Keith Urban Says American Idol Winner For 2015 Unclear

Judge Keith Urban can’t wait to find out who will win American Idol 2015, but he admits it will also be a sad moment as well. The end of the season is always a double-edge sword of excitement and disappointment because only one talented young singer can be the American Idol winner.

American Idol 2014 Keith urban
American Idol Judge Keith Urban – FOX


“It’s always bittersweet.  It’s bittersweet.  But the thing I’m really excited about is to see
who wins.  I mean I really am,” American Idol judge Keith Urban told Fox Audio Central.

The country star feels it is an even more dramatic American Idol finale this year because there is no absolute front-runner out of the Top 3 this year. Jax, Nick Fradiani, and Clark Beckham are all strong performers and any one of them could win, according to the American Idol 2015 judge.

“Yeah, there is no 100% clear cut winner.  It’s moving and shifting from week to week depending on the performances and the song choices,” he said. “So I think between Nick and Clark and Jax, three very different artists, it’s going to be just one of those extraordinary stars line up moments.  I mean they’re all worthy, all three of them.”

Even Rayvon Owen had a solid chance of making it into the finale, if his big moment hadn’t come just a week too late. “Oh my gosh man… he killed it [this week]. I mean I actually think had he… I think he did the best performances. Unfortunately though, we’re a week too late. Had he have sung like that [last week], I think he would have gone through.”

Who will win American Idol 2015? Well, he isn’t predicting a winner, but Keith Urban told Fox Audio Central there is one criteria he thinks is a true “sign of a good artist.”

“What I like though is when they temper how to implement it into what they do because it’s just, it’s only one opinion, whether it’s Harry’s or Jen’s or mine’s. It’s, I like when you can see that they listened to it and have taken a little bit of that as opposed to blatantly changing everything to accommodate it.”

Who wins American Idol next week may all come down to which singer manages to take the judges’ critiques to heart, while staying true to the best of who they are as an artist.

Source: Fox Audio Central