Scotty McCreery’s ‘Please Remember Me’ American Idol 2012’s Farewell Song

Scotty McCreery American Idol

American Idol Season 10 champion Scotty McCreery joins the ranks of Idol alumni to lend his voice to the weekly farewell song.

Each week, we’ll hear Scotty sing out the exiting contestant with a cover of Tim McGraw’s “Please Rememeber Me.” Tune in Thursday to hear that for the first time as we say goodbye to the first American Idol 2012 Top 13 contestant (or contestants). You can hear a snippet of it below.

“I was ecstatic and I’m glad to get to be on there. It’s cool to still be connected to the show every week,” Scotty told USA Today, “Most likely, I’ll be able to come back and perform and get to see all those familiar faces and give the current Idols some advice. I’ve known that song forever and loved it. I sent (McGraw) a little message and told him we just cut it and it was going to be on Idol every week. He said, ‘Oh, man. That’s really cool. I’m sure you nailed it.’ He gave me some good feedback.”

So what do you think?




  1. Great song. Good singing. Better goodbye song than last year. Can’t wait to hear how it is tomorrow when Jermaine goes home.

      • SalvX, I will believe you when you win American Idol. Until then, can people please stop talking smack about the kid? I mean, come on.

      •  Hi SalvX ,

        I tell you my friend ,  prove it, put one on Utube for us and we will
        be the judge, if you are indeed better, I will shut up, I will stop commenting on this blog which I enjoy doing and I will watch quietly
        and not make any noise anymore. DEAL??  Promise I will be objective!
        and fair !I have been involve in music for a better part of 30 years and I can tell just by listening.  I will also announce on this blog that you are indeed better before I sign off. LOL

      • Hi SalvX ,
        And please I don’t need to see the rankings ,all I want is just hear and watch you sing.  I can judge on my own LOL , so ready for a little challenge? And in case you are indeed better, then you should be doing
        recordings , I will buy your first album, promise.

      •  Listen, it was just a figure of speech. Ed, come on now.  
        But if you really want to hear my stuff, listen to Modern Day Zero/Mesh STL.  That’s me.  I don’t like to flaunt our performances.  We do local shows for Pointfest just about every year so if you are ever in STL, hit us up. 

      •  I will have a listen, Thanks, and as promised I will post my personal opinion.  Good on ya!!

      •  Ok Ed, i think the moderator keeps taking my posts down for copyright reasons..Moderator…how do I prove its me???.youtube “Modern Day Zero” and if you want to go way back, youtube “Mesh STL” 

        Way Out, and Sick Inside, were the most requested in STL for quite some time.  We play local shows occasionally in STL if you are there.  Also, Pointfest is coming up, we will be making an appearance there. 

        I dont want this to be a chest puffing contest.  Our goal here is to bring back American Idol to a SINGING competition.  It currently is more of a texting contest. 

      • SalvX, I never said I was better. I said you weren’t better so you should stop talking smack about scotty. I’m not better, believe me. I will gladly admit I could never win american idol.

      • KC,

        Just forget I said I was better.  I sing like a cow.  Terribly.  If you want to see for yourself, youtube Modern Day Zero. 

      • oops, lol ignore my last post where I said I never said I was better, I misread your post Ed. sorry bout that. LOL 🙂

    •  Yeah he’s one of the worst Idol winners. He’s only got a platinum album and his album only debuted at number one. So yeah he’s a total failure.

      • Hahahaha classic… You forgot to mention he beat Adele for #1 when his album came out. He hasn’t had success at ALL. hahaha

    • really,are you ears plugged,this guy can sing anything,his voice is so sweet,sexy,he is the whole package,and for a guy that is the worst idol,in10 months,he has broken records,his album has gone platinum in 13weeks,he has 2 gold singles,he is touring for the second time with Brad Paisley.He the most humble,sweet ,young man to come out of the AI.You must be jealous,because he’s the man

  2. Scotty will have one of the longest careers of the Idol winners so far.  There’s nothing gimmicky or false about his performances.  And country fans know what they like and stick with it.   Good for you, Scotty.

  3. Scotty will have one of the longest careers of the Idol winners so far.  There’s nothing gimmicky or false about his performances.  And country fans know what they like and stick with it.   Good for you, Scotty.

  4. It’s a good song. Sad song but with hope for the future, so it suits the moment when a contestant is booted out of the show.

    Scotty’s twangy country tone isn’t to everyone’s liking, But he is pure country and he is gaining acceptance in his genres. If he isn’t a successful winner, no way he is given the opportunity to sing the exit songs – that’s the answer to those who want him to flop or think he should join the list of Worse AI winner.

    When people waste their time calling him flop, he is busy balancing his life between studying, playing baseball, touring with a country superstars and headlining his own shows – he earned the headlining status that’s not easy to achieve for a newcomer.

    He sings with no melody? Good lord!!!

