Keith Urban Performs on American Idol 2014 Next Week!

We’ve heard the question time and time again from our readers and Facebook followers: When is Keith Urban going to perform on American Idol 2014? Well the time has finally arrived!

Keith Urban performs - Source: FOX

The other American Idol judges have taken their turn on the show, now Keith Urban will have his chance to entertain the crowd next week for the Top 5 results show. We bet that unlike last night, Keith will not be wearing a suit for this appearance!

In case you missed it, the song theme for next week’s American Idol Top 5 performances will be America’s Request. So if you sent in an #idolrequest on Twitter for one of your favorite finalists, keep a look out to see if your suggestion makes it on air!




  1. I have been waiting. I really like Keith Urban because of his talent and he is such a big star but wouldn’t know what conceit is. Why do people like Kathy have to write ugly remarks? If there is something or someone I don’t like I wouldn’t take time out of my life to write ugly remark !!

    • well unfortunately, I think the difference in tastes is what makes Idol work, the old saying..different strokes for different folks…I just think the show needs the stability of all judges coming back..I think they all really care for these kids and thats why they take the time to be involved..and in MY opinion, I love all 3 judges..I may not agree at times, but like I works 🙂

  2. Really looking forward to Keith Urban performing this week. My favorite on American Idol.

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