Meet Your Top 4 American Idol 2013 Hopefuls

Meet your Top 4 American Idol 2013 Hopefuls. The singers survived another elimination round on Thursday as Country singer Janelle Arthur was sent home after judges decided not to use their expiring Save.

FOX announced the singers will be back next week with another two-hour show on Wednesday despite being down to just four performers.

Tune in next week, Wednesday, April 24 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), when the Top 4 return to perform for America’s votes, as they get one stiletto closer to becoming the next AMERICAN IDOL.

Don’t miss the live results show the following night, Thursday, April 25 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), when one woman’s IDOL journey will end and the final three will be announced.

Get ready for filler mania as four singers covering two songs each and three minutes a piece will take up 24 minutes, a quarter of the entire showtime.

As for the theme, which FOX again declined to announce, is rumored to be “one hit wonders” and a wild card, anything they want, selection, according to our American Idol spoilers. Hopefully that brings us more modern performances.

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  1. I agree with Darlene Jones, all the girls are great singers, all sound professional. They all have their own style are are great doing it. @ Virginia I don’t know what you are hearing! Amber have a beautiful voice, she have a Whitney quality to her voice. Listen closely.

  2. kree will pick up Janelle’s votes next week and have a better song selection Weds.. It will be kree and Angela for the win in the end. Since Angela has her original song she wrote to pull from again in the finale, I predict she will be the next AI winner!

    • Thats the thing. They really need to choose songs that the biggest block of voters are familiar with. Most young people wont appreciate a song theyve never heard or that their parents listened to even if its sung well. The girls that sing current songs are the ones that will stick in voter’s minds when its time to vote.

      I have a background in music and even I tend to most vividly remember the songs I know/like when the shows over. In fact, I usually have them running through my head for days. With the upcoming theme they should all be able to make a great song choice.

  3. If I had to listen to only one of the top five at home on my IPOD, I would have selected Janelle. Her pleasing tone outshines the shouting competition of the other contestants. If I had to add visual appeal, Janelle again outshined the rest. I hope she makes it in the music industry, and that if her good looks also take her to Holly wood, that her innocence remains intact.

  4. Candice outshines the top four. She has a wonderful quality to her voice. Kree has a very lovely sound to her voice. Amber outshines Angie. I wish them all good luck.

    • Actually in my viewpoint with this years top 4, I do not see anybody is “outshining” anyone. True enough, I think Candice is the most consistent. And true enough, the girls outshined the guys this year. But, most of the other top 4 girls have their moments where they performed better than Candice. In fact, I do not think American Idol has ever had a more talented, top 4. So, I do not see anyone “outshining” here, at this point.

  5. Candice is the most consistent in the top 4 finalist… She’s a great artist that can’t be compare to anyone…she has her own style!!!’ Love to listen to her songs over and over…

  6. Best Singer – Amber Runner-up: Candice
    Best Performer – Angie Runner-up: Candice

    Therefore, the person who will go home next week is Kree. This is just my opinion. Peace to those whose opinions vary from mine:

    • IMO.

      Best Singer:
      1. Amber
      2. Candice
      3. Kree

      Best Performer:
      1. Angie
      2. Amber
      3. Candice

      Most Fanbase:
      1. Kree
      2. Candice
      3. Angie

      Unfortunately, this latter category will most likely shape the AI result.

      1. Southerners [west/east] have won 11 of 12 AI titles.
      The only winner not to have come from the region was a midwesterner Lee DeWyze.
      2.Singers/performers from the Northeast have never won American Idols, not even in the top 3
      3. Country/folk inclined singers have won the majority of AI titles.

      If you combine those facts, the likely winners of AI are: Amber, Candice and Kree, They are ALL coming from the south. Of these three, Kree is the most country/folk inclined; therefore, she is the most likely winner of AI this season. Things could change because any outcomes can be predicted solely based on statistics. Here’s the line: surprise us!