  5. Personally, this guy really has little ACTUAL musical talent.  You have to hand it to him for winning american idol based entirely on looks, charisma, and quirkiness.

    • You’ve got to be kidding me. In the world of country music, this kid is a very good singer. You must not listen to that. What does he rank on Audiophile?

      • you REALLY want to know?  He is the reason I stopped posting Audiophile rankings last year because I was SURE no one was going to believe us. 

        Here he is among the greats, and even the contestants last year.

        List of Current Country Star Audiophile rankings:
        Keith Urban 9.2
        Toby Keith 8.1
        Brad Pasley 7.8
        Lauren Aliana 9.1
        Garth Brooks 9.1
        George Straight 8.5
        Scotty McCreery 4.6
        Kelly Pickler 7.2
        Carrie Underwood 8.4
        Taylor Swift 8.1

        Other Rankings from 2011 American Idol Show
        Casey Abrams 7.5

        Jacob Lusk 6.2

        Scotty McCreery 4.6

        Pia Toscano 9.7

        Lauren Aliana 9.1

        Haley Reinhart 9.1

        Sophia Shorai 9.0

        Ashton Jones 7.2

      •  Pitch, Tone, Frequency, and Range.  It does not measure things like Good, looks, charisma and stage presence.  It measures the technical singing ability of an individual.  Our team believes that this is 90% of it. 
        If there was not a voting problem, we truly believe audiophile would predict the winner every time. 

        We’ve got it every time with “THE VOICE” so far.

      • SalvX,
        I agree as long as your audience are all ROBOTS , fortunately we are not!  Why I like music because , it touches my emotions, it brings joy inside of me it brings a level of relevance on what the song writer is saying thru the song, I really don’t care if it is 4.1 or a perfect 10 in your scale, what I care is “do I like what I just heard? ”

      • Well spoken Ed. Music is not something you can rate. It’s based on emotion and feeling. The gut feeling you get when someone has that special something.

    • Well according to your yardstick Bob Dylan would be about a 1.1 so you know what you can do with Audiophile.  Many of the world’s most  successful singers don’t have the best technical voices.  But the appeal of their voice combined with star power makes them superstars.  This is American Idol, not American singer.  Stuff it, Sally Sx.

      •  Bravo, Tico, right to the point.  And Bob’s music is still the most cherised collection by even the most accomplished musician today! ,LOL

    •  You have no brains. if you don’t believe me , go to a brain surgeon. He will probably take it out , because it doesn’t work. How much do you get paid for all your put downs?

  6. Sorry since I wanted Haley Rinehart to win, I’d rather have her come back. I felt she never had a chance. The Judges were all about Scotty & Laren. They wanted Laren to win. But the little girls of America wanted Scotty.

    • They gave her standing ovations 3 weeks in a row, which were completely undeserved. That’s unfair to the other contestants, not her.

      • You are stubborn arent you Haley was the best last year you dont like any pretty girls do you what are you a middle aged house wife

      • No, I’m not, as a matter of fact. And I like Hollie. And Jessica. And Lauren from last year. Haley was not that attractive.

    •  Well she didn’t win so get over it. If you really want to see Haley have a successful music career then support her by buying her cd’s when it comes out or buying tickets to her concerts and such. I’m so sick of hearing “Haley should have one.” Yes I agree that Haley should have faced off against Scotty in the finale, but in the end it was her rotten attitude that got her out of the competition.

    •  Well then why did people of all ages want Scotty to win? It’s simple he is the whole package that everyone can love!! His Producer who by the way is Carrie Underwood’s producer ( mark Bright) said Scotty has a great voice and great Charisma. He said Scotty has the it factor and the whole package.

  7.  What are Audiophile rankings?  Do they rank sales, how well someone sings, or something else?  It looks like Haley was 2nd to only Keith Urban and tied with a few others.  So I’m guessing it’s not sales that it’s ranking.
    Still, pretty good on her to be ranked so high. 
    I don’t wish Scott any ill will.  He seems like a nice enough kid.  I simply don’t think he was the best singer last year.  That doesn’t mean I wish bad things on him though.  If he’s got a fan base that enjoys his music, then more power to him.  I wish the kid well in life. 
    My annoyance with last year comes with how Haley was treated.  I also thought James was better than Scott, but I felt James got a fair shake.  In either case, it’s not like Scott was the one pulling the shenanigans. It was American Idol.  Scott had nothing to do with it.  So no sense blaming him

    •   Pitch, Tone, Frequency, and Range.  It does not measure things like
      Good, looks, charisma and stage presence.  It measures the technical
      singing ability of an individual.  Our team believes that this is 90% of
      If there was not a voting problem, we truly believe audiophile would predict the winner every time. 

      • But he did. We can’t change that. So why even talk bad about him now? I say we focus on the current season and making sure a WGWG does not win again. Like if you agree.

