Jennifer Lopez Still Uncertain On American Idol 2012

I wrote about this a month ago, but it’s popping up again and American Idol news is slow today so here’s more news about Jennifer Lopez clamoring to keep the spotlight on her (and my begrudging support of that).

Right now we know Randy “For Me, Yo” Jackson and Steven “Hellfire Matches” Tyler are definitely back for American Idol 2012. They both have contracts in place and enjoy making boatloads of cash. Then you have Jennifer “Goosebumps” Lopez. She’s not so sure she likes making money, she tells BBC (video below):

[Lopez] added that her schedule is filling up for the remainder of 2011, “I had an amazing time doing [Idol] and I loved it but I have a lot other things happening, and it’s going to come down to me making a choice of what I want to do for the next year and we’re not really at the breaking point of ‘You have to make a decision right now! I’m just really enjoying the time of just waiting and seeing.”

To recap: Jennifer Lopez had an album that sat on the shelf unfinished for years and she was dropped by her label, Sony. Then, along comes Idol, offers her a job, and props up her former career. What does she do in return? She spends months talking about how she’s really busy now and not sure she wants to come back to the show that put her back in the spotlight.

Lopez either seriously thinks she won’t flop again out on her own like last time or she’s doing that thing where she wants people to say “oh no, you’ve got to come back!” No thank you. Lets get someone behind that table that wants to be there and contributes to the show, not someone who thinks she’s doing us, the viewing public, some huge favor by taking time out of her busy schedule to tell us who gives her goosebumps.

What do you think? Should Idol offer Lopez her seat back or find someone new?

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  1. She knew more than I expected her to about music, but I wouldn’t be upset if she didn’t come back. I don’t know if they’d ever consider it, but somebody like Debbie Harry or Chrissie Hynde would be great. Iconic songwriters and artists with a lot to say who, I think, would attract and find better female talent. Chrissie is tough and demanding and would be the voice of reason that was lacking all season. The banter with Tyler could be hilarious. F-bomb competitions for sure!

    • Debbie Harry, brilliant idea!!!! I wish Fox would try to get her. I did not care for Jennifer, she did not judge or give constructive advise.

  2. She wouldn’t be missed. How about selecting one of the stars that has mentored the competitors? They always seem to do a great job of providing feedback and helping develop talent. Any one of them can offer up more than goosebumps and tears.

    • Sheryl Crow was the best mentor by far. She’d be a great judge and would improve the female factor on the show as well, I think.

  3. I hope it will be someone else sure Jenifer was nice but shes just not a good judge. I would like to see someone up there thats big in todays music industry that has been doing music for a long time

      • He would be a great judge except for the fact they would have to find a girl judge

      • Jimmy Ivine would be a great judge. And if they need a female judge maybe Shaina Twain would be a good choice. But, I also like the choice of Cher. But, she is very old and might be hard to look at, after a seabon of Jennifer Lopez.

      • I think Shania twain would be an awsome judge for AI I remmember watching her being a gust judge a couple seasons ago for the auditions and I think she did a good job

  4. She shouldn’t be that quick to bite the hand that feeds you…..Idol resurrected her career, show some appreciation……I felt she was a good judge. She did give criticism, more so than Steven T.(to him everyone was great).

  5. I say let her go. She didn’t contribute to the show at all. I especially don’t like that her husband is using AI as a platform to resurrect his sagging career.

    • I agree her husband did not even need to be on the show, Jennifer was working, but I do not believe he had a paid job with IDOL, but he was always there helping out, he cant let his wife 2 feet out of his vision, has to keep an eye on her all the time. yuck

      • Mark Anthony has a name and it isn’t “JLo’s husband”. I really don’t think he needs her help …he is a Grammy winning artist who has some of the highest grossing albums in his genre and is now a regular in a television series. His performance on Idol was great…and he sings a heck of a lot better than JLo…without question. I think it is nice that Idol showcased some Latin music on the finale. Why does everything have to be mainstream. JLo was making money selling clothing but her musical career had tanked when along came AI …now thanks to her appearance on the show…she is everywhere! She is the one who boosted a sagging career! Personally after her obvious favoritism during this season…I could care less if she returns….she is pretty to look at, though.

