American Idol 2013: Rumor Has It – Nicki Minaj As New Judge

American Idol 2013 - Nicki Minaj Idol judge

Nicki Minaj is your new American Idol 2013 judge, says Access Hollywood, who quotes US Weekly, who quotes an unnamed source. Of course that source is a friend of their best friend’s ex-boyfriend who knows a guy.

Despite no official confirmation from “Idol” or FOX, one source said the outlandish “Super Bass” singer is “100% confirmed” while another told the mag Nicki is “definitely doing it.”

In addition, a source who spoke on condition of anonymity told the Associated Press that a deal between Nicki and “Idol” was in the works.

Nicki would be the second new judge for American Idol season 12 after it was confirmed earlier that Mariah Carey had signed on. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez both gave up their seats after just two years with the show. No word yet on whether or not Randy Jackson would be returning for his twelfth straight season with FOX’s singing show.

We’ll wait for an official word from FOX, but in the meantime you could be looking at your newest judge for American Idol 2013. What do you think of the news?




  1. You’re joking. Idol just got rid of a female judge who can’t sing. I don’t know anything about her as a person. I hope she’s at least a decent human being. God knows the last one wasn’t.

      • That is what turned me off and one of the music award shows she acknowledged the enemy in that song and not a whole of people in the audience was pleased, turned me off to her again, but she is one of God’s children who must of lost her way, I figured.

  2. W H O ?????? You must be joking! How about someone who can SING and knows something about MUSIC??

  3. No, No, No and again No! Bad move, that would make watching Idol a chore. Stephen made it fun, she will just make it weird, plus her voice is annoying. I know she has lots of fans in the younger demo which is what they are after. It will no longer be American Idol but Teeny Bopper Idol.

  4. Really if this is who they are going then they may as well replace Randy with Justin Beibler. The only time I’ve seen her perform is on a results show last season which made me want to gag. I’ll watch but if she’s on the panel it will be hard to watch. In which in what I saw of it this woman can’t sing so to say she’s a singer because she isn’t, because like JHo autotune is her best friend.

    • I truly agree!American Idol has now become a trash if they will have Nicki Minaj.Mariah Carey should back out then imagine her and Nicki Minaj sharing the same table.How can you compare a Diamond to a trash?

      • Good post Robert John Ferrer! And I see you are a parent. You cannot compare a diamond to trash!

  5. I don’t care who they get, I’m done watching without Steven Tyler there. I don’t want to watch her pop out of a dress like she nearly did there when she performed. Bad Move American Idol.

  6. This is just awful of true! Why could they not get seasoned professionals such as Harry Connick Jr, in that ilk. Instead of these teeny bopper people. They are going to upset the panel enough to get this show cancelled and never thought I would say that. I will still watch I guess, but their choices are certainly suspect at this stage of the game. What has American Idol become!

  7. In an interview with Interview,
    Minaj commented on her sexual image again stating, “I made a conscious
    decision to try to tone down the sexiness, I want people—especially
    young girls—to know that in life, nothing is going to be based on sex
    appeal. You got to have something else to go with that.”[82] Minaj has a tattoo in Chinese characters that reads “上帝與你常在” (shàngdì yǔ nǐ cháng zài)[83] on her left arm, meaning, “God is always with you.”

    Click Like if you LOVE this decision by AI

    • No most people can’t read chinese, she should acknowledge in English unless she is ashamed of God. I guess she and he knows what it means. She gives mixed signals to the the young girls in her performances esp the one music award show that acknolwdged the enemy.

  8. I had trouble watching last year…if this true, I’m finished! Adam Lambert has said he would do it if asked and still people w/out 1/5 his talent and knowledge of music are being considered. There are a lot of people who feel the same!

    • adam would’ve revitalized the show. i guess now the powers that be want the show cancelled

    • This is for all of you who want ADAM LAMBERT for a judge!I totally agree! Ihave said it more than one. I agree with all of you who want ADAM for a judge. I am getting a bit bored with American idol. Now whith the witty StephenTyler gone I am not going to watch American Idol this year. Too stale! I like the chemistry of the judges on the voice. All 4 of them are funny Celo, Christina, Adam Levien, and Blake the Hunk Shelton. To all that watch American Idol I hope you are entertained and like the show! Sherry K

      • to sherry the k, loved “the voice” last season and the format. i also thought the singers were better and in the long run, more mature. this season’s idol is a disaster waiting to happen. at least if they got adam it would add a bit of integrity to the show. minaj is a joke, carey is a repeat performance of lopez, and jackson is a broken record. soooo glad “sons of anarchy” is coming back!!

