American Idol 2012: Top 10 Performances Recap

Colton Dixon Piano Man

Tonight the American Idol 2012 Top 10 took on songs by Billy Joel, and I must say, this week was scores better than last week.

Aside from the bad advice from Diddy and Tommy Hilfiger, that is. American Idol should stick to the usual stylist and let Jimmy Iovine do all the mentoring by himself.

As always, I’ll review each performance and assign the letter grade that I think each deserved. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments section below.

DeAndre Brackensick, “Only The Good Die Young.” Was it just me or did he forge half the lyrics? Maybe he just doesn’t sing clearly? At any rate, I felt like he didn’t know the song and I wasn’t impressed by any of it. He had a couple of OK moments, but not enough to make it national-TV worthy. (C-)

Erika Van Pelt, “New York State of Mind.” First of all, A+ on the hair. Erika basically reinvented herself tonight. From her makeover to her performance, she might be able to shake those close calls she’s had the past couple weeks. I thought she handled the song beautifully. Could her drastic makeover cost her votes? I’d hope not. If anything, I’d think she could earn a few more from it. (A)

Joshua Ledet, “She’s Got A Way.” Joshua had a weird, slow start and it took him a while to get anywhere with the song, but when he did finally get there he did great things with it. He might want to consider chaining things up a bit, though. He’s starting to sound bit like a broken record. (B+)

Skylar Laine, “Shameless.” I never realized this song was the same song that Garth Brooks had done until she started singing. Had I known, I surely would’ve picked this song for her. It was the right song for her for sure. And after a shaky start, she handled it well. One of the best things about Skylar is that she has a great connect with her audience. Next time she sings, look at her eyes. It’s as if she’s connected to everyone in there. That’s a gift. (B+)

Elise Testone, “Vienna.” Not that it matters to anyone, but this is my favorite Billy Joel song. I’m so glad someone sang it. And Elise did wonderful things with it. She’s a really good singer and I hope voters realize that. There were a couple times where she should have pulled back a little, but I get why she didn’t. She’s got to give it everything she’s got just to grab a couple votes from all the girls texting in for Colton and Phillip. (A-)

Phillip Phillips, “Moing Out.” This was one of the coolest arrangements I’ve ever heard on Idol. Ever. It’s right up there with David Cook’s version of “Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Carey. Phillip’s performance was flawless. He’s gold. (A++)

Hollie Cavanagh, “Honesty.” Let’s see. Last week she dresses like 50 year old and this week she dresses like a 65 year old. I think that might be the wrong direction. But who cares about that. She’s a great singer. And even though I didn’t hear the “pitchy” issues the judges did, I was a tiny bit bored. But I can find nothing wrong with her singing at all. (A)

Heejun Han, “My Life.” OK, Heejun should get an A just for pulling Tommy Hilfiger’s chain. And even though he was going for laughs with his performance, I thought the Hilfiger bit was funnier. I’m actually kind of offended at how much of a joke he’s making it all out to be. All I can think of is how much better Reid Grimm would’ve been in his place. Oh well. America will tire of his antics eventually. (F)

Jessica Sanchez, “Everybody Has A Dream.” Yes they do. I actually had a dream during this performance because I was that bored! I was SO bored during this performance. She’s got the technical skills, but there’s some disconnect she has in there. I’m just not getting a connection with her. Maybe it’s that her voice has little soul. I can’t figure it out. But that’s fine because I’m apparently the only one who feels that way about her. (B+)

Colton Dixon, “Piano Man.” Pimp spot. Pimp song. Lucky Colton. Basically who ever ended up with the honor of this song was going to do great things. It’s Billy Joel’s signature song. But Colton was the one who owned it tonight. Sure it was all very predictable (right down to Colton saying God was coursing through his veins) but he sang the hell out of it (no pun intended). Colton is a great artist. (A+)

Now it’s time to figure out who is safe and who isn’t. Please keep in mind that these predictions are based only on how I think America’s votes might play out. These are not my personal opinions (because if they were, I’d end up saying Heejun should be sent home).

100 Percent Safe: Colton Dixon, Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez

Most Likely Safe: Skylar Laine, Holly Cavanagh, Joshua Ledet, Heejun Han

Possibly the Bottom Three: DeAndre Brackensick, Elise Testone, Erika Van Pelt

Possibly Going Home: DeAndre Brackensick

My Thinking: While I don’t think Erika or Elise deserve to be in the Bottom 3, I think that’s the way it will play out. BUT I don’t think they’ll have anything to worry about because I think this might be it for Deandre. If not Deandre, than probably Erika. There’s a chance that the judges could use the save on her, though. If Elise is the one with the least votes, then the judges will definitely use the save on her. Deandre, however, probably doesn’t stand a chance to get the judges’ save.

I hope I’m wrong about Elise or Erika and America decides Heejun should start warming the Bottom 3 seats. But I’m doubtful.

What did you think of the performances? What do you think will happen tomorrow night?




  1. Best Of The Night: There were 3 I actually enjoyed the most… Elise,
    Jessica, and Colton performances. But, the award goes to……  Elise! Such a unique voice she has..

    Worst Of  The Night: Heejun. Need I say more?

    My Bottom 3: Heejun. DeAndre. Erika.

    America’s Bottom 3: Joshua. DeAndre. Erika.

    Going Home: Heejun. Well, I want it to be Heejun, but, I’m like 90% sure
    he will be staying -____- .. So, with that being said the bottom two
    will most likely be Erika and DeAndre.. and for some odd reason I feel
    Heejun won’t even get into the bottom 3 and Joshua will take his spot
    instead… Heejun has to many fans(IDK WHY??), and Fans = Votes..

    • Elise is great. But in THIS CONTEST! YOU SHOULD HAVE A “LIKEABILITY FACTOR” thingy. It’s so stupid to waste my time in voting for a “Cougar looking Girl” like Elise. SOrry!

    •  She sang really well, I just can’t connect with her. On the other hand, I love Phillip’s performance.

      • i disagree with you maybe your mind is not connected with your ears as well are you deaf? ok well then stop the word connect duhhh talking as if your like a pro garbage

      • watch it all over again for you to connect…but we respect you opinion… I think your a big fan of PP…

      • Philip Philips is always like having a constipation. Nothing really special with the voice.

      • Didn’t know you could have a constipation.  Is it anything like having shingles? lol

    • I totally agree,,, shame to branden comment,,, how i wish his comment would be near to the votes this website had accomplish,,,, let the standing ovation of the 3 judges speak for the great performance…

    • I agree and this writer seems like doesnt apreciate Jessica . Well you really  cant please everyone.

    • Jessica sang it with emotions! are you dumb????and the whistle whew!!!!…BEAT —-> 3 -time standing Ovations from the judges..
      Elise?? mmm i can say she sang it good but still to beat JESSICA…more of Jessica’s acrobatics next week. Of course she is not a copycat coz everybody does their cover of the song. The good thing is Jessica killed a woman version of billy joel’s song…i can feel the dreams unless you don’t have some dreams to dream of. lmao.

      to the preachers here —->  JESSICA >>>>>>>>>>HOLLIE oh my gheee…just look and listen to Hollie’s performance ever since her fans are claiming that she has a huge voice, have a beautiful range..but for me here she is…—-> inconsistency of her vocal range, kinda flat on some notes, CAN”T SUSTAIN notes till the many times am i going to tell you that Hollie is Overrated! whew! Heejun is for sure  belongs to bottom 3…3rd time outstanding ovation for Jessica is already an achievement for her! Jessica can sing any songs…and nailed her last performance…what’s new???? THE WHISTLE!!! beat that! Hollie – nothing new…boring! my 2 cents. lol.

    • Agree! I cant believe that this psycho gave Jessica only “B+” WTF! 
      And he even said that Reid Grimm deserves Heejun Placement? 

    • Yeah, agree! Jessica should be A++++++++++++++++ The WRITER named BRANDON IS THE MOST STUPID IDOL FAN IN HISTORY with a WORST REVIEW EVER… sounds a newbie in American Idol trend.

  2. You gave Phillips an (A++), Colton an (A+), and then gave Elise an (A-)?? you should be ashamed of yourself, Elise was clearly the best tonight. You said “Elise has to give it everything she’s got just to grab a couple votes from all the girls texting in for Colton and Phillip” hmm, seems like you might just be acting like one of those teen girls yourself

    • You said “Elise has to give it everything she’s got just to grab a couple votes from all the girls texting in for Colton and Phillip” hmm, seems like you might just be acting like one of those teen girls yourself—-duh how many straight guys have blogs about American Idol?

    •  I think Jessica has an amazing voice.  But, I think she could end up like Pia last year because she really doesn’t seem to connect with the song or the audience.  In addition, she doesn’t seem to connect with Jimmy, the judges or anyone really.  I wish she would, but I’m afraid people will forget about her and vote for someone who is maybe not as talented but has more charisma.  Whatever happens, this girl will get signed and have a long career.  So, ultimately I’m not too worried about her.  But, I think it is simply a matter of age.  Think about the songs they are given.  Most of the song she sings are things that she has yet to even experience.  I wish AI would get a little more modern with their song themes.  Cause really I didn’t realize you’d find the next great performer by having them sing songs from artists of 20 years ago.  And really, do we think it’s an awesome idea to make ALL the girls sing Whitney Houston? Not to nit pick, but perhaps they should pick a selection of singers and let everyone have an opportunity to shine rather than give some of these kids a shot at epic failure.  Let’s make it hard on America to vote by letting them be themselves.  Not everyone can mold a song like Philip P. can, not everyone can do Celine or Whitney justice and they shouldn’t have to. They should compete as themselves, not spend the whole time trying to fit in the tiny little boxes they are forced into by producers.  And props to Philip for saying ‘yeah, I hear you…but I’m gonna still be me’ to everyone that advised him.  Heejun, perhaps next time you might try for that route over the big old F U you paraded out there tonight.  It probably won’t send you home, YET but it should.  Elise rocked, Ericka looked great and did a  good job, probably still not safe.  Skylar, it ended better than it started. Colton again did Colton.  Which typically isn’t going to hurt him at all. Hollie probably safe, but had one really cringe worthy section at the end that could hurt her more than most weeks. Deandre, not bad.  But forced. Joshua, he’s got the chops but I am not sure the tweens will text their parents into debt for him.  They’ll give up their college funds for Philip and Colton though.  And probably text their parents into debt while their at it, too.

      Top 3 for me (feel free to disagree) – Philip, Colton and Elise
      Middle  4 – Jessica, Joshua, Skylar and Ericka (Though I think She’ll hit bottom 3 in place of Heejun who deserves to be there)
      Bottom 3 – Heejun, Hollie and Deandre (maybe Elise because voters seem to not get her?? Judges would consider a save for her I think)

      Who goes? Probably Ericka or Deandre. 
      Who should go? Heejun
      Any chance of a save…nope.  Only people I think they’d save tomorrow shouldn’t be in the bottom.

      Taking a deep breath…think that’s all I have to say about that 🙂  Putting my soap box away for a while.

      • That won’t happen, Elise is in the bottom three every week.

        Hollie won’t be in the bottom, and Erika probably will.

      • i’m thinking the same too. 

        I think there’s a possible chance that this season will end up with a boy-boy rather than boy-girl or girl-girl finale.
        and that would be colton and philip..

        Its ok with long as hollie and jessica will be part of top 5..
        but i still want an

        Jessica-philip or Jessica-colton finale. 

      • if jessica is not connecting to the audience and the judges why would they gave her a standing ovation? 

      • Agree with you! I don’t want to see Elise in the bottom 3…she doesn’t deserve it…she is a great singer!

      • what are u saying that jessica does not have connection with jimmy? lol dont u watch the last episode when he said if jessica will go, jimmy and evryone else will go home, lol..and no connection with audiece? lol, judges are so called audience too, look at the SO!!! and the peopl behind them… if u going to talk, make it more credible. lol

      • Your Comment sucks About Jessica! 

        You are the only one that cant connect with her..end of Discussion !

      • I disagree…

        You can fill up the whole page with your analysis and i still won’t change my mind. Jessica is way better than Pia and that’s what you’re not getting Erin. I wish we had the actual numbers (of votes) so you’ll understand better how America thinks.

      • if she doesn’t connect so why is she always getting a connected STANDING OVATION duh before you write something or start dreaming as if your a pro check it first trashy words wont connect with your non sense for me opinion

      • I think your one of those few that couldn’t connect to Jessica… wired yourself men so you can get connected….but you’re entitled to you own opinion….we respect that.

      • I agree only on the part where Jessica may have a problem connecting with the songs because she may not have experienced the emotions expressed in those songs.  But there really isn’t much she can do with the Whitney and Billy Joel themes.  I can not recall any youthfully exhuberant songs from these two.  No worries, as Jessica goes through various life experiences, be they good or bad, her interpretation of songs can only get better. How awesome is that to anticipate?

      • Hahaha… If that’s the case–then the others should start NOT connecting to the people so that they can get a standing o. 

        You seriously need to go to the doctor. I didn’t mind the Judges giving Jessica the standing o—-but I gave a handful of applause to the audience for giving Jessica the standing o!

