American Idol 2012: Top 13 Performs Tonight

American Idol top 13

Update: Idol Top 13 performances & phone numbers now posted.

The American Idol 2012 Top 13 takes the stage tonight to sing for your votes. The guys will take on songs by Stevie Wonder while the girls will pay tribute to Whitney Houston.

We’ll let you know if we get any song spoilers, but those were hard to come by last season. In the meantime, check out what songs I think the American Idol Top 13 should take on tonight.

Also, if you’re still wanting to get to know the Season 11 contenders, be sure to check out our Meet Your Top 13 article.

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  1. Can’t wait for tonight! Hollie, Jessica, and Erika all have the pipes to take on a Whitney Houston Song. I hope Hollie does “I Will Always Love You!” Actually, I hope nobody does that song, but since someone is going to sing it, it might as well be the girl with the biggest and best voice. 

    • Hollie the best voice?
      Who says That
      Gosh i wouldnt be surprised if she dont go home soon

      • Neither would I. I would be surprised if she DID go home soon. If you are going to trash on my fave at least use proper language.

      • haha make fun of my spelling sorry to alarm you but you have a
        tiger on beside your name

  2. I’m most looking forward to Hollie and Joshua.  I’m most dreading Phillip and Heejun.

    • I’m just dreading HeeJun…….I’m excited about hearing the rest sing tonight.   We are going to see and hear more as the weeks go on.  Its still hard to pick a clear winner.  In Vegas the odds came out today that the favorite to win is Phil Phillips.  I just don’t know if he is a fluke.  I’ve heard him sang and thought he was horrible and than I heard him sing the last time and thought he was great.    Don’t quite know if he is going to be consistant.  

    • Someone should check the ip address of all 5 of the previous posters because near identical posts within one hours time is just too coincidental. I smell repeat offenders! 

  3. 7 guys and 6 girls is very unfair.    Why not 7 girls also.  Makes me think something is rigged.  It is very unfair to bring somebody back that has already been kicked off once.   You know who I mean.

    • The guys are all cannon fodder this season though! DeAndre, Jeremy and Jermaine are all going to be eliminated before the tour. The only guy that has a chance at winning the whole thing is Phil. I hope Hollie or Jessica does though. My prediction is by the time of the tour, it will be 4 guys 6 girls. We’ll see.

      • i think phil colton and jessica has a chance of winning hollie why hollie
        very boring very forgettable

      • Gh, I’ve listened to him. Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech. That’s his voice.

  4. Shannon is overrated clearly. If she has so many fans, why is she in the bottom 5 of every single poll I’ve seen?

    • Becuz there is millons of voters and only
      7000 votes on a poll
      she is not overrated that is hollie phil and jessica
      the only reason they amde it cuz the judges told them to bend over and randy kissed ass dont tell me about overrating there is a few good performances so far but one performace can make you and the next week you can be gone.

      • You honestly think SHANNON is the American Idol 2012? Well, to each his own I guess…

    • Listen a poll of 7000 votes
      dont mean anything you can only vote once on it and theres like
      30 percent to jessica and 30 to phil
      theres not much room left

      • Nope. And you must be a very unhappy person calling a sweet young lady ugly like that. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Sorry bout my comment though im just sick of people putting down my fav and they amke up a reason

      • You mean, a reason like, “I like this person better than Shannon?” Sounds like a pretty good reason to me. Thank you for apologizing. I don’t put down shannon by the way, I think she is a sweet girl with a decent voice. I just don’t think she is on par with some of the other contestants.

      • Wow that was just nasty! Give some real critique on voice, skills, stage presence, anything applicable to talent. Looks have nothing to do with the gift of song.

