Kree Harrison Not Concerned With Where She Placed On American Idol 2013

Kree Harrison - Angel

American Idol 2013 runner-up Kree Harrison just barely missed the title last week when Candice Glover was named winner of season 12. But the country 23-year-old country girl isn’t looking at her second-place finish as a loss.

“There’s so many ‘Idols’ that I look up to: Carrie [Underwood], Kelly [Clarkson], Kellie Pickler’s one of my best friends,” Kree told MTV News. “[Kellie] is such a strong woman and her work ethic is incredible. So for me, there’s so many. It doesn’t matter where you place. Jennifer Hudson! I mean, come on!”

Who knew that Kree and Kellie were friends!

“She always told me, ‘Just stay Kree and never Google yourself,'” Kree said of Kellie. “Her grandpa actually came to one of the tapings of the show. I was so happy he was in the audience rooting for me.”

Kree will be joining her friend Kellie and American Idol judge Keith Urban on the Grand Ole Opry stage June 4.

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  1. Hope Kree is working on her album so it can also be available soon. I’m not sure but I think there used to be a rule about not releasing an album before the Idol winner of the season. If that still holds true, Candice did everyone the season a favor by getting her album out ASAP. Kree did listen to Kellie. She stayed true to herself, IMO, the entire season.

  2. Wonderful artist… She is an amazing women who will go far in the industry. God has BIG plans for her!

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