American Idol 2014 Elimination Results Recap! 4/24/2014 [VIDEOS]

The American Idol results for the season 13 Top 5 finalists are here! It’s been a hard fought battle for Caleb Johnson, Jena Irene Ascuitto, CJ Harris, Alex Preston, Jessica Meuse, and Sam Woolf to get this far. They’ve survived months of difficult performances and harsh critiques from American Idol 2014 judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban, as well as an onslaught of mass criticism from the viewers and press as well.

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Now one of them will end up as the one who got voted off American Idol tonight, and the rest will earn the honor of being part of the season 13 final five. We’ll be bringing you the results live in our American Idol recap right here as they happen!

Earlier today, we placed our bets on who we thought would be the one who went home on American Idol tonight based on the voting record so far and our readers’ polls. We guessed it would be CJ Harris who ended up as the singer who was eliminated on American Idol this week. However, we have been making that prediction for several weeks now and he keeps managing to survive for another round.

Will CJ Harris finally be the singer who got kicked off American Idol tonight as so many have been predicting he would be for the last month? Or does he truly have nine lives like a cat and will make it through again? If CJ doesn’t end up being the one who was voted off American Idol this week, who will it be instead? Jessica? Alex? Sam? Or even… (gasp) Caleb or Jena?

And here we go! Welcome to the American idol judges as they take the stage and… OMG Keith Urban actually finally wore a suit! Man looks pretty damn hot in a tie, we have to say…


Moving on to the American Idol Top 6 and we have them once again chatting over dinner about their performances and the critiques from the judges. But we just want to get to the results please!

Commericials, commercials, and finally it is time for the first results of the night. Host Ryan Seacrest calls Caleb, Sam, and CJ up to the center of the stage to find out their fate tonight.

We find out the first person who is going to be safe tonight is… Sam Woolf! Well, it looks like that judges’ save really did inspire his fans to keep his butt out of the fire for as long as possible.

Next up, the second person to be safe tonight, and this hardly comes as a surprise, is… Caleb Johnson!

Poor CJ Harris, however, is now going down to the bottom two.

More commercials and then we are back for another round of results with Alex, Jessica, and Jena. The first person announced as safe from this group is… Jena Ascuitto! Also safe tonight is… Alex Preston!

That means Jessica Meuse and CJ Harris are in the bottom two. We aren’t really seeing how this is so “shocking” as American Idol tweeted it would be earlier today. We would be slightly surprised if Jess gets the boot, but certainly not shocked.

Even more commercials and we’re dying over here to find out who is going home! Finally we are back and with just a few minutes to go we have a bunch of gab from Ryan and the judges, etc. Get on with it already and let’s get to the final results!

And here we go. The bottom two are up, Jessica and CJ. Which one will be going home tonight?

Ryan has the results in hand and the person who was voted off American Idol this week is… CJ Harris!

Well, that was not a “shocking” result at all in our opinion. Looks like CJ’s luck finally ran out. Guess Grumpy Cat was the only one with nine lives on the show this week!


  •  Sam Woolf
  • Caleb Johnson
  • Jena Irene Ascuitto
  • Alex Preston

Bottom Two:

  •  CJ Harris
  • Jessica Meuse


  •  CJ Harris




  1. RANKING: Most Likely To Be Eliminated From Top 6:

    1. CJ Harris
    2. Jessica Meuse
    3. Caleb Johnson
    4. Alex Preston
    5. Sam Woolf
    6. Jena Irene

      • Jena stinks!!!!! Jessica needs to win this one..she has it in the bag..what the heck ..people don’t know friggin talent..she rocks..she and caleb all the way..She’ll get a label no matter what.. she’s too damn good for a label to be stupid enough not to sign her ASAP…she’s an incredible singer…YOU GO JESS AND SING YOUR BRAINS OUT GIRL.. GO AND IMPRESS LIKE YOU CAN.. GO CALEB.. ROCKING MAN!!!!!

  2. Apparently next week the theme is songs suggested by viewers. I bet anything not on their short list will not be heard.

    • You think the bubble gum little girls are the ones buying Sam’s music on iTunes? They may be some of his votes, but I don’t think that’s who is coughing up all the money to buy his songs. whoever it is, good for Sam. I like both Sam’s and Jessica’s voices.

      • Girls in general, I’m a guy and I think he’s pretty good. But LOTS of girls vote for him obviously.

    • So true, so true….he is a sweet boy but they have pimped him to the tween girls all season.

    • Lyle is jealous of handsome Sam with his great personality and beautiful voice!

      • Joy – think you know to go to a ‘personality’ school. I will say however – he is making some improvement.

      • I played back and tabulated the camera work… am I bored or what?… for the Rock performances.

        Here’s what I scored for the five remaining contestants; and, while this is far from scientific, it fits with my opinion that the A.I. producers are a teeny, tiny, bit biased towards a certain performer, whom in my opinion missed more notes than the other four in his performance.. yet, received heart-warming accolades from all three judges (whom saved him two weeks prior, unanimously).

