Nigel Lythgoe Predicts Jennifer Lopez Will Rule Judges Panel

Jennifer Lopez continues to be the best investment American Idol has made for its tenth season which premieres in January 2011. Now Idol’s executive producer Nigel Lythgoe is making the practically obvious prediction that Lopez will be taking charge of the now Simon-less judges panel.

“Randy, of course, has changed his persona. Randy knows what he’s doing, so he’s there,” the 61-year-old producer told us. “Jennifer gets stronger and stronger and she’ll take over. There’s no question in my mind.”

Nigel said between Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and J. Lo, it’s the 41-year-old girl who’s going to be leading the pack.

“No question in my mind. She will take over,” he said, adding, “And Steven is very smart, very quick witted. So, I really like them all. They all bring something — and they don’t all agree with each other.”

Would you have expected either Steven or Randy to take over instead? Randy is obviously the heir to the throne, but considering Lopez historically demanding attitude I think this was inevitable. Are you ready for Queen Jennifer?




  1. I doubt I will even watch this year. America's Got Talent this summer put AI to shame. You can put all sorts of fancy judges up there but that doesn't make entertainment. The format and THEMES are stupid. Not letting them do their own style and trying them in all different styles is stupid..The "talent" last season was worse than my High School Talent Show. Lots of new show now and I won't waste my time with this crap.

  2. It is a wait and see what happens deal….we may all be suprised with how it all plays out. I, for one, am looking forward to the new season.

  3. Everybody stay cool…lets give the contestants and the judges a chance to settle in. American Idol is one of the best programs to have young talent grow…and it is refreshing.

  4. I'm ready already!!!!!!!!! Bring it on……This is going to be a fun season and hopefully the talent will be outstanding too!!!!!! I'm waiting to see the next break-thru artist…….

    The judges are the judges but its the viewers that vote. These up and coming talented singers deserve this show and for their sake we should stick to it……LETS MAKE UP OUR OWN MINDS!!!!and take the judges with a grain of salt.

  5. For me, at least there are two new dynamic faces there. This i think would make people more excited to watch. I still want AI around as it is entertaining for family. As a viewer, I would prefer to watch two new faces than the same old Simon getting sloppy, disinterested and his boredom and frown is infectious.With Nigel around the show can only get better!Good job, Nigel!

  6. @ Phyllis G. (Las Vegas)Hi! You are right Phyllis. We need to just look at the kids and not pay too much attention to the judges. Simon was getting so bored! And he looked it. Maybe things will brighten up this year. Do you know when they are going to start showing this years AI on tv? See you later! Sherry K

  7. Hi Sherry,

    I believe the season will start sometime in January……I am really excited about this new season….stay in touch. Phyllis G

  8. Hi Phyllis G. (Las Vegas) Thanks for the info Phyllis! I am kind of excited to see what happens thhis year too! It could be exciting! I still Love Adam. I think he has toned things down a bit. And is touring. So maybe he will make it? I sure am happy Cris Daughtery is doing so good. He should have won instead of (Soul Patrol) What a nice guy he is (soul patrol) But , see I can't ever remember what his name was ? Taylor something? See you later.Can't wait until January! Nigel might be right . Who knows? It might be more fun with out Simon. Sherry K

  9. Hi Sherry K,

    I must say that Adam, in person, has not toned down but he is an unbelievable talent….For a gay guy I have never seen girls go so crazy when he takes off his coat… kinda of forget all the hoopla and just enjoy his singing and his show. He is a must to see if you ever get the chance.

    Daughtry is doing great too…..His video was #1 last week. For two guys that lost AI they are really doing great……

    Who knows, maybe this season another superstar will be discovered….Stay in touch.

    Phyllis G.

  10. Hi Phyllis G. Yes I know what you mean Phyllis about Adam not being toned down. HE is just so hot!!!!!!!! I just meant you know the AMA. Such a silly thing. Yes Adam is just an unbeievable talent. I think I said this before, but I would stand in water 3 hours to see him in concert too.I have a photo album of men I think who are hot. Printed in living color on photo paper. I had to put three of Adam in it because the pictures just kept getting better and better. LOL! Tom Welling of Smalleville is in there too. HOT! Keith Urban~ Saw him in person at a concert here! HOT! It is my hearts desire to see Adam in concert. But the peole down here are kind of in a bible belt. And they probably don't want him. I am a Christian and just would slober to see him. He puts on a great show. I have watched some of it on the computer. See you later Phyllis! Sherry K

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