  5. Hollie                      Boring
    Phil                            Boring
    Colton                        Boring
    Jessica                           Boring
    Deandre                           Boring

  6. I am going to be curious if Phil will sing without the guitar…i think at some point he needs to.  Tonight i think Jessica will do the best, since she has the strong voice and power to do a whitney song.  I am a big fan of Phil, so i doubt he will disappoint me anyway.  I really think Skylar might be the surprise this season.  She is country pure and simple, and I do like country, but I also think she is entertaining and is so likeable.  I look for Jermaine and Deadre to really be boring, but the judges will rave and slobber all over the place.  three best performances: Jessica, Phil, Skylar.  but i will only vote for phil….

    • phil will probably leave at 3 or 4….and will make the most money after the show….skylar will probably leave before 4 and will make the second most money.  we will rarely hear of the others.  I said this about Casey James a couple of years back…and its come true…Phil might have to do a little what Casey did…think more country rock…more money in it…fans are a lot more loyal.

      • nn yes i remember…and i remember how disappointed i was when casey left….but he was the most talented of the top three and the most commercial..and its been proven true..the judges pounded him week after week…but he is at least touring and has his first album coming out soon.  i see phil being just like him.  going out towards the end but not the winner, but being the most successful.  I am not sure the forced Idol contract is as bad now, but it use to be very controlling…Casey wrote most of his songs all or part..and Phil is a songwriter too.  I have heard one of his orginals sung on a local georgia fox station on the net…he is very talented.

      • I also think Casey should have won as he had the greatest potential for commercial success. But during Top 3, it seemed to me like he didn’t want to go to the finals. Perhaps he wanted to be true to his kind of music and did not want the AI admin to put him into their mold.  Getting to Top 3 probably felt right for him.

  7. well so far nobody know who is going home but we know who we are voting for and who are favs are so im going to start with elinmations on this poll
    nn after the nationwide bloggers you are safe
    Mary you choices makes sense you are safe
    anybody who dont like shannon you are going home
    Please remeber me Says Scotty mccreery

  8. Hmmmm… If seasons come in trilogies, then this season will have a lot of fan wars. In season 2, it was the vicious claymates. In season 5, the soul patrol. In season 8 it was the rabid glamberts. This year which one’s fans will be most vicious?

  9. hi im haileyi cant watch you no more and it sucks  when in older i wish i could be like allthe great sings here…..good lucky to all….ps girl win this thing .. boys some of you need to go home but the  two little one and boy with the mohka..god lucky to all……. and have fun … 

  10. A pick Jeremy Rosado or Erika Van Pelt to go home tomorrow, even though I like her.

  11. Why does so many people
    i see so much of that im sick of it i may sound like grandma
    but if you cant say nothing nice about them dont say nothing at all

  12. Well not going to make any solid predictions until after the contestants have performed tonight but I’ll go through the list of the top 13 and give a thought about them.

    Deandre- He was a favorite of making the top 13 via votes before last week and ended up with a wildcard. After last week I’m seem to agree with Jimmy Iovine and say that he needs mentoring. If he hasn’t improved since last week then I say he could have a bottom 3 appearance.

    Jeremy- Another wild card and I don’t think I was really moved my any of his performances other than his wild card performance. I think he needs to do something to really make himself stand out or he could be in danger of hitting the bottom 3.

    Jermaine- I believe he got through with the sympathy vote of being the 13th guy. He seems like a nice guy but there just isn’t anything about him that is memorable, so unless he does something to stand out he could be in danger.

    Heejun- I’m going to say I can see him being around until top 8 or top 7, when people who are fans of his start to get tired of his comedy act and want to put through singing acts. I think if he can find a way to combine his personality with his music he might stay a little longer than that.

    Phil- Obviously one of the best guys so my guess he’ll be around for a while. (Barring a shock elimination)

    Colton- Another one who I think will be around for a while unless of course he’s eliminated in a shock elimination.

    Joshua- Vocally he’s the best of the guys on the show, however I nearly forget about him because there’s really nothing memorable about his performances so he needs to do something to stand out or he could be the Pia of this season.

    Jessica- She’ll be around for a while. Unless she’s a victim of a shock elimination.

