American Idol 2014 Spoilers: Results Shows Cut to Half Hour

More great news for future American Idol 2014 fans! Finally, it seems like producers are actually listening to viewers about what they want for season 13. We have a potentially fabulous judging panel for next year (Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr.), a new song catalog and now, announced today, results shows will be cut to just a half hour. These are the kind of American Idol spoilers we love to hear!

Keith urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. – Source: FOX

FOX announced on Friday that American Idol season 13 will do away with those boring, endless one hour live results shows. Hopefully this means far less pointless crap being thrown at us while we wait for the elimination to finally be announced. With only a half hour to get to the actual results, we look forward to producers cutting out the junk and just giving us what we are waiting for — the announcement of who is going home.

Of course, we don’t mind a good guest performance, so if they throw one of those on the results show each week, that’s okay. Let’s just ditch those horrible, cringe-worthy Ford Music Videos, the yawn-worthy attempts by Ryan Seacrest to draw out the ‘drama’ and the rest of the awful filler stuff.

American Idol season 13 premieres on January 15 but the new half hour live results shows probably won’t roll around until March. Now if we can just get producers to start referring to the show the way everyone searches for is — American Idol 2014 — instead of American Idol XIII (because no one wants to type that), all will be great!




  1. Maybe the new producers are finally listening to their viewers. It’s about time they reduced the results episode because the added filler had become ludicrous.

  2. Where is Branden? They need to cut out a bunch of the junk they do with American Idol. And I absolutely agree with stuckinsouthcarilina. The filler really had become ludicrous. Simon Cowells show has way too much garbarge on it too. I mean we are watching a talent show to find the seasons newest and best talent.

  3. Frankly I am delighted that they are cutting the result show down to 1/2 hour. All these talent reality shows should cut their shows to 1 hour instead of 2 hours. All I can say is thank you to who ever invented the DVR’s.

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