American Idol Spoilers: 2014 Top 5 Song Theme Revealed!

Remember a few weeks back when American Idol 2014 was begging for fans to send in song requests via Twitter? Well, it’s finally time to find out which of those #idolrequests have been chosen by the American Idol Top 5 contestants to perform!

American Idol 2014 Top 5

That’s right, next week’s song theme for the American Idol season 13 Top 5 is America’s Request. Each of the finalists will choose two songs to perform from the many thousands of requests tweeted to them over the past few weeks.

If that seems like an incredibly daunting task, it would be… if the American Idol 2014 producers hadn’t stepped in to help out. Apparently the singers won’t get to choose from just ANY of the requests that were sent in. Instead, they will be given a list of potential song choices culled from all those mass suggestions sent in via Twitter.

So, in other words, it may be America’s Request, but the producers are making sure that it is also Producer’s Choice in a way, right?

Well, we can’t wait to see what the American Idol Top 5 pick from the songs sent in by the fans. We sent quite a few in ourselves, including a long list of things we’d love to hear Caleb Johnson sing. Honestly, if he doesn’t sing Meat Loaf this week, we don’t think it’s going to happen. Wonder if American Idol actually has permission to use Meat Loaf songs? Hmmmm. If not, give us some Queen Caleb!

And heck, let’s just go right ahead and have Alex Preston bow to what should be the inevitable and do a Phillip Phillips song. Jena Irene can give us more Evanescence, Jessica Meuse can do Annie Lennox, and Sam Woolf can sing… um…  Justin Bieber?




  1. Why do you hate Sam so much? Every single post has some jab at him, jealous much?

    • Either people like someone or they don’t. And I hate that you have Sam at fourth place in your rankings when he could be third or second! He can make it to the finale, because his fans including me will vote for him until the end! Stop saying mean things about a person you don’t know!

    • Justin Bieber actually is kind of interesting for sam. HIs nice tone will definitely going to enhance the song.

      • I don’t know a single Bieber song, so I guess I cannot make a fair judgement on that.

      • As much as I don’t like Bieber these days, Sam could learn a thing or two about performing from him.

      • Like what? How to be a Dbag? How to make sure his fans know that his druggie crew is more important?

        Sam and Justin Bieber do not go together…..ever

      • Like the fact or not, Bieber can perform before an audience and give an an exciting performance and he was doing that before he went downhill. Sam is a dull performer.

    • I don’t think its jealousy so much as perspective. It comes down to taste really. Sam will disappear off the radar by the time the next season starts. Lee Dewyze? Tim Allen? Anyone?

      • Tim Allen was on Idol? Who knew? I only remember him on Home Improvement and Last Man Standing.
        I do remember Tim Urban and Kris Allen on Idol, though.

    • I think some people don’t like Sam is because of his “heartthrob” label. I’m not sure if he’s used to it yet so most people don’t get it.

  2. I have to say, I’m really offended by your suggestion that Jessica do Annie Lennox. Annie was one of the greatest artists of all time, and had a really strong and dark voice. If ANYONE could do her justice, it would be Jena, not Jessica. Not sure why you love Jessica so much, when the only person she can do justice is the vibrato queen, Stevie Nix. Annie was EXTREMELY expressive, also, so Jessica would get sent home after that (which is what I want, but is that what you want?!). If anything, Jena should do another Paramore song, not Evanescence (as it’s too out-dated and dark for most of her current fans, I would guess), OR some R&B like Alicia Keys or Beyonce, which she hasn’t tried her hand at yet. We’ll see what happens, but I have a feeling the producers know exactly what they’re doing here, and I’ll most likely praise their efforts as usual.

    • Why do you get so upset because someone likes Jessica and you don’t? If you’re so good at music, why don’t you suggest something for Jessica? It’s because you know she would do it damn well. And then, you would have to say she’s good.

      • If you actually read the post, you would know why I got upset, and it isn’t just because they like Jessica. I don’t want to suggest anything for Jessica, because A) she would butcher anything I would suggest, (i.e. Jolene, which I suggested for Jena), and B) because I don’t want her to win, obviously, I have a different favorite. ALTHOUGH yes, I did give her advice recently on how to sing straight without using so much vibrato, so there goes your argument. I don’t have to say she’s good, because to date she hasn’t sung anything technically well, in my opinion. So yes, it’s also my opinion that the mere thought of Jessica attempting Annie Lennox would be insulting and offensive, both to Annie, and her fans. It’s not because someone likes Jessica, MANY people like Jessica, it’s why she’s still there.

