American Idol 2012: Top 10 Results Show Tonight

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: DeAndre Brackensick. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

Tonight we find out which American Idol 2012 singers America loved during last night’s nod to Billy Joel and which ones they didn’t.

Ten becomes nine and I have a few ideas who might be at risk in my Top 10 performance recap from last night’s American Idol. So check that out and share your thoughts with us here.

Of course there’s always the possibility of the judges using their one save of the season. So we’ll have to see.

Tonight, you can expect Lana Del Ray to hit the stage and perform her new single “Video Games.” Also, Season 10 alum Haley Reinhart is scheduled to perform her new single “Free.” Preview tonight’s guest performers.

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  1. Elise was just awesome last night.  She nailed it and proved she has the most unique and distinct voice.  All the buzz lately is wouldn’t it be great to hear a duet with Elise and Colton.  Their voices complement each other and this would be some record!  The talk around the water cooler today is Elise, Elise and more Elise!  Everyone loves her voice.  They can’t get enough of her. 

  2. HeeJun should be going home but it will probably be Deandre or Erika (unfortunately).

    • We loved HeeJun — not because he has the best voice, but because he’s having fun.  He’s not taking it TOO seriously.  In his own way he’s letting the “professionals” know that he doesn’t care what any of them think. 

      He’s a funny guy with a decent voice — who is going to be a huge success somewhere along the way…..but you know what?  If he ends up back in New York hanging out with the family — he’d probably be just fine.

      I hope he doesn’t go home anytime soon…..

      I figure the bottom three will be Erika, Deandre and Joshua (I love him, but I think he disappeared this week) — and it will be Erika going home…..

      • I agree he is a funny guy with a decent voice.  He comes from NY, he should be going to the Long Island Comedy Shops because thats his forte.  This competition is serious.  A lot at stake for these performers.  The singing should be taken seriously.  The fun comes when they are not singing……He really should be going home tonight but we both now that probably won’t happen because people think he’s funny……Not a good reason to send home someone who is really seriously about their singing……..JMHO

  3. My ranking for this week!

    1. Jessica Sanchez (6th last week)
    2. Elise Testone (3rd last week)
    3. Colton Dixon (5th last week)
    4. Erik Van Pelt (8th last week)
    5. Phillip Phillips (7th last week)
    6. Joshua Ledet (1st last week)
    7. Hollie Cavanagh (2nd last week)
    8. Skylar Laine (4th last week)
    9. Deandre Brackensick (10th last week)
    10. Heejun Han (11th last week)

    Heejun is my favorite just like Phillip and Jessica but I won’t be bias on this not like the writer of this site BRANDEN  who gave Jessica a grade of B+. We all know that Jessica isn’t one of his favorites but giving her an B+ isn’t fair. Last message PLEASE VOTE FOR HEEJUN. I DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT PHILLIP AND JESSICA THEY ARE SURE SAFE.

    • Why would you ask others to vote for Heejun when he is the weakest singer?  Wake up…this is a singing competition.  Heejun will do fine in a comedy series of some sort…..or maybe a comedy on Broadway…….Also, Jessica did OK this week, but she is definately not number one this week.  She herself admitted that she was not comfortable with the song and it showed,  Sorry…… Branden was correct in regards to Jessica this week.

      • Lame Dude. A performer will always be a performer regardless of how comfortable he/she with the song choice. She carried the song very well with pride. She doesn’t deserve the letter grade Branden gave [Why am I talking about the grade?—it just doesn’t count] since I’ve seen the audience’s reaction to her performance.

        You can’t expect a lot of perfection in every performance that Jessica makes. However, she is consistent and she is versatile. 

      • I don’t think so Valerie. Jessica did very well, not just OK. I agree with terTin 21, that Jessica is the best last night. If she was not comfortable with the song, that further amazed me how good she is! Because it seems like the song was really made for her.  Sorry but I totally disagree with Jessica’s rating. She is an A er for me!

      • so Valerie a STANDING OVATION from the judges was ok for you…. NOW YOU WAKE UP!! and about heejun I RANKED HIM LAST IN MY LIST EVEN THOUGH HE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE!!

        I wasn’t bias about this I ranked him least for sing because this is a SINGING contest and a POPULARITY CONTEST! 


    • Ter,

      I like how you rate things.  While I don’t totally agree w/ your rankings, I like how it seems that you don’t just pick a favorite & that person is your favorite every week. 

