Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery Final Idol Performance Details and Leaks

Tonight’s final American Idol 2011 performance show will feature three songs for each of the remaining singers and we’ve got some early details on what a few of those will be. Shockingly, these Idol spoilers didn’t come from Haley Reinhart’s parents this time. Instead, Taste of Country broke the story revealing the “if they won, what would they release” song selections.

Taste of Country was tipped by a source at Universal Music Group, who tells us that McCreery’s song is called ‘Love You This Big’ and Alaina’s is titled ‘Like My Mother Does.’

Both singers will premiere their new singles during this week’s ‘Idol’ performance show on Tuesday, May 24.

I’m not sure what makes these songs the artist would first release if they won because both of them will be releasing the songs before either one wins. So…

USA Today is also reporting the remaining Country duo will get some big star power for helping to pick out one of their other two songs. Carrie Underwood will choose for Lauren while George Straight will have the honors for Scotty’s selection. I have to assume these song selections will take the place of Simon Fuller’s picks as previously reported by Idol or else we’ll have four total songs for each.

Still no word on the third performance which will be the singer’s favorite from earlier in the season, but would anyone be surprised by Scotty going back to his ol’ faithful Josh Turner cover and Lauren doing her Miley fav? But that’s exactly why I don’t think either of them will do those tonight on American Idol.




  1. So what happened to the two fianalests singing the same song to claim when crowned winner

    • Seems like they ditched that this year in favor of two different songs. But there’s still the oddly and poorly promoted coronation song contest from Coca-Cola’s “Perfect Harmony” so maybe that’s a second coronation song? Who knows for sure (apparently not Idol…)?

      • Well that just disapointing I always enjoyed watching the two finalists peform the same song it always made it easier on who I would want to win

      • That would be risky unless they did a duet, they have not been allowed to take much risk this year and were not pushed to like Pia or Jacob.

    • I don’t have a favorite to win, now. I’ve backed Scotty all season, but I’m just glad we have two exemplary young people to draw teens toward a more wholesome genre of music.

    • i care, and you r rude, they have worked hard to get where they are and they deserve it and they are good country singers
      thank you

  2. whatever it is, i think this is the best american idol ever had! congratulations to all american idol team!
    Lauren Rulezz!

    • get real idiot, calling a talented, cute young girl names like that is rude and tasteless, you are an idiot and so much below her, idiot

  3. The problem with “Like My Mother Does” is that the song has already been recorded by former idol Kristy lee Cook and Jesse Lee (a non-charting single from last year). Will most remember it? No but some will. Particularly radio dis who already are looking for easy reasons to ignore these songs.

    • The radio stations may give Lauren an easier time than Scotty.
      Who wrote that song maybe a favor, since Lauren’s first song may sell well no matter or maybe with her poor itunes sales they did not was to risk a better song.

  4. Hopefully Lauren do something for final ..
    Doesn’t matter win or not, hope she give the best!

  5. Country versus Country…ah well…to be honest, I will be switching back and forth between DWTS and Idol tonight. Tomorrow I will definitely watch Steven T. and James perform together ( still think that WILL happen~!!!) Have a feeling that Lauren will win…doesn’t matter what the polls suggest..

    • I won’t be watching tonight, I will check here to get Scotty’s numbers, not so I can vote for him, it’s more voting against Lauren. I will be tuning back in tomorrow to see Haley, Casey, James, and Paul.

      • You shouldn’t be watching a show like American Idol being the hater you are. Shame on you for talking so bad about someone you don’t even know

      • Hopefully it will be Hines or Chelsea but than what do I know…I wanted James to win…LOL

      • Phyliss..Hines…I wanted Haley & James. Oh well..Glee tonight finale. LOl

  6. Have zero interest in this finale. What a letdown it is. Can’t think of a more boring show.How many times can one watch country ballads. Will watch the finale so that I can see all the great other contestants performances that got eliminated, who all have more interest than watching these two left

    • Same here I will be passing tonight, I like country at times but neither one connected with me. Scotty’ The River and Gone are the only two of his I liked. For Lauren only her duets connected with me.

