Nigel Lythgoe picks American Idol over SYTYCD for the Emmy win

American Idol” executive producer Nigel Lythgoe was recently asked by E! which of his two nominated shows should win the Emmy for Best Reality Competition Program on Sept. 18.

Lythgoe who also produces “So You Think You Can Dance” said “It’s a bit like deciding which child gets the sweets!” But to be fair, he went with is oldest “child.”

“I guess I would prefer American Idol because it’s been around for so long and it’s so deserving of an Emmy,” Lythgoe told E!

This marks the ninth time “American Idol” has been nominated for the Emmy, but it has never won.

Both show hosts are also nominated for the hosting Emmy. Lythgoe said if Idol wins the big Emmy, then he’d be OK with SYTYCD host Cat Deeley beating Idol host Ryan Seacrest to even the score.

Of course the interview with E! seemed to believe those two shows were only up against one another. Not true. They have some very tough competition. The other nominees are “Project Runway,” “Top Chef,” “The Amazing Race,” and “Dancing With The Stars.”

Who do you think will win the Emmys?




  1. I LOVE SYTYCD especially this past season but I have to go with Idol also. Idol has produced some major stars from that show. Wether in movies, broadway, and of course music. I rarely hear about the dancers from SYTYCD except for Twitch who is a fan favorite. He is in almost every dance movie. I will go with Idol.

  2. I think Idol should win, there has always been alot of talent. But this year there was more talent than that stage could handle! Maybe im just parcial cause i love idol. Although i think we need Simon back:)

      • At least Simon is not afraid of being honest unlike a couple of judges
        Randy has to be the honest one, while the other two feel sorry for them and vote them through. But we all are not gonna agree:)

      • What are you talking about. The judges don’t “VOTE” anyone through once the viewers can vote. If the viewers can’t choose for themselves, they deserve whatever they get.

      • Do u even watch idol? The judges pick the ones that go to Hollywood and have the say who stays or goes home up until its the veiwers decision! Those judges have a huge impact on people with what they have to say. Once its our turn to vote they need to keep their mouth shut.

  3. When it first began, I don’t think So You Think You Can Dance was even included in the nominations for the Emmy. I like both shows, but my favorite is SYTYCD because it is developing new talent and promoting an interest in the many styles of dance. The nomination shows that SYTYCD is growing in viewer interest. My respect for dance and dancers increased so much after finding the show and seeing how much is required of dancers physically and emotionally. I also think SYTYCD is better at judging, especially Mary and Nigel. They do give constructive criticism. This season, however, some of the guest judges should have stayed in the audience. I don’t look at these reality shows as being there simply for turning out super stars although I’m sure the producers of the shows and other viewers would disagree. Many of the contestants of Idol fade into the shadows and are rarely heard of again. It is more difficult for dancers unless they sing and dance. I would like both shows better if the judges would just judge and not give us their opinion of who they would vote for. That is sometimes counterproductive with viewers voting against the judges and not for the contestants. I really hope Cat Deeley wins for host. Of all the hosts for the different talent reality shows, she is the most professional and keeps the show moving. I am sick of Ryan Seacrest and his taunting the judges. It’s time for him to go. He acts like he is the producer and everyone has to answer to him.

  4. Everyone is forgetting about Dancing with the Stars, that is a very popular show. I would like to see Cat Deeley win for Host. I think she is amazing. I only watch three of the six nominated shows but in my opinion any of the three that I watch (DWTS, SYTYCD and AI) could win the emmy….

  5. Hi, Phyllis G. — I didn’t forget about Dancing with the Stars, and you are right about that being a very popular show. I like shows better that develop unknown talent rather than watch shows with people who have already made a name for themselves even though it is not in dance. It is interesting to see that a well-known person can be versatile, but I watched for a season or two and then lost interest when so many people were being injured–Misty May-Treanor for one. She is still dealing with the effects of that injury that could cost us the gold medal in the 2012 Olympics. I’m not blaming DWTS; just giving an example.

    • GISELLE….I remember when Misty got hurt but I didn’t know she was still suffering from the effects of the injury..I’m sorry to hear that…..I really think that active athletes should not partcipate in these kind of shows for fear of injuries….Seriously…

  6. I would like to see American idol win that is a great show and i love it.great talent and great people like randy steve Jennifer and Ryan is the best host ever.he is great .the talent was fantastic last .pia should of been the winner or the second runner up .

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