessica can also
      sing in Spanish. Needless to say, the JS fans are certain Phil’s album/s will
      be a flop in Japan, Mexico and other parts of Asia and Spanish-speaking

      (4) Lastly, in summary, in this aspect of music sales as to who’s
      successful as of now, one can only say that Philip is the one in Itunes thus
      far, and Jessica could be it in Walmart and other outlets that are not into
      digital downloading. But we have to bear in mind that Itunes has acknowledged
      through emails that there was a possible glitch in Jessica’s album sales and
      that Wal Mart has not yet even started selling Jessica’s CD’s in stores. The
      sales “battle” is far from over and it’s too early to say who’s gonna
      bring home the 
      biggest bacon. But hey, one can always make a spin out of the
      data one knows in favor of Jessica or Philip, but for now, that is what it
      is–a SPIN which one can certainly agree upon or disagree against.

      • To continue, with regard to the status of “Home” in Itunes chart, Home is now in slot # 96 from yesterday’s 76. Four weeks ago, Home was slated in # 1 or 2 then down to 6 after a day, then to 13, until yesterday to #76. Today it is in # 96. From this, one can glean a clear pattern of an inversely proportional or negative trend.  Home’s sales are going downwards, unless Phil’s very devout fans in the likes of LordCalvinReKlein and Vanessa will buy a total of a million downloads tomorrow to save Phil’s Home from sinking into the abyss of the music industry’s ocean, if you may.

        In comparison to other songs, “Call Me Maybe” is now in # 1 slot. When “Home” was hot “Call Me” was neck and neck with it, but look, “Call Me” is still at the top. This is an indication that “Call Me” is popular and is reaping a lot of money. Usually, songs that are in top slots remain there for 2 or 3 weeks. For example, Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” was # 1 for 2 weeks in the late 80’s and then continued to be on the top 10 for several months. Same is true with Madonna’s “Little Prayer” in the early 80’s, and the Backstreet Boys’ songs in the early 90’s. In the case of “Home,” barely after a week, it got dislodged from the Top 10 position and continued to move downhill until now where you can find it in slot #96. 

        What’s my take on this? I’m only sure of one thing: the honeymoon period of “Home” was short lived. You can speculate on what has happened, and I can only guess that a wealthy fan or a moneyed group bought a lot of digital downloads of the song to make it appear that the Idol’s winner was worthy of the “win,” and to make sure that the winner will not be outshone by the runner up. Phil’s fans can say all that they want about the monetary success of “Home,” but figures don’t lie; Home is not selling but only sailing to where it should be–to its Home where fans can rant and rave victorious all by themselves. But it is their right and freedom to spin all they can and enjoy, so let them.

      • CG:  This is petty, I admit, but annoying.  Phillip Phillips’, his family and gf all refer to him as Phillip, not “Phil” as you consistently call him.

      • 1) Blah….
        2) Blah Blah….
        3) Blah blah Blah…
        4) Lastly, in summary….Blah….Blah Blah….Blah blah Blah…

        You Madam are a liar and no lady… One must not rely upon the colorful yarns spun by the commoner, Miss Chrissy Green. The only thing SPINNING is your head from drinking too much cheap San Miguel loo ale.

        One only needs fingers and Lord Google to find the official sale numbers provided by the fine gentlemen of The Nielsen Company. It is not based on iTunes you twit, it is all sales from all outlets.

        Nowhere matters, except for the lands of the US, London, and Ireland.
        The remaining swamp lands of the world are unimportant and irrelevant.

        Oh…I forgot dear Deeter in Berlin and Pierre in Paris.

      • again Miss Chrissy Green,
        where is the fabby Jess in your iTunes chart analysis? whoops, she’s can’t seem be found there can she? I keep looking for her…

    • To LordCalvinReKlein: But i’m speaking of only local here in the US, not UK. I’ve never heard folk song revival here in the US yet. Thanks for your reply…  but i need to be convinced. Pls give me some names of the artists with the folk-rock genre being played on American radio stations??  

