Majesty Rose York American Idol Elimination Interview [VIDEO]

After her elimination on Thursday night, Majesty Rose York stopped to chat on the red carpet about getting voted off American Idol 2014 and her plans for the future.

We were seriously impressed at how gracefully Majesty handled her exit from the show on Wednesday night, and even more so by her positive attitude in her elimination interview with AfterBuzz TV.

When asked about being voted off and not being saved by the American Idol judges, Majesty said it’s okay and she’s fine. “It’s obviously something I can cry about,” Majesty said, “but I can also laugh about it, you know? I feel like I did my best.”

Majesty Rose said she’s very excited about the upcoming American Idol Live Tour. “All the other contestants, we talk about it, we’re seriously going to be like a family.”

Majesty Rose York American Idol

Until that kicks off, however, Majesty will get to spend some time at home with her friends and family. And her beloved cat Eli! “I just want to go home and hug my kitty cat,” Majesty said longingly. “He probably forgot who I am!”

When asked what her favorite moment was of the season, Majesty actually said her elimination ‘save me’ performance of “Happy” by Pharrell was right up there at the top. “If I was going to leave, I was going to go out with a bang,” Majesty said with a grin. “Like, everyone’s going to remember me.”

Were you sad to see Majesty Rose go home or did you think it was time for her to leave?