    Hollie- I would say she will also be around for a while, unless she’s the victim of a shock elimination.

    Shannon- She has a good voice but she needs to do something to stand out or she will just get lost in the pack.

    Skylar- I don’t like the thought of another country winner, but she really showed last week that she can do more than just country. I think she will be safe for a while and might even crack the top 5, but I couldn’t see her going beyond that if she’s up against people like Phil, Jessica, Hollie, and Colton.

    Erika- She was given a wildcard and needs to stand out if she doesn’t want to be an early elimination.

    Elise- I think she can possibly be around for a while. Unless of course she’s the victim of a shock elimination.

    That being said I want to mention something. If anyone from the styling department on Idol. Don’t put the girls in tutus, I had enough of that last season.

    Also these predictions are not what will happen just what I think might happen.

    • Shawn…I just love your commens.  Your like Branden, you put everything into perspective.  I know these are your opinions but you say them so eloquently……..They do make sense but you know the american idol voters are unpredictable.  They latch on to a favorite and nobody else matters….thats what scares me….

      •  Thanks Phyllis. Yeah I know the voters are unpredictable and that’s why I think Idol needs to change it’s voting system to limit the number of votes someone can cast. And that’s why I was saying that someone can last a while barring a shocking elimination.

    • well with that being said
      13 Jermaine
      12 Erika
      11 Deandre
      10 jermey
      9 Hollie
      8 Heejun
      7 Skylar
      6 Jessica
      5 Phil
      4 Elies
      3 Josh
      2 and 1 you decide Either shannon or colton

  13. Yup. The shannon fans are vicious. You guys are the glamberts of 2012. You would call other singers and their fans names for the sake of your favorite. Congrats for being CRAZY. 

    • whos calling who names
      i said i like shannon
      im not bad mouthing
      anybody who dont or
      who likes anybody from jermaine to phil

      • I should have been more specific… The CRAZY fans are calling people names. Like, the ones who would jump off a bridge for Shannon. Kinda like the CRAZY glamberts. Also, the fans that stay up until 4 o’clock in the morning voting are crazy. The normal fans are fine though.

    • Hey dont take it out on all shannon fans just cuz 1 makes 14 different
      usernames dont mean we all do just cuz 1 says names dont mean we all do i have never called anyone names on here
      except i’ve called jermaine the next jacob but i think thats a complement

      • Didn’t think about that. Those who stay up til midnight voting are classified as crazy to me. I’d say if you vote more than 150 times you are crazy in my book.

      • I think everyone wishes that, Daviz. But they couldn’t do that. They could never again brag about 122 million votes without the people that vote 7,000 times every night LOL

    • didnt you call phillip names like gargling rocks
      and you are always telling someone off becuz they dont like hollie
      you called shannon a mediocre and said someone didnt have no taste in music so dont point fingers my friend

      • 1. I said Phil sounds to me like he is gargling rocks. That isn’t calling him a name, it’s a characteristic of his voice.
        2. I do not tell people off. When they say they don’t like Hollie I say that I do and I respect their opinion. When they are rude I say something. i.e: calling Hollie ugly or saying something rude in my direction.3. I called shannon mediocre. Yes. It’s my opinion of her voice. But I didn’t call her ugly or anything like that. 4. I NEVER said someone didn’t have any taste in music. I have no clue where you got that from.

      • Its still kc Sorry got you mixeed up with someone different
        thought you where someone different

    • lol viscious i dont think so haha thats like saying lauren fans are

      • Well, you’ve got to have a disqus profile to edit them. I don’t know if you do or not? It’s free to be on disqus. Anyway, on your comments It will have an edit button in place of the like button.

  14. Phil is clearly going to win. That’s why I’m never going to vote for him, he doesn’t need the votes. I just wish a girl would win for once. This show is getting more and more predictable. And I will crack up if Colton Dixon places 4th, because as we all know, the rocker always places 4th.

