Pia Toscano Ready To Start Recording

We knew Pia Toscano was going to act fast once she was eliminated from the 2011 season of American Idol back in March, but we just weren’t sure how soon it’d be. E! News says that time is now and it won’t be long until we hear singles from her:

Sources tell E! News that former American Idol contestant Pia Toscano will start recording her debut album as early as next week. “She’s set to start on Monday and we’ll see what works for her,” an insider tells us.

We’re hearing that Pia’s first duty will be to start recording possible singles to release after the Idol season ends.

Artists she will most likely work with under 19 Management include Idol producers Rodney Jerkins and Rock Mafia (Tim James and Antonina Armato).

Honestly, I’m kind of surprised it’ll be that late after all the brouhaha over whether or not she’d even be allowed to release before the season of American Idol was over. Probably still time for Pia to release before the winner gets a chance.

So the question remains: is there enough interest in a Pia Toscano album or have the flames gone out since she was cut?

And while we’re on the topic of Pia Toscano, let me say, no, I do not believe the rumor that she’s going to be paid $100,000 to perform one night at a private event. Are you kidding me? I’m not even going to link to the “story” because they cite zero references other than “our sources” and it sounds completely bogus.

I can make stuff up too. Try this: Pia Toscano is going to perform a private concert at my home and pay me one million dollars to do it. Woah! See how easy that was?




  1. Good for Pia. Personally I think Pia has a powerful voice, and I wish her well. I felt her stage presence was boring. Yes, she is beautiful, and yes her singing is amazing, and I think she will do just fine in the music business. Perhaps her getting voted off Idol was the best thing that could have happened to her. Good Luck Pia.

  2. Of course, I am waiting for her music. She sends chills after each performance. And no matter what one say about her stage prescence, albums are made to be listen to, not to be watched so she should be ok.

  3. I am so happy for her! I was sad when she was voted off! Her stage presence was growing, each week. I am excited to buy her cd when it comes out. I love her singing. Good luck Pia in all you do, you deserve it!

  4. favoritism! If she was not even a front runner why only she's getting an album out of all the eleminated contestants? What about the winner of AI? Does she/he running for the second place?

    • Its a smart move for 1 or 2 songs if the arrangement is right, to promote over the summer tour, then a full album. Truthfully it maybe awhile before the others are ready to record, they have the raw talent but need more polish yet.

      • The others won't be able to release their albums until around x'mas time….that's exactly what happened to Kris Allen, Adam Lamber, David Cook & David A.

    • I agree i mean she wasn't THAT good anyway. I don't think shes got enough personality to put out a single or enough of a singing voice let's hope she became super talented in the last month.

      • Lana, that's just crazy. Pia has a great voice. As far as personality, what does that have to do with putting out a great single? Stop being jealous.

      • Totally agreed Frank! Personality will come with time…especially when she becomes famous after a hit record!

      • tenisaddict…..Totally agree…..Look at Carrie U. now compared to her performances on AI…..Night & Day…..Pia will learn the ropes and with that voice she will do great….

      • Pia is the greates singer,check Mariah first presentacion in Madison singing Hero no movement only presence class like Pia no one have it all like her beside Jennifer Hudson a Oscar wining sensacion,way for Pia the next Celine,whitney and Mariah all together.

      • Lana, I think your nuts…She’s wonderful. In fact she is the whole package. She should have won A I. Don’t get me wrong I liked all the contestants but Pia was diffidently my favorite, as well as others. The first week she was voted off she was on 4 different shows, SINGING no less…

    • If Pia is getting all these favors why don't they just anoounce that she's the winner and save sometime for us?

  5. Shall we stop AI and wait for Pia's album? Does winning idol make any sense to the remaining contestants?

    • What is happening with Pia will have no affect on the AI winner. I think this is a great chance for Pia and for AI.

      • Why not? It gives the impression getting eleminated early brings more recognition.. Winning brings nothing!

      • Yes it brings something….1/2 of the winners gross income goes to A I for the first 5 years…

  6. Personally…if rules are being bent, than they should be bent for everyone…all of the ones eliminated. I don't get it…so it really isn't a call by the public but the producers and/or judges. Great(er) contestants have been eliminated early in the past and they had to wait. I don't think favortism should be pulled now. This is sending bad signals. A few years back, if anyone remembers…one of the singers wanted out to make a single…This isn't fair. I think waiting would have been fine for Pia.

    • I think the producers got smarter but I don't see any of the current contestants ready to put out an album before the end of the summer tour if then and they would be most affect by this.

      • I will add that I think Haley should put out a song or two before the summer tour but not an album.