      • david cook n jordin sparks are not from the south – being missouri n arizona. Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, n Fantasia do not represent the genres u just noted, so u might wanna do a lil fact check there. I would say the more musically/artistic inclined past 5 winners incorporated an instrument during their run in the competition – angie is the only contestant left this season who has played an instrument n has been known to writing her own songs, so i’d say she has the best chance by default to win this competition.

      • I’ll take the blame for Arizona, even though politically speaking it is still in the realm of the triad Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Arizona is an extension of the South in the far West. Missouri, the show-me state, is closer to the south than it is to the Midwest, culturally and politically speaking. It still points out the disparity of AI winners. Zero winners come from the West Coast and the North East, even though the bulk of US population resides there. Can you explain why that is?

        I think I did say country/folk inclined have won MAJORITY of idol titles. The winners from that side of genre, I would say, are: Scotty, Lee, Kris, Carrie and David, while the rest is the mixture of RnB, Gospel and Pop singers. It still forms that majority I had pointed out.

        Barring any kind of major mishaps by Kree, she will win Idol. Angie has very limited chance to win now that the “Boston factor” which she had taken advantage of during her last performances had died down. She’d do anything to win, her cheap-slutty performance during Motown week was the testament of that. Aside the performance of her own song at the start of the competition she is just average with tons of over-acting and theatrical performances.

        I would like for the most talented singer to win, either Amber or Candice, but I don’t think either one of them will win- not enough support to bring either one to the top. Kree supporters which include Janelle’s will be rock solid, and that will bring her the title. IMO, it’s the title for her to lose.

      • When you say 11 of 12 Idol winners are from the South, who exactly are you referring to? Also, who comprises the majority you refer to of country singers that have won American Idol?
        Angie did not “take advantage” of the horror in Boston. She lives just outside of Boston and could very likely have known someone directly affected by the bombing. Not to mention, she would have been buried by criticism if she was perceived to be ignoring what happened there.

      • I was actually over-simplifying the geography just to illustrate my point. Arizona and Missouri is just the extended family of Southwestern or Southeastern US, culturally and politically. As a proof, last year’s election, these two states had also gone the way Oklahoma. Texas and Kansas had done. Before she started her first song she blurted, “This is for my home Boston.” I think she garnered the most vote that week because of her “pimping” that situation. It’s not necessary, as everyone was talking about the tragedy whether they were from Boston or not, from out West or East, or even from far away places. On top of that, she will “eventually” uses at least one or two other of her “sttributes” in order to win the contest. I will not tell you what they are, but you’ll see as they unfold when she perhaps survives to the top three or two.

        This week, however, it is back to the usual competition, and she will be just pale in comparison to the other remaining contestants. Of course, the real front runner or the possible winner [i.e. Candice and Kree] could screw up, and the ranking could change, who knows.

      • You’re absolutely right, but If we will predict the winner based on what statistics and history say, then we don’t need to watch AI anymore. I’m sure you’re right and I’m wrong, but I still want to base my prediction on what I believe should be the correct criteria, that is, voice quality and performance. Thanks.

      • That’s why I included the following disclaimer on my opinion: “Things could change BECAUSE ANY OUTCOMES CAN NOT BE ASCERTAINED SOLELY BASED ON STATISTICS…”

        I agree with you. Besides, there are signs of tampering throughout this season. i.e. Curtis’ early ousters, all-female final 5, strange ranking/positioning of contestants’ results which didn’t correspond with previous weeks’ placements, etc…This will definitely skew the result even more to a certain direction favored by the producer.

  7. This year is hard, I like them four. Candice is the best but I think she won’t win. I love Kree but next week she or Amber will be gone. I love Amber too, her voice is soo flawless. Angie is the weakest voice amongst all but she’s a great performer. I’m confused.
    I’m picking Amber but I think Angie will win.

  8. I think the judges have it right so far. I also would bet that if Kree was voted off instead of Janelle they would of used their save.

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