  6. I know will be impossible to get her but the best for this job is Lady Gaga she really knows about music, was amazing as a mentor and will treat people with respect giving them really constructive critics.
    Unfortunately she is so very busy πŸ™ but for me there is nobody else that can fill her shoes as a mentor, not even Simon

      • I know! Lady Gaga stinks! She creeps me out! I mean seriously! People who like Lady Gaga must not know what they’re thinking!!! She is VERY inappropriate. Nothing for little kids to see if they watch American Idol! Really, think again Marta! πŸ™‚ choose the right choice! Good thing someone like Carol knows what I’m talkin’ about!

      • No I am not kidding and I dont see anything wrong with Lady Gaga. VERY inappropriate is a big statement. She is an artist and she is eccentric I dont deny that but she knows music, she has her feet on the ground she is not a diva and she is warm and kind.
        I am not saying sometimes she does things that people dont like, I personally dont care what she does, she is a performer and I respect her for that. She knows her business and she wants to be like that be my guest. I am just saying she could be a very good judge because she knows the music business. I didnt mean to offend anybody it was just an opinion and I stand for my point.

      • @Lauren Alaina FAN!JLo was on stage shaking her behind in a skimpy outfit, what is the difference in shock factor or do you approve of your little girl or anyone’s for that matter having the same standards as JLo.if you want moral’s go to church but if you want entertainment watch tv.JLo and Gaga are performance artist not just musicians and it sells,you cant judge one without judging the other.Lady Gaga Is way more educated and more talented then JLo if you compare music and the business of the music industry.Gaga can write her own ticket.

      • Lauren Alaina FAN!!! says:
        June 19, 2011 at 11:23 AM
        O really, you make such a BIG deal about this little problem. Just get over it!!! I know Jlo isn’t the best female judge, but, but, Lady Gaga! You must be crazy! I think Carrie Underwood would be awesome! She is very blessed from the talent that God has given her. I’m team Carrie!

      • June 19, 2011 at 11:30 AM
        Usher! USHER, USHER, USHER, USHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I know it is just my viewpoint. But, I see Lady Gaga as being about as worthy of being a judge on American Idol, as I do Justin Beiber. I take that back. At least Justin doesn’t resort to wearing next to nothing, as a way of camouflaging his lack of talent, like lady ha-ha does.

  7. I hope she doesn’t come back. Steven tyler wasn’t a good judge but at least he was entertaining. Randy needs to step it up and and quit worrying that the crowd will boo him. Maybe they could do a guest judge each week like SYTYCD. They don’t get so attached that they cannot be objective. They are well prepared since they have watched the play back of every show.

    • I agree that on the whole Steven Tyler was not a good Judge. As I doubt everyone was as “amazing” as he said they were every week. But, he did have one great moment. That was when he disagreed with one of Randy’s insanely inept put downs of Haley’s standup performances and said, “I would agree you Randy, but than we would both be wrong”. That was one of the few times the Judges did not play follow the leader with one another all season.

  8. I would like to see Jennifer return to Idol as a judge… I liked her affirmation of the contestants…while at the same time… not finding their performances faultless. The panel of judges need, at ;east. a female component on the panel… Jimmy Ivine would be fine…but then one of the two guy judges would need to be replaced.

  9. I would rather have someone who really wants to be there, not someone who is doing us a favor. I like Jennifer, but did not love her like I did Paula.

  10. I’m sure there are many other well qualified lovely ladies who would be happy to step in and fill her shoes. None of the judges seemed to care much about judging. I think they were all out there just to puff themselves up and be in the spotlight. I’m hoping for some improvement next season, but with Idol, it usually isn’t!

  11. I say adios to J.Lo. I was not impressed with her judging (if you want to call it that) nor her attempts to promote her and her husbands attempts to promote songs and bring any sparks from the dead. I would like to recommend two women who I think would not only be enjoyable to watch but would also offer great tv personalities; Queen Latifah and Donna Summer. Both in the music scene and more than capable of judging AI.

  12. I like Jennifer Lopez, but it’s okay to replace her with somebody like Lady Ga Ga. It should be somebody representative of popular music that everybody out there knows really well. Hope Jennifer stays since everything worked out so good. This last season was great.

