Did Katharine McPhee Break Up Smash Director’s Marriage?

After photographs of him kissing Katharine McPhee surfaced online, former Smash director Michael Morris has reportedly been thrown out of the Los Angeles home he shares with wife Mary McCormack. The West Wing actress was allegedly furious and embarrassed when her husband of ten years was caught cheating by the paparazzi in a very public makeout session with the American Idol runner-up.

Katharine McPhee Smash Director Michael Morris

Photos of former Smash colleagues Katharine McPhee and Michael Morris kissing and holding hands were posted earlier this week on TMZ.com. A source allegedly told Page Six that the director attempted to purchase the photos himself to avoid a public unveiling but failed. Faced with his cheating ways going public, Michael reportedly confessed to his wife, who promptly threw him out of their Los Angeles home.

As for former Smash star Katharine McPhee, she is reportedly ‘so embarrassed’ about getting caught out making out with a married man — especially since she is still married herself! A source reportedly told Us Weekly that Katharine is mortified over the scandal but she ‘should have known better!’ Although 29-year-old Katharine and 47-year-old husband Nick Cokas have supposedly been separated for six months, that still technically makes her a double adulterer.

Although there are a slew of reports out there that Mary McCormack threw Michael Morris out of the house this weekend after he fessed up about the photos, some sources believe they had also already broken up. Mary and Michael have three daughters together under the age of ten.

The Daily Mail points out that Mary blurted out an odd sentence on Chelsea Handler’s show in October about how the talk show host was “single now, too” — implying that both of them were unattached. However, Mary was still sending out sweet tweets of support her husband on Twitter just two weeks ago before the cheating scandal erupted online.