Preview American Idol 2012 Top 10 Guest Performers

Haley Reinhart - Free

Tonight American Idol will welcome back last season’s second runner-up, Haley Reinhart, who will be performing “Free.” You’ll also be hearing from another singer who probably wouldn’t have survived through Hollywood since you have to be willing to perform live. Lana Del Ray recorded tonight’s performance of “Video Games” last week to avoid having to do it live. Looks like they’re not taking any chances after the SNL fiasco. Preview both performances below.

Haley Reinhart – “Free”

Lana Del Ray – “Video Games”




  1. YES!!!!!  American Idol’s best ever (with all due respect to Adam, Carrie, etc) is coming back.   I’m stoked.  I wonder how Jennifer & Randy will react to her. 

    I still think Jennifer telling Joshua that his song was the best ever was a subtle shot at Haley. 

    My only wish is Haley  sing more than 1 song.

    • they ragged her all season.  now they’re going to be all sweetness and light, gushing praises.  wait and see

    • i am glad she only sang 1 song and it was so boring….how much slinking around does she think she needs to do. i don’t think she will be a record seller.

  2. love haley but i bet i’m not the only person waiting for…dare i say that delicious name….ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!  now there is an american idol, and as paula said, soon to be iconic.

    • You know I’m waiting for Adam……..Did you get those odds yesterday.  4-1 to win the SC.

      • yeah and i’m really impressed.  thought it would be more!!  now we have to wait until MAY for “trespassing”!  c’mon adam, it’s probably perfect NOW!!

      • Pr63….I’m so glad I pre-ordered it.   He keeps changing the release date and I agree with you, its probably perfect already!!!

  3. Looking forward to hearing what Haley has to offer. So far it appears that Phillip Phillip, Jessica Sanchez and Colton Dixon will be # 1, 2, 3 respectively. I do like Hollie but feel she needs to step up her game a bit…she is an old soul in a young body. jmho. 🙂

    • i like all of them this year — but I am starting to think that Elise has the most distinctive voice — of the entire group.

      Jessica Sanchez sounds a lot like Jennifer Hudson (listen with your eyes closed, you’ll see what I mean).  Phillip sounds like Joe Cocker doing Dave Matthews — he’s very good — I like him, but he has that sound.  Colton had a chance to have a moment — but he decided to play Piano Man like Josh Grobin instead of Billy Joel.

      The song is “Piano Man” — PLAY the PIANO with some passion — not like a piano from a dance rehearsal……the song is about a guy in a bar who people come to see play the piano……that frustrated me about the performance.

      Anyway — glad to see Haley come back — she’s a diva in waiting — and deserves every ounce of attention she’s getting.  GOOD LUCK HALEY!

      • As a pianist, I take exception to your review of Colton.  He truly shined this week and his piano skills shined through. 

    • Hollie is still growing… I don’t think she has the experience that Jessica has. But I get drown in her voice every time she sings…She may not winn AI this time but I’ll tell you, she’s going to be huge!

    • Those were my Top 3 last night in no particular order.  Not a big fan of Colton but I really loved his rendition of Piano Man.

  4. Coondog, 
    I hope you are hearing this. You always said Haley was best. I really like her song, “Free.”  I’m looking forward to watching her perform tonight on stage. It probably will be the best part of the show.  


    • I have to agree with you.  I am so excited to hear Haley tonight.  If James couldn’t win last year I was hoping it would have been Haley.

  5. Elise was just awesome last night.  She nailed it and proved she has the most unique and distinct voice.  All the buzz lately is wouldn’t it be great to hear a duet with Elise and Colton.  Their voices complement each other and this would be some record!  The talk around the water cooler today is Elise, Elise and more Elise!  Everyone loves her voice.  They can’t get enough of her. 

    • Hi Valerie.

      I told ya did’nt I  😀

      I promised myself not to make anymore comments.  Since I have said enough about Elise, so to all doubters out there just have a listen to her song last night and if you can’t stand looking at her face, then just listen
      and give  her credit because she earned it.  just saying.  I am signing off for now, it’s best just to be on the sideline.  Bye for now  😀

      •  good voice but she won’t sell records… American idol learned their lesson. You have to consider complete package. I think we heard it since the beginning  (of Steven and Jlo’s). That is what their looking for now. Talent alone is not good enough otherwise just join America got talent (where anyone can join or any type of talent…. Too bad Elise’s got it but, image at this point is another factor. I’ll say Jessica has it all… She’s not the pretties but she’s got most incredible voice and the looks (not so but she is good enough for America) and she’s only 16yrs old! If she looses then America is not ready for an asian/latino American Idol that’s all!!! 

  6. HALEY, HALEY, HALEY…. overall this year’s talent is stronger than last season but still no one tops HALEY yet

  7. I was not a big Haley Fan, but they did treat her badly, for some strange reason, cuz she can sing very well, but tonite they will be sweet and give praise and say how good she is.

  8. Yuk, I thought we were “free” of Haley once she was voted off last season.  I know I will fast-forward tonight when she performs–so over her stomping around the stage, leaning to one side, swinging her arm like an elephant’s trunk and screaming into the microphone.  Please spare me!

    • Or you could spare us……

      In fact I just fast forwarded through your post ……

  9. I’m always up for anything Adam Lambert.  I like a lot of the changes they have made to Idol due to Adam being on there.  He understands about being a complete entertainer, not just a singer.

  10. Now, I’ll get the chance to hear her sing again in American Idol. Are there gonna be any votes for her on the show again? Lol Just joking. It’s really amazing for her to end up in the Top 3 despite at times being in the bottom 3. 🙂 

  11. I am one of those that thought Haley should have won last year. For some reason a lot the country music fans here on this website starting calling her stuck up, a hootchie mama, and some even called here a bitch. I never knew that country music fans were so immature. As someone who likes country music, blues and rock … that embarrassed the country part of me for sure. I hope the country fans can show themselves better this year.

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