Lauren Alaina Calls Dad on Stage For Father’s Day Tribute

American Idol season 10 runner up Lauren Alaina gave her dad a special father’s day treat over the weekend during one of her shows.

Lauren was performing at a festival when she called her dad up to the stage to play guitar for her while she sang.

“Before I tried out for American Idol,” Lauren said to the crowd, “this really special person would play the guitar for me. and that person is my daddy.” Lauren then called her dad, JJ, out on the stage and asked him to play along with her again.

Lauren and her dad do their version of “When You Say Nothing At All” by Keith Whitley (also recoded by Allison Krause). We’ve got the fan-video for you below. It’s a little shaky, but the audio is just fine.




  1. What a wonderful tribute to Lauren Alaina Dad.  Lovely geniune girl.  Idol has chosen unique loving people who have substance for our future generation singers.  Thank you …. You three have and will go down in the future as wise in choosing our future singers when so many of our wonderful singers are so old and we will loose them.  Your choices are terrrific.  I had not listened to music that often before, now all the time, had not bought cd’s now do and it is a part of my life.  Idol has caused that………….. Heads up to all of you, and the premotors!!!  I go to two your tours and would do more if money permitted….Keep up the good work.  Randy, your great, JLo your one in a milllion, you will be remember in history more for this than your concerts, and Steven you make us feel what you feel.  So happy your recording again… and contribute with your geniune  first hand knowledge!!!!!
               Carol Cooley, Cardiff CA

  2. Amazing performance, Lauren. Your Dad must be proud of his talented daughter. This is Branden’s second article on Lauren in the month of June, so far.

    Branden has had written one on Colton and Skylar as well, one on Scotty, one on Hollie, 3 on Jessica, and 5 about Philip. If you’re curious about the “score” of these and other articles these past two weeks, based on the number of comments these articles have elicited from the readers, see below:

    1. Jessica sings at NBA Finals: 313 (June 13th article)
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    6. Philip out of Hospital: 104 (June 12)
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    Between Jess and Phil: Jess for 3 articles garnered 804 comments; Phil for 5 got 288. One thing for sure, Jess’ fans write more than Phil’s. I guess those teenagers are busy at the beach or elsewhere so they can’t read, much less write comments. Perchance it’s true: those teenagers catapulted Phil to the top, not the majority of the voting AI populace but with the best capacity to text or call to vote a lot of times. Hence the need for an AI Revamp, an article written June 1st which garnered a comments-score of 359.

  3. This video is all over the net.  What an amazing night and Lauren’s vocals were spot on.  She sang for a crowd of 120,000 plus in Chattanooga at Riverbend festival.  She sang The Locket with her Dad accompanying her on guitar as well as the song above, and she called Mallary Hope on stage to sing Georgia Peaches with her.  Mallary wrote the song.  Just amazing all the way around.

  4. I watched the American Idol concert tour in Manila PHILIPPINES last year and this youg lady is truly talented.God bless you Lauren!

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