      So your rankings I respect, even if I don’t agree 100% w/ em.  I’m going to start paying a lil closer attention to your posts. 

      btw/ my rankings this week are (overall, not just the week- Elise was also great last week, but she’s had a bad week before)
      1) Phillip- 4th last week
      2) Jessica-5th last week
      3) Colton-6th last week
      — then a bit of a gap

      4)Skylar-3rd last week
      5)Joshua-2nd last week
      6Hollie-1st last week
      7)Elise- didn’t really rank her last week.  She’s moved up into the 2nd tier of contestants IMO. 

      —then more of a gap
      8) Deandra

      I think any of the top 7 would be a good choice for the win.   The top 3 are those that haven’t had a bad performance IMO.  The next 4 have had 1.

    • Hey! dont say anything bad about Branden! or he’ll block you from this site! no one can disagree with him you know! hahahaha i like Jessica and heejun too

  4. With all the comments, it is hard to tell right now who may come out the winner, everybody likes someone different.  I love Hollie, Skyler and Jessica, Colton, Phillip, Deandre, Joshua, ,…. Erika and Elsie not so much
    and I do love Heejun,  but he is not the greatest singer, he is just so sweet and nice and all….
    so I really have no thoughts about who is going home…
    just maybe Erika, or Elsie
    its a popularity contest over all with all the teeny boopers that vote
    and they do not have the big fan base for it

  5. I was busy last night and not able to vote but after watching it today and reading all the comments I wasn’t crazy about Jessica Sanchez performance, maybe the repetition of the lyrics or up and down vocals, it could be her mechanical style. She’s good, just a little boring. I know I’m in the minority but I’m just saying. Now Hollie Cavanagh is adorable!

    • Hollie, for me, is just average in that performance. 

      Yeah, I understand that you’re just a minority. Jessica is not performing only just to please you. She’s there to present to the whole country. So I get it.However, I’m getting a lot of spice from Jessica! 🙂 She’s a wonderful singer. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • HOLLIE is just average. I dont even believe that she has a huge voice. I am not comfortable with her singing big songs. i am always afraid that she’ll not hit the high notes. you can see on her face that she having a hard time hitting big notes. I think she’ll end up in Top 6. She’s lucky if she’ll reach the top 5.

      • That’s an interesting statement. You’re AFRAID she WON’T hit the high notes. But has that fear ever been valid? nope.

      • You Holliepop? My fear became valid with her last performance. JLo also said she needs to be consistent in hitting the high notes. Its very obvious that she struggled in the latter part of Honesty.

    • That’s a too bias statement Ron. It’s pretty obvious that Hollie was pitchy all over last night. And I don’t connect with her at all. She tries to hit the high notes but most of the time, straining. She’s too boring for me. 

      Jessica tops them all, coz she can sing any type of songs from ballad to up bit songs. She can even rap just like what she did last week! 🙂 She has also the most dynamic and versatile voice in the top 10. She really deserves to be the next AI! 🙂  

      • I agree to that! They said Hollie will do an upbeat song. Where is it now? Is she gonna do the that? But for now, she is not that great to me.

  6. FTW Jessica Sanchez! Not just an awesome singer but a very stylish girl too! HOT! HOT! HOT!

  7. Chase for you dreams Jessica! dont let others grab it away from you! make your dreams come true girl! FTW!!!

  8. I cannot believe Erica was voted off and heeJun stays. Erika’s voice is a thousand times better than HeeJun’s. Erika sang her heart out in each performance while HeeJun was rude, ridiculous and clearly has no respect for the competiton. I am so very dissappointed. I thought this how was about finding true talent.
    Keeping HeeJun is wrong in every way!

  9. Are you kidding me people sending Erica home instead of  Heejun  sorry but he can not sing people what are you listening too ???? Erica can sing Heejun is a joke to American Idol he does not take anything seriously and He Thinks he is funny when he isn’t just annoying it almost makes us not want to watch American Idol!!! There are so many other people that should have been on there from the get go instead of Heejun ; I  agree with Jimmy he is not going to be the American Idol!!! 

  10. I just thought why Heejun is still there and Erica was voted off ; Because he said at the beginning of the competition that his father had 20  cell phones and he uses every one of them so there you have it !!! Go figure!

  11. I don’t care who goes home, as long as Colton is safe. If he goes home tonight, I am never watching American Idol again. There are three reasons he deserves to stay: 1. He plays piano like a pro. 2. He sings like a god. 3. His hair is really awesome and he is totally gorgeous!

  12. heejun or heehaw, or whatever his name is HAS to go!  This just isn’t right!  He’s an arogant idiot and nowhere near the talent of those that have gone.

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