Lee Jean American Idol 2016 Performance “Let It Be” [VIDEO]

Based on the fan polls and social media trends, we’re actually surprised Lee Jean Jr. made it this far in the competition. He seems like a sweet kid, and he has a lovely voice, but he really just needs to mature more as a singer a performer. His choice to do “Let It Be” by the Beatles this week just confirmed that. The song wasn’t a great pick for him, and it was not the kind of performance he needed to save himself from being eliminated.

Lee Jean Jr. on American Idol 2016
Lee Jean Jr. on American Idol 2016

Jennifer Lopez said Lee Jean has a lot going for him, but this performance just wasn’t enough . Harry Connick Jr. liked how Lee treated the lyrics, but talks about him being off pitch. Keith Urban loved the tone of his voice, but could really feel Lee’s nerves on this performance.

Watch Tristan McIntosh‘s duet with Lee Jean Jr. below!

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