American Idol 2012 Auditions: Houston Recap

After Wednesday night’s snooze-fest episode, American Idol really needed to deliver in Houston and it did.

Thursday night’s audition episode was much better. It had a good mix of the good and the bad that we love to see and hear. And the good were actually good.  There are definitely some Top 24 contenders from the Houston batch (and I’m not just saying that because I’ve read our American Idol Spoilers).

It was also a night of Girl vs. Boys with Jennifer, Randy and Steven. The judges couldn’t seem to agree on much. For awhile it seemed every contestant Jennifer liked “the boys” didn’t. And vice versa. I agreed with Jennifer every time. I liked the ones she did and didn’t like the ones Randy and Steven liked.

What really came out of that whole mess was more proof that Randy Jackson is a complete a**hole who makes too much money for doing nothing. He really said “I won’t lose any sleep over that one,” after crushing a legitimate singer’s dreams. It wasn’t one of the ridiculously bad singers the producers let through for laughs either. Why is it that he’s the only judge that hasn’t been replaced. Total a**.

The Standouts

Skylar Laine. This 17-year-old country girl is the real deal. She’s not just some girl who sings country music. She IS country. She has a deer head hanging on her bedroom wall for crying out loud. I think she was a little too twangy for my taste, but that means there are going to be some people who really love her.

Baylie Brown. Returning for the first time since season 6, Baylie delivered a great version of Bon Jovi’s “Bed of Roses.” She was 16 at the time of her first audition  when she was cut during Hollywood Week. Now she is 21 and gets another shot. She has definitely matured and definitely has the look to match the voice.

Kristine Osoria. The single mother of three has one last shot at American Idol since she’s 28. There was a realness about her singing that I really responded to. You can just tell she loves singing. And she must since she said she spent her divorce money to buy her plane ticket to the Idol audition.

Cortez Shaw. Randy almost got to use his a-hole powers again on this guy, but luckily Jlo stopped him and let the poor guy actually audition. He sang probably the 100th version of  “Someone Like You” by Adele, but at least it was a good version.

Ramiro Garcia. I didn’t think this guy really pushed himself during his audition. I mean, he just kind of rolled out “Amazing Grace” like someone would a lecture at an insurance seminar. I don’t mean it was bad, I just mean he didn’t try hard. It’s almost like he relied on his story more than his sound. I’m sure I would have enjoyed his audition more if he gave a little more heart and soul.

In the end, 54 American Idol 2012 golden tickets were handed out in Houston. Who were your favorites of the night? And whose team are you on — Jennifer’s or the boys?




  1. At this point it just doesn’t matter who our favorite is. We already know who made it and who did not so we might as well wait and try to get behind someone from that crowd after the live shows start. Just my humble opinion. I think the spoilers have really spoiled it for me at this stage of the game. LOL 

      • C’mon Branden,This  is like telling a ten year old, hey do not eat that freshly baked home made double chocolate cookies while I go out, ok? heh heh

      • @Branden & Taymaro,    I know what you mean, I noticed that a while
        back,  This guy is not interested at all  in what he was doing except
        call everybody dawg, and a lot more meaner and less patient.  I think
        he is just plain tired and bored of the same thing for so long, I would too, except I will do it for peanuts while he is being paid more money in
        one hour than most of us in a month.  I think it is time for him to move on and AI get another fresh face that will lift up the whole show, like you said he is the only one left that has not been replaced yet.  Yes he is
        acting much like the place where the sun don’t shine much, LOL.

  2. Im mad they didnt show Hollie, she auditioned there and based on her ranking in the spoilers should have had her audition shown. 

    • I was mad too, but I’m glad I was at least able to spot her with a golden ticket when they cut to the people who made it as they ran into the water.  I’ve been hoping all year long that she would come back.  I really do hope she goes all the way.  I didn’t think anything of her when she auditioned last year, but she made me take notice of her when she got to Hollywood week.  This girl is more talented than we even know. I know I will be voting for her.

    • the only way they replace the judges is if they dont want to come back to IDOL.   Randy has nothing better to do and no where to go, so he just stays. and he is of no imput importance.

  3. This is just entertainment.  It is a lot of fun and good times.  Don’t take it too seriously.  Enjoy the singing.  Music is a wonderful way to experience the blessings of the soul.