        If you think you can’t connect to Jessica’s performance—-ask the whole America. Still, 42 % of the people will tell you they did connect to her. 🙂

      • Jessica sang it with emotions! are you dumb????What pia toscano you are talking about…
        can say this to this girl —–> HOLLIE = PIA…
        Elise??? for a single performance VS 3-time Outstanding Ovation from the judges – BEAT THAT!!!
        and the whistle whew!!!!…BEAT —-> 3 -time standing Ovations from the judges..Elise?? mmm i can say she sang it good but still to beat JESSICA…more of Jessica’s acrobatics next week. Of course she is not a copycat coz everybody does their cover of the song. The good thing is Jessica killed a woman version of billy joel’s song…i can feel the dreams unless you don’t have some dreams to dream of. the preachers here —->  JESSICA >>>>>>>>>>HOLLIE oh my gheee…just look and listen to Hollie’s performance ever since her fans are claiming that she has a huge voice, have a beautiful range..but for me here she is…—-> inconsistency of her vocal range, kinda flat on some notes, CAN”T SUSTAIN notes till the many times am i going to tell you that Hollie is Overrated! whew! Heejun is for sure  belongs to bottom 3…3rd time outstanding ovation for Jessica is already an achievement for her! Jessica can sing any songs…and nailed her last performance…what’s new???? THE WHISTLE!!! beat that! Hollie – nothing new…boring! Elise – kinda safe within the this week but let’s see coz her last two performance never had a MARK!my 2 cents. lol.

      • Hollie deserves that bottom 3 spot! Sry ballad after ballad is boring!! Can she sing anything else? Erika was great and dont deserve a bottom 3 spot!

         My bottom 3
        Heejun goes home!

      • stupid comment…what do you think about the 3 judges & the audience? they don’t know what “connection” mean?

      • Are you normal? You can’t connect with Jessica? Fine! But millions of AI viewers connect with Jessica every performance! I can still remember what Steve Tyler said, “You just made 40 million people cry”! Now tell me if she doesn’t connect! That’s coming from a rock icon! Beat that! 

  3. Heejun can be funny, but when Steven Tyler has worn tired of your schtick I think you may be in trouble.  I can understand when someone with killer chops wants to give it back to the judges for being critical, but when you didn’t perform your best you really need to start listening.  Even if you don’t take the advice, consider it.  To me it just seemed like a big fat slap in the face of everyone who has grown tired of the game he plays.  He is starting to seem like a singing side show comedian.  Probably a market for that, but yes, I think I agree Reid Grimm should have been given that spot.  Heejun is just making a mockery of the chance he was given and I’m kind of over it.  He won’t probably go this week because he likely gets the coat tail votes from his boy Philip…but even that won’t be enough to save him eventually.


    •  I can’t stand Reed Grimm. I don’t think he fits American Idol and I don’t think he can handle the pressure.

    • I really like Heejun but I hate to say I am not sure if he can really sing. I haven’t seen any performance that has really impressed me. Steven Tyler looked PISSED. Meanwhile, something about Elise bugged me originally, but now I am really liking her. I think Skyler might be in trouble. Ultimately, I think Deandre should go home. Unless Heejun pulls it out, I think he could be next.

      • Maybe I’m overanalyzing, but last night Heejun struck me as an a-hole who is belittling the show and all connected with it.  Like it’s all a frat boy prank to him.

      • Heejun is a fun entertainer & I like watching him cuz he’s funny but as far as the next AI…..I’m thinking NOT!

  4. Seriously?? Jessica a (B+) -__- her performance was miles better then Colton and Phillip’s…

      • that’s your opinion, 1 against the many including the audience & the 3 judges who dearly appreciates jessica than your 2 boys…

    • Exactly, Colton’s performance made me cringe.

      You DON’T sing Piano Man, especially in the style of Billy Joel.

    • I think Jessica’s performance in the song “I Will Always Love You” is boomerang to her. She was so great that she herself can beat that performance. People will always compare her to that (and most likely disappointed)

    • I like Phillips but to say that he is better than Jessica is all wrong. He is maybe, as some people say, original. But i don’t see any versatility is his performance as Jessica does. All he does is shout & shout… just to cover up some notes that he could not reach…

    • Yeah, agree! she should be A++++++++++++++++ The WRITER IS THE MOST STUPID IDOL FAN IN HISTORY… sounds a newbie in American Idol trend.

  5. Brandon, I have to say that I love the whole Make-over aspect of the show tonight! So I disagree with you about getting rid of Tommy H. I think he brought some entertainment to the parts without songs. I liked it.

    btw. I just wanted to say that I love your posts! My bf and I don’t like to watch the show without your posts right next to us. I read along while I watch the show. I disagree a lot of the time, but for the most part I tend to agree with you! 🙂

    Thanks for these posts! You are awesome!

    xo, nykki

  6. Hard for me to say is going to leave because like in previous weeks I was completely bored. I voted based on who really moved me tonight which is to say Phil is the only one who got my votes tonight.  

  7. Colton – that was one of best song choice. I would love to download it on itunes. I do hope that he stays in an alternative-pop ballad kind of genre (like what he did tonight). A+

    Elise – purely talent. I say that she’s one of the best tonight. I just hope that the people are not deaf cos she deserves to stay longer and not be part of the bottom 3 A+

    Jessica – She really got another standing ovation. There was just a little disconnection. But it was still awesome. A

    Philip – the most original of all. the stubborn guy. I liked to way he rejected those mentors. The performance was all and the same as last week but it was still great. B+

    Joshua – I don’t know. He was not ok for me this week. I felt disconnected to him while he was performing. but it was ok. He did his thing to it but nothing special – B

    Erika – commend the looks. the performance was ok. i felt a little bored in the middle part but it was ok. B-

    Skylar – i thought it was ok. I like the part where he belted. there was nothing special to his performance C+

    Heejun – ok. heejun. actually he’s the worst of the night. but i commend him in singing an upbeat song. but the first part? that was not FUNNY at all! it was a little disrespectful C

    Deandre – Ok it was a mediocre performance. nothing special, just fan to watch (like heejun did) C 

    Hollie. based on technicalities, performance wise, VERSATILITY….she was the worst of the night. Sorry hollie fans. but i know she’s not in trouble. C

    Bottom 3 based on performance: DEANDRE, HOLLIE, HEEJUN

    bottom 3 Based on fanbase : DEANDRE, ELISE, ERIKA

    Bottom 2 : deandre and erika

    who i want to go home? – Heejun
    who do i think will go home? – deandre or erika (can’t choose)


    • Jessica …disconnection? you are the only one who cant connect because you doesnt want to be connected. The bottomline here, Jessica got a comment like FLAWLESS , PERFECTION end of discussion.

      • Nixauc, just because someone doesn’t agree with you about your beloved Jessica does not make them “dumb” or “stupid”. You are starting to give the vibe of a stalker for God’s sake. Lighten up. We are all entitled to our opinions.

    • What kind of disconnection are you talking about? Oh, I need to be disconnected again so I can give Jessica my standing o. Seriously Dude, open you heart and listen to her song. You will think of her as believable. 

  8. B+ for jessica ? are fu***** kidding me ? give her an A.  the whistle thing is just outstanding .

    •  It’s personal preference. Some people enjoy the soul of the song more. Judges and mentors said “believable”, ok whatever it is. Personally, I don’t like showing off the high note, but I think on Idol that’s what gets the applause and standing O.

  9. my ranking for the night ..

    ELise (just like haley reinhart , UNIQUE)
    Colton (I’m really not a fan of him but he did amazingly well)
    jessica (she showed it all tonight the big voice, growl and the whistle)
    Phillip (ok same old Phillip)
    Erika(love her)
    Hollie (not a fan of hers she sang with o emotions but she’s pretty thoug)

  10. I think Hollie’s alil bit pitchy… Colton – – -perfect song choice. Jessica I think the only difference is that everytime she sings… You feel the emotion building up. Heejun – he needs to go home soon. My vote goes to Jessica and Colton tonight.

  11. Elise just isn’t that likable. that’s why she’s consistently in the bottom 3. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just the way it goes. It’s also unfortunate that Heejun, even though he did change things up, went with the other side of the extremes. He can do so much more. I think, he should have done New York State of mind. He really does have a soothing and smooth voice, he just doesn’t pick good songs…

    • Elise needs to smiles more. She looks like icy cold when she’s not smiling 🙂 but the raspy voice of her is undeniably good!!

    • Heejun is just not a great singer, but a great entertainer.  He never should of made it in the top 10.  Heejun needs to go home.



  13. I thought Heejun’s vocal tonight was better than last week. Try to replay it again but close your eyes. The judges were too tough on his vocals tonight.

    • Totally agreed he actually hit some decent notes jeez give the guy a break, he at least is bringing something fucking new to this show that’s pretty much rigged anyway.

  14. It sucks that this contest is based on what the screwed up youth of this country think is cool and not who is the best singer.  I feel very bad for the winner because they will become a slave to a coulture that will stab them in the heart as soon as they stop being “COOL”.

    By the way…Erika was balls out the best!!!

  15. Phil is the only real star…Jessica needs more experience.  She has a good instrument but there is no soul in her singing yet.  Heejun should go home, but i think it might be deandre or hollie….i would have said elise, but based on her performance tonights she was much better than the bottom three.  Skylar did her worse so far, but she was out of her element…Heejun took a risk and glad to see it, but he is average at best…he needs to go home.  Colton needs to get a haircut and stop pretending to be a rocker…he is a nice kid, nice voice and he should have a nice career playing christian concerts…but I am sure the teebow  vote will keep him around a while.  you can dance dance around in your underwear but that don’t make you madonna, and you can dress up like sid vicious colton, but we know you are just a nice kid from tennessee despite the costume.

    • bla bla bla , what are you talking about Mary?Jessica started singing since 4 and you are saying she needs more experience, wtf! What experience?like your experience? hell no ! No way! Let Jessica be experience like yours.!

      • Maybe Mary is referring to life experiences.  These do give color and texture to a singer’s performances.  A few more years should help Jessica define the kind of artist she wants to be.

      • Jessica is not all that good yet..her voice is strong but tends to be screechy..her vibrato is not real and way over used..she may have been singing since she was 4 but at 16 she is still just singing based on feedback from people who love her..she needs real input from people like Diddy.  She doesn’t really understand the emotion in the song.  She will eventually, but she needs to learn to control her voice and connect with the lyrics. 

    • hey mary…you should retire on watching AI…your ears are already malfunctioning…don’t give any bias comment…

      • Just because someone has been singing since age 4 does not mean she has experience.  I’ve been singing since age 4. I get what they are saying about Jessica. She doesn’t sing with emotion..she yells.  I agree with Mary….
        Go Phillip!

    • You are totally obssessed with phil,even if you kill yourself,jessica is way better than him…way better.

  16. I agree with the bottom 3 prediction by Branden. Deandre is just too stiff and depressing to watch. I think it’s his facial expression, I am not so sure. Same thing with Elise. It’s sad about Elise though because I like her and her voice is superb.

    • Deandre doesn’t even deserve to be in this competition anymore hes a snoozefest the only decent performance was when he sang to get in the top 13 n that wasn’t even that great.

    • Deandre’s only non boring and good performance was when he performed in Vegas with Jessica.  I forget the song but the 3 of them killed it and I was shocked to see that one girl go home.

  17. Randy , Randy , Randy …. it is still so sad to hear you say DUDE’S to the girls….Man they are DUDET’S….. Get It ……

  18. Please send Heejun & DeAndre home, they had enough fame! -:)
    Colton is my favorite this year, he is true rock star. He has an edge! Others sing boring songs, putting me asleep…perhaps it’s great vocals but no one will listen them on the radio!

  19. Jessica was like “Yo! Hollie, Phil, Elise, Colton and Joshua… This is my dream. No you aint ever gunna steal this from me!” LOL

  20. I would also like to say that many times I have been sitting and listening to American Idol and my illness , depression over being sick etc…all seems to fade.  I feel like I am mom to the young talent on the show…as I sit in my chair and watch their talent unfold.  Many times I have needed the lift I get from American Idol.  The real , life human beings who all have a story touch my heart so much.  I cry when they leave, I cheer for them, pray for them and think of them getting ready for the next show.  We all love American Idol for all that it brings to the Entertainment world and to our lives and the lives of the young people who take the risk to try and shoot for their dreams.  I never reached for mine….I was in radio, sales, writing, teaching, etc….but….my dream was to teach in Apalachia….we all have a dream and these young people are letting us see theirs and live vicariously through it WITH them….we all need this show.  The changes that have happened in the show are awesome as well.  I love the more possitive remarks and the less critical remarks without thought….it seems the judges are caring about the technical and the human part of each of the performers and that is so much better.  We also love seeing behind the scenes more and what they go through and the fact that the show is working with and for the kdis and not just throuwing them onto the stage and like before…waiting to see if the shaddows of Simon are going to come out of Randy or if Steven or JL will say something that will help them on their journey or if they think the journey will end….anyhow…the show means a lot to me.  My mom and aunt and I call each other and talk about the show before and after……American Idol has brought so much good into the lives of people who otherwise would just be clicking the remote or surfing Facebook.  Thank you American Idol…and Steven…..omg…I love you….you are a doll. xxxooo           *would someone teach Randy to say more than Yo and Dog?”…hopefully Idol will spring for a tutor for him this year.  ” kidding…love to all the American Idol family.  Amen.  lol

  21. Colton, Phillip and Erika were my top three.

    I really like DeAndre, but I agree that this song wasn’t great. It was just…nice.  Hollie seemed to be trying to hard, and Skylar was not quite her usual energetic self, though I have come to love that girl. I don’t much care for most country music, but there’s something so appealing about her passion, sincerity and big ol’ voice. I like Heejun more than I like his performances, and he just doesn’t have the voice – whether singing uptempo or ballads – to last much longer.

    Now, about Jessica. I understand her technical abilities, but her performances to me are starting to feel, I don’t know – maybe all vocal trick, no heart, maybe? And there was something very artificial about that smile she kept flashing. I think her sound will become tiresome.

    Poor Joshua is a victim of his own talent. He wasn’t as good tonight as he often is, though I think the second half of that song had some very lovely moment. In the first half, he looked as though he was uncomfortable and disconnected, and his voice sounded a bit strained in parts.