    • Colton the rocker? oh man its like Blues clues are over again

      • Well he’s the closest to one out of all of them if you take time to think about it.

  15. i dont know if i looking foward to deandre or dreading him so different
    and dont know if it is good or not

  16. I think its COLTON vs PHIL vs JESSICA till the end

    Josh? Had his great performance but he keeps on reminding me of Jacob lusk, the gospel thing. though his performance were great, not that memorable just like pia.

    Heejun..great personality and a true comedian. if he can pull this week and made a great performance, i think he’ll stay long.

    hollie..week vocals. i don’t think she’ll be competitive that much. Much of a song choices matters to her. She’s not like jessica who is versatile.

  17. As a music pro, I look for singers who  have something special and unique as a  performer. I want star power voice (not karaoke!) with strong vocal range and unique tonal quality, something different. Some of the singers many here on this blog are dismissing have that: Hollie, Elise, Erica, and Jermaine. Granted, they are not the “popularity contest” candidates that some voters want on this show, but they have the unique talent to go places if they pursue it all out. They can sing!
    And I know people are quick to dismiss Jermaine (but not Jimmy I, who knows what he can do) but I believe Idol is just a temporary stop on his way to a very good career, with the right management/label, along the lines of Luther V…

    Of course, most idol fans don’t really care what the professionals think. It’s still pretty much a popularity game show, unfortunately. We’ll just see how it all unfolds. The best to all and let the real show begin!

  18. Deandre is the best singer of the boys. Please PLEEEZ don’t give us another country winner!

    • That wont happen there is 1 country chick left so dont worry about
      that but what is wrong with Scotty he is better than lee

    • Everyone says that as if we deal with it every season. This is how it REALLY breaks down…
      country: Carrie, Scotty
      pop: Jordan
      soul: Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia, Taylor
      rock: David, Lee, Kris
      So, no, we do not deal with country every year. Just because you don’t like a certain kind of singing doesn’t mean others don’t have taste in  that kind of music.

  19. I think the current frontrunners are:
    Jessica, Phil, Hollie, and Colton
    Those one great performance away from being a frontrunner:
    Heejun, Skylar, Elise, Shannon, Josh, and Erika
    Those whose hope is shot:
    DeAndre, Jeremy, and Jermaine

    What do y’all think

    • Hopefully Erika will fall into the Those whose hope is shot category
      sorry erika fans but not for me

    • Agreed
      i think Sklyar and shannon may step it up
      i dont know if colton is a frontrunner
      i think hollie is a little in between the front runner and mid

      • If Hollie has a breakout performance tonight, she will be among Phil and Jess.

    • Yeah i would consirder Josh in the front runners
      i dont like josh at all i just think he would be there other than that sounds right i just wish shannon had more fans

    • Phil and marketable don’t belong in the same sentence. So old fashioned and out of style.

  20. Why is it that the girls are paying tribute to a common junkie like Whitney Houston but the guys can’t pay tribute to a real professional like Davy Jones who also died recently.  Oh, wait a minute……..Davy wasn’t black.  Never mind, I just figured it out.

  21. I am so sorry, but I just don’t like Heejun’s melody.  He is funny.  I will give him that. He is not American Idol material……

  22. I think she hesitated too much and was not really comfortable with the song.  I do think that she has a great raspy voice and has a lot of potential if she does go on after tonight.

    • That girl can sing!!! No one has ever did Whitney’s song “I Will Always Love You” like she did !!!

  23. A big shout out to my Queens neighbor Heejun, I want a personal invite to see you perform with Yo-Yo Ma…with more practice and the right collaborations,   you can really make some great music..and alot of jokes.  I said it here hope i will see the day you will perform with someone like Yo-Yo Ma in person and invite me…good luck!


  25. Please go home Skylar to shoot innocent beautiful deer. I’m so tired of hearing your nasal screaming! Young girls who love killing animals so much are scary!!