        Contestant : Close up shots (full face) : Cuts to young girls
        Sam W. : 10 live, 6 in jdgmnt : 6 live, 8 in jdgmnt
        Alex P. : 9 live, 6 in jdgmnt : 4 live, 3 in jdgmnt
        Caleb J. : 9 live, 5 in jdgmnt : 1 live, 4 in jdgmnt
        Jena I. : 8 live, 10 in jdgmnt : 2 live, 0 in jdgmnt
        Jessica M. : 6 live, 8 in jdgmnt : 2 live, 2 in jdgmnt

        When you look at Sam perform, you will see the emphasis placed on what is essentially using girls to sell to girls. I didn’t look back at
        Jessica’s performance, but I’m betting its similar to Jena’s.

        Caleb,… you can just see they treat him differently. When they pan to the start of Sam’s performance, Ryan’s amidst the R5 guys, but they’re surrounded by a sea of young girls. For Caleb, Ryan is sitting with Randy and the gang in the lounge. For Alex, Ryan’s standing by himself behind the judge’s counter. Ditto for Jena and Jessica.

        While it all sounds horribly sexist, its just a well known marketing concept—girls cater to girls, and girls cater to guys. You can see
        the number of close-ups is fairly equal, though, I dare say Sam gets more face time than the other contestants, and even closer than they zoom in on Jena or Jessica. I believe there is a bit of pandering to the female audience in particular, to sell Sam.

        The other aspect here is, of course, both Sam and Alex are stand-&-deliver types, whereas Caleb is bouncing off the walls with energy—Caleb is a performance on stage. To fill the void with Sam & Alex, to attempt to show ‘action’ during their songs, they throw in cuts of the girls (or JLo) bouncing. But, its more than that – for Sam, its ALL girls. For
        Caleb, they cut to Randy, or R5, or the drummer…. for Sam, 100% young

        Again, far from scientific, but, the point is pretty obvious to me.

  3. Sam is getting saved because of his voice and little Tweens are not saving him. The overall America Idol voters are in their 30’s and above (Tweens and teens are not watching AI as much as some believe). I think the right man (CJ) left tonight. And the right woman stood besides him (Jess). These two haven’t progressed or learned enough. Seeing them perform at top 30 or at top 10 was not that different. That is simply not enough to go all the way in this (or any show).

  4. It doesn’t matter what you dweebs think, SAM is going to win it all because he is the best. Anyone who disagrees doesn’t know music!

    • We don’t know music. Look at the artistry. Who has the best artistry and knowledge of music and is in MY own opinion the best singer alex peston. There is no doubt the best musician there is alex Preston. The question is is who is the best singer and sam wolf is good but he is no artist. And if you knew anything about music you would have never said that. I bet you can’t even name ten artist from each decade. You obviously have no clu what you are taking about.

      • Most definitely, Alex is pure artistry. And right behind him is Jena. I wasn’t surprised at all when he said his top influence is Jeff Buckley. But even with Alex’s artistry being appreciated right now, when it comes to stage presence & performance, I believe Jena will win Idol this year.

    • I just font think Jena has that great of a voice. Stage presence and performance Yes without a doubt but I think Caleb will take the cake this season

  5. Wow what a terrific heart felt singer CJ is . His story moved the nation and many feel in love with this bluesy singer not for only his talent but for his ❤️. It was a warming experience each time he performed you felt like Jennifer said the goosey everytime he sang. I know I am thankful to have got the chance to share CJ walk and feel that he gave me thru TV screen that we as America was and are his a whole part of him. I wish him and his family best of luck plz keep using that beautiful voice gave you and always be TRUE TO YOU!!!!

    • I agree completely. …CJ was my favorite for all the reasons you mentioned. He is relatable, and has the ability to touch the souls of listeners. I’m hoping he gets a record deal with someone. …not a “country” fan but I love his sound coupled with raw emotion, and would love to hear more.

    • Now that’s what someone should write when someone like CJ leaves AI. He was so good, kind and had such a warm heart. You don’t meet many people like CJ everyday – even in the south. But – when you do – they can warm a cold heart.

  6. CJ was my favorite, and while there are technically better singers on the show, his album would be the only one I would have spent my money on. Great music is supposed to evoke emotion, and that is a magically trait that only CJ possesed this season. Even though I’m not a rock fan, considering both talent and performance, Kaleb deserves the win this season. Other than the raspiness of Jess, the rest bore me on every level.

  7. This year’s American Idol has been the most boring ever. There isn’t one of them that I’d pay money to see in concert or buy an album. I even forgot to watch this week. It’s that forgettable.

    • Looks like you remembered to tell us all how much you detest A.I. this season.

      Guess its settled, we can all close up this Blog and go home now. Plant flowers or something, this show is OVER… according to Dawn.

      Thanks, Dawn.

    • I couldn’t disagree more. I felt that way about last season. I am really enjoying this year’s creativity and variety. Most seasons have just been a soul vs. country competition. And last season was almost all soul. BORING. This time, 4 out of the 5 finalists are not just singers, they also write, arrange, and/or play instruments. How is that boring compared to someone just singing a certain note so JLo can get”goosies”?

  8. Jessica should NOT be on any elimination ranking..Jess and Caleb are amazing.. I don’t like Jena or whatever her name is..she’s not exactly a matter of fact I find her completely immature and she needs to grow up…. Jessa and Caleb the BEST.. I’m going to vote my butt off for Jessica so she won’t get eliminated. Jena the next AI?? Hardly.. No thanks..she reminds me of idiot leah michele & believe me, that’s NOT a complement….. I don’t like her or her voice…

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