      • Vanessa is correct, JM’s new album is an attempt to catch the new wave.

        Mumford & Sons won just about every category (6) they could at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. They were nominated for 2012 Grammy Awards for: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Song. 

        Apparently you only do pop and R&B music.

  10. The Pinoy Pride pinheads will never get over the Jessica loss.  Their pissing and moaning on every article and video about Phillip Phillips is just an added bonus.  Keep crying … sore losers.

    • I saw the following names there from AI: Lauren A., Scotty M, Jennifer L, Steven T, Kelly C., and Carrie U. I didn’t see Phillips’ name, but a lot of Justin Bieber’s in different categories.  For which category has he been nominated?

  11. Hello my Jess Stalking cry baby losers. I see you are still in the deep denial of King Phillip’s great success and the apparent career demise of Jess, the professional national anthem singer.

    Yes, Phillip’s “Home” has likely surpassed the 500,000 mark. Based on the only known sale numbers that have been released. The only confirmed sale numbers currently available are for the first week of sales after “Home” went on sale. Billboard reported 278,000 downloads for week 1. Week #2, the position in the charts held, so sales were still likely in the 250,000+ range the second week; sending it above 500,0oo by end of week 2.

    Phillip has already broken sales records:
    Billboard notes that his digital debut marks the second-best digital sales week for any Idol contestant behind Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You,” which debuted with 280,000 downloads in 2009. “Home” was also downloaded more times in its first week than any other Idol coronation song, including David Cook’s “The Time of Your Life,” which previously held that distinction after being downloaded 236,000 times following the Season 7 finale.

    Tisk, tisk, tisk..;;this must make you Jess fans suffer in such pain. Time to buy a case of scotch, drink it, and accept your defeat.

     See my stalking friends…it doesn’t matter if you think Phillip is flat or if “Home” isn’t original, or that Phillip had kidney stones, or that Phillip just happens to be a nice humble guy…..all that matters…is the guy does sell music.

    But hey…I’ll give you this…maybe by Jess singing the national anthem, there has been an increased flag sales? Go on my desperadoes, do the research you guys will try to find anything to cover up the defeat of your dear wannabe diva.

    • You’re funny LordCalvinReKlein, have more of that scotch and go to bed, brother.
      “Home” is not selling much nowadays unless you and Vanessa will come to the rescue. 
      May I ask you, how come there is no BGBG–Black Guy Bringing Guitar? You should research on this, brother.  Good night!

      • “lined with Justin Bieber”..
        my dear lass, that makes no sense what so ever, is Phillip a wardrobe or such nonsense requiring shelf paper made of Justin Bieber.

  12. So….please tell me…if AI got it so wrong and Phillip so undeserving with AI ratings the lowest of all time….why are Phillip’s sales on par with the most successful AI, Kelly Clarkson. Why are Jess sales so way below Phillip’s?

    Oh yes…the music industry conspiracy.

    • I thought you were the one who downloaded 200,000 copies of “Home,” Mr. Klein, all in one day, no wonder Itunes was clogged up according to CNN. Lol

    • AI must project an image of success. It is not far-fetched to think that AI itself might have found a way to secure Phil’s initial success as AI did to the previous winners. This is a Modus Operandi (MO) as ancient as the Mesopotamian culture. In a contest, the winner must not appear the loser, lest the show becomes a sham. It is done in schools as well where the books published by the # 1 in class are bought by the school to make sure the #2 person does not outdo the # 1. There is no conspiracy; it’s just the way it is in a permissive and competitive society. 

      • Oh I see….they just did this for King Phillip? What about Kris Allen or Lee DeWyze? Why did AI not insure their success by buying their music?

        You heaven Pinoys so desperate in your delusions of Jess granular.

  13. Thank you Mr. Greene for your insights. I wished LordCalvinReKlein would follow your footsteps in your candor and writing style. LordKlein appears to be satirical but I’m not even sure if he himself knows what he’s talking about.

