Keith Urban: American Idol Finalists Need to ‘Find Their Artistry’ [Interview]

Of all the American Idol judges this season, Keith Urban often appears to be the most frustrated when contestants don’t live up to the potential he knows they have. At this stage of the competition, the country star says the finalists really need to “find their artistry” to stand out in the crowd and make it to the American Idol 2014 finale.

Keith Urban returns to Idol

“I think they’re all capable of holding their ground in a big way if they pick the right song and just stay in the zone. I really do. I think they’re all extremely talented.” Keith Urban told FOX Audio Central about the Top 9 finalists.

Above all else, Keith feels the remaining contestants need to find their individual artistry. “That’s what it’s about,” Keith said.  “It’s not about the talent, ’cause they’ve all got the talent, now it’s about artistry. I have to sense they know who they are. It’s a tall order for some of these guys, I get it.”

Of course, Keith also said he knows that sometimes, things just don’t work out no matter how hard you try, like with MK Nobilette messing up her performance last week.

“That specific thing was tricky,” Keith said, “because there’s a pause int he music and then you’ve got to come back in again, and if you don’t know where the band’s coming back in, it might take you a second to figure out where the beat is. There’s not a lot you can do, except kind of land, as soon as you know where to land, and keep going, which, you know, she did to the best of her ability.”

Even when you have practiced and prepared as much as you possibly can, it all comes down to that one performance. “It’ll just come down to that,” Keith said. “It depends on the night, it’s on any given Sunday, right? You just have to play well that day, you have to sing your best that night.”

*Interview courtesy of FOX Audio Central




  1. I haven’t heard Randy say “NO” I don’t think you should do that song yet.
    Also when Harry, Keith. and jLo critique stage presence, they’re also critiquing Randy’s job!

  2. Didn’t watch this year’s AI coz i felt that none of them have intrinsic value like Angie Miller or Kree Harrison.. Still love Angie and Kree. Sowie babes! The the judges were awesome though! Cheers from Malaysia

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