    I would say that Heejun and Hollie were my own personal bottom two. And I hate to say it, because I love his voice and the whole package, but DeAndre needs to do something unexpected next week, assuming he gets the chance. It will be a gross miscarriage of musical justice if either Erika or Elise go home, but they seem to be perennially in danger.

    • you cannot accept jessica because you have a closed mind…better consult a doctor for EENT or better mental health doctor will do…

      • Nixauc, stop. Seriously. Every person that doesn’t agree with you about Jessica, you take it personally.  It’s annoying.

  22. Elise does not deserve to go home or be in the bottom 3. But, this is the sad reality. 🙁 I think she was the best tonight. And, I agree with Branden’s ratings and observations tonight. 

    • Elise really has a very beautiful voice, but if she gets the lowest number of votes I think the judges should not use the save on her.  I don’t think she has any chance of winning despite her talent, so the save should be used on somebody who does have a good chance of winning.  Anyway Elise will be on the tour and with her talent, it is highly possible for her to get recording contracts the way Pia Toscano did.

  23. Heejun actually sang like Billy Joel would sing, he was the only one to really get into the theme

    Something is wrong with you because YOU GAVE JESSICA SANCHEZ A B+?!?

    She was way better than everybody, and then you give Heejun an F for actually singing Billy Joel, him and Jessica were the only preformances I enjoyed watching, maybe because I was asleep until Heejun sang and luckily it was close enough to the end for me to see Jessica and Colton (who put me to sleep with his cover of Piano Man that made me cringe)

    Phillip did ok it wasn’t amazing I liked it though.

    My grades

    DeAndre: D+, he was boring and bad.
    Erika: C-, She was boring and not bad but not that good
    Joshua Ledet: B-, the ending was good the beginning was boring and bad.
    Skylar: D+, she screamed the entire second half and the beginning was really pitchy, I usually like her.
    Elise: A-, was good but was also really boring, didn’t wake me up.
    Phillips: A-, was a weird arrangement and didn’t wake me up (not his fault everybody else was boring) but was good.
    Hollie: C, Seriously she gets an A and Jessica gets a B+, Hollie was really pitchy and didn’t sound good tonight.  She is usually good.
    Heejun: Im giving him 2 grades, If i just listened to it C-, but watching it and listening it was an A for me because he woke me up and had me entertained like a performer should.  He also actually sang a Billy Joel song like its supposed to be sung!
    Jessica: A++, you are way off with Jessica, she was amazing and 100% better than Hollie, there was nothing lacking in it, no pitch problems (Hollie), it wasn’t boring (everybody but Heejun and maybe Phillips), and I thoroughly enjoyed listening.  If she doesn’t win something is wrong.
    Colton: D, Never, ever, ever, ever, ever sing that song.  Don’t mess with it, especially if you are going to try and sing it in a boring, sleep inducing way.  This is Billy Joel’s song for Billy Joel, it is not a Colton Dixon song, it is not a song you cover.  Leave this song alone, when I just heard he was singing the song I cringed, when I heard him sing it with his punk rockish tone I cringed even more.  

    100% Safe: Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips
    Most Likely Safe: Heejun Han, Hollie, Colton Dixon
    50/50: Joshua Ledet, Skylar Laine
    Most Likely Bottom Three: DeAndre, Erika, Elise

    • you really are incredible!!this is not american idol singing competion!based on performance last night!!   ELISE:-was the best A ++,she is the most unique of the entire competion!!she and Joshua!!  I didn”t like the fact that jessica or philip,AND HEEJUN!!!(he is a joke!!!!) has the most fans !they have a good voice but there are many has a voice like that!ok my notes for last night performance:
      PHILIPP: -pretty good- A, JESSICA: was ok but not that great!!,i agree with B+, HOLLIE -not that good last night but he has a good voice B+,COLTON: -very good! A+,SKYLAR:-nothing impressive C,JOSHUA:not that good last night but he is amazing! B+,ERIKA :I  didn”t like her very much but last night prrety good! B+,HEEJUN;-the worst of all !! F FF F F F FF.HE REALLY CANT SING!!,DEANDRE -I THINK HE S SENT HOME . D-,

  24. The night belonged to Colton.  His version of Piano Man was terrific and the best performance this season by anyone.  He is a major talent and deserves to win the Idol crown.  Jessica was okay, but why must she yell her songs so much – sing them, don’t yell.  And Phillip is just so unique and puts his own spin on every song he sings.  What a talent!  The final three will be Colton, Philip and Jessica.  The winner- hopefully Colton.

  25. Jessica is a little overrated I think she sounds to much like the common mainstream artist. Boring.

  26. Are you serious? Like really? B+ for Jessica? She deserves more than that like maybe an A

  27. DeAndre sang the right lyrics Branden. I don’t know what song you are talking about. I don’t understand why they gave Hollie such a hard time either. And the last two weeks for Phillip have just been so so for me. Not great and not bad at the same time. Yet the judges just flip head over heels for him. I don’t get it. I really don’t. Some people say they like Elise because her voice is so unique and the judges love her but DeAndre has the most unique voice of all the contestants and they try to beat him down. It’s all a mystery to me. That’s why I hesitate to call a winner on this show anymore. It is so rigged it’s not even funny. I think Elise sounds like she’s sick all the time. I like a little rasp in a person’s voice but she sounds like I want to go up there and give her a drink of water every performance. 

    I just don’t get you Branden, you get bored with Hollie and Jessica but then you criticize DeAndre and say he didn’t sing the right words when his performance was lively and energetic? So do you want to be entertained or what? I don’t see why you gave DeAndre such a low score. It’s not like he’s singing out of tune or anything. Maybe you don’t like his voice but he did sing it well in his own style I thought. 

    But the best vocal of the night for me was Erika with Jessica in a close second. I won’t even try to call the bottom three although I do think Elise and Erika will be there. We will just have to wait and see. 

    I have my favorites but I am not going to praise them unless they deserve praise. I wish everyone else could do the same with their favorites. Just be honest. 

  28. Heejun….. He’s got a great voice and yes his personality is a little dorky but either way i’m rooting for the underdog. I just hope that when it comes to the voting other people see the talent I see. Phillips is another good one but his voice is so unique and non mainstream that he doesn’t have a chance of fully winning it. Please Vote for Heejun and Phillips… and if this season is dissapointing like the last 2 i’m giving up on Idol…… The Voice is 10x better anyway.

    • tried watching The Voice twice but it was totally boring and their battle round is a setup.. a little predictable..

      • I agree the battle round is pretty lame but the talent on the show is so much better and there not all kids. Plus watching the judges got at it during the blind auditions make the show that much better.

    • I am starting to like the Voice better because of the judges. They are way better at critiquing and I like them a lot more. i can’t stand Jennifer and Randy, they don’t know what they’re doing up there. Randy’s comments are dumb and Jennifer is biased everytime.  Steven is even getting worse this season for me. but the voice has Blake Shelton, who is great, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera. They all know how to judge way better, the only one I don’t care for is Cee Lo.

  29. Seriously I feel you get more and more off every single time.  How does Hollie pulling off  an ok snoozy performance get and then Jessica pulling off another amazing performance get a B+?

    Then you give Heejun an F when he actually did better (and was a whole lot less boring) than a lot of the contestants.  He was the first one I actually enjoyed watching a lot tonight

    And then you go to praise Colton (obviously your favorite) for butchering Piano Man, and making me cringe.  You don’t sing Piano Man in the style of Billy Joel unless you are Billy Joel.  Colton is not Billy Joel.

  30. I am not a big fan of Skylar but she sounded and performed great.  She really got a boost up in my mind tonight, I am not sure about top 3 yet but she is heading in that direction.

  31. I really want Elise to win!!! AMERICA PLEASE HELP HER WIN!!! SHE DOESN’T DESERVE TO BE IN THE BOTTOM 3!!!! :((( looks like she’ll be the Haley of last season 🙁 😐

    • I like her voice and everything, the only problem I have with Elise is that attitude of hers. I get that she’s upset, but it doesn’t play well with the viewers because they want someone who is just grateful for t he opportunity. Last week, when they announced she was in the bottom three, she just walked right to the seat and didn’t even congratulate Skylar for making it. That’s the only thing I wish she would change.

  32. jessica’s grade is B? how funny your ears and philip has agrade of A++…really? i think you gave philip because he is your bet? arent? 

  33. jessica sings with her heart and very believable . If you just saw her “The Prayer” you would really say how emotionally she can capture us . Jessica is just far beyond among the contestants here. *JUST BEING REAL !

  34. Overall throughout the show Deandre has had no moments at all this kid needs to go home. Hollie is not going home, don’t go by tonight’s performance go by how many performances u like in the past n if they don’t do anything u like then be my guest to not vote for them. Joshua’s safe hes amazing I’m sick of Jessica she’s such a hog of the attention I think the judges give her too much credit. Colton is safe it was a nice performance Phils was awesome I like what he does n he should keep it up Heejun is freaking hilarious true he should stop the shenanigans but hey at least it doesn’t make me fall asleep like deandres.

  35. Sadly they should just give up on Idol and come out with a battle of the bands type of show. Contestants play music by other bands maybe throw a twist on how they perform it and maybe even a weekly immunity in which there aloud to perform an original song without the fear of elimination.

  36. I don’t get why all the Jessica fans just can’t admit when she wasn’t the best of the night! She is good, bit she has not been the BEST every single week. If she doesn’t get an A+ rating every week y’all act like it’s an injustice or something. Come on. My favorite is Josh, but I’m not gonna act like he deserves the highest rating every single week. A lot of you Jessica fans watch with blinders, all you see and hear is her, and are oblivious to anyone else on the show. I like Jessica, but I get tired of all the constant praise as if she’s already won! You can still be a fan and have her as your favorite, but my gosh be subjective good grief

    • you cant blame us because that was really great! people woudn’t fight for something they think is not true

      • No, but you guys can’t get mad at what others think, some people don’t have the same opinion. Everyone knows she has an amazing voice, but not everyone will end up listening to her music. There’s no reason to get mad about others opinions. But yeah Jessica won’t have the best of the night every week. You guys have to get over that. This is the second week she wasn’t the best and it’s true. i don’t think she deserved A+ this week cause it wasn’t her best, she could do way better. That’s my opinion.

  37. The best performances of the night: Elise! I love her…100% great singer! unique voice!
    Phillips…true musician!!bottom 3: DeAndre, Heejun, ErikaGoing home: DeAndre? 

  38. I don’t think it was fair the way you judged the contestants, Branden. I am a long time reader of your posts and this is the first time I have reacted.

    I don’t think that Jessica should get a B+ and your comments of her not connecting are not reasonable since she got another standing O. I don’t know if it is your scheme to pull her down and lead people to vote for PP. We both know how blogs work and I do think that you are influencial. When you have a power like that, maybe you should just be fair to your judging, stating the obvious and refraining from using this as a way of your personal agenda.

    Going back to idol, while you praise PP, I think its just way over the top the way you commented on his performance. Every PP fan says he’s unique, I will give you a name synonimous to him, Casey Abrams. PP is just way cuter than Casey to shake their likeness off. I do think he is talented, no doubt about it, and will be a safe bet winning but i just don’t think he is all that.

    Colton is just a pretty face on tv. Any music major students would agree that he does not have that much good in his voice. He reminds me of Joe Jonas. Both has a beautiful face, screechy voice and tweeny fan base. If he wins, I dont think that he will follow his Christian whatever, somehow, somewhere, his producers will turn him into a profitable talent following Kris Allen.

    Hollie has a little Miss Celine Dion in her. She has a very large range but most of the times sounds so nasal. I think she is on a downhill spiral and singing an upbeat song will kill her. If she wants to stay in the competition, she has to act now, sing songs that she can actually make her own version.

    Jessica’s road to AI reminds me of Leona Lewis’ road to XFactor. She, like Leona, has been consistent. I agree that she looks cold in her performance and I guess its because of her age. Leona looked cold too some of her performance I won’t assume that she will start showing her emotions soon when the competition gets closer to the end but i am pretty sure that we will see more of her singing skills every episode. She is like Thia Megia, only better with her stage presence but both are robotic. The voice is great for me but she needs to have more stage presence. Post idol, whether she wins or not, she will be following either the footsteps of JHud or Fantasia Barrino.

    Those are the only four that matters. I assume a boy boy finale due to the people that follows Idol. But I would personally prefer a girl winning hoping that idol will produce a female power belter or a rnb singer aside from those country singers and P R E T T Y we don’t need your alibi faces that now you see and now you don’t careers.

  39. I think your biases are starting to color your judgment. Seriously, you couldn’t find anything wrong with Hollie’s performance tonight? Couldn’t detect the pitchy tones? You have to have those ears checked.  Then you come back and say that Jessica’s performance was boring?  Okay, now I know I don’t have to take your comments seriously. Maybe just read them to amuse myself.

  40. If Elise will have the lowest votes tonight, the judges would save her. The save option should be reserved to until at least top 7 or 6.

  41.  Elise – My favorite performance of the night. A song I wasn’t familiar
    with which can be risky but this was awesome. A couple weeks ago she was
    on my bottom three list but after this week and last week, definitely
    not any more.

    Phillip – Consistently outstanding as always.

    Jessica – Also outstanding.

    Colton – Very good.

    Heejun – worst performance of the night for the second week in a row.

    DeAndre – yawn.

    Hollie – not a great performance.

    Skylar – judges were right; a little pitchy to start but overall quite good.

    Joshua – another very good performance.

    Erika – what can I say; I just love her. First of all she looked amazing and I love her voice. Thought she was great tonight.

