Mariah Carey: American Idol 2013 Judge Profile

Mariah Carey joins American Idol

Ever since Mariah Carey joined American Idol 2013 as a judge she has had our attention, not for her outstanding performance as a judge, but for her public spats with fellow newcomer, Nicki Minaj.

On Wednesday’s episode of American Idol, fireworks erupted when Nicki disagreed with Mariah’s assessment of Top 4 finalist Angie Miller’s performance. Nicki told Mariah to “clean her ears out” and went so far as to pass her a cotton swab. Mariah took a jab at Nicki saying “not everyone had a song that reached the Billboard No. 1 spot”. The rapper continued to taunt Mariah on Twitter the following day tweeting “She’s sad I tied her record for Hot 100 entries in only 3 years of being in the game.” and “What u SHOULD be doing (with your messy a**) is asking why a woman SO successful at her age, is still so INSECURE, and bitter.” Nicki claims Mariah “admitted she did not want another female doing the show. She didn’t want someone stealing her shine.” In a tweet referring to the rumor that Jennifer Lopez had been approached to replace Mariah, Nicki said “All dem #1s but JLo phone ringin? Lol. I guess having a personality, being a secure woman and giving genuine critique still trumps that”.

Since this is meant to be a profile of Mariah, let’s back up just a bit. Consider the incredible success Mariah Carey has had as an artist and it should follow that there would be no better choice to provide critiques and advice to American Idol hopefuls. But the fact is she has been met with endless criticism for her blatant lack of clarity and substance in her evaluations of the contestants and has been accused of being “too nice”.

Mariah’s accomplishments as a singer are far too numerous to cover here, but following are some of the highlights of her career so far and a few details of her personal life.

Mariah was born in Huntington, Long Island, New York. Her mother, Patricia Carey is a mezzo-soprano opera singer and vocal coach and her father is an aeronautical engineer. Her Mom says Mariah could mimic her operatic style by the time she was 2 years old and at the age of 4 began singing lessons. After graduating high school, Mariah moved to New York City. Mariah is married to rapper/TV Host Nick Cannon, they have 2 young children, twins, Moroccan and Monroe. (Mariah says that Marilyn Monroe is her idol)

She began her music career providing background vocals for singer Brenda K. Starr who passed Mariah’s demo tape to an executive at Columbia Records and she was signed to a contract soon after. Her self-titled debut album released in 1990 produced four No. 1 singles. She earned a Grammy Award for Best New Artist and Best Female Vocalist. Two years later she released her second album, “Emotions”. The single of the same name became her fifth No. 1 single. That same year Mariah appeared on MTV’s “Unplugged” along with fellow judge, Randy Jackson who played bass guitar with her band. The “Unplugged” concert was released as a video and resulted in another No. 1 single, a cover of the Jackson 5 hit “I’ll Be There”. Mariah released 15 No. 1 singles before the end of the 1990’s, with at least one topping the charts every year.

Mariah has earned numerous awards that include multiple Grammys, Radio Music Awards, American Music Awards, Billboard’s Artist of the Decade, a People’s Choice award for Favorite R&B Artist and many others.

She is an active fundraiser for “The Fresh Air Fund”, a charitable organization that provides free summer vacations for disadvantaged children in New York City and Camp Mariah, a retreat where inner-city children can explore career options. She has also donated her talents to concerts to benefit the victims and families of 9/11. Her philanthropic activities have earned Mariah the “Congressional Horizon Award”.

During 2001 Mariah experienced some health issues very publicly, said to be caused by physical and mental exhaustion. She was hospitalized briefly and made a complete recovery. Unfortunately, the film “Glitter” and the attendant album released during that period failed, both commercially and critically prompting Virgin Records to cancel her contract reportedly worth $80 million.

In 2005 she reclaimed her reputation and success with the release of “The Emancipation of Mimi” which debuted at the top of the pop album chart with the single from the album, “We Belong Together” spending 14 weeks at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard chart. In 2008 “E=MC2” produced the single “Touch My Body” which put her No. 1 singles total at 18, surpassing the previous record held by Elvis Presley. Since that time she has released “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” in 2009 and “Merry Christmas II You” in 2010. Mariah’s successful run of No. 1 singles is second only to The Beatles.

She has a new album due to be released this summer. The video for the single, “Beautiful” is scheduled to debut on American Idol during the show’s Wednesday, May 8th episode. Mariah’s film credits in addition to “Glitter” include the HBO film, “Wisegirls” and 2009’s “Precious” which earned her rave reviews for her role as a social worker.

Mariah has also distinguished herself from all others with her incredible vocal range which spans more than 5 octaves. This amazing ability is demonstrated most effectively in her single, “Vision of Love”. She is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest note hit by a human. Mariah is a multi-talented artist and composes all of her own songs.

