Lance Bass Visits American Idol 2015 For Hollywood Week [VIDEO]

Lance Bass makes a surprise visit to the American Idol 2015 Hollywood Week rounds and talks with the remaining Hopefuls focused on surviving the challenges of Group Round.

Lance Bass visits American Idol 2015 Group Round
Lance Bass visits American Idol 2015 Group Round – Source: FOX/YouTube

As part of an assignment from Entertainment Tonight Lance Bass traveled over to the Orpheum Theater where he met with many of the American Idol Hopefuls for interviews and to share advice on what he considers the “make or break” Group performances. Considering his NSYNC background I’m guessing he knows exactly what the contestants are going through with the challenge of performing as part of a team.

Lance says that he’s been watching American Idol since its first season and is excited to see it now in its fourteenth year. So are we!

As for the secrets to success in a group dynamic, Lance advises the Hopefuls to find other singers that they get along with but he says his best advice would be to just relax as much as possible, get enough sleep, and protect your voice!

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Lance Bass visits American Idol 2015: Hollywood Week