    50 votes were divided equally between Elise and Erika. Both were in the
    bottom 3 last week and neither deserve to be this week.
    Bottom 3 should be DeAndre, Heejun and Hollie; and Heejun should go.

    • Hi Utahwoody,

      I was going to respond to my usual group , but decided not to and choose yours instead since you are the closest to my own observation of tonite’s

      I have chosen Elise as my favourite, and considered her a darkhorse of the competition, only because of the way this group have unfairly ranked her bottom from day one.   Why? It still boggles my mind.  She won’t win this competition even if she sings as good as tonight and I know she can do even better, given the right type of songs.

      I do hope she last longer because I do enjoy her singing, she will be succesful regardless, and like Jennifer Hudson and Katherine Macphee
      she will move on after Idol.  I am done trying to convince some of the people here that this is a singing competition so I will concede and starting tonight I have given this show a new name “American Attitude”

      Yes,  I know that Idol is looking for the complete package, but they did not define what kind of package they are looking for, one thing i finding this package does not include good singing.  So folks , you can have your popularity show, I will settle for the usual, garden variety good singing.

      Win or Loose, Go for it Elise!!

      Keep up the good works, Utahwoody, I will watch for your comments.

      • ed, dear.  as we all know, the best singers, for the most part, NEVER WIN!!  but in the end they do much better than the winners.  we should be grateful (grateful?) for the talent that we do get to see and hope they will get signed in the future.  we just have to put up with ridiculous judges, inane fillers, a plethora of commercials, and smitten teenage girls with three mile island thumbs.

  42. i think the admin were wrong in the contestants this week
    Hollie should be C
    Heejun should be B
    Jessicashould be A+
    Skylar should be A

  43. I am a 62 year old female and my two faves are Phillip and Colton. I get both of them. They really know music , have a unique style and both are very handsome men! I am from Jessica’s home town, yes she can sing, but I agree she doesn’t seem to have the maturity to really connect. She does have great vocals, but she will lose out if she doesn’t sell her songs more!

  44. IMO Phillip was by far the best–truly flawless.  I thought the judges were overly critical of Hollie–she sounded and looked great.  Hoping for a Hollie and Phillip finale.

    • If you can be objective about Hollie, you can try comparing the judges’ comments with those they gave Jessica last week.  Arguably, these performances were the weakest for the two of them so far.  You may realize that they were actually more harsh with Jessica last week than they were with Hollie this week.  Last night’s comments were fair given her performance.

  45. Hey folks,

    I was actually at the show tonight in the audience, and Phillip had the most polished performance of the night; the entire place went nuts. Everyone was actually pretty good with the exception of Hollie who was just okay. It did come across as forced, and the rest of the people in my party felt as though she should be the one to kick rocks.

    However, for clarity, everyone did well for the most part. If ever you all get the chance to partake in a live taping, by all means do so. It’s a pretty good time. With this being season 11, they have it running like a well-oiled machine in there.

  46. Predictions for America:

    Top 3

    1.  Jessica Sanchez(She is still on top and may have even gotten another boost tonight as I thought even with her low notes she sounded amazing.  B+ my butt she was to good for even a letter grade.)
    2.  Phil(The kid is just good even wearing grey and I love how he told Tommy Hilfiger where he could take his fashion advice.)
    3.  Colton(Overtook Hollie which is a shame because I like Hollie and I am not really a fan of Colton’s but he has the teenage girls locked.  He really did kill that song literally the song is dead.  And listening to those teenage girls chant Colton afterwards made me sick.)

    Middle tier

    Hollie, Skylar, Elise(She had enough air time and had a great performance she well not to be in the bottom three.),  Joshua(He needs to stop screaming all the way through his songs or it’s going to get old fast.)

    Bottom 3

    1.  Heejun(He won’t be going home this week thank god but he will likely be in the bottom 3.  The kid is an entertainor and the last time I checked to be a star you should be “entertaining”.  I don’t think the song was good for his voice I think he would have done an amazing job with “Piano Man”.)
    2.  Erika(The hair saved her because it gave her a unique look and finally separated her from the rest of the group.  I thought she sounded great and have thought she has sounded good in almost all of her performances she has just never stood out until now.)
    3.  Deandre(This kid can sing he has a great voice he just doesn’t “entertain” anyone.  It’s a shame because I think he has the potential to be really good he just needs to work on his charisma and be more entertaining.)

    Going Home

    Deandre(The judges won’t save him this time he is going home.)

    If for some crazy reason Elise ends up being voted out because America is to fascinated with looks over talent the judges will save her.  But my guess is she will not be needing it nor be in the bottom 3.

    • I don’t think the judges would save Elise. I think they learned their lesson last year. They used it on Casey before even getting into the top 10, then they didn’t have it available when they wanted it for Pia, only to have Casey leave soon after anyway. I suspect they will just hold on to it in case someone like Jessica, Phillip, or Colton gets sent home too early.

      • I agree with you that last year was a “shocker” and a wakeup call for the judges when Pia was voted out.  And Elise has been in the bottom 3 weeks in a row now.  But the judges love her they gave her a standing ovation tonight and I believe one other night.  The judges were shocked when she was in the bottom three and didn’t feel she deserved it.  I don’t think JLO would let Elise go home after receiving a standing O.  I think they would give her the pass and let it play out from there.  We shall see I sure hope she is not in the bottom 3 she certainly doesn’t deserve to be.

    • Alright I listened to Colton over again he actually sounded very good and deserves to overtake Hollie in the top 3 per my point of view or America’s.

    • I get sick of people accusing Josh of screaming. It’s called staying true to gospel and r&b roots. There has been ‘screamers’ on the show, but Josh isn’t one of them. His version of that song was very controlled and restrained, and his RUNS were minimill, controlled and tasteful. He has gone outside his comfort zone 2 out of 3 weeks, whoelse has done that. We’ve seen him in his wheel house with last week and he killed it. Listen to James Durbin and Adam Lambert, and if u still want to label Josh a screamer, then your deaf! If you dont care for him and that style of music that’s fine, to each his own, but saying he’s Jacob Lusk II and that he’s a screamer is getting old and worn out. And just for the record, nobody screams as much as Skyler.

  47. Branden, let me help you understand why people love Jessica. And I’m someone who used to dislike her. I’ll state the obvious quickly that she has a phenomenal voice. You seem to really like Phillip, which is understandable because he does have a cool sound. But he has only that one sound, and he does the same thing every week…and that will soon get too predictable and boring. Jessica can do a lot more with her voice and her performance. No two of her performances have been the same. Not even her ballads. She has a tremendous range with her voice, and she knows how to use it. Now add to it the human element. She’s a great student of her field. She respects and listens to her mentors and then brings that to her performances. She understands that she, Phillip, Colton, Heejun, and the rest of them are at the bottom of the industry. She doesn’t hide behind that amateur line of, “I’m an artist, and I want to be my own individual.” She listens to the experts in the industry who know a little bit more of what they’re talking about and tries to apply what they teach her. Add to it her modesty and her heart-felt response to people (fans, judges, other contestants)…oh yeh, and 3 standing O’s out of 4 performances…and she easily becomes America’s sweetheart.

    • very nice explanation …. your right…. hope people understand it… for me Everybody has a Dream but the one who take it seriously for me is Jessica …

    • Clap Clap Clap. I hope Branden reads everything that is posted here. I don’t really know what his criteria is in reviewing the Idols. Anyway, There is much uniqueness in what Phil shows—-but, it just stays in there. That’s all. And with what Jessica is giving every week. That is the likeness of an artist.

    • Yes he should. He sounded awful. But it was a fun performance, and I think that will probably get him enough to stay in it. But I love the feedback Steven gave him. He definitely needs to start taking it seriously.

  48. HAHAHAHA! Phillip A++? And Colton A+??? I don’t want to think that the author is GAY! HAHAHAHA

    • Well, at least, he gave HeeJun an F. However, maybe he doesn’t feel the goofiness around HJ which would lead us to believe on your theory IzeIzeBaby 🙂

  49. u gave an A to hollie, lol.. idk if u really knw how to listen a good voice. she is so far behind to elise. hollie’s voice is just a voice, like she sings a song without style.

    • What the hell is your gay issue? So what if he is gay? What does that have to do with his ability to watch the show and offer his opinions?? I think you need to chill and quit being a d***

  50. Ohhhh common,,, shame on you branden,,,, i wish your comment would be just near the vote this website had accomplish. The consistent standing ovation,, the votes here and in other website,,, can actually determines the she loves by the audience and all the people… At the end we will still decide the true and only great performer,,, and this time jessica won our heart….

  51. O.o I Smell RAT What the F… Jessica B+ really really really?

    I think you are a 100% Holliepop , Cause you like  every performance of hollie..even though its already pitchy and all over the place!

    And hate Jessica At all..

    But thats ok…… if we Believe in your ranking!LOL

  52. Sorry guys! Phil Phillips will always gets an A here, this is Branden’s article so stop crying all you Jessica fans. He will never get criticised here whatever same old stuff he sings every week.  Branden likes Phil’s style, looks and originality and he will tell the world how he appreciates it. Do your own article Jessica fans.

    Dont worry Jessica won’t end up like Pia. Coz Jessica connects with the audience, she will get votes. Don’t believe those posters saying she doesn’t. Honestly, she does connect a lot.

    • I agree to that. Branden doesn’t own America. Whatever article he makes won’t always be supported. That’s the reason he has the comment box so that we can OPPOSE him. 🙂 

      Anyway—keep on making objective or SUBJECTIVE articles. We’ll going to oppose that  OBJECTIVELY. 🙂

  53. Hollie gets an A with that performance? Jess a B+? and Elise an A-? I died just now.

    • hahaha…that’s funny. just couldn’t agree with Braden’s ratings… he has some hate problems, sorry to say.

    • Well, you need to be revived Dude. Jessica is a major contestant in this competition. She’s like a vital organ of the AI body. If she gets voted of, AI might just died this season. Hell, yeah!

      • Yeah that’s right.  It is natural for Jessica to have a lot of haters because of the attention she’s getting, so let them hate and just continue to support and vote for Jessica if you believe that she deserves to be the next American idol.

      • @97fc696093ec497b7ba06066619a85b8:disqus That’s the problem dude…….. I’m not in America! hahaha All I could do is to keep them believe Jessica should be the next idol. 🙂

    • Just don’t take Branden’s ratings seriously.  Almost nobody believes him, judging by the poll results.

    •  true !!! Hollie was awful…super pitchy with no power behind her high notes, even her tone was off …her worst performance by far!!!

  54. so IF elise would be voted out this night…I think the judges will save her which is unpleasantly wrong…

    why? Its pretty obvious that elise is not connected with the people and if they will save her, she will just be eliminated in the comin weeks. so i think they should reserve that ‘saving’ power for top 6 or 7. that would be extremely beneficial for someone who will be eliminated.

  55. I really hope the judges wouldn’t use the save on anyone but the likes of your 100% safe group as well as Josh or Hollie perhaps.

  56. wow.. I see someone is Phillips’ and Colton’s bitch here.. I notice in the past few weeks you’ve been very tough on some other contestants but when it comes to Colton and Phillips they are always godly.. I agree they’re good but not that far above the rest.. and you are just hating on Heejun now.

  57. Just don’t get carried away with Branden’s comments. 

    We all know whose on Top here. Jessica.

    This is probably his way of pulling her down, but who cares???

    Jessica is obviously the one to beat. 

    Holly and Phil will soon suffer the Pia Toscano syndrome. They will sing the same old thing every week then America will vote them out.  

    • I like that post. However, I wouldn’t pull Phil and Hollie out in the prediction. There’s too much karma in this show already. I wouldn’t want a front-runner curse around.

      Jessica for the win!

  58. “You’re flawless,” Randy says. “It was perfect.” ….and I agree and Jessica deserves  A+++, sorry I dont agree with your ratings with Jessica dear writer, You are so biased.

  59. My Top- 1-COLTON DIXON- his version of Piano man was solid gold amazing , by far his best performance yet overall vocally and visually. A+++
                     2- Phillip Phillips-  His raspy bluesy voice and growling is amazing. A+
                      3- Hollie Cavanagh- Her voice is always beautiful and has quite a range A
                      4-  Jessica Sanchez-  She is really good but , but on tonights preformance it wasn’t that good and she sang one of his  least known songs he had. A-
    My Middle- 5-  Joshua Ledet-  Straight up this man can sing. A- or B+
                          6-  DeAndre Brackensick-  He has an amazing jamaican voice and I would love to hear him put Jamaican twist on different songs, he just needs to be less nervous and focus more on the singing. B
                         7-  Skylar Laine- I find her singing to be very nasally which I don’t care for and she is not very distinguishable amungst the many female country stars on AMerican idol- B-
    My Bottom 3
      8- Heejun Han-  I can tell that he can sing  but he just needs to show it more and focus more on his vocals as opposed to being just a comedian- C+
    9-  Elise Testrone- Not a fan of her singing styles,  Found her song to be one of the dullest of the night, not sure what the judges saw in the performance found it way over rated C 
    10- Erica Van Pelt- Worst of the night and overall, there is a reason she is in the bottom EVERY week, plain and simple she is NOT even close to the greatest and it is very noticable- C- or D+
    What I think will happen is
    Top-Jessica,Colton,Phillip, Middle-Skylar, Hollie,Joshua, Heejun, Bottom DeAndre,Elise, and Erica, Bottom 2 probably Erica and Elise Most likley to Go home Erica

  60. It sound that the author is rooting more to Hollie and finding Jessica a threat but it’s ok because that makes the entire competition more exciting and intense to watch and interact with everyone here. We all have our own bet for every season, we just hope that she/he delivers an awesome performance every week and honestly I go for Jessica Sanchez simply because she has the best talent for this season and definitely the most deserving to watch! She is a total performer!