  13. Sheryl Crow would be the perfect judge for American Idol. If Lady Gaga would be hired as the new judge…that would be the end of American Idol for me.

  14. she has to be there as a judge! She rockz!!!! and i dont think steven should be a judge in american idol, coz he doesnt really help. he is not worth being a judge

  15. The ideal replacement would be Cher, but I doubt she’d be interested. Failing that, I’d like to see Shania Twain or Olivia Newton John in JLo’s chair.

    • Cher would be great–I think she would be a no-holds-barred judge which is why many of us miss Simon. Jennifer started out well and I think she actually has a better grasp of the music industry than either Steven or Randy or most of the other suggested replacements, but she needs to be tougher. Of course AI would be hard pressed to find any one more beautiful and I’m sure that is part of why she will be back.

  16. I think a whole new panel of judges would be good.
    Steven was only a flirt and girl watcher and loaded most of the time. he offered nothing. Randy is getting old (not in age) but old in his ways and can not offer a good comment that is one of his own, he is a follower of the audience and of the other judges. Jennifer does not need to come back she was just a pretty girl and offered nothing. She is beautiful and loves her kids and husband, but she has no spirt to judge. I have not a clue as to who would be good, but if they got one country person, one rock person, one soul person, that kind of thing the way the Voice has their judges, would be a cool thing for IDOL but since Randy and Steven already have contracts, wont happen, anyway just my thought, we all have one of our own.

    • I would like to see Carrie Underwood, Celine Dion, or Barbra Streisand in Jennifer’s judging chair! I know that at least two of them would not do it, but they all have beautiful singing voices and would make very good judges.

  17. J-lo seemed ok to me. she also seemed to know what she was talking about a whole lot more than Randy or Steven… But if she’s gonna be a diva about it…
    Also, I agree with some of the others. Cheryl Crow would probably be a good judge (:
    not lady gaga though! I like her enough, but not as a judge, no… scaryyyyy.

  18. I guess they could try MISS PIGGY! they both eat the same way and she’s obsessed with Randy even more than MISS PIGGY was with KERMIT. Please replace her with a JUDGE with a working mind of its own rather than a RANDY Ventriloquist PUPPET like her! I HATE Her.

  19. I wish they would get a female judge who really knows the music biz, that is not trying to build a c areer, that doesn’t have to show her chest to get attention. Idol also needs judges that have an unlimited vocabulary ,so they don’t use the f word , because they can’t think of a better adjective.

  20. There are a couple names that come to mind for me that I would love to see as a judge for AI Pink, Shania Twain, Cher,or even Reba I think those could be good judges for AI

  21. She did a great job in AI with her cheerfulness and determination. dont find any wrong when she said she was not sure about whether will be in idol next season since now she is having a lot of stuffs to do and this time is not the break point when she has to give answer about it.

  22. It’s pretty clear to me that judge spots are marketing positions–for the show and for themselves. I seriously doubt whether Nigel seriously cares about how “on point” their critiques are. So the judging panel and what they do will probably always be a Monty Python-ish spectacle.

  23. And let’s be real here, the drama of the “will she, won’t she?” question keeps JLo’s name and the AI name in the entertainment news headlines.

    • She doesn’t need it anymore. She got what she needed out of it. A boost for her career. I will say, it gives credence to the power of Idol. She’s can’t be more popular than she is right now because of the exposure. So, I say let her go, and let her slot be the “revive my career” slot. Bring in Whitney Houston or Toni Braxton or Anita Baker into the spot. They could use a boost. Might be cool to bring Cher in to do it, but then it might be like having two Steven Tylers. J-Lo was smarter than I gave her credit for. She really took advantage of the exposure, unlike I’ve seen before. I wonder if it was part of her deal to appear, all the exposure. Even in the commercial ads placed during the show. Brilliant. But now, it’s time to move on and let some other struggling has-been do the same….

  24. JLo should stay home. Who needs her comments? on AI? she cannot even sing. dance? yes, but AI is not a dancing contest!!!!!! go home and be a mother.

    • I was okay with J-Lo on the show…until they brought on her husband. What is the appeal of that guy? He reminds me of an emaciated skeleton. To have bedded Miss Universe, and then cheat on her with J-Lo, I’m baffled…maybe it’s the latin lover under that hideous exterior… Anyway, I was offended that I had to see him on the show. ick.