      • seems pretty stupid to get UPSET about any of them…it’s not luke you’re friends with any of them! the final 5 all have terrific voices! my personal favorite is Jena. she is the only one of the 5 that had it all…beauty, voice, performance, marketability, etc. Jena can sing any genre. the order that I THINK they will rank…
        5. Jessica
        4. Alex
        3. Sam
        2. Jena
        1. Caleb

        I believe Caleb will come out the winner this year. I sooooooo want to hear him sing some Meatloaf!!!

        I will be happy with whomever wins!

      • She didn’t do Dolly’s song justice. She has more of a Joplin sound but Joplin was far better. I’d like to hear her try to sing We’ve Only Just Begun … Karen Carpenter! With a smooth mellow voice.

      • Great song choice – hadn’t thought of her. No – I didn’t like “Jolene” for her either. In fact – I never liked it for Dolly. Wonder if she’s got any soul music in her. Wish she could do Gladys Knight’s “Midnight Train to Georgia.” She’s got to have something big and recognizable to stay with us.One of her songs won’t do it this time.

      • I think some Tanya Tucker would work for her. She’s needs something more lively and something fans will remember. Do you think she could handle Anne Murray’s “Snowbird” – I would like to hear her try it.

      • The reason some didn’t like Jess’ version was because it was different from the original. Why do people want to see a straight up cover of a song? Yawn! She did a great job and was hands down the best of the night. That’s probably why they closed the show with that performance.

  3. I’ve said since the auditions that I wish Jessica would sing “Just Like Jesse James” by Cher. I’m sure it won’t happen. Also destined to remain on my wish list is Sam doing “One Headlight” by The Wallflowers, Caleb doing “Still The Same” by Bob Seger, Alex doing “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane and Jena doing “Mean” by Taylor Swift.

  4. RANKING: Top 5 (Reflection of Voter Base not Performance or Song Quality. Ranking reflects who is most likely receiving the most votes)
    1. Jena Irene
    2. Sam Woolf
    3. Alex Preston
    4. Caleb Johnson
    5. Jessica Meuse

    • I have a very different list, just my preference 1. Caleb 2. Alex 3. Jessica 4. Sam 5. Jena
      Where did you get your numbers about voter based rankings? I’m pretty sure that Caleb is on top and I think Jena would be in middle because although lately many people like her, there are many who think is is overrated if you read the boards.

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing her sing it as long as I didn’t have to hear her singing it.

    • Really? I see Jena singing “Bottom of the river” by Delta Rae. Mainly because I love this song and it would be interesting to see what she would do to it.

  5. Would love to hear Jessica sing some Melissa Ethridge….. I’m the Only One or Come to My Window. Caleb should sing some Guns N Roses…. Welcome to The Jungle or some Bon Jovi …… Wanted Dead or Alive Don’t really care about the rest of them……..borrring!

    • Wow Kelly, I am impressed with your recommendation for Jessica. It would work for Jena as well I think.

  6. Caleb oughta get his hardcore metal on him – or maybe even some modern hard rock. System of a Down, Deftones, Tool and the like.

    • Not a bad suggestion, only I’m hoping he would get a rock ballad with less yelling (I’m not saying that I don’t like Caleb).

  7. Knowing Sam he could sing a justin beiber song and own it, but i really don’t want that talentless trash of a musician have anything to do in this show. Sam can sing plently of other songs by talented artists.

  8. I really want Jena to perform Dog Days by Florence and the Machine. Sam should do some James Blunt or Coldplay. I would really love to hear Jess do Doll Parts by Hole, while Alex does everything good and Caleb-I don’t care.

    • He should not touch Buble he’d be sent home, he’s not ready for one of Bubles song.s

    • Buble is a saloon singer [Sinatra, Dean Martin etc]. I don’t think Sam’s ever been in a saloon, and wouldn’t be believable singing those songs.

  9. Does anyone remember Sam’s situation and why he was brought up by his grandparents. I know they said something early on, but I forgot. Also, what happened to CJ’s girlfriend? Maybe she just had to go back to work and couldn’t stay in California.

    • If i remember correctly from hollywood week, his mom got married and left, so he moved in with his dad. then his dad had bad depression so he had to move in with his grandparents.

      • I can’t imagine a mother abandoning her child like that. I bet the story is even worse than they said. Drugs. I guess he had back luck in the parent department, but his grandparents seem so cheerful and supportive and he was given the gift of a beautiful voice.

      • Its not drugs. His father had very bad depression. That is all. His grandparents are super nice and way awesome. They aren’t your typical retireees either.

      • I was thinking that maybe his mother had a drug issue not his father. I would guess that we don’t know the whole story regarding either parent and that they smartly don’t want to share it.

      • Sam shared a little bit on a radio show he was on a few years ago that i listened to online. he talked about both parents briefly. and he did say his dad had a drug problem at some point. and his mom married a guy that Sam had never even met before.