  7. I am all for Scotty at this point. And, I really hope James performs with Steven Tyler, as mentioned previously… I really miss him and think he should have won.

  8. it’s basically a crapshoot. i like scotty and lauren but i don’t LOVE them, if you catch my drift. they’re both very good but not BRILLIANT, if you catch my drift again. the shining stars of this season were eliminated. (jeff probst must have tallied those votes.) i’ll watch tonight and tomorrow night just to see who wins, but i’m not passionate about either.

  9. I’m done watching. It has become a teenage popularity contest. I have been watching since season one so I have been a fan for years. Not anymore. Bah.

    • I totally agree with you. Simon was smart to leave a sinking ship. I didn’t watch last year. Adam was clearly the winner two years ago. I saw the Idols Live that year and the crowd also knew Adam was the best. Chris’ performance at Idols Live was so BORING!!!!! Hardly anyone clapped. Really sad. This year should have been James. Once again – teeny boppers don’t understand talent. Not wasting my time anymore watching. Better things to watch on TV than Idols!!!!!

    • Teenagers are not the only people who voted for Scotty. Give it a rest already. Scotty deserves to be in the finale.

    • I also will watch Wensday, better things to do tonight. I really think Lauren will win though not because she is better but because thats what they want. The others will be back Wensday.

  10. Will Edward Boddington be bring the count results from London to hand to Ryan this year?

  11. i wanted both Scotty & Lauren in finals. it’s going to be a great choice on whoever wins. I <3 SCOTTY McCREARY(;

  12. I like Scotty, I hope he wins American Idol, but I think the program pushed by Lauren or is a wrong perception?

  13. Does it really matter who wins? They are both country……its a win win for the country lovers….I still think that these two kids should be back in school, enjoying their Senior Year and then get into the music business…..
    Idol should really raise the age to 18….JMHO

    • @ Phyllis…my dear friend…I agree…then perhaps it won’t be so much of a popularity contest…will be tuning in tomorrow for sure to see our man James perform~!!! 🙂

    • Lauren isn’t a senior yet, and Scotty is pretty much done with HS. And to quote Alice Cooper “School’s out for summer”.

    • I think it is great that AI lowered the age. Now Scotty and Lauren can be good role models to more than just the teenagers in their towns. We need more role models in the public sphere like Scotty and Lauren. Scotty for the win!!!

  14. I’ll take a pass on this finale. I’d rather wash my hair, paint my toenails or get oral surgery. Both kids are good, but they bore me to tears………..

    • boo to you on the Zzzzzzzzzzzz
      they are so good, both of them
      Love Country

    • I hope George Strait will deliver “Troubadour”, duet with Scotty the better.

    • Well, which is it? Is George Strait or not straight? Make up your mind.

      Don’t worry… it probably won’t effect his fan base much. However, im Texas, there might be a few with different opinions.

  15. SCOTTY, SCOTTY, SCOTTY!! Personally, I think most of them will get a contract whether they win in the finals or not. However, I will pass on the professional’s performance. That’s when I’ll switch to DWTS & then back to the contestants! After all, it IS supposed to be all about them anyway & not to showcase the Pros that come on, especially Lady GaGaG!!

  16. The reason Lauren and Scotty will not be singing the same song is because it would prove that Lauren has natural talent and it would embarrass Scotty.Scotty voters are easily influenced anyway,I call them the Judges puppets because they cant mentally make their own the judges tonight and we will know who won .

    • Scotty and Lauren both have talent. I am a Scotty fan and I make my own decisions. Do not be so quick to judge people because they do not agree with your opinions. We all have different tastes in music. One is not better than the other.

  17. This is the first time that I’d be happy with either one of them,but I will be for Scotty. But! I do love Lauren as well.