  61. It sound that the author is rooting more to Hollie and finding Jessica a threat but it’s ok because that makes the entire competition more exciting and intense to watch and interact with everyone here. We all have our own bet for every season, we just hope that she/he delivers an awesome performance every week and honestly I go for Jessica Sanchez simply because she has the best talent for this season and definitely the most deserving to watch! She is a total performer!

  62. God! I had no chance to watch it live since my job doesn’t permit me to do so [Ever since this season started…:(]

    Anyway, Seriously?!!! Wow… JESSICA is really singing like it is her last—she does it every week. Way to go Jessica! You have my heart!

    • OMG…Beyonce’s vibrato, Jennifer Hudson’s powerful vocal and Mariah’s whistle all trapped in one small body.  Such a very moving moment…made me shed some tears…u definitely put yourself in that song girl. Great job JESSICA. God bless you.

  63. 1. Phillip Phillips2.Colton Dixon
    3.Erika Van Pelt
    4.Elise Testone
    5.Skylar Laine
    6.Joshua Ledet7.Hollie Cavanagh8.Jessica Sanchez9.Heejun Han

  64. OMG…Beyonce’s vibrato, Jennifer Hudson’s powerful vocal and Mariah’s whistle all trapped in one small body.  Such a very moving moment…made me shed some tears…u definitely put yourself in that song girl. Great job JESSICA. God bless you.

  65. I guess what made others think that they kind of not connected to Jessica performing in that stage was because of the comment Diddy made.
    I did connected to her performance. It was believable for me.

    And I gotta give a clap to these people as to what I think did best tonight:

    (1st) Jessica – Every melody of your performance is heartwarming! I believe in your dreams. I even heart you as a person and a performer. 🙂 You sing like it is your last and that, to me is a Champion already. 🙂

    (2nd) Joshua – Your voice is captivating to a lot of people. You did pretty well.

    (3rd) Phil – I know this may sound odd, but I would really enjoy a battle between you and Jessica…:) You have a unique style. It’s electrifying.

    (4th) Colton – You did a good job with the song. I would love my fave sing the song. However, even if it ended to you singing it, I found it very pleasing. 🙂

    (5th) Elise – Wow… Your choice of music is good. I may not quite your like you attitude, but your strong personality is what keeping your voice strong.

    (6th) Hollie – I really don’t like any of the idols singing Honesty but you did it good. It wasn’t that good-good to me but, it’s good. I didn’t got the style quite well, though. Anyway, this is American Idol, not  America’s Next Top Model.

    (7th) Erika – Quite a strong performance coming from you.  I beauty you showed with the voice that you showcased is catchy. 🙂 I hope you will be safe next week.

    (8th) Skylar – I never got that shaky part of yours but you pulled it through. 🙂

    (9th) Deandre  – Hahaha… when I watched the videos, I forgot that he was still included in the show. Too bad for me, but he really was overshadowed by everyone. It was not clear and believe me guys, I don’t find him satisfactory anymore.

    (10th) HeeJun – I agree to the review. I would love to replace Grimm over him. Grimm has much more to show than him—in my opinion. His is  just mediocre and a bit karaoke.

  66. You are bloody crazy Jessica is and will be the best every week, she was the best def better then philip, he always sounds the same and like his screaming I don’t like his voice, I don’t know what America sees, top 3 that may win Colton, Jessica and Joshua or DeAndre

  67. And if you don’t believe that Jessica was the best how about you take a look at the poll…

  68. I’m beginning to smell a little Hollie-favoritism with this author. Okay, you don’t need to vomit everything that’s in your mind about a each of them–especially if it’s negative. It’s a review—-and it should be taken OBJECTIVELY. Sorry Dude, just to express what keeps boggling in my mind.

  69. Hollie last night was a disaster I can’t stand to watch her performance… she was overpower by the song…

  70. I guess you better click that “edit” button Branden. Your review about Jessica is way too subjective. Don’t get me wrong about that “each of us has its own opinion.” That is a review—not a comment.

  71. ummm ok you lame butts….heejun was hillarius….american idol IS a joke……I’m tired of people who take the show so seriously….fuuug off with all the tears and sappy sob stories already….not his best vocal performance by a mile… but at least it was fun and something different than all the same old wailing ballads we hear season after season ..the same old big notes the same old runs holding your notes till you’re blue ….it gets old…and unless you’re something more than just a great technician with your voice in my opinion you can just go home and sing karaoke…fanks!!!

  72. Elise reminds me of Haley from last year. Haley was in the bottom three a lot of times, but she ended up in 3rd place. I guess it takes time for people to warm to Elise and find a way to make her mainstream marketable.

  73. Elise has a great voice its her attitude and personality that’s gonna do her in….she doesn’t have the “likeablity” factor as Simon Cowell would say that others have….even if she is more talented!

    • What you meant probably is Elise don’y know how to fake a goody goody two shoes like the rest of them.  And maybe, just maybe that she wanted to be judged based on her singing abilities.  Some artist are like that.
      Just saying………………   😀

  74. im tired of hearing Phil and dont understand the rave about him.

    the only great thing about Phil is his good looks. i want some sexy time with him.

  75. are you damn serious? hollie got an A? It was so pitchy! It was painful to listen and watch her in distress with that song! c’mon! 

  76. I really don’t get the hype about Jessica. She’s a good singer, but by far not as good as she is made out to be. Colton for me clearly owned the night, followed by Joshua and Phil. 

  77. Branden ”
    Ur post has huge flaws . Phillip” not a fan “a villain here coz of u.
     U lost ur credibility and that’s it.

  78. Agree with you Brenden, you should be one of the judges, you could do a better job. Elsie is awsome but the teens are the big voters and go for the long hair and stupid actions of  two of the boys. Shame this is not about singing. Jessica was not one of the best last night. Go Elsie and Phillip.

  79. Hahaha… I definitely won’t gonna cut out Steven’s hair out and feed it to the Giraffes [which I was saying days ago in the other article].

    Still, I am listening to the people and not to the Judges. 🙂 Though, they did gave acceptable criticisms last night. There are still so many weeks to come so continue doing a good job in judging all contestants Tyler, Jackson and Ms. Lopez! 🙂

  80. wow! the Jessica fans here are ready to fight!  But sorry Colton ‘the piano man’ just did alright and that’s all he needs to get real massive tween votes! 😛

  81. Hollie did okay for me. But, it’s good she got criticized this week so she can improve next week. But, I have to say whoever dressed her need to be fired. Her outfit is like Madonna in menopausal stage.

    I think Heejun should quit the competition and back on American Idol as co-host or something. I would love that. He’s much more fit as tv personality than a singer.

  82. I think you’re a big fan of Hollie. I like Hollie but I didn’t think her performance was that good, It was soooo pitchy apparently.
    Other than that, I agree with you about the rest.

  83. DeAndre=  C- (unique dance but his tone alike deaf…)Erika= B+ (awesome hairstyle and good performance)
    Joshua= B- (what happen to his vocal)
    Skylar= B- (don’t like her scream/boring)
    Elise= A++ (unique her vocal and great performance) disagree with you (admin) about A-… hmmm
    Philip= A- (nice upset movin song his vocal and good performance)
    Hollie= C+ (no emotional vocal and boring huge ballad but she looked mother her fashion dress) peace Hollie fan
    Heejun= D- (best joker plus his vocal is ok)
    Jessica= A+ (great performance and 3standing o but need to improve her upset song than ballad) 🙂
    Colton= A- (great favorite “piano man”)

    Strongest performance: Elise, Jessica, Philip and Colton
    Middle: Joshua, Ericka, Skylar, and Hollie
    Worst: DeAndre and Heejun

    Just my opinion… 🙂 

  84. Deandre – Only The Good Die Young – It was the wrong song
    choice. River of Dreams would have been 
    much better for him. I thought he did an okay job. It was nothing
    special, it was very karaoke. (C -)

    Erika – New York State Of Mind – A good song choice. I would
    have preferred Elise singing this, but I’ll take Erika. First off, I really
    love the makeover. She looks great! I thought she did a really great job with
    this song. I was impressed, but now blown away. I’m waiting for her to blow me
    away. But, very good nonetheless. I worried by her going second, that we will
    be saying goodbye to her tomorrow. I really hope that I am wrong though. (B+)

    Joshua – She’s Got A Way – A good song choice! I thought he
    put his typical take it to church stamp on it. I personally think he did connect
    to the song. The beginning was a little bit of a yawn, but by the end of the
    song it was typical powerful Joshua. Not my favorite performance of his, but
    still really good. (B+)

    Skylar – Shameless – I thought it was slightly pitchy in the
    beginning. But, by the end I thought she did a GREAT job with the song. She hit
    some really good notes, and she looked great tonight as well. I was really
    impressed overall (B+)

    Elise – Vienna – Elise has my favorite tone in this
    competition. Her voice is sick! But, in a good way.. haha. I thought this was a
    great song choice for her, and I thought she did a really good job on it. I don’t
    think it deserved a standing ovation, but it was really good. (A-)

    Phillip – Movin’ On – A pretty good song choice for him. I
    thought he did a good job with the song. I thought it was the best he has done
    since In The Air Tonight. (B)

    Hollie – Honesty – First off, I don’t like the styling with
    her. The pants are awful! That’s just my opinion though. Performance wise it
    wasn’t my favorite from her. She was pitchy in some spots. Parts were good,
    other parts not so much. (C)

    Heejun – My Life – Gosh, I love this kid. His vocals were
    poor in the first half of the song, but by the end he was honestly hitting some
    decent runs. Plus, this was the most entertaining thing we have seen this
    episode. I laughed through the whole thing. So, I’m happy. I’ll be generous and
    give him a (B-).

    Jessica – Everybody has a dream – She is just a pro, and
    that’s all there is to say. She sang beautifully, and it wasn’t overdone. I
    really liked that we got to hear how powerful her falsetto is. Just great! (A)

    Colton – Piano Man – A great song choice for him. He had a
    very emotional performance and he really connected to the song well. Besides a
    couple of squeaks I didn’t care for, I thought he did a really great job. (A-)

    Overall, there were some very boring lackluster performances
    such as Deandre and Hollie. But there were some standouts including Elise,
    Jessica, and Colton. Heejun was a standout as well, but I’m not sure if it for
    the right reasons. Haha.

    Bottom 3 should be: Deandre, Heejun, and Hollie.

    Bottom 3 will be: Deandre and Erika for sure. Third spot
    could be Hollie, Heejun, Elise, or Skylar.

  85. Deandre – (B-)
    Erika – (A-)
    Joshua – (B+)
    Skylar – (B)
    Elise – (A+)
    Philip – (A)
    Holie – (C+)
    Heejun – (C-)
    Jessica – (A+)
    Colton – (A)

    • Deandre (D)
      Erika (A-)
      Joshua (C-)
      Skylar (C)
      Elise (A++)
      Philip (A)
      Hollie (C)
      Heejun (F)
      Jessica (A++)
      Colton (A+)
      Bottom three; Heejun, Deandre, Elise (becuase the voters will put her down there even though she doesn’t belong)

      Who knows though, stranger things have happened in the past


    As good as the performances were all round I don’t remember Billy Joel being so boring with some many ballad style songs. He added rock n roll or pop to his repertoire.  

    Billy’s sound was not always purist, it was from the jazzy blue streets of New York (52nd St) accompanied by trumpet and sax .  He’s got European blood in his veins and is a New Yorker from the Bronx!!! Strangely, Heejun (the boy from Flushing, Queens NY) was probably truer to Billy Joel (the New Yorker) and entertainer with a sense of fun than the other contestants!! The Billy Joel of late 70’s and early 80’s was in the summer of his life and hot on the charts; he was not always the more serious singer of his autumn years.

    My best memories of Billy Joel are “Piano Man” (sung in fun around a piano around the pianist); as well as the upbeat trumpeting and harmonies of “Up Town Girl”; “”It’s Still Rock and Roll”: “Matter of Trust”; “Pressure”; “You May Be Right” and “Back in the USSR”.  Often Billy Joel was “disrepectful to himself (Stephen Tyler)” and often mocking his own style – a Jewish boy hanging around Catholic boys to pick up their sisters.   

    People critical of Heejun should perhaps watch the Billy Joel Greatest Hits video performance of  “Matter of Trust” and the mockery Billy adds to his songs (the techniuqe picked up by Heejun).  Even the offical video clips of “My Life” saw Billy mocking himself by attending a basement performance of his own recording with his friends and providing a chorus with his friends to Billy on the piano (almost a Queen chorus reminiscnet of Bohemian Rhapsody).  Personally, I’d rather remember the Billy Joel in  his prime years and “just the Way You Are (Billy) – a chart topper of the 70’s and 80’s.

    In some respects, tonight’s Idol was a rewriting of Billy Joel into a pure balladist rather than an artist with a broad range.  Long Live Billy Joel, you’re still Rock and Roll to me.


