Lythgoe Says American Idol More Diverse Without Simon Cowell

While JLo may have had her “Randy who?” moment. It’s American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe’s turn with “Simon who?”

Lythgoe told US that not only has Simon’s exit allowed for a more diverse crowd of American Idol hopefuls, but the emotional level of the show has been raised. Yikes. That’s pretty rough on ol’ Simon.

“We’ve had some incredible country voices — in truth, Simon would have gotten rid of them straight-away because he wasn’t a country fan,” Lythgoe told Us. “This season we have a 16-year-old kid with an incredible voice and a jazz kid who does this fabulous scat-singing. Again, we wouldn’t have had him on the show because Simon would have said, ‘He’s not an American Idol! Get rid of him!’ … What you are definitely going to get this season is an American voice and American music.”

With Cowell gone, “The energy in the audition rooms is totally different,” Lythgoe told Us. “You aren’t tired at the end of the day, even though we are seeing twice as many kids as we did in the past. We are enjoying it; we are laughing.”

Nigel goes on with more details on how each judge is handling their roles. He cites Steven Tyler for his kind way of letting down singers, Lopez is giving strong direction, but it’s Randy who’s really stepping up his game from past seasons. Maybe Jennifer will have a little competition for the lead after all.

Do you think American Idol can pull through without Simon Cowell?

Source: MSNBC




  1. A.I. won't be half as interesting without Simon,but I'll watch it anyway.

    Look forward to hearing the scat singer!

  2. We can only hope for the best. Looking forward to a new season. I am glad that Randy is stepping up his game…he does have a lot of experience to offer.

  3. I would say definitely if what Nigel says is true. The show needed a shot in the arm and hopefully we will get excellent talented singers now. Time will tell. Thanks for the review matt.

  4. I think that Simon was 75 % of the show and without him the show will not be as exiting as it was……Thanks

  5. I've always managed music stores………..and you have to be objective about all genres……….Simon's prejudices were much too obvious !

    After Casey James got "thrown under the bus" last season, I promised myself I wouldn't watch AI ever again……….Casey was the only one I felt would be "marketable" in the music industry…….but mostly it bothered me that he was given horrible song choices etc…….not good for the reputation of AI !!!

  6. I always thought Randy would re-emerge as a knowledgeable judge once the overbearing Snottypants Cowell was history. I am so looking forward to Idol rising from last year's ashes. Now, please limit the voting from any given phone number so that the maniacal texters don't ruin it again.

  7. NO! I don't think the show will be anywhere near as good, without Simon. You have lost the personality side of the show. I will have a look and make up my mind, what I think of it.

  8. I think the show would not be the same without Simon. His very ingenuous way was not well liked by many people, I think he was at least 80% of the show.

  9. I won't miss Simon, as Season 8 was the last show for me. Simon, however, will be missd. I don't care what talent you have in the judges, no one will watch AI without wishing Simone was back.

  10. I was an Idol fanatic but truthfully, I doubt if I will even watch it this season. Maybe they will get a whole new audience just not me

  11. It will be much better without Simon. He's too caustic and hurtful. The most awesome contestant, Casey James, would have been cut after the first audition if it had been up to Simon. We look forward to some positive changes.

  12. I wish Simon well-he deserves a break,and time for other interests in his life-he is after all a human like the rest of us.And he drinks P.G. tips tea,which is my favorite too!So Simon,if you ever read these comments,you have someone who is on your side in British Columbia,Canada!Take care,and all the best.Blessings!

  13. I think it is going to be really hard for it to survive without Simon. He made the show so much more interesting. I also don't agree with Nigel Lythgoe's comments about who Simon would have dismissed because he doesn't like country….Carrie Underwood, Kelly Pickler, Aaron Kelly just to name a few. I personally hope it survives but if it doesn't keep my interest I will be changing the channel.

  14. I think the show will be fine. Sometimes "change" is a good thing. I like Steven Tyler, but not a fan of Jennifer Lopez. I like Randy…the only judge I liked last season. While Simon had the experience behind him, I did not care for the way he treated Casey James and some of the other contestants from last season. Will the show go on? I think so. I'm willing to give the new judges a try while I wait for my favorite idol CASEY JAMES to release his CD.

  15. Come on guys! You are in your umpteenth season, have always picked a WINNER, so why does Nigel Lythgoe say the energy in the audition rooms is totally different. Surely Simon did add value! Why make him out to be the boogie man now that he is gone. Country is country……… and not everone's taste. Jazz surely is a speciality and will not be bought by the average 13 year old. Wake up you will be picking pop like usual – let Simon have left with dignity (I know he's big enough to defend himself). Avid fan since year 2.