      • Interesting. Idol’s back stories are very limited and they focus sometimes on things that they think will be interesting. Like with Phillip Phillips they kept saying he worked at a pawn shop which he did, but he graduated from a technical college in something like industrial systems technology. They said that CJ was a guitar teacher, but he worked in a bar-b-cue joint wrapping sandwiches.

      • But despite of that kind of situation, I would find SAM a level headed kid! He has a wonderful and awesome paternal grandparents and uncles! It runs in his blood the musical talents that he has! He is really great!!

      • As you can see how his paternal grandparents love and support him so much! He has nothing to ask for because he is very much loved by those people surrounding him! That’s why SAM is kindhearted, humble, and very nice. His humbleness will exalt him! Let’s see!

      • Some depressed people self medicate and develop a drug problem. Some druggies get depressed.

      • Sam’s Dad got depression problem, not drug problem. you should not write wrong virus unless you know the truth.

      • Stop speculating and guessing please!,..You need to research and read before you discuss things like this because you are just giving wrong information! In fairness to Sam, whatever his background is, he is a great person to look up to!

      • Sam is a public person now so he is open to speculating and guessing especially since his background has been discussed on the show and he has talked about it in at least one interview. I am clearly speculating and not stating anything as fact. He seems like a decent person but I don’t know enough about him to say he is a great person. He definitely is a talented guy who has overcome disappointments and he deserved better parents than he got.

      • Go to youtube and listen to the song Sam wrote about his mother called “I Tried”

  10. I would like to see Sam sing one of his original songs this week. Alex and Jessica got to sing theirs, so I don’t see why he couldn’t sing one of his.

  11. I am looking forward of what song my favorite idol – SAM will sing again next week! SAM is a good listener! He listens well and focus on those things that he needs to improve! He takes criticisms very seriously by trying to improve his craft! What I love most of SAM is his “Musicality”. He is genius! Go SAM! You are the BEST!!!

  12. This author, Annaka Turner, continually bashes SAM every week. She is most likely some obese over weight chic with an ugly husband and family.

  13. By the way, Alex never opened for Jason Mraz. He just met him recently through the Natters, singer/songwriters who have collaborated with both. I believe he met them through Alex and Sierra.

  14. This would never happen but I feel like Jena should sing Love is Blindness by U2, Jessica should sing Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sam should sing Here Without You by 3 Doors Down, Caleb should sing Something About You by Boston, and Alex Preston should sing Something by The Beatles.

  15. Might be a bit off topic. But this week I was watching a girl sing “Wild Horses” by the Rolling Stones on The Voice. It was a freaking musical moment I am glad I had the privilege to see. If Jena or Jessica performed that song … It could be a high point for either of them as well.

    • Yes! Great suggestion! I don’t think Bria Kelly did a good job at all actually, vocally, she was using way too much vibrato for that song, BUT I do think Jena doing it on the piano would be amazing and a moment. There are two female versions that Chantal Kreviazuk and Charlotte Martin have done, which are BEAUTIFUL and very memorable (youtube them!).. although The Sundays probably did the best version. Since it’s a very emotional song, I would prefer that Jena do though, whether at the piano or just standing at the mic even.

  16. If sam wud win this writer wud eat up his words! Samwouldnt be accepted in berklee if he doenst have the voice. And compared to justin? He has the voice man..! Popularity to girls maybe like justin u cant blame him he was gifted with that looks so stop hating Sam! Ul never know the guy you underestimate will win it all. Sam haters! Get a life men!

  17. Jessica- No Surrender by Bruce Springsteen, Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman

    Jena- And So It Goes by Billy Joel, You Found Me by The Fray, I Am Me by Willow Smith

    Sam- Ho Hey by The Lumineers, How To Save A Life by The Fray

    Alex- Fire and Rain by James Taylor, Is It OK If I Call You Mine by Paul McCrane, Prettiest Friend by Jason Mraz

    Caleb- To Love Somebody by The Bee Gees, Desperado by The Eagles

  18. Who
    1. Jenna or Caleb (I don’t care I think they’re both insanely talented)
    2. Jessica (I don’t know why all the hate, she is a great singer)
    3. Sam (I like Sam and I think he could go very far in the industry because many teenage people like him. I wouldn’t want him to win though)
    4. Alex (I think his voice is really good but he kind of annoys me)
    I think that this is a really good top 5 but I just Alex should be the one to leave though. Sadly, Jessica is probably the underdog when it comes to votes. I would be pretty sad to see her leave if she does this week. But we’ll see

  19. I would really like to hear Jenna do some Sara Bareilles or Sia Furler. It would also be pretty cool to hear Jessica sing Bonnie Raitt

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