  7. How can someone start recording an album after so little time??!!

    They will make her sing what they want and do what they want and will exploit her just to get a lot of money.

    Poor Pia.

    • Depends if they are having her do old songs with slight change in the arrangement or brand new songs that songwriters have already given them, maybe with a singer like Celine in mind when they wrote them.

      Pia is not at Celine's level but would do well with songs written with her in mind and looking for the right voice for them.

      • Seems everyone compares Pia to Celine Dione. I'd rather LOOK at Pia but don't like listining to either one! Just sayin'

  8. Pia actually does have stage *presence* but that's different from moving around a lot. Lauren and Haley may move around but (i feel) they aren't enjoyable to watch because they just look like kids imitating what they think people do on stage. When Pia is in a group you totally watch her. She is more poised and polished looking and doesn't need to act like a teenage flirt to put on a "show."

    • When she was performing "mountain high river deep" you could see how insecure Pia is.

      • Voice wise Pia is above but stage presence she seems so past behind. Yup! she's so insecure and was all by herself. Stefano proved to be far much better than Pia when handling the mic and stomp the stage. I'll be over the moon to get new releases from STEFANO the one and only Prince Charming of this season's AI with the right package to be muscialy exported worldwide. Stefano is my ultimate American Idol. Enough said 🙂

      • With a dance expert boy friend Mark around, she'll improve her stage presence in no time…lol! Besides, Adele standing like a lamp post when she sings too!

      • Don't you even dare to compare Pia and Adele…Seriously don't you even dare.. Adele more than makes up for it by actually feeling the song and what it represents to her… Pia just sings in a beautiful voice with zero character. Just opens her mouth and goes Bawwwwwww!! Its just the Bawwwwwwww!!!! sounds good to everyone's ear..

      • In the immortal words of Matt Damon in Ocean's Twelve,


      • Somebody calling Coondog? I ain't heard a howl of satisfaction like that since I partied with Lassie after her first Oscar for "Lassie Barks at Timmy to dial 911" (the episode where Lassie barked at the Fireman to put the ladder against the tree, and barked at the scared Fireman to go up the tree, get his face scratched to a bloody mess before he threw the stupid cat to the street. Then good-hearted Lassie went over to the cat and whimpered as the cat died. Brilliant Acting Lassie!–And on her Oscar night, I gave Lassie what she really wanted. I can still hear her, "oooooh ooooooh oooooohhh!"

  9. Lol Matt loved you post at the end hahaha funny!

    I don´t know if she will have a successful career, she sings pretty good and was unfair to quick her out so early. I wish her luck regardless if is a "flame of the moment" or a serious album.

  10. um..have to say…who cares? Not me. Will not buy her single, album or whatever. Tired to listening to the same type of singers bringing out the same type of shmaltzy, generic pop song….The first breath of fresh air in the AI was Adam Lambert last year and this year….Mr James Durbin…

    Not a fan of self-indulgent music which she will bring out….

  11. For Pia, as it is with all talented singers, it will be song choices. If she picks the right songs, she will do well. If she picks the wrong songs, goodbye Pia.

    I loved Pia, and for awhile I really thought she could win this competition. But her song choices, for the most part, sucked. She needs to get smarter or get an agent that is smart.

  12. Not jumping up and down Pia scored record deal unless it's Stefano. Miss so much the cutie-hottie.

    Stefano is far more interesting to watch for. Can't wait for any news about Stefano. Pia is alright but not that crazy about her.

  13. I am more than happy to get news Stefano scores a record deal. So wrong the talented kid got booted out so quickly.

    For Pia it's good luck to her.

  14. oh i agree! I miss Stefano in AI. i'll buy stefano's record 10X more than pia's… Pia is a great singer im sure everyone will agree. She's just not that interesting to watch… sorry ;(

  15. meh…I thought that she only had a contract to do a single and not an entire album…Her album will be so boring. A lot of ballads filled with nice sounds..zero emotion, zero artistry..Just my opinion..Don't start attacking me and all now…

    Scotty's and James's albums will be kick ass…

  16. Way to go Pia. Haven't really enjoyed watching AI, since you were pushed out. I will be buying your album, have been waiting for it. Pia has a superb voice, and is Beautiful to boot.

  17. I think it's too late for that.. She'll be forgotton by the end of this month.

  18. I am really sorry and don't mean to sound bad, but can we put Charlie Sheen and Pia Toscano in a cage fight. I truly am very tired of seeing those names everywhere. I don't even have to look for them. Enough already. Please.

    • Why bother to come in this blog then?? Did someone force you? You sound like a masochist!!

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