    •  In the immortal words of Captain Jack Sparrow:


  14. @Illina@Carlos:  Hot diggity dog!  There is a thread about JS today.  Now you can both walk over to the noisy thread and leave this one alone.  BTW, Illina, the word is  h y p e o c r i t e.   The word you used “acrobats” swing ar0und the circus.  Just trying to help you out at least on your vocabulary. 

  15. What some people don’t seem to understand is that the majority of America is not technically trained musically therefore they really don’t care about the little technical errors that may or may not happen.  What there is no doubt about is that P2 connects not only with his audience but with every musician that is on the stage with him.   His passion for the music is undeniable and felt by him, every member of the band and the audience.  It’s passion, appreciation for the other musicians and soul that make him great.  I like “Home” well enough and have started following Greg some because of it but I am patiently waiting to see what Phillip comes up with once he can release his own music.  I’m also very interested in what Jessica comes up with.  There is no denying she has an amazing voice and once she defines her style I’m sure there will be no stopping her.  The bottom line is that Phillip, Greg and Jessica are all amazing and talented people who have very bright futures in front of them as long as they don’t lose themselves or get too caught up in all the crap and negativity along the way.

  16. I’m so happy for Phillip, rarely do we get such a hot talent that is so cute and humble. Too bad he has a girl friend. He is going to be a superstar.

      • i think that mr. greene was on target when he labelled u, vanessa, to be anti-jessica.  see that comment of loki? if it’s funny to u, then idk what deep seated “hatred” is, for loki’s comment is not funny at all, realizing that loki is actually implying that jessica is illegal (?), which is actually a very sensitive topic here in the u.s., especially among hispanics and some asians, including filipinos. 

        this kind of loki’s comment is really uncalled for and it is very distasteful much more so if directed to a girl. philip is a man, alright, men can take all kinds of jokes and insults (although i also don’t subscribe to people’s making fun of his kidney), but i don’t think it’s proper to degrade a woman in a public forum such as this one.

      • Carlos, I told you not to read my posts.  This is a site for people to gather to comment on American Idol.   This is not church, or a holy space and other site to which you implied.   Kindly mind your own business and leave me alone.

  17. Phillip is finally getting the limelight that he so deserves. He’s been so sick and so brave to keep going on in the contest…wow there is no one else so dedicated and loved by the American public.

    He’s so talented and cute….I can’t wait till his first album comes out. I’m so glad he is singing at the capital on the 4th, it will be a great party, can’t wait!!

  18. Kudos to Mr. Holden for writing this song and showing Phillip how to sing it. Phillip can’t quite achieve the pitch of Greg’s voice but he doesn’t really have to. He did a good job on it and he has the other assets to make it a hit, looks, appeal, personality, and down home, guitar playing good ole boy image. It reminds me of Milli Vanilli when the real artists sang behind the scenes and the performers on stage just faked it. It’s really the same except that Phillip does sing the lyrics of the song but not the ooohs an ohs at the end. He did fake that in his performance to win the contest which seems a little scandalous to me. But what ever floats your boat. 

    Hearing how similar GH’s version is to Phillips version sort of puts an end to the argument that while not being as g0od a singer, he is more artistic doesn’t it? I noticed most people have switched and started saying now that he connects more to his audience and that is justification for his victory.

    I still don’t like the song and since Phillip has said he doesn’t like it either I don’t feel bad about saying that. And since Phillip has stated that he doesn’t sing the ohohohohoh part of the song then he is just performing a 90 second AI truncated cover of Greg Holden’s song and calling it a coronation song and releasing it as his own work. 

    All that said, I hope he makes a killing off of that song. I am all for someone realizing the dream during times like these when a lot of people seem to be struggling so much. I hope Mr. Holden makes his share off of it too. Seeing this Phillip Phillips and the WGWG phenomena going on in this country right now actually gives me more hope that the regular Joe can still make it in today’s society.

  19. Jango Radio now has a station just for Jessica Sanchez singing the national anthems of all the countries of the world. They say on the station, that her fav anthem is the Cuban Anthem

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