  9. The voting policy is a real issue, but for me, Minaj is a deal breaker. I won’t watch her, what happened to the Brad Paisley deal?

  10. Yuck, yuck, yuck! No talent whatsoever! What happened to Brad or Adam as judges? Come on producers, listen to the people here! And while you are at it, smarten up with the way the voting is done!

  11. I’ve been watching since the begining – so I am a true fan.

    If that talentless person….Nicki Minaj is indeed the judge – I will not watch it anymore! It’s about getting good advice and guidance from talented successful singers that have been around for a long time along with amazing hits not a made up studio rapper/singer that’s so lame! It was bad enough that we had to watch J-lo and her little boy! I’d rather watch The Voice! Later for you American Idol! I agree with what Hot 97 said during Summer Jam! If it was a Lil Kim, Queen Latifah….I would even take Trina or Foxy Brown! I would watch it but since it’s that plastic talentless so-called rapper…….HELL NO!

  12. She’s a rapper NOT a singer and a very poor one at that. Her taste and her actions are deplorable. Unless AI is now going to entertain rappers (which to date they have not) I don’t see the point. Not just a BAD move but a DUMB move to boot. Who’s running AI anyways?

  13. I agree…the only tv I watch is American Idol. I go to the tour every year. I will not watch if they have Nicki but Adam would be a different story…would not miss it!

  14. lol this girl is not even good at rappin, a Lil’ Kim wannabe. What are they thinkin?

  15. Ew no! She is gross. I will not watch her. She can’t sing and she’s weird. Did you see her psycho Grammy performance? Not for me. No thanks I’ll give xfactor another try. And just when I thought they had a good line up with Mariah, Jonas and paisley. Well nothing good lasts forever… RIP AI

  16. It was a good show for a long time, but it has run its course. I won’t even bother to watch it with Niki Minaj.

  17. If she ends up the judge, after 7 years of faithfully watching Idol, my family and I are done. She is weird, disgusting, vulgar, and has no talent, And we wouldn’t want to hear anything she has to say. I hope this isn’t true!!!

  18. I do not like what I am hearing.about judge selections except for Brad Paisley and Mariah. AI was a very loyal audience it needs to consider while in pursuit of “fluff” to appeal to a different audience. You run the risk of losing that loyal audience. The main focus shoudl be on the contentants–not outrageous stars.. Also, I do not agree with some comments that voting should change. Voters pick who they like and it sould not change. If we pick white guys then so be it. AI, you are still number one–please do not screw it up!!!!!!

  19. I have been a loyal watcher of AI for the past 11 years, the judging really needs revamping imho. I don’t want AI to die and loose its spot on TV , mosty because without it we may never have found Carrie, Kelly, Scotty and Phillip… and so many more. It will be a shame to loose this venue for the up and coming artists of America. Please guys. I think you really need an ‘average person’ in the AI judge pool.. maybe a guest each week to speak their opinion. Pay ’em like peanuts … say 50K … I’d do it once week if you like.

  20. I also heard that Kanye West in in the talk. Can you imagine with his ego and the whole Kadeshian family filling up the sreen twice a week? I’ll have to say good bye to the show, I don’t care for Nicki either.

  21. i read somewhere today that adam is STILL WANTS IT. Please, producers, get your heads out of the sand and HIRE HIM!! otherwise, kiss the show goodbye

  22. What are they thinking! Minaj would RUIN the show! They are supposed to have judges that the contestants look up to and who are good role models! Nicki is far from that!

  23. Okay, I just read an article that claims Kanye West might be the third judge. If that happens, I honestly think they are purposely trying to kill the show. Almost every person in American hates Kanye West!

  24. Matthew, did you delete my comments? I posted about three yesterday and they aren’t here now. What’s going on?

  25. Matthew, did you delete my comments? I posted about 3 here yesterday and they aren’t showing up now. What’s going on?

  26. That is a horrible choice. They might as well choose Bugs Bunny to be a judge. You have to choose real artists that have been through the music industry to set new artists the right path, not multimedia auto tuned trash. Really how is Nikki Minaj going to judge someone, she cant sing to save her soul!!!!! they need to keep randy Mariah and find somebody else. i wouldn’t watch it if that the case if she did come. And I watch that show every season.

  27. NO NO NO NO NO. That would be ridiculous. There is no way in the world she should be a judge. She is someone you laugh at behind her back. What is Fox thinking, I hope this is just a rumor. These young hopefuls want someone that they look up to for a judge.

