American Idol 2011: JLo Asks Randy Who?

Jennifer Lopez - American IdolIt sounds like you can’t spell diva without J-L-O. The latest American Idol 2011 gossip has it that Jennifer Lopez is grating with Randy Jackson and not Ryan Seacrest as alleged over the past week of the final audition rounds.

PopEater reports that JLo keeps forgetting the name of that guy, you know, yeah him, Randy Jackson:

“It’s so embarrassing that Jennifer keeps goofing Randy’s name,” one TV insider tells me. “If it’s not about Jen then forget about it. Poor Randy has a hard enough time getting noticed sitting next to dominating Simon and eccentric Paula but at least they both knew who he was. Sitting next to Jennifer he might as well be invisible.”

“It was funny at first but now no one is laughing,” a source tells me. “But the best part about it is, JLo has made it clear everyone must remember to call her Jen.”

It’s hard to tell how much of these feuding reports are just PR generated stunts to draw attention to Lopez and American Idol overall as it approaches its January 2011 premiere. What do you think? Real drama or made for the news reel?




  1. I'd have to go with the publicity mill on this one. Jen is too professional to disrespect Randy that way.

  2. @Stormy….I'm with you on this one…..It has publicity stunt written all over it…..

    Jen can't remember Randy's name…..please give the public a little more credit than that….

  3. I think it was for publicity to draw attention to the show. (I love American Idol)

  4. Obviously a publicity stunt…and in poor taste at that…the viewing public is not stupid.

  5. Ratings where down last season…It has to be a publicity stunt. Randy and Jennifer are two professional entertainers..give them credit for being human

  6. PFFT What a flake! I could spot Randy Jackson in a huge group picture! When I heard she was a judge I had to Google "MZ I'm too good to know him" to remember what she looks like! I hate her already..Randy is the MAN! (and hey I may be an old lady but people like her are a dime a dozen. I don't care how many records she's sold.) Randy is genuine and a wonderful human being!..

  7. J Lo who Jen who why was she picked ughhh

    whatever Paula was asking for, should have given it to her, she is much better. Jennifer didnt get what she was asking for, heard she needs the money????


  8. how many times have you forgot the name of someone you new very well???

    A PUBLICITY STUNT..get over it

  9. Randy has been there the longest and knows more than any of those want-a-be's. You better hope that your ratings don't drop cause of the want-a-be's. Paula had more class then this J.O. will ever have.

  10. First of all, look at the above photo of jlo – doesn't it make you want to vomit!!!! Secondly, I CAN'T STAND HER!!!!!!!

  11. Oh no. I thought she is down to earth. Once a diva always a diva. It's hard to be someone you are not.A torture for JLo.She needed her bling bling to be herself.

  12. She would not have been my personal pick to be on the show. Publicity stunt or not, she has a big attitude problem that is not appealing.

  13. I think Randy is great and I don't really care for jennifer that is her name right not jlo but of course I will not be watching it this year because I don't like jennifer. so you go Randy I love you

  14. Randy, you are the Dogg, the best, never mind if someone cant remember your name, we do !!!!!!!!

  15. American Idol 2011 is nothing without Simon Cowell. It's degraded into a small minded publicity vehicle for the new judges. Its just ridiculous and unwatchable to have a judge crazier than the contestasts. No credibility at all and a total bore. Not for me, this year.

    • Joyce I agree Janice needs to remember what the show is for and about, not the judges. Simon Cowell is an evil person, who has a hard time saying anything good about a person. At least Jen shows compassion. Come on girls, are you jealous!

  16. Talking about being small minded, don't you think you are Janice? It's a new product…try it out you might like it. Change is GOOD.

  17. It is long over due to vote Randy Jackson off the show. His judgement proves he cannot hear. He is insulting to the show. His opinions and arguements are poorly constructed. If you don't replace him watch the ratings drop. He has no ability to judge talent. On the other hand Stephen is great!

  18. Randy has more experience in the music business than Jennifer. His opinion matters and J-LO should not be interupting and dis-agreeing argumentively while he is voicing his opinion. I happen to agree with Randy on those he didnt care for. I also was part of the audience that was not moved and quite unhappy with J-Los rudness. Just because she sings doesnt make her opinion matter more. Get off the pedastel J-Lo. Randy knows what hes talking about. If i quit watching the show it would be because of her.

  19. Jennifer Lopez You are not the best American Idol Judge. The final show proves that you are Jealous immature and let’s faced YOU ARE NOT THE BIGEST STAR ON THE PLANET. From the beginning to the end your performance was “Look at me people look at me”.

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