      •  Hi SalvX ,
        Tell you what my friend, let us call  this a truce , I am still hunting your music on the U, I do believe you can sing being in a band so, let us not go in there anymore, I play too, but am I a good singer, naahh not even close, if I was!  I’ ll be up there with the rest of the “boys”. but you and I have one thing in common, we both are nuts for music, yeah.  We are after the same thing only on two different roads.  I know you only want winners that are “par excellence” , I do too.     😀

    •  Danny, good explanation!  I am not a fan of Scott either, I don’t dislike him and I like country music,  and heard many artists better than him.  But for crying out loud, he is only 16.  He has a lot of growing up
      to do yet and I can tell you he has all the basic ingredients to become better and better country music artist, besides being a nice guy which is a bonus these days.

      Whether he deserves to win last year or not, the fact of the matter is he did won.  “It’s all over baby blue”  Bobby will say!!  He was voted by fans that obviously liked him enough to vote for him a zillion times, and if it is in fact that the Grand Mamas and the pre-teens that did this, wow, that’s dedication or massive obssesion, cause to stay awake past 10’oclock just to vote a lot, and I mean a lot is a “feat ” in itself.

      •  I like sitting up to vote for a singer with an amazing voice like Scotty He is loved by all ages and also by people who don’t even like country music. You would probably like him better if he had tatoos and wore earrings. That set’s him apart from all the weirdos.

  8. I know Scotty won AI last season but do we have to listen to him every single week now??????  Yawn!!!!!!! Zzzzzzzzzz

      • I’d rather Red Solo Cup….and people think I don’t like Country.
        I’m  just  not crazy about Scotty’s sound.
        “Lets have a party, Lets have a party”!!!!!!! When some of these singers go that would be a better song for them….LOL..

    •  Hi Phyllis G.
      You are being funny my friend, I do agree Scotty is not the most exciting singer “yet” , give him time to develop a gigantic ego then let him loose and watch out, ha ha.

      I ‘m not sure if I can take “Let’s have a party” after being kick out of Idol.  I rather hear Roy Orbison’s “Crying” instead. LOL

      • Hi Ed……I do not, I repeat I do not, hate Scotty.  I just don’t like his music…..not the kid…..
        As far as “red Solo Cup”…I meant thats what I would like to hear when the ones I don’t like get voted off… HeeJun……instead of Remember me.  LOL…….Its a joke Ed………LOL……
        They can play “Crying” when someone I like gets voted off and that happens every season since Carrie U.

      •  Scotty is not only an amazing singer,but he doesn’ t have to sing about partying and getting drunk. The ones that do that are the untalented ones.

      • Hey Nn…..I responded to your comment.  I totalled agreed with your choice of this song.  If you read the comments you would know that.  I didn’t steal anything, I only answered your comment!!!!!

  9. Never have been a fan of McCreery… he is so hh-hum and a quite boring
    country singer… he should have never been last year;s Idol winner…which, again, brings into question the voting procedure in Idol.

    •  I’ve heard this so called “Voting Procedure” if you know what it is can u kindly explain what it does , I have been a fan of idol from season 1 so
      if there is something we should know and how does it affect the way we
      vote I would really appreciate someone shedding a little light on it.
      thank you!!

  10. WOW lol Lot’s of arguing this time. Season 10 has become a touchy subject huh? If these seasons do come in trilogies, then this year will have some very vicious fan wars. Even more than this.

    • What I have learned from this site is that NO ONE believes Lee DeWyze should have won.  But he did,  and went nowhere.  So, we should all agree that the unlimited voting needs to change.

  11. Still a lot of Scotty haters, after all. Tsk tsk tsk. The guy has talent and charisma. A combination rare nowadays. Is he a great great singer? No. But, he has music in his blood and he connects with people– a million album sales is just one of the testaments.

    Stop the hate, guys!

  12. If you can’t say something nice then stay off. Me myself like Scotty and he should be the one singing on Idol because he won it all, I voted for him every week. and he his the best..Darlene

  13. He is the worst singer ever!!!!!! He is worse then Randy Travis & he sucked
    If u like him u have NO taste!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. In reading several negative comments about Scotty’s music, just felt it necessary to remind these nay sayers  that Scotty’s album was #1 on the BB200 in “ALL GENRES’. That means  a whole  lot of people world- wide,  love his rich baritone voice, including myself.   Since idol:  its a platinum, 2 golds and a New Artist of the Year Award in Country Music in less than a year. You can shake your head in disbelief, folks, but these are the facts and why we voted him  AI S10..for us he was the best and still is!  I for one, never tire of listening to his album.

  15. personally i believe scotty mccreery has a very good voice it is unique and i am not a teenager i am adult who has watched this young person and am extremely proud of him and his morality, faith, decency, and his staying true to who he is wish there were more young people like him who set an example  for all.  Good going this song is great

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