  28. You have got to be kidding me Niki Minaage over someone whose been there and knows so much about music namely Adam Lambert!I quit watching a long time ago I guess I for one won’t be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Why Minaj???? Oh well. I just hope she does something to make the show better. Mariah is great. but Nicki? I just don’t know.

  30. Who is Minaj?
    Why did Jennifer and Steven leave?
    Would rather see “In it to win it” Jackson step down.
    Who is Minaj?
    I’m already not excited about Mariah Carey joining the crew.
    Adam Lambert would be an excellent judge.
    Who is Minaj?
    Last seasons “great group of talent” was anything but. Nothing wrong with the judges other than they picked pretty horrible contestants.
    Who is Minaj?

    Really –

    Who is Minaj?

    • LOL, Did you watch the super bowl when Madonna sang? She was the one that flipped her finger when the camera came on her. Also one of the music award shows she had a evil song she sang and all audience was not pleased.

  31. That would be so nasty. She is just fluff and can’t sing. Just nasty gross. Who watches this show. country. southern, regular folks. people that like oldies. Not nasty ugly fluff like this girl. It would be like Kesha being a judge. I agree with Mariah Carey, but this would just be awful. She is a nobody to 95% of the viewing audience. Yuk.

  32. PLEASE NO to Nicki Minaj!!!!! Idol needs SINGERS and people who have been in the industry for awhile, not flashes in the pan. Mariah was a GREAT choice and now they are going to ruin it with the likes of Nicki Minaj???

  33. Why HER??? There are soooo many better singers out there that would be amazing judges. I’ve never liked Nicki. Please don’t let Nicki be a judge!!!!!!! What about Adam Lambert, eh?

  34. heard a rumor today that that bundle of talent, katy perry, turned it down three times!! is it possible to get someone on that panel that can actually sing??

  35. Heard that pink was asked to do it but said no she would have been soooo much better

  36. Maybe it’s time for this show to call it quits. The focus should be on the programming, the candidates with the judges just a way to bounce things off of. I’m not thinking I can really stand nicki for a full hour, must less Mariah. Just my opinion, but I vote to bring on modest and sweet Adam Lambert who knows more about music in his little finger than they did in their entire bodies. He knows it, lives it and breathes it. He is a generous and sharing individual who will help as much as he can. He’s not selfish at all. His good kind heart will reveal itself and be a magnet for the viewers. Just my opinion of course. Actually, maybe Adam’s too nice for Idol.

  37. I would have to agree with alot of others it will be the end of idol for me. Adam yes, Nicki a big no way! I can’t even believe they are considering her. Brad Paisley would make an awesome judge and keep people watching.

  38. It would appear that with all the hype being bounced back and forth regarding the judge’s “cast”, that people have given up on the talent portion of the show. If that’s the case, maybe 11 seasons was enough. I’d hate to see the show go but honestly, if they can’t choose better judges than they are, AND if R.S. ever leaves, I will stop watching for sure. I already can’t stand Nick Cannon or that wussy Aussie on X factor, Ryan is the best host out there.

    Sorry to say it but Idol seems to be struggling to stay afloat. I hope they will save the show, but it doesn’t look promising.

  39. I will no longer watch this show. To bad with Randy leaving also. Loved it with Jimmy last year.

  40. The Voice has knocked them out of the ratings. I think 12 years is a long time. I think that American Idol can get some judges with class, funny, hard core I might watch it. Maybe some of the prior winners of American Idol, a older role model, maybe a judge that is not in music but a person who can tell by hearing the sound like one is listening for the first time, and a guest judge. Keep Jimmy he is straight forward. Let American Idol sing all kind of music including Christian and gospel. That my friend is where all the music and muscian started their career in a church. Keep God in music for those who make and first acknowedge him for their lifestyle change knows he had a hand in their careers, like Carrie Underwood, Ms Pickler.

  41. If I intentionally wanted to ruin American Idol, I could not have done
    better. Steven & Randy were great but JLO was THE reason to watch
    this show. Her beauty was blinding and her personality and interaction
    with the other judges was superb.

    Mariah Carey could NEVER
    replace Jennifer Lopez, but she was at least tolerable, but Nicki Minaj
    is absolutely DISGUSTING and makes me want to PUKE. Now they are talking
    about another disgusting waste of flesh, Kanye West. Get the barf bags.

    American Idol is being turned into a (C)rap fest. I have no reason to watch it anymore. That is sad.

    • Bring back Jennifer Lopez (the World’s MOST BEAUTIFUL woman). If enough of us demand this, maybe they will reopen negotiations. Give her Simon money if necessary. She is worth it.

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