New American Idol 2013 Promo: ‘Are You Ready?’

TV American Idol judges

American Idol 2013 is only two months away. Can you even believe it? We’ll see a new panel of judges (and Randy) and eventually the 12th winner to join names like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. But first, we’ve got a new promo from Fox.

And the promo mentions Kelly, Carrie, reigning champion Phillip Phillips and more.

Are you ready for the new season? I’m not sure I am. I mean, I’m ready for it, but I’m not ready for Nicki Minaj and Mairah Carey. I’m just not excited about them as judges AT ALL. Hopefully Keith Urban can bring some kind of charm to the panel.

I am, however, excited about a singing show that actually specializes in singing. I’m so over the other shows that are all about production and celebrity judges/coaches/mentors/whatever they’re calling the panel. American Idol is the grandfather of them all and in my opinion, still the best.

Anyway, here’s the promo:




  1. I don’t think I will be able to stomach this year with Nicki. I love the competition and the music, but I just don’t think I’ll be able to watch her or Mariah for that matter. The drama has already started and it will only get worse. *sigh* So disappointing.

  2. I’m just hanging in to see whether sometime between now and Jan. they amend the voting policy. if so, I’ll just mute the lady judges and watch. If not, I won’t even start watching.

  3. I agree with the other two comments here. Didn’t watch the Promo. Can’t stand to even look at Nicki. We just keep saying what were they thinking. Couldn’t you get anybody??My family and friends had already decided not to watch because of the voting. They need to change that badly. DWTS and The Voice allow a set amount of votes. Not hundreds!

  4. Seriously, I could care less about the judges. I’m in it for the young talent…..Maybe this year we will get a future superstar!!!!

  5. Seriously? You felt you needed to slam other shows? Show some class, ALL theses reality shows have something other than their premise to attract viewers, especially drama. Should be an interesting season, but I am also not looking forward to diva drama!

  6. I can’t believe that they pick nikki 2 b a judge…y not Mary J. Blige? She was an awesome mentor!

  7. I don’t understand why ppl who don’t intend on watching for whatever reason feel the need to let us all know. Don’t watch, who cares.

  8. Don’t care to watch it at all except to have some good looks at the ever HOT Keith Urban! Sherry K

  9. OM GOSH!!U GUYS SO MEAN…i like nicki minaj so much…she’s my idol…can’t wait for the show…u guys pathethic

    • I don’t think these guys are’s a to each their own kinda of a thing. I think Nicki does Nicki fantastically and is aware of the havoc she is creating just by being herself, yay Nicki. My problem is with M. Carey…if she’s such a talent..why is she a judge…has been anyone?!

      • and what’s the problem??…mariah carey is a talented person…i think she deserved to be a judge in that show…I LOVE MARIAH CAREY AND NICKI MINAJ…!!!!….U GUYS HATER!!!

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