    Have fun.

    • I agree, just enjoy the singing and the show, if thats what you like is singing shows and I do. but   it does make me mad when someone is kept that I think is not so very good. like last year.  I thought Casey was terrible and should not have been saved and I did not like cant think of his name (the Rod Stewart wanna be).  I did not like the Raygay girl. and she kept staying. but then we all dont like the same kind of music, and its just a show.

  4. What was the song they played at the end of Skylar Laine’s audition, when her friend was walking in the room to meet Steven?? 

  5. I just love “American Idol”, well…..everyone does. Including my beautiful, 11 year old Star! My daughter Vanessa, my Viv. She been singing her little heart and soul out since she learned how to……at 2 years old. Her drama class has only warmed her up to audition for “American Idol”. She’ll be 12 in April. Old enough to make her dream come true!! “Winning American Idol”.

  6. mediocre show, the usual amount of sob stories, and just enough talentless idiots to sell commercials.  (is ford that desperate?)  i suppose we’ll all have to wait for hollywood week to see the real talent emerge.  then again, bob dylan and tom petty never would have made it to hollywood either!!  on a completely different note, ain’t it grand that randy hasn’t called anyone dog yet!! 

    • Yeah, Pr63 , but most people sing using their mouths not their nose 🙂
      Just a crazy thought entered my small brain, I wondered what would
      Randy, Jennifer and Steve would have told Bob has he auditioned today on AI , not knowing who he is.  Now remember you started this.

      • jennifer would  say, “i’m sorry baby, but it’s not there.”  randy would say, “terrible, dawg!” and steven would say,” sorry, you’re just not ready yet.  the song was great but the voice isn’t there.”  then after bob and tom left, the three would comment on how terrible they were.  almost forgot the laughter during the performances…  and had simon still been on the show, he would have stopped both of them after one note.

      • Why is everyone hatin on Randy this year? What did he do so terrible? He is just trying to fill Simon’s shoes. LOL And I find the honest comments after last year’s love fest all season long sort of refreshing. Everyone was great in every performance according to all the judges last season. They need restore their credibility a little bit as actual judges and not just sitting there rooting on even the bad talent….LOL But they have made some bad choices in the process so I guess it all balances out in the end. By the way did I mention that Randy Jackson is really acting like an a** this season?

    • Hey Pr63,  that’s pretty good !  I am also thinking they would say something like this:

      Randy – Hey dog, you are”  Blowin in the wind” , go practice so more

      Jennifer – Hey man , you sing “Just Like A Woman”, I have to say no!

      Steve – Hey dude, what’s happenning?  it seems you are “Knocking on
                     Heavens Door”, I say  sorry it is a no ,  maybe next time.

      just saying………….

  7. I’d like to see Smokey Robinson or Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds replace Randy.  I haven’t really cross referenced the spoiler lists to see where the alleged top 24 are from, but out of the entire 10 seasons , 9 were from the southern states.  And the one from up north was the least impressive of all.  Doesn’t anyone from the northern half of the US sing?  Apart from Bon Iver, that is.

  8. I agree knowing the Spoilers make a difference but I enjoy watching the show now because I know who is going forward and who are not….There were 5 out of the Top 24 and we only saw  2……I am really ready for Hollywood week to see why some of them  didn’t make the cut……..especially Ashley Robles.    Also then I can concentrate on ones that did make it…….
    As far as the judges go…..what can I say……..I like the judges better on The Voice……that says it all!!!!!!

  9. I think the whole show sucks this year including both the talent and the judges.  It is ridiculous  how long they let a poor singer perform, then laugh at him/her behind their backs, and then get their own make-up and hair styles touched up on stage. Yikes.  I now know completely why Simon jumped of this sinking ship….Great performance dawg!

  10. Randy is being mean, but I think he’s trying to take over the role Simon vacated.  He’s still more likable than Simon, who went all over the place doing a terrible Scotty McCreery impersonation and trying to mock the (very talented) boy.  He may have jumped ship, but into a sinking boat.  AI is much bigger than XFactor!  Just look at last season’s final show – Bono w/the Edge, Beyonce, Judas Priest.  All Simon got was Justin Bieber!  Poor Stevie Wonder must have been so embarressed to perform on that stage and with that girly-voiced kid!

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