Pia Toscano Performance Live Tonight On SYTYCD

Listen up, Pia Toscano fans. Tonight is your chance to see the American Idol 2011 contestant back on television with a special performance on So You Think You Can Dance 2011 at 8PM ET for their Top 6 results show.

Pia Toscano will be performing her new single, “This Time.” If you missed the song’s release the other week then give it a listen below.




    • I do!!!…I’d like to see her perform…She was shortchanged on AI last season….Not that she would have won but she was better than some that left after her….

      • She wasn’t short changed; she still has a lot of developing to be a true artist. It is as if she is programmed. Her singing lacks feeling.

    • Templer! Templer! Templer! i’m watching you & you keep posting on all Pia topics, so maybe you do care but are just too afraid to admit it?

      • I’m flattered, but you’re mistaken. I’m speaking out against her just as I would against food additives, high fructose corn syrup or pesticides.

      • Come on Templar….Give her a break….She CAN sing….She just might not sing your kind of music….She might be a little stiff but she will learn from experience….Didn’t Carrie U.?

  1. Honestly, I cannot STAND Pia. Yes, she can *somewhat* sing, but she has such an ugly attitude and vain demeanor it makes her completely unlikeable in any and all ways. And, I think she is secretly a man! Is that scar on her neck a missing adams apple? };)

    • I think you are just jealous of her. How could you say such horrible things about her. I know her personally and no she is not a man and never was. She is not vein. She is beautiful and talented.

      • Ugh. Oh please. I was kidding about the man thing – but she does resemble a drag queen. And, it is MY opinion that while on AI she most definately presented has an ugly attitude and vain demeanor, and a stand-offish attitude toward the other contestants -like they were beneath her talent and beauty. I don’t like her and will never watch her or purchase her music because of how she carried her self during American Idol. I was thrilled to see her go. Just as you will be thrilled to see me go! Bye!

      • vein- vain

        She is beautiful but her talent is limited. Its as if she’s been programmed. There is nothing unusual or unique about her singing or her presentation. There are a million gals with the same talent and beauty.

      • What absolute rubbish. You obviously don’t know how to recognise real talent. Pia is a beautiful girl, who I would cruel over broken bottles to see and listen too. The way you speak about her, doesn’t make you sound very intelligent at all. Get a life.

  2. ah she is the winner in my eyes .she is so talented.and she should of won.the best ever i new they messed up when they voted her off.because they were jealous she has the whole package.your voice is stunning like you .God bless your terrific

    • I absolutely agree Roxanne. Pia was by far the best all round contestant in American Idol 2011. Hopefully the voting rules will be changed in the future. I just love Pia, and as for having her rush around the stage, what absolute rubbish. Pia you are fantastic.

    • The top 4 were not better singers where I come from. Personally I wouldn’t even consider buying there CD.

  3. Anyone who knows anything about music can immediatley recognize the ability that Pia has. It was obvious by the judge’s reaction to her elimination that it was a travesty. You never heard the judges call her performances “pitchy”, did you. She was one of the best technical singers on the show and given the opportunity, she would have developed spectacularly. She still will, as evidenced by her single. The judging system on Idol is not a true reflection of the audience’s feelings and desperately needs changed.

  4. It is the show itself that brings in the music sales, not the votes. All the voting does is give teenagers something to do with their cellphones. Exposure, talent, and a great singing voice has always won america over in the past, as you are seeing with Pia Toscano’s overwhelmingly better Itunes sales than Scotty McCreery.

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