      Wonders whether Stephen Tyler thought it was disrepectful for the producers of early 80’s TV show “Bosom Buddies” to feature “My Life” by Billy Joel as the theme song.
        “BOSOM BUDDIES SYNOPSIS:  The show features a young Tom Hanks and his misadventures with other single buddy, working in creative advertising, struggling in their industry while “disguising themselves as women” in order to live in the one apartment they could afford. Gender stereotypes and male/female interpersonal relationships were frequent themes.”Sometimes Stephen we judge others too much.  The fact that you say something to be in your mind disrespectful polarises people and they  become reactive (and respond) rather than be proactive (and accept a wider diversity of opinions and the rich tapestry of Billy Joel’s music) .Perhaps, Heejun has a better appreciation of Billy Joel and his beloved New York than many others. My view is that Heejun paid tribute to Billy Joel in a style often adopted by Billy Joel in his own music. It was probably the younger Billy Joel many of us from the era remember as “The Stranger” and “52nd St” albums hit the streets although for others it “The River of Dreams”.Heejun sung the truth, listen to the words of the song (it’s so Heejun).  No disrespect to Billy Joel, he (Heejun) was facing the fact the judges can speak their mind but on their time but he doesn’t care what they say, this is his life and won’t be a victim, it’s his life on his terms on this stand-up routine in LA.Bought a ticket to the West CoastNow he gives them a stand-up routine in L.A.I don’t need you to worry for me cause I’m alrightI don’t want you to tell me it’s time to come homeI don’t care what you say anymore, this is my lifeGo ahead with your own life, leave me aloneI never said you had to offer me a second chance(I never said you had to)I never said I was a victim of circumstance(I never said)I still belong, don’t get me wrongYou can speak your mindBut not on my time

  87. For a while there, I was scared  Hollie would get a pulled vocal chord with her high pitched perf  – she has to do better to stay in the running; am starting to get kind of tired of Joshua’s extended whine;  Surprise , surprise I  liked what  Elise did this time notwithstanding  what  I said before when she thinks things aren’t  going  her way, she has to tone down those dagger looks…very off-putting.

    Best of the night – Jessica, Phillip (though I was not so much into the variation arrangement of  “Movin Out”  and …definitely, definitely it was Colton’s moment to shine as a young “Piano Man”… as to the rest… huhummm  they all seem to fade into the background after a laugh or two from Heejun..  

  88. Jessica sang the song perfertly, the rest were doing karoeke.  B+ for Jessica is very insulting considering she is the only one that has no pitch problem.  Elise sang Vienna which is a romantic song and dont feel it. Sorry.  I love that song and Ariana Grandes version is much better.  Hollie needs some voice lesson.  After last year’s ballad people will get tired of her singing it and not perfect.  Phillips did well and Colton with some pitch in some notes.  Most of them except Jessica are not consistent every week.   All of them need to perform excellent in ordeer to beat Jessica.  Also numbers speak for itself.  People know how to vote.  jessica still and will be the next American Idol for sure. 

  89. Ok how much cause someone is having fun or joking around people see has him not being  serious if you go back to hollywood week and look at the times they where send people how  you can tell how much it means to him. He may not been the best of the night but I don’t think he was the worse other. He had a few bar’s that where off and did not sound right but all together that was more of a C no way was that a F I’m just starting to think people are looking at him with there eyes half close and only seeing his funny side but there is more to him then that if you look more.

  90. I just can’t decide who was best tonight – Colton or Phillip. Both of them were excellent. Girls were all good, not excellent but good.  Erika left the best impression. Boys…. There is something about Joshua that puts me off. I didn’t like his performance much.  Deandre was totally forgettable. IMHO he was the weakest tonight.  I liked Heejun. He is performer in his own way, sings good enough, so I believe he would be safe. So Deandre will be sent packing home.

  91. I thought the best three were Colton, Philip and Elise.
    I think Skylar and Hollie have great and unique voices, but they were pitchy.  Skylar messed up the low notes, and Jessica never just got the right tone.  Joshua is a good technical singer but he is not commercial and has not chance of winning.  Same goes for Elise and Erika.  Although we know they sing well, they are not commercially appealing.  At this point, the only persons I see winning are Colton and Philip.  Hollie and Jessica may be dark horses.  As for Heejun, he can go now that he has made it to the top 10.  And I agree, Deandre should go–he should have never been in the top 10 in the first place.

  92. I meant “Hollie” never got the right tone.  Jessica was good but a bit boring.

  93. I personally think that Heejun wasn’t great that night. It is an obvious fact. I know everyone can see it. But here’s the thing. Firstly, I should think that it is probably a racial discrimination since he is a Korean. Secondly, I think the judges are the problem. Last week, Jimmy said that the audience would get bored if he should go on singing songs like that then he changed completely but he got very negative comments from the judges. If I were him, I would not have known what to do either. In my opinion, he did try. He really did. He transformed himself a lot. Although I have to say that it was absolutely disappointing even to a fan like me, still I want America to give him a chance to prove who he is from the audition that we watched. By the way, I don’t think that he’s playing a sitcom show or something like that on American Idol, it’s just the way he’s. He’s funny, always laughs but I can tell that he’s extremely nervous about that just now. Don’t you remember the times that he broke down and burst into tears during the Hollywood and Vegas week? He’s serious. I think and I know that. It will be predictable if he is sent home. I will not be surprised but I still feel that you guys should think about a better way to comment constructively not confusingly. Last but not least, I think Jess, Phil and Sky were great and “incredibly talented “(Randy Jackson)

  94. My rankings based on last night’s performance:

    1. Jessica Sanchez
    2. Elise Testone
    3. Phillip Phillips
    4. Colton Dixon
    5. Erika Van Pelt
    6. Joshua Ledet
    7. Hollie Cavanagh
    8. Skylar Laine
    9. Deandre Brackensick
    10. Heejun Han

  95. I’m with you on Jessica…she has an amazing voice but I’m just not connecting with her. Hollie has so much more behind her voice, with more soul and richness to her tone. It was not hollie’s best, but I still enjoy her more.

    To me, erika and Elise were the best of the night (although Hollie is still my favorite).

    Hejuun was absolutely horrible and insulting!!! He needs to go!!!

    Now on to Colton…he sounded good, but I hate his winey tone. He had a great song, and the song made him sound good…he didn’t make the song look good.

    • Hollie 18 .   Jessica 16 >>>> Tell me how the connection works with Hollie but not With Jessica  …. !!!

    • This year watching most of the contestants leaves me wondering why I am watching this. Jessica was great singing “I Will Always Love You,” but I think most people are remembering that performance and still judging her on that. She quickly fell into the trap of thinking that singing loudly and hitting high notes are what makes a great performance for every song. I feel that what she is doing now is singing “I Will Always Love You” with different notes and different words when she performs.  Heejun is making a mockery of this competition. Is he actually William Hung (sp. ?) in disguise? I like Hollie, but she also seems to be trying too hard resulting in pitchy notes. Ever since someone made a comment about her wardrobe, people seem to forget her singing and focus on what she is wearing. I liked Erika’s performance (forget the new hair style). I really like the way Skylar connects with the audience when she is singing. She has a good voice, but I did not like the song choice last night. I don’t want to insult the Phillip fans, but I don’t see why he is a favorite on this show. Would someone help me see him from their viewpoint? Maybe then I can understand his following. Maybe they should have one show where the contestant is heard and then halfway through the performance seen singing–sort of a reverse Voice, but we could concentrate on only the sound of the voice and not the performance factor because that’s what CDs are. At this point I am more interested in hearing Haley sing tonight than anything else. What does that say about Idol Season 11?

  96. Don.t like the show this year too many Ballards! Not enough Acting
    Much better singers last year,and I am A Music Teacher

  97.  Now my 2 cents worth….PHILLIP PHILLIPS can Phillip It up (as Steven Tyler said) any song by any artist-His version of Thriller by the LATE GREAT Micheal Jackson was the BOMB ..Maybe he will get to sing it live so all that missed it can see him in his comfort zone, Not that he needs to be in it to sing the hell out of A song, HE IS COMFORTABLE just Singing and strumming his BABY Mama(aka his Guitar-posted on his facebook by Phillip himself-BTW love this reference) Steven said it best when he said “Phillip YOU JUST ARE ! ! !plain and simple” JLo said it next best- when she said the first time she SAW him sing she could see the Electricity of the music running through his body and she was feeling it too just by watching him sing” When he moves his feet and does the twist with his legs… I am from a small country town in the Great State of Georgia, A Ga. Peach born and raised, BUT If I wasn’t from Ga. I would want to move here. We have home grown MANY great artist here and Phillip is one of our best. A Simple GOOD OLE COUNTY Boy, Georgia Born, Georgia Raised and now READY To share his gift to the World..He Will STAY Simple and true and soon he will Be THE BEST Artist Discovered on American Idol by Far…. The other 9 will fall one by one till its done-What ever the order may be of each one going home is in the end irrelevant THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE to WIN AI2012 and THAT WILL BE …..PHILLIP PHILLIPS…..

    • Just a Note to correct One of the MOST Important points In the above comment I posted …. A Simple GOOD OLE ***COUNTRY *** Boy (altough COUNTY Boy would have been just fine TOO)…I just got so Excited to be sharing a little Southern Georgia Passon with all you I made a small typeO….

  98. Phillip was amazing! He sang a song that I used to hate and turned it into something I would buy! Love him! I thought Elise and Erika were great also. Yes, Jessica can sing..but she reminds me of a wind up doll. I’m also bored with her. She will be this year’s “Pia” and be sent packing. I, for one, cannot wait. Heejun? That WAS a joke, right?  I agree though..the bottom three will be Deandre, Erika, and Elise.  Not because Erika and Elise deserve to be there but because America just doesn’t seem to be warming up to them.

  99. I thought the performances for the most part last night were good.  There were some that “oversang” …….sections of the song were screamed instaed of singing…and some very very pitchy although the judges were far easy on them.  I thought Hollie’s outfit was way too old for her.  Deandre didn’t sing well and Heejun was horrible (sorry), he needs to go.  Although I like Heejun, but we need to remind everyone that this is a “singing” competition.  I thought Erica’s new “DO” was horrible.  It also makes her look much older.  I do not like the color or cut for her at all.  I agree that she needs a makeover, although this was not it. 

  100. I agree! Elise did great but she doesnt have this “LIKEABLITY FACTOR!” Sorry, she’s out! and mind you, she’s ugly aniway.

  101. Please get rid of Tommy F’ing Hillfinger.  If a contestant is bad, well we’ve only got to see them 1 time during the show.  This clown is terrible & he’s going to get his little piece in before EVERY song?  Holy **## (bad word that means manure).  I think Phillip was the best last night.  While I also thought Elise, Jesssica, and Colton were extremely good, Phillip is the one who told Hillphucker to get bent.   Colton sorta didn’t listen to him either, but Phillip pretty much gave that flunkie the big FU.  If AI wants to have a line of clothing w/ the guy fine.  I sure as hades don’t want this guy commenting before every song.   Ugggh.   People who don’t connect w/ Jessica maybe because in her first 2 pre-ambles she had the ready made excuse (her voice problems) & then the “I’m taking a risk” comment before her next one.  I actually liked her 3rd performance better than her first 2, even though she didn’t sing as quite as well, because her preamble had nothing that had me rolling my eyes at her before she even started singing. When I heard AI was going to keep their shows at 2 hours, I was hoping the contestants could sing longer.  If not that, maybe something off stage about the contestants with some of that time.  If none of those 2, maybe a little more of Jimmy’s comments.   Whatever the case, I hoped it would be more about the show. Instead they’re going to give extra time to some worthless fashion designer who was basically wrong on 9 out of 10 (I’ll give him credit on Erika) who knows nothing about music. 

    • Thanks so much for pointing out the totally unnecessary Tommy segment.  If AI needs more of something, it’s Jimmy iovine!  I say add him to the live panel so everyone can see how senseless Randy Jackson’s comments are… 

  102. watching their performances, i’m totally bored. nothing really stood except that i’ve had some goosebumps with colton’s. I like it! BTW, I heard a lot of sharp notes from Hollie, she was pitchy all throughout. Didn’t like it! Elise voice is nice, but i was annoyed by her constant hand gestures like she was rapping. Her performance was great but I can’t feel it! Jessica is great as usual… but i felt like she was too exhausted in the VTR’s. Heejun’s jokes are too annoying already. Sorry, but when I saw him starting again I had to go to the bathroom for a break LOL! Well, I still these 3 did great tonight: Colton, Jessica, Phillip.

  103. I think Hollie’s performances shouldn’t be A (hello!)…  Elise’s performance was great so as Jessica and Colton… Jessica stood out, B+ was not fair she deserve an A+… Philip Philips was also a standout.

  104. Yeah, agree! Jessica should be A++++++++++++++++ The WRITER named BRANDON IS THE MOST STUPID IDOL FAN IN HISTORY with a WORST REVIEW EVER… sounds a newbie in American Idol trend.

  105. Yeah, agree! Jessica should be A++++++++++++++++ The WRITER named BRANDON IS THE MOST STUPID IDOL FAN IN HISTORY with a WORST REVIEW EVER… 

    DOnt believe in him, he is just a STUPID FAN with an IDIOT REVIEW

      • YEah! and Brandon is the AMERICAN IDIOT! 

        Oh what you got? STupid reviews from a SO-SO Trying hard AI Judge wannabee! 

  106. I don’t get it, the poll ask who was the best.  It’s not who you want to win the America Idol.  Are Americans ears that bad and really thought Heejun was better than Joshua, Hollie, Erica, Skylar and DeAndre.  I wish there was 2 polls who was the best and who was the worse.  If there was you definately see Heejun should of gone home along time ago.  Those 320 people who voted Heejun was the best go get your ears checked.  I voted for Colton was the best this week and if the season was going to be ending I would say Jessica would be the winner.

  107. If AMERICAN IDOL, there should be “the AMERICAN IDIOT” and thats Brandon!

    Jessica only B+ ???? Are you crazy? OMG! so idiot!

  108. It’s the “Jessica Sanchez Show”. 

    On tonight’s show we have two special guests – Colton and Phillip; our regular back-up singers; and direct from the east coast our ever popular singer/comedian Asian Heejun – after appearances in Flushing, Queens NY.