    • I keep saying…I like Lauren…I love Scotty. His voice (and stage presence) are unique to him and it think it is refreshing. His voice is so soothing.

  18. I don’t care who wins as the best performer James has gone, he had it all and could truley sing and perform, a natural.

  19. I love Scotty’s voice. He’ll get my vote. I hope we get too hear Casey and Haley tomorrow night sing some Jazz.

    • I’ve been listening to alot of jazz lately and agree it would be great to hear them do a duet. They did some wonder ful ones during the season.

  20. Country won so let them have their night, I will watch Wed. I hope Haley puts out an album soon, word of advice don’t listen to some of James’ songs with earplugs, his high notes are deadly to your ears.

  21. Scotty all the way! What I like about Scotty is that he is a Christian and is not afraid to let people know that he grew up in Church and believes in God. We need for all of the teenagers to take a stand like Scotty. God Bless Scotty and God Bless all of the teenagers!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, John. We NEED more teens like him. I would be very proud to have a son like Scotty.

    • While I’m proud that his a Christian and also proud to be one. I think he is over playing it for the show.
      He seems like very nice young man but they are all playing to the audience and fan base to some degree to win. Still remember the line “I’m not a doctor but I play one on TV”.

      • Scotty is not over playing his Christian roots for the show. There are interviews and articles on the internet in which members of Scotty’s home town say he is the same at home as he is on television. These people have known Scotty all their lives so they can be believed. If Scotty was going to change in order to win he would have swayed from his country roots when people started calling him a one-trick pony. Scotty stands firm on the Word of God.

      • I hope your are right, its just I know a contestant from a few years back and Idol had them act or change abit to help with their fan base with family sometimes asked to help with it.
        Anything I see on TV I take with a grain of salt.

    • I also love that Scotty is a Christian teenager who stands on God’s word. We need a Christian role model like him who will not comform to the patterns of this world. As Scotty said, he was and will continue to be just Scotty. He wears a bracelet that says I am second, born not for ourselves alone. I have always voted for Scotty and will continue to do so until the end.

    • you are so right about Scotty. He is a real role model for teens.
      He is honest and sincere and has tremendous talent. He will go far in a music career.

      • o.k. thats all nice, that he is a christian, but this is American Idol a singing competition, lets not loose focus,…yes he is a great example and his parents should be very proud of him.. I know that I would…but lets stay focused, he is here for a singing competition

      • This comment is for Sue. All I am saying is that Scotty’s Christian character adds to his singing. His beliefs help guide him to pick songs that he can sing from the heart and with passion.

      • It so strange that scotty has such a strong accent when he sings but not when he talk almost fake.

    • Except for his visit back to his hometown, I had not heard say much, if anything about his faith. Even so, what is offensive about that? What I did hear, ad nausea, was James’s home life situation. I mean every slow song that he sang, came the tears and the story again. Also, for James’s fans who are whining that he is not going to be the AI winner…….. Have a little faith. I am a country fan, but I do know that James is a great singer and all around entertainer. I believe he will have a big career.

    • While I think Scotty is a terrific young man, I think comments supporting contestants for their Christian beliefs (and/or stances on their beliefs) are inappropriate. To me, it means that you would be biased against someone who either was of another faith or chose to keep his or her religion a private matter, as I believe it should be.

  22. A beautiful girl and a handsome boy, both talented and both with the values that any parent would be proud of.
    I don’t understand the ugly comments about them, or the ugly comments about those that have been voted off. They are all talented and wish them all great success.

  23. They all worked really hard to be the Idol’so to me there all winners.Great Artis and the best to all.

  24. Any of the Top 5 could have won and I’d be happy! I wish there would be an upcoming duets CD with Scotty and Lauren and Casey and Haley. And I’m just sorry to see this season coming to an end already. And HAPPY that I can just keep watching the VOICE for my music show fix for the next several weeks! I think it’s time for a country singer to win again and as proven in past, those seem to have pretty good careers compared to the Pop winners. I wish the best to both Scotty and Lauren, and Casey, and Haley, and James,and even Paul who left too soon! I’d like to buy a CD from each of you! Thanks for giving us a great season!

