American Idol notes: McCreery goes gold, Durbin recording a song


*Reigning “American Idol” champion Scotty McCreery’s debut single “I Love You This Big” sales have gone above the half million mark, which means it has reached gold status.

Season 10 Idols on the current charts:

  • Scotty McCreery, I Love You This Big (24,000, +29%, 503,000)
  • Pia Toscano, This Time (15,000, -30%)
  • Lauren Alaina, Like My Mother Does (8,000, +122%, 247,000)

*Season 10’s James Durbin recently tweeted that he’s working on a song that’s not for his new album. The cryptic tweet read “Recording a badass song called Stand Up! Not for the record… but not to keep you waiting too long. I’ll tell ya more when I can!”




      • Scotty is #1 this week on CMT’s top 20 countdown. He jumped up 18 spots since last week. Lauren is #16. Good job, Scotty and Lauren.

  1. Good for Scotty it’s important that this years Idol winner does well as far as record sales and stuff goes considering the last two winners haven’t done quite so well. In Kris Allen’s defense though I have to say that even though he won his season he was overshadowed by Adam Lambert. Even though Adam Lambert is mega talented and everything and deserves the suceess that he has gotten.

  2. Branden…..Thank you so much for the update on James Durbin….I cannot wait for his record to hit the public……
    I’m happy for Scotty, even though he is not my cup of tea……
    Now I’m waiting to hear about Haley!!!!!
    Thanks again….

  3. I’m waiting for JAMES DURBIN. He is unique and incredibly talented–needs his own tour.

    • Ann Deal…..I TOTALLY agree!!!!!!He is a great entertainer and I hope that the powers to be realize it….soon!!!!!!

      • i totally agree !!! can’t wait the new recording for James Durbin to release….Please hurry upp James….goodluck for that goodies…yepeyyy…..

  4. James you are are unieke and the bst singer since Elvis .you are 1 of a kind.i love your should have been # 1 but you are in my eyes.congraduations and keep up the great work.i admire your talent

      • you dont have to begin whats your problem .thats your opipion so if you cant reply and say whats on your mind thten dont say anything.why because james isent what you like?

      • ROXANN: Learn to spell, use proper punctuation, grammar and sentence structure. If you are 10 years old or younger, then never mind. However, if you are older than that, you should be ashamed to post such an ignorant blurb.

  5. Scotty…I love the album…your voice is magnificent and I am not surprised. I can’t wait for your original first full album.

  6. Congratulations to both Scotty and Lauren. My big interest, as many others, is Haley! Any news on recordings she’s working on releasing???

  7. Nigel, even though I have never missed an episode of American Idol and have missed very few of SYTYCD, I hope and pray that NEITHER of them wins an Emmy. I am sick of the way you and your producers decide who YOU think should win WEEKS before the finales. Then you have your judges design their comments to conform with your decision. That’s messed up, and you know it. Why can’t you just trust America to do the right thing? Although I’m not a big Kris Allen fan, I LOVED it when he beat Adam Lambert, because it was obvious that Lambert was the show’s “golden boy”.

    Perhaps if you would just relax, allow the judges to do what they should’ve been HIRED to do (judge FAIRLY) and let the chips fall where they may, it’s just possible that whoever wins these two contests might actually do as well (if not better) than whoever YOU’VE decided should win.

    Did you ever stop to consider that it is the FANS–NOT you and the judges–who will be buying the CD’s? Because of your ridiculous corruption of the system, I’ve watched both Idol and SYTYCD for the very last time!!

    • Grace…the only reason Adam did not win his Season was because he was GAY……It had nothing to do with the judges comments….Please….he was hands down a better singer & performer than Kris Allen was…..His success proved that…..

      I will admit that on SYTYCD this season, the judges were horrific with their comments….

      • I totally agree with you as to why Adam Lambert lost. However, based on the judges’ comments (as well as the production values that were used on his songs), he was DEFINITELY the golden boy, the one they were hoping would win the whole thing. I actually liked Adam and thought he was the far more talented of the two.

        I also happened to have liked Clay Aiken far more than Ruben Studdard. But Ruben was the one who got the more favorable comments from the judges, although back then, the favoritism wasn’t nearly as blatant as it has become. The first time I noticed the blatant favoritism was the season that Carrie Underwood won. It was OBVIOUS from the judges’ comments (especially Simon’s) that she was the fairhaired child. I started out liking her but ultimately rooted for Bo Bice, because I was sick of the judges’ pimping of Carrie.

        So I think you and I are basically on the same page, and either you misinterpreted what I was saying, or I didn’t express myself clearly enough.

      • Grace….Yes, we are on the same page. Unfortunately I know I will still watch because I’m addicted to these two shows…I love to see new talent….Hopefully the judging will be better next year…..

  8. Phyllis G (Las Vegas): “I’m happy for Scotty, even though he is not my cup of tea……”

    ^^^ Now why can’t more people have this attitude?!

      • Kathryn….because there are a lot of not so nice people in this world. UNFORTUNATELY!!!!!!!

        Dianne…Yes, he is a nice young man. I hope he always stays that way..

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