Pia Toscano’s first single surprisingly not a ballad

Remember American Idol 2011’s most shocking elimination? Well, it’s time to find out if fans were right to over react to Pia Toscano’s Idol departure because her first single, “This Time,” has had a couple days to circulate (listen to the new single below).

I’ve listened to it and while Pia was one of my favorites during the season, I don’t care much for the single. I was actually pretty surprised it was an empowerment anthem and not a ballad.

But Pia explains the song better than I could.

“The song could pertain to ‘American Idol’ and my journey on the show,” Toscano told MTV News. “It’s a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, and it’s not just a breakup song.”




    • Sorry Templar maybe just judge her by her music, you can’t stand her but do you even know her. so quick to judge maybe you need a chill pill!

      • Nope. I didn’t say she was a bad person. Just that as an entertainer she shows me nothing. Wouldn’t pay to hear or see her and would not attend a show of hers even if it was free.

  1. I loved her on the show and was very disappointed when she was cut so early in the competition. This song is not what I would have expected. Its not her style that people liked. She should record a ballad and not something this up-tempo. Not her best effort.

  2. I still think she has an amazing voice and was let go too soon……I like this song but I do prefer her ballads…..

  3. Just love Pia. She should of won American Idol. She is so professional. Didn’t watch much of AI, after Pia was eliminated. She is the whole package, beautiful to look at, and a wonderful voice.

  4. Branden, I was never a fan of Pia. I HATED her ballads. The songs she sang on the show dated her terribly. I LOVE this song!! She’s finally got me as a fan. I think there will be lots of people like me who like this much more contemporary sound, with some umph and style!!!

    Go Pia!!!

    • I totally agree with you, the fact that she could sing was never in question, and yes I like ballads….. but not all the time,they got a bit boring this song is really good. If it gets airplay then I’m sure it’ll be a big hit 🙂

    • Hi Again Pup:

      I downloaded three songs of hers from You Tube that were recorded pre-Idol and, while they may not be chart toppers, they do show a different style, including hip-hop.

      * Don’t Question
      * Shake Her Down
      * Sweet Love

      Makes one wonder who was advising her to sing power ballads on Idol because, while she can belt them out, they never really showed the more contemporary style of her voice.

      I will be interested to see the content of the rest of the CD when it is released in a few months.

  5. I also like Pia’s new, more contemporary look as shown on the (CD?) cover!! She’s finally dropped the beauty queen contestant look and has real style!!

  6. The song is catchy and Pia has a great voice but its not a great match. Its a good song just not a hit, more a marketing test to see if she can go Pop-country I think.
    On a side note it official now on East Asia tour
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  7. I guess she can’t win with some whatever she does. The gal is beautiful, has a terrific voice and, as she has proven, can sing anything.

    If you check out some of the songs she did before Idol, there are a few up tempo ones and they were on You Tube.

    Her major problem is that she still needs to learn stage craft to match
    her talent.

    So far on the tour, at least in SLC, she did connect with the audience more but still bends her knees and waves her arm (usually her left one) when singing but I remember Celine Dion in her early days hitting her chest all the time. 🙂

    For anyone who gets a chance to see them on tour, she does a great duet with Stefano – The Italian Duo. 🙂

    As far as the song is concerned, it is current, grows on you after a few plays and does come over well live.

    The surprising thing is that Production 19 and Interscope did not make much, if any, noise about its’ release. If they are serious about the acts they have signed, they should be promoting them and their records.

    • Paul, I agree with you on most of what you said–and especially about lack of promotion for it. This is the first I’ve actually heard of the release (I was never a Pia follower, but still . . .) and the first time hearing the song. I’ve played it about 3 times now and I think it’s great!! I’m betting it WILL be a hit.

      • Pup….I totally agree with you…The more I listen to it the more I like it. This song can be a hit….I hope she puts this song on her first CD…..I’ll be buying it….

      • Hi Pup;

        I have a correction to make in re the management company so see the end of my post.

        I only got to know about it because she sang it at the SLC show and they announced it would be available on i-Tunes and Amazon the following week so I downloaded it on Sunday.

        In the past, 19 has had a contract with Sony and its’ affiliates so we always knew when an album or single was being released.