    • Scotty and Lauren’s duets were horrible. She greatly out-sung him, and he can’t sing harmony well at all……

      He needs to sing alone…..

      … the shower

  25. Very dissapointed that there wasn’t another venue aside from country. I really think that this was run by a bunch of country groupies. Oh well.. Good luck to the future of American Idol.

      • They will “Yee Ha!”” all the way to the bank…and more power to them both!!!

    • Did you feel the same way when there was no country singers in the finals? Where you thinking that the show was being run by a bunch of pop groupies or rocker groupies? I would venture to say…….. probably not!!

    • Everybody had the chance to vote how many times they wanted to. There has not been a country AI winner since Carrie Underwood. I think it is time for AI to have a country winner. What I liked about this season of AI is that they had diverse groups of genres represented. While I liked some of the other contestants’ songs, Scotty’s singing spoke to me more.

  26. Lauren should not be moving forward. She is not mature enough. Its a shame that some of the more mature and qualified candidates were voted off because of teeny boppers that were allowed to vote up to 50 times. One vote per person and phone number is what I think would have been fair. Ashame that AI has come to this.

      • Not all — of course not…..

        But the “Power Voters” are voting for them in droves….and the “Power Voters” are usually between 12-17

    • I think everyone needs to give the teeny bobber angle a rest already. Numerous people have posted on this site that they are not teenagers and still vote for Scotty more than a couple of times each Wednesday night. There is even a Scotty Fan Club site on the internet created by grandmas. That just goes to show you that Scotty is loved by various age groups and deserves to be in the finale and win. Scotty all the way to the crown!!!

      • they might be teeny boppers as you would call them, but then so was Miley Cyrus, Tanya Tucker,…like its doesnt matter the age here people, its the voters choice..its that simple, maturity will come..Leanne Rimes is another one, like come on people, if anything the olders ones should have known what the people wanted and acted on it

  27. All this nasty talk about Simon leaving a sinking ship and country block voting being unfair, and how scotty can’t sing and lauren being chubby….what’s the matter with you people? AI has the highest viewership in its history, and two of the nicest and most talented singers are in the finals. Sure some talented singers went home but all of them had an equal chance IF their fan base had cared enough they went home, get over it.

    • Let them show us the raw voting data next week, then I will believe it.
      Is there any reason why they should not once the season is over?
      This season there have been around 22-25M viewer, yet in 4 weeks voting goes from 31M to 95M votes. The new cell phones with unlimited calls using apps has changed the game. Start the program and enter the phone number then walk away for 2 hours. Idol may limit the votes to 1000 per phone but who knows.

      • 30 minute voting block after the show would help…….instead of 2 hours….

        And also, cut out the internet voting….not sure of the purpose of that…. it’s a toll free number, just keep it a phone vote…… cut out the text votes too…..

  28. Good Luck to both contestants 2night. I am for Scotty all the way but do wish Lauren well in the future. They are both really sweet kids and deserve to be where they are 2night. Sing your heart out Scotty!!!!!!

  29. I wish both of them could win.They are two talented kids and yes they are young.Scotty’s voice is so mature and yes Lauren is sensitive and shy,BUT remember she is only 16 as is Scotty.I wish them both all the best and I don’t care who wins they both deserve to be there

    • Both are more mature and have better manners than a lot of the people that have posted on these sites. Sad to think any of the contestants read any of the derogatory remarks written about them on these blogs.

      • You are right– Lauren may be the most mature person of the entire Top 13….BY FAR!

  30. Lee, Scotty did Elvis a few times. You must not watch. Sorry but I’ll watch Weds to see the people who should have won. The voting is a joke and I certainly won’t watch next season unless it is fixed.