Although Mariah has been criticized by our readers for her attention grabbing, inappropriate and often cumbersome wardrobe choices, she says that she is “not vain, but insecure” and also gives her fans known as “Lambs” full credit for her success. She is proud of her African American/Venezuelan/Irish ancestry and strives to be an inspiration to bi-racial children and hopes to demonstrate that the difficulties of being accepted for who you are can be overcome.

Given Mariah Carey’s talent as a vocalist and incredible success in the music industry she should certainly be able to give credible advice to the Idol contestants to help them on their way to successful careers of their own.

Do you think Mariah should be replaced as a judge for the next season of American Idol? Does Nicki Minaj’s presence at the table affect Mariah’s ability to be an effective judge?

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  1. We fast forward through Nickis’ commentary, she is the one that needs to be replaced. Everything about her drives us crazy and if she is back next year chances are we will not be watching.

  2. No, AI should get rid of Nicki because she is ill-mannered, rude, obnoxious, self-centered, annoying, disrespectful, pathetic and more. Mariah needs to just find ways to gather her thoughts quickly and be able to deliver her critique by knowing the right choice of words. I suggest she studies adjectives and antonyms.:) But overall Mariah is the most credible amongst all the judges because of her talent and experience as an artist. She is a living legend.:)

  3. I think Mariah is trying to improve her comments as a judge, and I think she has. The ongoing feud with Nicki IMO throws Mariah off in her judging because I don’t think she’s used to someone’s blatant lack of respect for her. I wish she and Nicki would just do their jobs and not worry about or comment on what the other is saying. Both of them do this, and that is what starts the feuds. When one judge is talking, the others should let him/her finish and not comment on it. It’s not funny. It just wastes time and is bad for the contestants, viewers, and the show. If they can’t get along, one or both should be replaced. If being on the show means anything to them, they will make an effort to at least be respectful to each other during the show.

  4. I wonder if Nicki will still be in the music business and still be as successful as Mariah has been 20 years from now? I don’t think so!! Mariah should stay and Nicki should go as she is too annoying and too vain.

  5. Mariah Carey does not want to return to American Idol and who can blame her.The stunt of adding Nicki Minaj as the surprise 4th judge has backfired & downgraded the show, and was not only insulting to Mariah but completely unnecessary.Her discomfort is obviously because of Minaj, & the producers made a big mistake thinking the public would somhow be entertained by this.

    • I agree with you. No judge should have to put up with being constantly disrespected. Mariah can’t do her job well with a “colleague” rolling the eyes, interrupting, etc while she’s speaking.

  6. I have loved Mariah since I heard her very first single, and I have loved every song she has ever sang. I love that she is compassionate for she knows how hard it is in the industry. I am like Lisa ^^ I have not watched it much this year just catching clips here and there. I don’t like Niki Minaj, she is not a good singer, and is a bad role model. Her attitude is aweful and she is very disrespectful. She will cause the end of Idol especially if the keep Miss Minaj

  7. The “spats” could be staged – makes it more interesting!! I love all four judges!!! LOVE them!!

  8. Mariah tries to be too prim and proper (like the role Olivia Newton John played on Grease). She needs to get out the leather pants, etc. and let it fly where it applies! Nicki needs to grab her tongue!

  9. Why don’t we vote off Niki? I would think it would up the shows rateing by 50%. I understand they are loosing rateings while the voice is gaining them. I think Niki is helping them loose rateings. What do you think people?

    • I agree with Mac here! Niki would be the cause of the ratings loss and possibly canceling the show. She’s gotta go. I know Mariah would be so much more relaxed. She is a true lady.

  10. I think Niki should go,she is very annoying and disrespectful,her choice of words are terrible. The show is a show more than 50 million people watch,why is she behaving as if she is the only one watching her self? Niki needs to adjust and control her choice of words. I like her as a person and I like her voice,but I think is wrong embarassing maria.

  11. Mariah has to stay. She brings class and sophistication to idol.
    Niki does not. I happened to watch one of Niki’s videos and I have to say it was disgusting. If anyone goes it should be Niki.

  12. Mariah has some really good points. She needs to work on her delivery. I think she also suffers from the fact that there are four judges, and so much has already been said. I have gone back and forth on Nicki , because she has made some good critiques, but she is wearing on me, and after this last outburst I think she needs to go.

  13. It is clear that Nickki is the one who is insecure. She makes unnecessary comments/stabs towards Maria all the time. Get rid of Nickki, she has NO positive moral value what so ever. She is rude, insulting and down right unqualified to judge others. She is the reason there were so many strange contestants approved in the beginning. Get real, Nicki does not represent the word IDOL – Mariah does.

  14. Bye Bye Nikki is what I say! Mariah is much more qualified to judge. Besides Nikki’s rudeness and disrespect of Mariah, she wastes time commenting on contestants outfts, shoes, makeup, and thinking up nicknames for them all. I know a lot of people who have stopped watching AI just because of Nikki. Keeping Nikki and getting rid of Mariah would be a big mistake and if Nikki remains a judge next season, I will not be watchng.

