American Idol’s Majesty Rose: Happiest Elimination Ever? [VIDEO]

‘American Idol’: Happiest Elimination Ever?

We were sad to see adorable Majesty Rose York eliminated on American Idol 2014 this week, but wildly impressed with the mature way she handled getting voted off the show. Rather than looking angry, or breaking down in tears on stage, Majesty exited with grace in what came across as perhaps the happiest American Idol elimination ever!

Not only did Majesty Rose smile through the news that she was on the bottom this week, but she kept smiling through her ‘save me’ song of — and we love this — “Happy” by Pharrell. Although her pitchy performance did not save her from being eliminated, Majesty just keep on giving off the great vibes even after being sent home. She did have a few tears, of course, but her upbeat and positive attitude was just fabulous.

Majesty made sure to note that she will be out there on the American Idol Live Tour this summer. “I’ll see you guys soon!” she yelled at the crowd after her elimination. So if you are a Majesty fan, make sure to look out for tickets to go on sale soon.