Scotty and Lauren Talk American Idol Debut Album Progress

Yahoo Music’s Chris Willman caught up with American Idol 2011 winner Scotty McCreery and runner-up Lauren Alaina backstage at their Grand Ole Opry debut last week and had the chance to ask them both about their progress in the studio. While both were semi-tight lipped we still got a few tidbits out of the discussion. Sheesh. Where’s Haley’s parents when you need a spoiler?

McCreery was in the studio Thursday with producer Mark Bright, and the assembled band laid down five backing tracks, though Scotty won’t be adding his vocals to them till later.

Of course they’re brand new songs, not the kind of familiar covers heard on the show, that he’s recording. But he wasn’t willing to reveal any song titles. “After the ‘Out of Summertime’ leak, they’re being really strict on me about that,” McCreery said

Scotty will have to jet back and forth from the studio to the American Idol tour events this summer and there aren’t a lot of days between those. He’s definitely going to have a stressful, but surely exciting summer.

Alaina wouldn’t even reveal which producer she was working with Thursday, since she expects to be collaborating with several on her album and the lineup is far from complete. But she and whoever she’s working with got four basic tracks recorded Thursday, and among the songwriters whose work she’s cutting is… Carrie Underwood.

The Underwood song is one that didn’t make the cut on Carrie’s latest album. Definitely an exciting opportunity for Lauren to have a chance at covering it herself.

Now for anyone wondering about a budding romance between the two finalists, Scotty says they won’t be locking any of them doors:

“No, we’re not,” he affirmed. “We’re more like the brother/sister kind of relationship where we’re just really good friends and get along really well. But as far as the ‘relationship’ side of things, that’s definitely a no.”

Sounds like these two are doing great with everything going on. It’s a long article at Yahoo! Music, but a good one for anyone interested. Hopefully we’ll start to hear news for some of the other finalists from this year, but so far it’s been pretty quiet for everyone else.

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    • Pup. I am not sure “thinner tha ever” is the correct phrase to use. As Lauren never was thin. But, I will be the first to admit, she looks a “LOT” better in the black dress she is wearing in this photo than she did in those silly. puffy prom dresses she wore in the past.

      • Hi, Steven. Well, by that I meant I could tell she’d lost weight on the last show, so she is even thinner than on that night. She is looking good in that black dress!! She is looking very rock-style instead of country!

  1. I am very happy for these two kids but I really like to know whats happening with James, Haley, Pia & Casey. Has anyone heard anything????
    I opened up a site from Matt on James D. and I contacted a ton of viruses.

    • @Phyllis: I just found a posting on some site called
      Not sure if this link will stand, but here it is:

      In case it doesn’t, the story stated that on June 13, James performed with Steel Panthers at The House of Blues in West Hollywood. The article said he performed, “Don’t Stop Believing” and that also performing that night were comedian Dane Cook and Fozzy singer and former WWE wrestling star, Chris Jericho.

      There’s a link to fan-filmed ( video footage. I will list the link here, but not sure if it will stand:

      • What did Chris Jericho perform at that event ? Well, I want to see him and James appear as a wrestling tag team someday. 🙂

    • Oh, oh, oh! I just found a new article published by the Examiner which says record stores will be selling these (nothing new) tunes on physical albums starting June 28 for Scotty, Lauren, James and my HALEY Girl:

      I Love You This Big
      The River
      Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not

      Like My Mother Does
      Flat on the Floor
      The Climb
      I’m the Only One
      Wild One

      Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
      Maybe I’m Amazed
      While My Guitar Gently Weeps
      Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) — which he never actually performed on the show

      House of the Rising Sun
      Bennie and the Jets
      Rolling in the Deep
      What Is and What Should Never Be
      You Oughta Know

      Examiner goes on to say, “While most of these song choices were to be expected, there are a few surprises:

      Despite being (from this perspective) the best performance of the whole season, Haley’s “I (Who Have Nothing)” is not here and one of her weakest (“You Oughta Know”) is.

      Despite being a heavy metal guy, James doesn’t really have anything on this entire EP that fits into that genre.

      Lauren Alaina would have benefited more to have either “Anyway” (her best performance) or “If I Die Young” (her most current performance) on the disc.”

  2. Good luck to Alaina and Scotty, but I am very interested in what is happening with Pia. Has she put out a CD yet? Pia’s CD is what I want to buy.

  3. WOW! These two very talented kids are already experiencing things that so many only dream of. So happy and proud of both Scotty and Lauren. Wishing them both all the success and happiness in the world.

  4. Lauren IS looking great!!! Take THAT Dan and david P. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to laurens album!!!

  5. That photo is so cute! Doesn’t Scotty look like an 8-year old on Christmas morning?!!!

  6. There are those that said “I” was out of line for saying the dress Lauren wore to the Country Music Awards was hideous. And I out of line for saying so. I stand by that comment. As those prom type puffy dresses were hideous and they did nothing to help Laurens look at all. That said, Lauren looks 100% better in this black dress that highlights her good features and hides her somewhat bulky backside by using black color and vertical lines in the area were it is needed. A major improvement if you ask me.

    • Steven Fox…you are such a maven regarding female fashions…Yes?….Hmmm…What is your size…Yes…?.Hummmm

  7. I look forward to your cd ,a fan of Scotty here in Peru, Scotty is my favorite singer always hear singing.

  8. Dear Scotty and Lauren, I am your fan and I like to see you and Lauren singing duet together ie I told you so and American Honey. I watch your American Idol every week. But the most I like to watched in American Idol contestants were Lauren and Scotty singing duet. You believe it or Not, I watched everyday your song duet”I told you so, American Honey and On the Roof. I really like to see you together either as friend, dating or whatever it is you do look good together. I love you so much for both of you especially Lauren. You make a good couple. I wish you are always together forever and May God always keep you together and be happy together and make success of your carier in the future. May God bless both of you and guide you to the right path.

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