    It’s a teensy bit country, some rock and roll but mostly our star attraction performing and sounding like Las Vegas superstar ballader and French-Canadian diva (Celine) in the body of 17 year old Californian girl with parents having Mexian and Phillipine origins.

    Gifted wrapped especially this week by Tommy (dressed in expensive brown leather Italian shoes, bright red socks, navy trousers and blazer with military trim). With an added bit of soul from a jazzy blues accompaniment Joshua,  Jimmy Ioovine’s literally got his “eye over ’em” all with comments from guest mentors treated like they’re sometimes demented.

    Rest assured, Mr Paper Tongues (aka Randy) will produce reams of paper accolades about the best of the best of the best performances on the show (at least until next week).  “What kind of show is it” – it’s a southern style fry-up and clambake competition  for people who “are in it, to win it.”

    After shelling a few crawfish amongst contestants, we turn to remaining panel.

    We’re sure to get a few goooosey moments from J-Lo and another week of abstinence from expletives with Stephen.

    One person is in it to win it, the others are decoration. Oh, and one of the contestants might win too (if the judges don’t take the prize).

  109. This show is really starting to get to me.  HeeJun is a joke.  He can barely sing, to me he just gets by.  He should be gone!!!!!! This is a serious singing competition and these kids deserve to be heard.  HeeJun is making a mockery of this competition and I think thats sooo wrong.  I don’t even think he’s funny anymore…..

    Outstanding to me last night was Jessica, Phil P. and Colton Dixon.  Every week it seems that my picks change.  I’m not a big fan of Colton but he out did himself last night.
    Not a big fan of Elise either but she did very good last night and so did Erika.  If HeeJun doesn’t go (I guess its wishful thinking), it will probably be Deandre (unless the kids were up all night texting).

    • haven’t seen the show yet.  probably saturday afternoon.  heejun, as i said before, is this season’s  sanjaya.  thanks for the line on the rangers.  i’m impressed at 4 to 1.  thought it would be more!!

  110. Reading the comments..WOW.  People who love Jessica do not allow for anyone else’s opinion. They almost sound obsessed.  And calling Elise ugly? Since when does that have anything to do with your singing voice? 

  111. im a huge jessica and hollie Fan. i think the top 3 people who r definitely safe r Jessica, Phil, Colton.
    the middle people will be- Hollie, Deandre, Elise, Josh
    the bottom 3 will be Erika, Skylar, Heejun based on these three performances Heejun will go home and will not be saved sorry i just think heejun is boring along with Erika i hope Heejun or Erika goes home.
    I think next week if erkia is safe she will be the next one to be eliminated or Elise. Last week i was really hoping Erika went home for her to stay over shannon i was kinda upset but at least my favs rstill in Go team #Jessica and team #Hollie the final 2 girls in the finale

  112. to all my fellow jessica sanchez fans,we all know that jessica is one of the best or should i say THE BEST in this competition.. we can write great reviews about her without bashing other contestants..

    PEACE Y’all…

  113. jESSICA SANCHEZ only B+ ?
    Heejun only F?
    and Brandon is the AMERICAN IDIOT! 

    the most stupid review in Idol history

    Oh what you got? STupid reviews from a SO-SO Trying hard AI Judge wannabee! 

  114. UGLIES like ELISE and JOSHUA should be kicked out in the American Idol. They looked like clowns on stage… 


    • So..Steven Tyler is good looking? You don’t have to be gorgeous to have a good voice.

    • Seriously, WTF is happening to you people? Many artists have gone big in the industry without being PERFECTLY PRETTY AND HANDSOME!!!! And so as Elise and Joshua, they don’t need to be pretty and handsome as what you wanted them to be.  They’re not even UGLY to start with! 

  115. I’m very much in agreement with you Branden!

    Jessica is a great singer, but I am just not connecting with her.  Everything seems to be there by the book, but something just seems to be missing for me.  Hollie, although not her best performance last night, I love her so much more!!!  Hollie seems to have more soul behind her voice, and her tone is just so rich…I love it!!  I just do not agree with all the standing ovations she has been getting.  In my opinion, her best performance is the one from last week where she received the most critique.  I’m still routing for Hollie for the win.  I also want to point out that Hollie looked the best style wise throughout the night…her clothes actually looked like designer clothes.

    I like Deandre, but he has just not bee on the right track.  He has a great and interisting voice, but he is not bringing it all to the table.

    I had serious issue with Joshua last night.  Did anyone else notice that something was wrong???  He was vacant in his eyes, and even the way he spoke was different.  I got the feeling that something personal was going on.  I’m just surprised that no one said anything about that.  It really ruined his performance, despite his great voice. 

    Erika, to me, was the best of the night…along with Elise.  I love Erika’s new look (despite her hair being too dark).  They were too critical of her in my opinion.  She seemed so much more confident and laid back in performance…I loved it. Elise brought another great vocal.  I just don’t know why America is not connection…I guess because they are not younger cuter guys.

    Philip was great as always!  I like that he is what he is, and he is great at it.  Part of me understands that he does not want to change at all for anyone, and the other part of me understands that as a star, you kind of need to dress the part…so I’m a bit on the fence.

    Okay…so…Hejuun…I’m really starting to get pissed off about him.  He does have a voice in there somewhere, but what upsets me is that he thinks this whole thing is a joke.  I honestly do not know why America is keeping him around.  He will probably not be in the bottom 3 tonight, but he honestly should be the one going home!!!!!!!!!

    I almost forgot about Skyler.  I like Skyler, but her performance last night was just okay.  To me, she is a good mix between Lauren and dare I say Haley from last year.  I did not think I liked Skyler at all until she hit the top 13.

    Alright, now for everyone to disagree with me even more.  Colton did a good job last night, but I cannot stand his winey voice.  It almost sounds like he sings with cotton balls in his mouth.  He ended up with the most iconic song of the night in the “pimp” spot.  The song made him look and sound great, he did not make the song sound and look good.  I think he was praised a little too much.  I also want to point out that he keeps referring to himself as punk…come on Colton…no one on idol has ever been punk.  He does have a style (althought a bad one in my opion), but it is definitely not punk.  Punk has roots in Sid Vicious, and he is the furthest from that as possible.  His sound and look is not new…in fact, it is very trendy at the moment. 

    My bottom 3 of the night: Hejuun, Deandre & Joshua

    America’s bottom 3: Erika, Elise & Deandre

    • U didn’t answer my question, The connection works with Hollie BUT NOT WITH Jessica ,,, 18 and 16 years old !!??

      • I’m obviously not the only one who think so!  Last night was not Hollie’s best performance, but I honestly do not think Jessica is as good as everyone is making her out to be.  There is only two years between the two…they are both young.  Just because Jessica gets a standing ovation, does not mean I have to agree with the judges.  I also do not agree that Joshua’s performance last week was the best ever on Idol.

        I just don’t connect with Jessica when she sings, despite how amazing she is.  It’s hard to describe, but even when Jessica moves around and performs, it is so robotic to me.  I feel like she does what she thinks she is supposed to do as a singer, and maybe that has to do with her being 16. 

        Also…after listening to the recordings every week…I’ve also developed my opinions based on the recordings.  I do not think Jessica is a great recording artist…she becomes very boring.  Elise, Erika, and Hollie have the best recording voices.  Just remember that aside from touring, these artists are going to have to record full albums.  We all know that many AI artists who are great singers have put out albums that are boring and just do not capture their great voice.

        You can disagree with me all you want…but I just prefer Hollie.  I will say it again though…Jessica is technically amazing, but there is something missing with her.

        I think people are way off in putting Hollie in their bottom 3.  She was not the best, and her performance was kind of mediocre, but she was not the worst by far!!!

      • Kris >
        OFF TOPIC   …
        To be emotionally connected with a singer , He must have the experience ….RIGHT ??? They are both young . they don’t have the exprerience that Elise has …. I don’t want to make an argument which one of Jessica/Elise/Hollie/Erika has the best recording voice. What is ur method ? How do u connect with Hollie ?? She is still young  just like Jessica ?? Coz she is ur fave !! I don’t know.
        Colton 19/20 years old … still young as well … what about his moves on stage !!! I don’t get u .
        Time will show who is THE BEST …Right ??

  116. The three weakest performances were by Hollie, DeAndre and Heejun and while DeAndre’s family name ends in “sick” it is Heejun and his antics that make me sick.

    He seems incapable of taking this opportunity seriously and his vocal skills are not good enough to be dissing the mentors and the judges. 

    Hopefully we don’t get a repeat of last year when female singers were sent packing week after week and we actually get rid of the weakest performer, based on talent and commitment.

    If Heejun wants to be a comedian, he should try out at Last Comic Standing or something similar but he does not deserve to stay in this competition.

    I doubt it will happen but I hope we have seen the last of Heejun.   


  117. ~ How could you complain about not connecting with Jessica when you gave Hollie an “A”? Hollie can sing but her HONESTY last night was without any semblance of emotion. You probably just don’t like Jessica.  And that’s okay as we all have our favorites. 

  118. The Goods:
    Phillip, Jessica, Colton

    The Averages:
     Erika, Hollie

    The Bads:
    Joshua, Elise, Skylar, Heejun

    & The Worst:
    DeAndre: worst performance of the night! he loves his hair too much & sick of seeing him swinging it around like a girl for the whole song! worst of all, he completely ruined Billy’s song! D+

    All 3 judges were praising  almost everyone & didn’t give any honest & constructive advise !!

    Bottom 3: DeAndre, Elise, Heejun
    Going Home: DeAndre

    • I hope you’re right. Deandre turned Only The Good Die Young into a Milli Vanilli parody! However, Heejun can go tonight and I wouldn’t shed a tear either!

    • I am not an Elise fan… but it’s unfair to say she was one of the worst of the night.  I would go as far as saying Hollie should replace her in the “bottom performers” because she sang out of tune.  Then again, that is not to say Hollie will be in the Bottom Three because she has gathered fans throughout the earlier stages.  Elise on the other hand, always sings great, but has failed to connect to the audiences.  Even if Elise is in the bottom three, it’s not because of her performance, but because she hasn’t warmed up to the audience.  I just hope if she does end up having the least votes, that the judges won’t save her… If they do.. they’ll waste the save because Elise cannot win this season.

  119. There’s a thin line between liking the person and liking the performer. Perfect example for “liking the person” is Heejun. Cause no matter how ridiculous he was as a performer to the extent of him slowly becoming the biggest joke this season…you would still root for him. While Elise embodied “liking the performer” despite of the attitude problems that she throws yet nobody can deny that she’s great on stage.
    If life is fair the Top6 should be Philip, Colton, Joshua, Erika, Elise & Jessica. Cause from hereon it will be the battle of the greats. Skylar is great too but she’s one dimensional for me. Slow or fast song it’s still is country. With Hollie…well it’s just Hollie and her big voice which is sadly can’t do much for her.

    • I see what you’re saying. However, to say Skylar is all country..well, most country singers are. Phillip is all rock.  Jessica is all ballads. We saw last week, she isn’t very good at upbeat. Joshua turns everything into a gospel song. He does it well but he still does it. Colton is pretty much alternative rock.  I would say Elise has shown to be the most versatile.

      • Can you Tweet Elise if she can do Turn The Beat Around? Can you even imagine how will it sound?

        Pawned! Talking ’bout versatility.

      • Sure..and I bet she does a much better job than Jessica on that song. It was bad..and everyone knows it.

  120. My best were Elise, Jessica and Colton.  I absolutely adore Deandre he has such a wonderful falsetto and when he sings he sings flawlessly he doesn’t have to try hard however i wouldn’t be surprise if he goes home.  I liked Heejun in Hollywood but now he is starting to annoy the hell out of me. I never liked Skylar or Philip and Hollie was good she aint going no where anytime soon. Erika was really good last night but i’m not a real fan and iI wouldn’t be a surprise if she goes.  Jessica can sing anything and has a lot of vocal range so I like her but I say I liked Elise the most. She has a really distinct tone. I really hope she is not in the bottom today. The bottom should be Heejun, Deandre and Erika with Heejun going home but we all know that ant going to happen lol!

  121. before the comments about Jessica is that she needs to connect herself to the song and then when she followed it, she nailed it. She was then advised to show some personality she did. This time another criticism is that she doesn’t connect to the audience, the mentors and the song. Well things should be done one at a time and she is not a powerful being to do all at once.  Somehow I feel the same about her  that she has some coldness in her eyes and so she needs to make eye contacts and ignite that flair in her eyes and run it across the audience and judges. I know she is great and she is doing her assignment. You might think she is not cool because for some, she is not conventionally beautiful or gorgeous but young and vibrant for me. I believe she has a great potential and I am afraid this competition cannot afford to lose.

  122. What beautiful about Jessica’s performance is that even if she cannot connect sometimes with the audience and can be mistaken as cold and controlled, she believes in herself and relates herself to the music and to the song she sang and make it felt from the heart that is the first and foremost thing a performer should think and if she does, people will believe in her and appreciate her.  In other words, you must put your heart and soul to the music. People can appreciate and understand that you must feel the connection yourself first as a musician before it can transcend and felt by the audience.

    • I do not understand how you can say that.  Sure, she may believe in herself and put a 100% into the performance, but if she really related to the song, there would not be an issue with her connecting to the music and being cold and robotic.

    • I see what you are saying about Jessica.  She is an exceptional singer, but not very unique.  I think if Simon were still here, he’d sometimes say she is a karaoke singer.  Look, I am incredibly impressed by Jessica’s vocal prowess, but she isn’t as marketable an artist as Colton or Philip.  I think in general that’s what’s wrong about the AI girls–they don’t have the x-factor (no pun intended) that some of the guys have.

