Majesty Rose York: Her American Idol 2014 Journey [VIDEO]

As we say goodbye to American Idol 2014 finalist Majesty Rose York, we take a look back at her journey from her original audition to her elimination this week. We can’t believe how much she grew over the course of the season!

We’ll miss Majesty’s smile, energy, and upbeat personality on American Idol season 13. Oh, and all those fabulous flowers too! Although she always looked far younger than her age — it was hard to believe she was a teacher! — her positive attitude gave her a maturity beyond her years.


Even when she was being eliminated, Majesty Rose smiled her way through it all. Sometimes it seems like when a contestant is voted off, they forget how amazing it is that they made it so far in the competition in the first place and what it could mean for their future career. Majesty appears to have a good head on her shoulders and seems to really be grateful for her American Idol experience, even if it was cut short.

We wish all the best to Majesty Rose York as her journey continues on the American Idol Live Tour this summer, and as she pursues her dreams in the years to come. Good luck!