  16. I feel Simon will definitely be missed but I am open to something new. Maybe its all this publicity but I am truly excited about the new Season and its changes……I still feel that the main event is the Idols and I'm really looking forward to seeing our next AMERICAN IDOL….

  17. @ Phyllis…Totally agree. Yes, Simon will be missed…I liked his somewhat caustic attitude…but that was Simon…Looking forward to a new season as well…and you are right…we are not voting for judges…we are voting for talent and the next American Idol.

  18. Please everyone, get behind the movement to limit the number of votes per phone number. otherwise we will never get anyone except a cute guy with or without talent as an American Idol. The power texting teenagers will never back a girl to win. Texting didn't factor in when Kelly, Carrie and Jordin won. Unless they change the voting and make it similar to AGT and DWTS, we're doomed. It's all well and good to announce that 35 million votes came in, but that doesn't really reflect the public opinion.

  19. @ # 20…AGREE…The voting system they have on DWTS is a good one..Haven't watched AGT so I can't answer to that; but the voting system does need to be changed…the voting was so skewed in times past…when they announced that over 31 million people voted…well…one person could vote 500 times for their favorite…doesn't seem right.

  20. @Stormy & @Rose.

    Totally agree with you. They really need to change the voting system….I watch both AGT & DWTS and their system of voting is 100% better than AI. Not to rehash the past, but since Adam lost the voting is really messed up…..

    MATT….START A PETITION….you'll get a lot of support……whether it does any good or not it doesn't hurt to try…..

  21. Simon will make the show more exciting while PAULA is the best best best ……judge !!! Season 8 is the best season of all. It's of no more importance now, unless there's another Adam Lambert !!! The world's lucky with Adam Lambert found while MJ was away, if not, it'll be gloomy for the whole music world.

  22. I have never heard of Nigel Lythegoe and I am not a big Simon Cowell fan. But, really? Is Nigel bitter much? Why start "fresh" and talk so negatively and disparagingly about Cowell. Jeez, if that's the way to brighten a show it's starting off on the wrong foot. Just makes Lythegoe sound petty and whiny. "Nah, nah, we don't need Simon anyway!" LIke a playground grudge. Makes me not want to watch.

  23. Finally someone did the smart thing by bringing in Jenny-Lo. She's and icon and will bring a breath of fresh air to American Idol. I will sorely miss Simon. I loved his honesty.

  24. I won't be watching AI again, as it's not going to be the same without Simon. Love him or hate him, he kept it honest. They had a good team and with him gone and Adam Lambert now on his way to superstardom, what's to watch? I don't like the sound of this Nigel Lythgoe. The only reasons I had for watching AI have gone on to better things

    However, I do wish the new judges all the best.

    I have a feeling they are going to need it.

    I will watch Simon's show. You bet!!

  25. omg! idol is soo much better now without simon..i never used to watch the i cant wait to see them. i LOVE the new judges panel. steven tyler is amazing! i love that he's always so funny and belting out a song and is so spontaneous and sweet. and JLO too is beautiful and sweet. what a relief it is from seeing simons sour puss face every week..idol did an excellent job picking the new judges and i think the ratings are going to be better than ever!

  26. Sorry I don't like the new line up of judges. Had a look and thought they looked like they were acting. Nah don't watch it now. Miss you Simon, you made the show real.

  27. I hope you can bring back SIMONE. HE didn't have tact in his judging, but he was a whole more honest than this NIGEL!!! All we have left are a Whole lot of blacks, and Immigrants!!!! No one left to vote for!!! The two men who are left…to vote for ….are blond, and J. Lo kicked them off…she will now be bleaching her skin white like Michael Jackson. She has had every surgery in the book go look white. Then kicks each white off the show!!! SICK! SICK!! This J. Lo has got to go, and some one who can handle this Randy–blackie judge! SIMONE cine back. This show is not watching till next year, and J. lo her self is kicked off!!!!!!

  28. J.Lo has got to go!!! She is prejudice, and this is illegal.!! And RANDY..whose eyes gleem every time a black comes on stage! CHANGE THE NAME TO IMMIGRANT IDOL!!! It is not longer American! SICK!!!

  29. Simon I miss you!!!! You kept this honest. There was actually someone to vote for. J. Lo and Randy have only allowed blacks and chinese to vote for. Not a person left worse voting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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