  15. I love Mariah and I believe she gives good loving commentary. She’s not rude and hurtful, but that doesn’t mean she’s not good. She’s an exemplary human being. I’m observing Nicki pushing her buttons. Nicki is too immature to serve as a judge. Maybe she could do it later on in life. Mariah deserves a medal for putting up with her remarks.

  16. IMO, judges to keep: Mariah and Keith and judges to rid off: Randy and Nikky.

    That will leave one or two more additional judges for the panel. As possible candidate for idol perhaps Harry Connick Jr. His pluses: he has enough credential under his belt and seem quite meticulous and to the point. His minuses: he seems to be very particular on the what and the how he likes performers to be at. He threw Kree off balance and made her go the wrong way with her standard “Stormy Weather”. He was successful in constraining Angie so much than her “Someone To Watch Over Me” became so plain as vanilla and boring to listen to. He was also very successful in destroying Amber’s confident or whatever left of it by implying that Amber hadn’t known about what she was singing and that there was something wrong with her for liking a song like “My Funny Valentine.” Apparently Harry is, unbeknownst to us, a psychologist too.

    One additional female judge is still needed [to go with four or to balance the panel to two males and two females]. She would be better is she comes from the industry POV as an executive, much like Randy. I kinda wonder if there is anyone fitting this description. There gotta be.

  17. Is anyone defending Mariah under 40? Nicki is fresh, new, spunky. Mariah, her dud personality all belong in an elevator with her music!

    • I do not understand why most of the people on here do not like Nicki? Sometimes she gets carried away a bit. But a lot of times her comments are right on. I have always like Mariah . But she takes too much tim all over the place to answer. She needs to learn to speak better , or something. All of that waving her hands and calling the contestants Darling is boring, and tedious. JLO was better than Mariah. At least she said what she though with out taking 10 minutes to answer!

      • Nikki is a talentless rap artist who cannot sing? She is also dumb! The woman has no class, she is insulting to her fellow judges and if AI thought this was going to bring in viewers, nothing could be further from the truth…Viewers left and won’t come back till she is gone…Are you watching the same show? .

      • it`s not about the judges can sing or not john obviously she`s doing something right it`s about entertainment and thats why people need the whole package and be able to exploit.I myself can`t sing but Jlo has a lot of chart songs and a lot of money to go with it she must be doing something right unlike the judges

  18. I’m probably the only one, but I like Nicki.. Her comments are objective and at times funny. It’s definitely entertaining. Mariah rarely says something that makes sense :/

  19. I love Mariah, she should stay at the AI. Nicki is rude and I think she needs to adjust her choice of words . I won’t watch AI next season if Nicki still be the judge…

  20. I agree with the smart comments above that Niki should hit the road. She is so strange and in my opinion someone who has to chang e their hairstyle, hair color everyday; that’s insecurity to me. Keep on GLITTERING Mariah.

  21. both nicki and mariah are very, very full of themselves and are competing for attention. can’t stand either one of them.

  22. Why are they picking on Mariah? Nikki is the one who should be thrown off the show! She is rude, obnoxious and quite frankly dumb…A rap artist who cannot sing, and she is judging young contestants who blow her out of the water? Get rid of Nikki not Mariah…Also you can see there is no love lost between the two, and that hurts the show…There is no cohesion between the judges and you can see there is venom between Nikki & Mariah…Nikki has no class and is detrimental to the show’s success…P.S. Why is the MSM and AI picking on Mariah, when sitting on the same panel is the worst judge ever to be hired by AI…I for one have balked and have not watched the show because of Nikki…I cannot stand her comments and her arrogance.

  23. Get rid of Nikki, She is rude, obnoxious and does not have enough experience or time in the music business. Mariah needs to wear clothes that allow her to stand and give standing ovations when she chooses to do so. It is such a cop out, that after the first time her wardrobe would not allow her to stand, she should have changed to more appropriate attire that WOULD ALLOW HER TO STAND, WHEN SHE CHOOSES TO DO SO.

  24. Nickis comments are too forceful and rude and point —-ghetto—– who put her critiques to be so truthful, Marian has more class and it shows —Nickis. Likes that type of attention —Is there anything real about. Her ….hair face nails butt. Nasty attitude and you will lose a lot of viewer next year for that ghetto mentality that girl has -anyway she only caters to the younger crowd Marian has a family and kids not really on her level –I don’t think people go on the show to be criticized– the person are looking for fame. She tend to forget how she started or did she knock people down to get where she is today they need to watch her because everyone see. TV she can’t hide the rude body mechanic and gestures she makes. Keep being your self she the one with esteem issues to say all the nasty comments and cheap shots to Mariah—-jealous bitch

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