        This is the first year with Interscope who have signed Pia, Haley and James but their management deals are not with 19 Entertainment but with Red Light Management who, I discovered, are the back up if 19 Entertainment doesn’t sign them.

        As far as I know 19 has only signed Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina who will be recording with Mercury Nashville.

      • @ Phyllis

        To my knowledge, this will be on her CD, which is due out in the Fall along with one from Haley Reinhart so, if you downloaded it on i-Tunes, you should get a credit of $1.29 toward her CD when it is released. At least that is the way it usually works.

        An interesting note is that Aaron Kelly is scheduled to release a Country Album in the Fall as well.

        As you may know, Danny Gokey released a Country Album “My Best Days” last year, which was a big hit for him. He has just released a single “Second Hand Heart” which is from his 2nd album. I think it is due out around December.

      • Paul…thanks for the info….this is the reason I love this site.

        Branden: so good to see you commenting on this site…..please let us know when James & Haley release their first singles….

      • @ Phyllis – Haley is set to release a full CD in the Fall but no news (yet) as to whether there will be an advanced single but I am sure there will be because that is SOP.

        I have heard that a CD from James may not be as quick because of some back and forth he is having about the song style/genre.

      • Paul……seriously…thanks for the update…..I’m not that surprised about James because he seems to want to do things his way…..If he wants to be successful he has to work together with these people…..I am really excited about Haley & James’ CD. They are on my shopping list…

  8. Branden, your guess on what the song is about is as good as, and maybe better than, Pia’s guess.

  9. mediocre… a song that won’t make the world crazy… i’m looking forward to Haley and James first single… that could be better….

    • James and Haley both have 5 song EPs out right now. Saw them at WalMart. Scotty’s sold out day one and has yet to be restocked.

      • They are the songs they sang on Idol and given the number of downloads during the competition, it is just another way for the record companies to make money.

  10. Pia is the whole package. Love her new single. I just want to buy an Album from Pia. I could listen to her for hours. Was the winner of AI for me.

  11. Sorry to all. I liked pia. But this song ia a load of rubbish. I hate it. She must stick to her ballads. I really think she can do better that that song. And I am still a scotty fan all the way since I heard him sing the first time

    • Since I always read my posts through before posting, I always watch what I say.

      More accurately, I read what I type, which is what I would say if I was in a verbal discussion.

      Apart from insulting people, what else do you contribute to this blog??

  12. I must laugh Guess she figured she had better try to be like Scotty or Carrie Bummer doesnt have it screachey at best

  13. Pia could burp on stage and she would still be one of the hottest singers out there. Period. Love her. And anyone that can find a problem with her is just been a “Hater”. Wish the girl luck. She is very talented.

    • I absolutely agree Michael. Pia is a beautiful girl, with a voice to match. I just love her.

  14. This Time has been out digitally for 10-days. It is available on Amazon for .99¢ but as of today, there are no reviews on Amazon.

    It is also available on i-Tunes for $1.29 where there are 2,346 ratings that average out at 4 Stars and she has 473 likes but there is no sign of her in the i-Tunes top 200 downloads. She came in at #74 and then disappeared.

    There is no mention of it on the Top 40 Digital Downloads on Billboard.

    Lots of comments on various boards that range from “love it” to “hate it” so it does not appear that Pia is making the impact Interscope hoped for.

    Given all the “support” she was given when she was voted off, I am somewhat surprised that her debut single seems to be flopping because even if it is not great, fans usually buy the debut single so as to give the singer a boost.

    Maybe Pia does not have the fan base we were led to believe.

    • Perhaps a lot of people just like me…waiting to buy her debut album instead of a single! Hope they’ll release it sooner!

  15. I’ve been reading somewhere that Pia shouldn’t make the same mistake like Katherine McPhee did with her first album. Uh, don’t people realise that McPhee went gold? The world must be full of narrow minded people.

    • An American RIAA-certified gold record is a single or album that has sold 500,000 units (records, tapes or compact discs).

      Katherine McPhee’s debut album sold 381,000 so missed out on Gold. Her 3 Albums to-date, including her Christmas Album, have sold 449,000.

      However, the debut single from the first album – Over It – was certified Gold.

  16. Seems her appearance on SYTYCD had an impact because she is #36 in the i-Tunes top 200 downloads today and was not even in it yesteday morning.

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