    • If you don’t like it please get off of here and keep your comments to yourself. The voting has been that way and Scotty and Lauren did not ask for it to be that way.

  31. I loved JAMES, who i felt really deserved to win. My second is Lauren Alaina because she is talented and loving, sweet and sincere, expressive. Scotty’s voice is great, but he doesn’t connect with people. I vote for Lauren. She’s got spirit.

    • You can not say Scotty does not connect to people. He might not have connected to you but he connected to me and many others. If he would have not connected to people then he would not be in the finale. Many people have posted that Scotty’s singing makes them feel emotions they have never felt before when listening to a song. That tells me that Scotty connects to people.

    • Why do people keep spelling “weiner” wrong? I don’t get it……it’s a fairly easy word to spell.

      Just kidding ya’ll, just kidding! Have some fun with this —

  32. Both of them are very talented and deserve to win but scottys voice brings out lots of emotion, his eyes and the intonation in his voice convey what the song means and he is a lovely story teller. Keep the hair though!

    • Scotty brings lots of emotion to me too…..

      Is Nausea an emotion?

      I’d like it if he told a story tonight —

      I think he should tell us the story of “Green Eggs and Ham” — Sam I am…..

      • That is a very rude comment. Scotty’s singing tells stories that people can relate to in life. Scotty has said that songs can be healing. I love his perspective. Scotty all the way!!!

  33. I like both Lauren and Scotty, they are both very likeable people.The best of luck to you both.

    I am so pleased that Haley is not there, I didn’t like her screaming growling voice, I use to mute the TV when she came on. However my favourite of the whole AI, was and is Pia Toscano.

    • I will miss Haley tonight — I think we’ve decided to watch “The Biggest Loser” finale instead — the one on NBC —

      Fox’s version will be on at the same time….

      Again — just kidding, just having some fun

    • Dianne, too bad you missed out on Haley’s “House of the Rising Sun” a few weeks ago. It was memorable (and I wasn’t really a Haley fan).

      My first House of the Rising Sun was by the great Josh White in an era before you were born, and I’ve heard some inspired versions since; and trust me, Haley’s performance rides very easy in the same select company.

  34. I keep hearing all this sensitivity stuff about Scotty and particularly Lauren being young. While I like them both, this is getting old. When a person gets on a show like this, they need to be up for criticism, if they can’t handle it, then they should not compete. I never saw Haley sitting on the bench crying when she was in the bottom three all those times and for you that may have missed it, Janet Enancho, who is much younger, did not cry when she did not win “America’s Got Talent” last summer.

  35. Scotty never sang Josh Turner’s “Your Man” did he? If I recall maybe he did do it as one of his songs during Hollywood Week, would that count though?

  36. I’d love to see the final competition be in a mini-concert format. Scotty sings all his songs at once and then Lauren. Then we could truly see who puts on a great show and whose concert we’d attend.

  37. Scotty for the win!!! With that said, I can’t get over how many people get on here just to say that they’re not going to watch tonight or how they’re not going to watch again next year unless some million dollar exects change their ways…y’all are really funny characters…even funnier if they do decide to change things up next year, you’ll think you’re the reason they changed!

    God bless both Scotty and Lauren, and their families. They’re both absolutely wonderful and extremely talented as are the others that have already been voted off. Several were not my ‘cup of tea’ but that didn’t make them less talented nor did it make me feel like I needed to call them names or say hateful things to them.

    Sooooo…..GO SCOTTY!!!

    And Hines for DWTS:-)

    • So no wind for your sails now, Tommy? How do you feel about AI and the judges comments now?

    • yes I really am looking forward to wensday. At least we do not call names out like bitch, and pole dancing . or did you forget that.

      • Cathryn, I hope that was not aimed at me, because if you know me from my posts, you would know that I am a Haley fan. I am one of those who posted against all the hate comments for anyone. So, if aimed at me, your comment makes no sense.

