Randy Jackson Back At Judges Table For American Idol 2013

American Idol 2012 judge Randy Jackson

Welcome back, Randy Jackson. Or least what the latest rumors are saying for the American Idol 2013 season when it comes to who will fill those coveted spots in front of the stage.

THR is reporting that Randy has his seat back and the execs are still looking for a fourth judge that will either be Nicki Minaj or Keith Urban.

Even Simon Cowell got on the rumor bandwagon today and congratulated Randy on his alleged return to the American Idol judges table for a twelfth straight season.

Do you think Randy on Idol this year will be back or should FOX move on?




  1. Rumor has it that they only brought Randy back because Enrique Iglesias said no, and with auditions so close to start taping they had no other choice but to bring Randy back on. If that awful Nicki Minaji is a part of the panel then the combination of Minaji and Randy will make me probably tune it and stop watching. I was hoping for a season without the constant name dropping, and Journey references.

  2. “the more things change, the more they remain the same”. have a feeling that my husband and i are going to skip idol this season. especially if minaj shows up. then again, all good things must come to an end. enough of the cliches. .

  3. Please let it be Keith Urban and not Nicki Minaj! Does Idol even know who their core audience is? Honestly, Nicki MInaj is the biggest joke in the business!

    • I think that’s their point…trying to change their core audience and get more of a blend of people. Younger viewers might be more interested in Nicki than they were with 50 yr old Ellen or 60 something Steven and click on just to observe. AND maybe some of the prior core audience will stop watching and make for a better competition. Just trying to make sense of it. Someone who likes Nicki probably won’t like Carey. I don’t like loose coins in my pocket, but obviously AI is looking for the change.

      • 60 year old Steven actually boosted Aerosmiths record sales to a new audience, so I am not sure if that really holds true for all people. You never know, I think the same people watch ever year and it really does not matter that
        much who the judges are, who knows, I’ll watch most likely just because we all usually do..

      • Agreed. I think Jennifer benefitted more from the exposure on the show. “Most Beautiful Woman In The World!” Doubt she would have gotten that title had it not been for the show. It seems the show makes the once famous judges relevant again, but what about the contestants. You’re right tho, people complain incessantly but most probably will watch so they can complain more!

  4. I’m confused. Your article says they are looking for a fourth judge that could be Urban or MInaj. Randy is one, Carey is two, If Urban and Minaj are candidates for number four, then who is number three?

  5. I really think they should have stuck with Randy as a mentor. Who is the third judge? The fourth should be KU but I haven’t heard the third announced. I hope Randy gets some new material if they are gonna keep him on as a judge. Do you know if he is just filling in for the audition process or for the whole season? I personally hope it’s the former because I think the show needs fresh faces for the live shows at the judge’s table.

      • Taymaro, You don’t think the Dawg should still be a judge? He is kind of boring. But lets see who else they put on there. Sherry K

  6. Ya’d think a show like this would have em lined up to be judges. Aretha Franklin has come out & said she wanted to be one. They didn’t want her for whatever reason. I’m not saying she’d be a great judge, but I’ve got to believe there’s more contemporary singers who’d also want the spot.
    I have about as much faith in them getting good judges as I do of a hockey season happening. I got into AI when the NHL went on strike last time. This year I’m going to watch the Voice for the first time ever.
    And like a lot of the others, I’m wondering who the 3rd judge is.

      • yeah, right. BOTH seasons, nhl and a.i. at least “sons of anarchy” is back in all its bloody glory! mazel tov on your granddaughter

    • Danny, You will like ” The voice ” It is totally funny. Especially the judges.I am taping “The Voice ” tonight. And watching Big Brother. I wish i knew how to set up my xfinity recorder to tape X/Factor too! PS, I read in my TV section where there is going to be a new country music talent show too. I am like my friend Phyllis G. I am going to stay away from the country one. there are just too many of them. Sherry K

      • I’m not that upset about Randy Jackson coming back as a judge but I’m not to thrilled if its Nicki M. Bad, Bad choice on Idol’s part….. How was your summer Sherry? I had a great summer, my granddaughter is gorgeous, we got to spent time with her this summer. Things are good!!!!

    • Don’t know why everyone is hating on Nicki so much. If everyone who says they won’t watch if she judges, AI may get their wish. They want a young artist who knows today’s music, and she fits the bill. Too many old folks on a young singing competition. Who knows what I’ll do in January, but I certainly don’t dislike Nicki, she’s closer to my age than the rest of the panel…except for Randy…he is the papa bear (dawg!) Was happy Simon approved of Randy 🙂

  7. It’s not about the judges but the talent, the judges after Simon, all sucked, unless you enjoy bitiching about the judges.

  8. OMG, Keith Urban.Darn Matt! I said I was not going to watch this year. But if they put Keith Urban on I will watch it every night. It is great to have Randy Dawg back on as a judge too! I have seen Keith in concert 2 times now. He is a super entertainer! Sherry K

    • My vote wouldn’t be for Keith Urban, another former dope addict, didn’t we already do that with Steven? He further has the personality of melting vanilla ice cream.. At least Randy has a presence. I guess the dreams of Adam were just that…..dreams.

      • Former dope addict? He has been clean a long time now! Can you cut someone a break. He has a wife and 2 daughters now. I pray that he does not get on the junk again! How many others are on dope and get many, many chances again?? Think about it. I don’t want to call out anyones name. But think of an iron man who was picked up out of ditches and other places 10 times. Now is sober. Off dope and having a good family. Thank-You. Sherry K

      • Calm down Sherry K. Ironically, just read an interview where he discussed his addiction to coke and the hell he went through. He bores me. BUT, with that being said, with all the divas aboard, maybe his presence will be needed to balance it all out. In the end, we vote for the contestants and TPTB pick the judges.

      • I am calmed down Vanessa! I am wondering where some of the ladies I have known posting for 10 years on here are at??? Sherry K.

  9. I don’t mind having Randy stay. He’s been on every season, I think he should stay.
    I pray that Minaj won’t be a judge – she doesn’t have any musical talent. At least sign Keith Urban up!

  10. Randy, good decision your are like an icon on Idol. Arteha
    Franklin and Adam Lambert any one of those are much better
    then Nicki Minaj I feel she is a really bad choice. There is going to be nothing but problems you are trying to help the show not hurt it. Just go with somebody else.

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