American Idol 2011: Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Present At CMT Music Awards

Last night American Idol 2011 winner Scotty McCreery and runner-up Lauren Alaina had the chance to co-present Sugarland’s performance at the CMT Music Awards. MJsBigBlog caught the clip so you relive the magic. And for those wondering, yes, she did have time to find a new prom dress (couldn’t resist after the last firestorm for my audacity to mention her affinity for puffy dresses).

Update: Shania Twain responds to her tumble at the CMT Music Awards.

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  1. I watched the cmt awards last night and it was a really good show last night and Lauren looked beautiful in her dress

  2. Lauren might have a decent singing voice. But, Holly Molly does this girl need some fashion advice. How many times is she going to stick with that puffy, prom dress theme that borders on being hideously tacky? My Mom has better fashion sense and she is 70 years old.

    • Steven Fox….Have faith…remember Carrie U. Look at her now!!!! Lauren will change, they all do….

      • we’ll be saying how pretty she is once she grows out of the phase all 16 year olds go through…she has a beautiful face and has a sweetness to her.

    • Phyllis, I will admit Carrie Underwood blossomed a LOT after she graduated from American Idol. But with Lauren, I just don’t see that happening. I will not say why, as I don’t want upset the BBW crowd that is so prevalent here. But, I can safely guarantee, Lauren will never transform like Carrie Underwood did, unless Jennie Craig makes it a project to do a makeover on her.

    • Anon, I can see why some of you say Lauren has a beautiful face. She does, kind of. But the prom dress way she dress only makes her look more and more like that Miss Piggy character from that old puppet show, called the Muppets. You have to admit, there is a strong resemblance there between the two. And a lot of that has to do with the way Lauren dresses.

      • You really hate Lauren with a passion,,did you make a pass at her and she turned you down?…I know.. you were turned down by the Muppet show so you could be close to Miss Piggy aka known as Lauren…you cant win them all…stud

  3. chirp,chirp,chirp,That is the sound of a million little crickets,Hay,wait.listen!did you hear that? that howling sound in the distance,yes,yeS,yES,YES!!,I DO BELIEVE IT IS!its the Haley Reinhart fans in the distance waiting,to free her of her captors.Dont worry Haley,do not worry. Haley your army grows stronger by the day.WE ARE HEAR!! oh,sorry who were you talking about,was it about that Lauren,sweet 16 silly little Lauren is still out performing SCOTTY ON STAGE,Her acting is even better .All kidding aside Scotty and Lauren are two wonderfully talented kids,I wish them health ,wealth and happiness all through their lives.

    • Sorry Matt , I guess Lauren will never live up to your [deleted] . If you want to see trash why not switch over to MTV ?? Lay off Lauren [deleted] !!

      – Tsk tsk, donspot. As much as I enjoy your unhinged lunatic rants, you can’t break the Commenting Rules. I’d hate to see your closet if you think there are only two categories of attire: prom dresses and “slut dresses.” – Admin

      • Remember and think “American Idol” not “American new day SLUTS” !!! These kids today need to look up to talent not …. trash !!!! What happen to the girl next door LOOK !!!!

      • Weird…he’s not asking her to put on a G-String….just get a little fashion savvy. She’s adorable, but she does remind me of a Disney princess. Don’t over react…it’s only a blog.

  4. Give Laureen a break on her dresses. She is 16 and it is nice to see a 16 year old dress and act like she is 16. Hopefully not, but probably, it won’t take long for them to change her. She is talented and the Haley fans need to give credit where credit is due. Haley will be showing up if she decides to pursue her singing career, as will the others.

  5. The dress was just beautiful,but I have to say that Lauren
    is just a little bit overweight to wear it,but she is still growing,please don’t be cruel guys.
    It so easy to be seat behind our PC and write comments
    about idols.
    Any of us is perfect.


    • I still say it! This website is great. The responses on here are pure classic comic genius — especially when the responder is NOT trying to be funny. Those are the best…..

      The fact that “Prom Dress” gets such a rise out of so many of you, is classic. And yes, I will refrain from any Anthony Weiner jokes regarding the previous sentence!

      “I Love you all THIS BIG”

  7. What is wrong with you people who are constantly making some kind of bad taste comment about Lauren. She is a beautiful 16 year old girl, with amazing talent. LEAVE HER ALONE, AND GET A LIFE.

    • I think she looks absolutely gorgeous and very age appropriate. So you fashionistas out there…get a life. She is looking sweet and hot at the same time. Love the look, Lauren.

  8. hope we can understand why she’s wearing that prom dress bec.lauren is only 16 yrs.old,,,,,for scotty wow ur my fav.among the american idol u’ll be the kenny junior,,,,what a nice voice,nd handsome guy of u…..Godbless”

  9. Lauren looked beautiful at the CMT award show. Her dress was very pretty. It seems like teenagers don’t know how to dress these days. Stop picking on the clothes that Lauren Alaina wears. She is wearing the clothes she should wear for her age. Everyone wants to dress too old for their age these days.When Lauren goes on tour I’m sure she will dance and sing and probably lose some weight.
    There is no rush! Good luck to both Scotty and Lauren.

  10. Lauren is a great example of what a 16 year old should look and dress like. I love her, I love her attitude and I love her voice. I can’t wait for her album. And its sad to see that some of these comments talk about her weight, when honestly she is NOT fat. She is perfect the way she is and should not be pressured to be some stick figure!

    • I do agree with this — she isn’t fat at all. I’m not sure why she keeps getting the “fat” jokes….

      She’s not “model” thin — but I have a feeling she’s the way she should be…. she has a full face and broad shoulders — so she won’t ever be skinny….

      She’s cute — not sure she’s overly bright, but she’s not fat…..

      • So Mr. bahloo or Mrs. Bahloo, whoever you are……News flash….Lauren was at the top of her class. Were you????

    • tried to listen to the two on Opry last night but WSM website crashed due to so many folks trying to log on to site. did anyone get thru?

  11. I am happy to be a day of what Scotty is doing, here in Peru I’m anticipating the release of their CD, I love her single and I think that gradually changes looks will remember that the overnight was not Rome (I hope you understand the expression), so if I find is that you give enough prominence to Lauren or is that it is plotting a number in Disney?

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