  123. What I feel is that if someone will require the artist or the singer to connect to the audience, it is compulsory for it to be considered heartfelt, warm and endearing performance when in fact, it is the exact opposite. It is already bigotry and submission that the singer loses the soul of the music to that listener since she forgot how she feels about the music, then it is already unrealistic and fancied.   The listener can listen and empathize with the performer. But with regards to connection, the listener can find the suitable performer he can relate to and call it his anthem. As a performer, you can enjoy and feel the music where the consensus agrees regardless of what others may say that is a shining example of a true performer, win or lose…

    •  The audience may feel the connection with the performer because that is what he/she is and that is what he/she feels.

    • Is gibberish your second language?  Because a lot of it just crept into your post.

  124.  Oh by the way, a performer cannot connect to each and everyone’s feelings because we have different unique feeling every other time. Say, this person is happy, the person next to him is sad, the person over there is excited and the person on that other side of the stage is anxious and the person in front of me is indifferent so how can you be connected to each and everyone’s different feelings, situations and circumstances? All you need to do is to sing the song you feel the most and sing from your heart.

  125. heejun has lots of followers on Facebook and twitter,,,,lots of fans as well  young and old,,,so don’t be hating,,,you will be disappointed   if he stays longer,,,,you guys are just jealous of him,,,,listen  his not frank sinatra,,,ok?……

  126. You have no business blogging about a singing competition if you didn’t hear the pitch issues of Hollie.

    • Its not about a blog of singing competition and being objective. Its about “like him/her and there’s nothing you can do about it” thingy :))

    • Short, sweet and seriously true! Usually Branden is right on with his evaluation, but I think his Hollie fanaticism deafened him from hearing those bum notes!

  127. I agree with the critic.  Jessica Sanchez just doesn’t do anything for me either.  She can sing but something is missing.

  128. Does anyone notice how Jennifer Lopez says “bought” instead of “brought”?Last night was the second time I’ve noticed her do this.  

  129. the judges gave their “standing ovation” so freely and so easily. its like every week they do this standing ovation thing that it has become so ordinary already. but anyways, the best singer for me is jessica sanchez. superb vocals. but the best idols, phillip and colton. 

    • True.  I’m sure they gave the standing ovation to Elise to hopefully save her like what happened to Joshua.

  130. i think DeAndre was the best heejun should go home and ur very hot DeAndre Brakensick 🙂

  131. I agree with you in almost everything you wrote! I wish Heejun was going home.. he’s a nice guy, but that doesn’t do it in this competition.
    I disagree with your opinion on Hollie… I think she’s got a great, beautiful and powerful voice, but I think she’s lacking skills, technique and spark! I deffinetly think she’s good enough to be where she is, I just think people have her overated… I’de give her 2 years of training and she could win this thing… But right now, I think she’s very pitchy and doesn’t have good control of her breathing…
    Aside from that… I agree with everything!

  132. Heejun needs to go home. It was like watching bad karaoke last night and he is getting worse each week. He does not deserve to be there and especially does not deserve to be going on tour, yet he is because he has some sort of minority vote and he apparently makes people laugh. I think he should start taking this seriously because by being there and messing around he is screwing other people out of their dreams. Sorry for the rant but I don’t agree that America is voting to keep him there.

    I agree that Jessica is an amazing singer but I also am having trouble connecting with her. I feel that each week she is getting even more disconnected. I want so badly to love her but I just can’t. I agree with the B+.

    I love Hollie. I think she has a great personality. Sh had a few spots where she was ever so slightly off last night but she was still amazing. She sings with loads of emotion. She is my favorite girl and I hope she does something fun and upbeat to show us she does not just do ballads. I almost with the judges would suggest that to her before America gets bored.

    Colton was absolutely amazing last night. It was perfect for him and I can feel his emotion in every song he signs. He wants this so badly that it just seeps out of him every time he comes on screen. I hope he stays for a long time.

    I also love Skylar. She knows exactly who she is and does not let anyone change her. It’s great and she’s got an amazing country voice. She has shown that she can sign any song and make it country but still keep it beautiful so everyone loves it.

    I hope Heejun leaves as he should have last week.

  133. How anyone can take Heejun seriously is beyond me….teenboppers, I guess. and I also agree with Jessica…I do not get her either. She bores me to tears. Winner??? Colton, Phillip Phillips..I love what Erica did to her image…elise was good, but I do not love her either. I guess its her attitude…I hope Heejun goes homes tonight…he is was too silly for this competition.

  134. Thia ,,,, something is off  … Most people got this right .
    Jessica  ,,,, something is missing …. …. !!!!
     Every asian or half asian will be doomed for not having an emotional connection with the audience . … I am sure this will last like a decade. I am saying that with a sigh.

    • It isn’t an Asian thing.  Pia was the same and she’s Italian.   You can tell when someone loves music instinctively and when someone has been groomed for music by stage parents.  David Archuletta was also the product of a pushy parent living vicariously through their child as was Thia Meghia. It’s like Toddlers & Tiaras for teens.

      • Exactly! That’s a perfect comparison! It’s like they’re going through the motions but it’s all substance.

  135. I keep seeing “Can she sing anything other than ballads?” about Hollie. My question is, can Jessica? No….because when she tried she embarrassed herself. I don’t understand America’s infatuation with this little girl. It is uncomfortable watching her sing. She slightly impressed me with her Whitney performance, but I had to look away while she was singing. I am pretty much over American Idol as it is, but they need to quit pimping this girl out so people will stop voting for her. If she wins, I think its time for AI to hang up it’s hat and let the more interesting singing competition shows have episodes more than once a week…

  136. I honestly don’t get these judges–shame on all of them–they all keep contradicting themselves.  In particular, the week Jessica sang “Turn The Beat Around”, they said she needed to stick with ballads.  When Pia Toscano sang ballads, they said she needed to do something more upbeat–what gives?????   Jessica is extremely talented but  is boring, boring, boring–it’s the same thing every week–we know you can crush those  notes, but give us something different.  At least Colton and Philip give us their versions of the songs and continue to keep us interested.  Erika and Elise are completely underrated and Haley is creeping me out–is it time for her to register for social security?  I think I’m just getting tired of the same old, same old from AI–The Voice is so much more interesting.

  137. seriously? A (B+) for Jessica’s performance? Dude, ’twas a FINALE MOMENT for her. She’s not overrated. She’s just being rated by what people should be her rate, as always 🙂

  138. My bottom 3: Hee Jun, Joshua Ledet and Deandre Brackensick

    Going home: Joshua…

    nuff said

  139. I don’t get the fuss with Jessica… I just don’t. But then, Ididn’t like Lauren Alaina last year and she went all the way…. 

    That said, my favorites are Elise, Colton, and Phillip.

  140. HeeJun, please do everyone a favor and volunteer to go home!  Elise should  be Top 3.  DeAndre tanked, Joshua’s screaming is getting very old quick.  Skyler, Phillip, Colton and Elise nailed it!  Thumbs up to Erika’s makeover.  

  141. what was the pun you said?  I don’t get it.  I guess I’ll go over what I thought in order of who went when.  Keep in mind, I know 2 Billy Joel songs, and one they didn’t do tonight.

    DeAndre definitely had cool graphics.  He kept flipping his hair back and forth, which is almost all he could do with it.  Maybe he should braid it.  Anyway, he brought a great energy to the song.  In the beginning. when we saw his silhouette on the doors, I thought that was a bit odd.

    Erika’s makeover reminded me of Sharon Osborne, and I’m not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.   I think that her singing a song about New York if she’s a Red Sox fan was a good idea, but she probably liked it.  It was very nice that the  piano was on stage with her.  That was a nice touch.

    The candelabras in Joshua’s performance was interesting.  I thought that the gospel choir was a bit unnecessary.  But he looked really handsome, she said naively.Skylar had a really pretty dress on.  I liked how she just didn’t stand on stage and went into the audience a bit.  She has a really nice additude.
    Elise’s was cool.  I liked the accordion player.  I also liked that she walked around a bit on stage, and her dress was REALLY pretty.
    I don’t always like Phillip, but I don’t always dislike him.  I think he should have left his guitar off.
    I thought Hollie looked 30, but she does need to look younger.  My dad said that they dressed her the way they did to make her look taller.  But I liked her performance.   
    Heejun was funny.  But, good?  Someone told me that he messed up the words… 
    I have just started to like Jessica.  The gospel choir was actually a nice touch for her.  I notice now that the producers show the worst bits of their rehearsals with Jimmy to show progression, and she really did progress over the week!I knew one song in the whole show: Piano Man.  It was weird to me to hear Colton’s voice crack the way he did.  He reminded me of Schroeder with that red piano!

  142. Colton Dixon – Great performance 100 % Safe
    Phillip Phillips – Best version of Moving Out I’ve ever heard – 100% Safe, Jessica Sanchez – Great voice, boring, no soul just like Pia Toscano – but safe
    Holly Cavanagh – I didn’t hear “pitchy either, great makeup and hair, glad she traded in the 60’s hairdo, but what’s with the 60’s outfit. – Safe
    Joshua Ledet – not as good as last week, didn’t connect to the song, but Safe because of how good he was last week.
    Heejun Han – Horrible, embarrassing, but Safe because of VFTW endorsement
    Elise Testone – Elise needs a makeover, she looks like every other
    blond gal whose ever been on the show.  She has an interesting voice,
    but sometimes she needs to enunciate clearer.  Safe because the judges over-pimed her.
    Skylar Laine – her weakest performance may be in bottom 3, but will be safe because she is the only country singer.
    Erika Van Pelt – Fabulous make0ver, B+ performance, hope she isn’t going home but is likely in B-3 because of limited ongoing support.
    DeAndre Brackensick – Worst performance he’s had, he looked awkward, not confident, — it was a weird performance all-around for me.  Even though I’d give him a D rating and Hejun an F, DeAndre will be going home.

    • Good to know about that safe prediction for Jessica. If she’s boring, what kind of music do you usually listen? 
      Elise was really safe because of the judges over-pimping her.I don’t really know why you came up with a B+ performance from Erika. Anyway, she already went home because of a weak fanbase.I agree with your comment about Skylar, HeeJun and Deandre.

    • I didn’t think she could get more boring than she already was, but you’re right.  Before she was just boring, now she’s annoying as well.

    • What I am noticing is that you posted almost the same message on another thread previously, and I distinctly remember you got a lot  of opposing responses.  You’re pretty persistent with the dislike

  143. I laughed my behind off at Branden’s comments on Jessica. Dreaming during her song cos it was soooo boring. Brilliant! Yeah she’s got a great instrument on her but ugh! Enough with the tasteless vocal gymnastics already. I don’t get the judges’ one-eyed support and constant standing ovations either. Are their seats rigged with some sort of electrical apparatus and someone flicks a switch whenever she sings her last note? She’ll probably win the whole thing though based on previous years’ results. My hope is that Colton will do well out of it. That kid needs to be snapped up by some savvy record company – stat!

  144. I am out of the country on vacation so I am seeing everything one day late. Here is my thoughts on the performances:

    1- Deandre- Was kind of weak, like he has been most all season. Not the way to start the show, like the judges stated. I will be generous and give him a … C.

    2- Erika- This was a breakout perfomance for her. On a song I am not that familar with. One that places her amoung the best of the night, I think. … A solid A

    3- Joshua- This guy has a great voice, but something bores me about his performance. … B

    4- Elise- I love a girl with a blusy voice and Elise did this song well. She should definetly not be in the bottom 3 with that performance. … A-

    5- Phillip- I have not been that big a fan of Phillip until tonight. I love that he stayed true to who he is and did not listen to Puffy or that that clothing designer guy. And you have to give the guy props for week after week changing the arangement of a song and making it his … A

    6- I don’t know why, but Holly was a bit of a disappointment for me.  I think I am being generous with a … B

    7- Heejun- Man, I am not overstating things when I say that was one of the WORST top ten performances I have ever seen on ANY season. This guy trying a up tempo song, does not work at all. By far, the worst of the night … F

    8- Jessica – I have jessica pegged to win this show. And technically her performance was great. Yet. it was missing something called that I found hard to connect with. I will give her a … B+

    9- Colton- The judges (and most everyone else)  were jumping up and down with this guys performance. I thought it was good … but not as good as the best of the night … B

    • I forgot to add Skylar into the mix. Her version of “Shameless” which is one of the all time great country songs, sung by Garth Brooks did nothing for me. She should have soared with that song. To be she failed miserably with it. D+

  145. Still love DeAndre. It’s not only the singing It’s looks, personality ability
    to connect with the audience. He’s got it all and many many fans agree!!!
    DeAndre you are going all the way!!!

  146. I completely disagree with branden.. You dreamed when Jessica was singing? Really? Do you have an ear? It was a great performance with a perfect interpretation. It fits her. What do you expect? What do you want? get a life BIATCH

  147. Joshua, Colton and Jessica are AMAZING!! I’m upset Erika lefts us.. She has so much talent. Heejun Go Home. Philip appeals to a certain sector..The guy has talent!

  148. OliviaCanada, you seem like you don’t like Jessica, you don’t like Haley. Who do you like ?   Those who did not get into the top 24 ???? Or those at the bottom ??   Are you missing something in this show ?  Or are you being not happy with yourself ?  Why are you still watching the show if you dislike those singers ??         

  149. I think the judging here is a little bit biased. The two whom the judges gave stading ovations deserved higher scores. First of all, B+ for Jessica? AND A- for Elise? Dafuq. They deserved an A+ for their performance.

  150. I think the judging here is biased. I can clearly see that you love PP, Hollie and Colton. The two whom the judges gave standing ovations deserves waaaaaaaaay better grades. A- for Elise? B+ for Jessica? Wake up dude! AND why did you delete my first comment? 

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