  38. Google TMZ american idol news they say Lauren may be too sick to perform tonight, and they Haley is practicing less than half hour before showtime, while doctors check Lauren.

    • after watching last nights finale,i felt the judges were favoring lauren perhaps because she stained her vocal chord during rehearsal.the last few weeks it seemed they favoured lauren and haley,i thougt it was wrong to show this favoritism. i was a haley fan and felt it should have been her and scotty up there. my vote is now for scotty

  39. James Durbin should be up there. Either of these will be fine. It’s a male/female thing.
    They will both have a good career.

  40. me and devin arn’t watching it, not because we dont like scotty or lauren but because we are hoping the ratings will drop and next year it will be fair. no power voting, no AI changing votes etc…
    we will be watching tomorrow so AI can see the ratings soar when haley and jeames are back.
    we will watch tonights show after it is over.

    we have DWTS on right now cause AI com said james may be on it.

    • OH come on! I was sooo sicj of james screaming closed eyed performances and his fake imitations of adam lambert. He was just creepy

  41. I think they were both very good.
    But i think Scotty is best one and he’s in to win it.
    Scotty keep it up u have awesome 🙂
    Lauren ur very pretty and nice voice also.
    Good luck too both of use.

  42. I am very disappointed that the judges told Lauren she is going to win! I feel that was very wrong. I like Lauren a lot but I love listening to Scotty’s deep rich voice and I am voting for him all the way. The judges need to stop and think how the other person is feeling when they announce something like that. I hope they will be more considerate in the future. They can feel however they want but they need to keep those comments to themselves. You go Scotty. We love you! !

  43. Something’s not right tonight in the voting thing. Scotty’s line was like blank at first and on facebook it was taking so slow. It was totally different than before. I also don’t like how the judges show favortism at the finnally. Something just isn’t right about this.

  44. Ohh i forgot.. they also made an issue about Lauren’s voice… like an excuse.. or making ppl feel sorry for her. She did a great job tonight so I’m not putting her down. They both were outstanding!

  45. i really like scotty and lauren but i think lauren should win.. she is a precious person just sry i couldnt get on line to vote but good luck lauren!!!!!

  46. I think they’re both very good, but Scotty should win because of his really special voice. He’ll be super-famous anyway, whether he wins or not. So will Lauren. I really liked James Durbin & was hoping he’d win, but he was so good he’ll have a fantastic career anyway.

  47. I think Scotty did the best and sounds like he is ready for the big time. The judges at the end should watch what they say and let the people make the choice. GOOD LUCK TO YOU SCOTTY – FOR THE BEST VOICE !!!!!!


  49. I love both Lauren and Scotty, but would like to see Lauren Win. From Heather all the Way from South Africa.

  50. I think Scotty should win it,but look at last year when Adam should have won it. Since Carrie Underwood won AI the one that should have won it has not,but I am for Scotty, Who should win it tonight. Go Scotty!!!!.

  51. I’ve prayed that God will let the young person win who will represent him for the sake of young people. They both are christians, but I’ve chosen Scotty since auditions! Scotty is the whole package, & Lauren, who is such a sweet, cutie, with an amazing voice is just not quite ready. Her vocal cord should not go out so soon. They both are blessed with beautiful voices, but my 545 votes go to Scotty! Scotty, you’re a fine young man for other young people to look up to! God bless you both!

  52. Bueno la verdd yo digo q devia de ganar Lauren, pero bueno ni modo los 2 los hicieron divido d verdad y suerte para los 13 mejores porq la verdd todos son ganadores, todos aprendieron mejores cosas q es lo q deben d hacer y q es lo q no debian de hacer, bueno la final estubo espectacular divieno la presentantacion de Beyonce, Lady gaga, Steven, JILO Y Marck Antony, y con los mejores 13 de American Idol dvinos todos……..

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