  25. I think she needs to make the decision fast because the auditions start on the 26th and its already the 17th cause if she dosnt come back they need to find someone quick

  26. I think she was good at picking people to be in the top 24 because she has experience as a performer. As far as judging goes, I don’t think she was the greatest. At one point she even said that she doesn’t want to give negative comments to the girls for fear of them going home. Her job isn’t to secure places for the contestants, it’s to tell them how they did well and what they need to improve on so that they can get better.

  27. Here’s what I think. With the first auditions starting on the 28th, and JLo being “up in the air” leads me to believe it could be one of two things. First thing is that they already have someone lined up to take JLo’s chair in case she decides not to come back, or she’s already set to come back, but this is just a ploy to keep her and American Idol in the headlines to give some kind of drama.

    If she doesn’t come back some people that would be good replacements would be first Dolly Parton. Dolly doesn’t need to refresh her career, she still performs sold out shows, and it probably won’t turn into a season of Dolly promoting things she’s doing since just her name sells out shows, though I think she would give a performance or two. I think she’s the type of person who would be honest when giving the contestants feedback, and she would do so without being mean about it.

    Shania Twain. Shania has been having problems with her voice and can’t sing like she used to, so we wouldn’t see her promoting her new cd or have to watch her music video or “live” performances.

    Some other good ones would be Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Herre, Cher, Reba(she did a good job helping Blake Shelton mentor his contestants on the Voice), Stevie Nicks. Although I would like to see a former idol contestant sit in a judges chair so maybe they could get Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Melinda Doolittle, or Jennifer Hudson, but I doubt that.

    I think there will be some self promotion from Steven Tyler next season, because I heard that he’s in the recording studio with Aerosmith working on a new album. How much do you want to bet that the new album will be released around the time of the Idol season premier and Aerosmith will be getting ready to kick off their tour right after the finale? And then Steven will be “up in the air” over if he will return or not for the following season.

  28. Jeez, Matt!…..could you find a more unattractive picture of her? You’re so mean! LOL

  29. Makes no difference to me one way or another if she comes back–I let the show go after Pia was voted off and didn’t watch again until the finale. The show had gotten old for me and jumped the shark anyway. I thought the judges were enjoyable post-Simon except for one small thing–they did not judge!! They ruled by their emotions and rarely gave any constructive criticism. And they made a mockery of the “judge’s save” by wasting it on Casey.

  30. O really, you make such a BIG deal about this little problem. Just get over it!!! I know Jlo isn’t the best female judge, but, but, Lady Gaga! You must be crazy! I think Carrie Underwood would be awesome! She is very blessed from the talent that God has given her. I’m team Carrie! πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

    • ( By accident I put the one above that I posted on June 19. Sorry Fred, I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to someone else, I just forgot to reply it to them.

    • Yep. Give him a flashlight and a burgundy blazer and he’ll see everyone gets to their seat safely.

  31. Hell fire save matches, f*** duck and see what hatches… πŸ™‚
    Ha.ha.. You have inserted parts of those words to Steven Tyler’s name.
    We are waiting his new unique words coming out from his mouth next year.

  32. Harry Connick, Jr.. He is a good singer, great composer and most of all has a fantastic sense of humor. We saw a flash of it when he was a tutor on AI a few season ago. Granted, he probably is not well known among younger music listeners, but who had heard of Simon Cowell before?

  33. JLo’s heart is not in AI. That should be the deciding factor. There are surely many who would love the honor of mentoring the next generation of singers.

  34. Yes offer the next season! Lets face it everyone gets something for showing up. Idol was getting stale. I’ve been a huge fan but the last couple years I lost interst. So her career got a boost but so did Idol. So what if she’s acting like a premadonna. It’s a win win for everyone! Unless you can get Beyounce!!!

  35. While I liked the J Lo, Randy, Steven Tyler combo last season, it really doesn’t matter to me if J Lo returns or not. I really ended up liking Steven Tyler the best of all the judges. He has the most experience and was entertaining. I am glad that he’s coming back. Glad Randy’s coming back too. If J Lo doesn’t, so be it.

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