    • What the hey now nothing wrong with girls or guys shooting animals what did you family eat generations ago friggin meat. And she has a beautiful voice she is the next Reba country is #1

  26. Jessica Sanchez has a beautiful voice … and the song she sang of Whitney Houston was awesome … keep it up girl … GOOD LUCK ON THE FINALS … 

  27. I am Canadian… I thought Jessica Sanchez just did a fantasic job of Whitney’s  “I will always love you” song.  Considering Whitney just recently passed, Jessica’s version of her song hit many of her high notes without attempting to try to dublicate Whitney completely – which so many few (if any) of us could attempt to do.  Jessica gave us a taste of what we so remember as beautiful as Whitney sang it and I thought her version was a wonderul “tribute” to the talents of Whitney.

  28. I am bawling after Jessica’s performance……one of idol’s best, if not the best.

  29. I think if Erika dresses the part (no more purple short bridesmaid dresses from the 80’s), her voice will be heard over her appearance.  I am a Rhode Island’er and would love to see Erika win.  She does need some work on her dress and weight.  I feel awful saying that, but American Idol is the whole package…………..I don’t like being so critical.

  30. Agree about the county winner, but cannot stand Deandre!!!  Sorry, but there definitely is much better in the “boy” competition.

  31. Jessica sanchez. Really did a great on whitney s song. I vote jessica sanchez,. Gwen

  32. Jessica was amazing, she did Whitney, she did it just like her, she made me cry. She has an amazing amazing voice, may god bless her always !  I support her 100% cause she wants it so bad n its to be able to take care of her family.  Vote for Sanchez!

    • I will vote for Sanchez, when Whitney died I really ,really thougth no one else would be able to sing like her …. I was sooooo wrong!!! Now I hope we find another Michael Jackson!!!!

  33. The judges were too hard on Shannon tonight. I think her performance was strong and one of my favorites. The performances I liked the least were Jermaine and Elise. Both were off key and flat.

  34. Jessica, you are amazing, Whitney would have cried just like the rest of America did with that performance! Way to start the season.

  35. …..Jessica – – not too sure if Whitney wasn’t watching….. and getting goosebumps, just like the rest of us…..  and maybe crying too  – – for happy!!!!!
    Thanx, from all of us out here watching!!!   Next time I’ll be ready – – with a kleenex! 

  36. i want Jessica to stay in the competition longer, as we all know she got the strongest voice in this season..go to the Filipino pride..

  37. Whose idea was it to have the girls sing Whitney Houston songs? How totally unfair is this??? Who can sing a song made famous by an icon who just tragically died too soon & think they’ll be given a fair shake????????

  38. I think its unfair that Phillip Phillips phone number to vote isn’t 13 but 36.  I think people might not catch that and he will miss some votes.

  39. My Favorites Idols are; Hollie Cavanough, Jessica Sanchenz, Erica Van Pl., as for as the women go. The men are Deondre Brecksach, Phili Phillip, The Barotone Guy Mr Jermaine J.  needs to sing some of Barry White Songs, and Release that Tiger in his voice Box, Feel The emotion, of Being Love and also of having a Broken Heart, Plus finanlly finding that special one, Tell him to let it out, feel it, God Bless them All.

  40. How can you say the show is live.  It is on at 8-00 pm central central and pacific time zones

  41. Skylar is already recording music of her own. I am a personal friend of hers so she ain’t gotta win to make it big. She’s already on that road! 🙂

  42. This year I think the girls will rock the stage and show down will belong to the top 3 female performers, my top pics are:
    EVP (new nickname)

  43. jessica sanches shes got a nice voice i hope that shes the one 100% my support to i’m proud being one of her fans. go ….go..

  44. Phillip phillips just ruined a great song if your going to sing like that get ride of that acustic guitar your making the acustic family sound like a fag getting some.

  45. My hat is off to all the remaining contestants.  They are all very talented.  However, after listening to the performance of Jessica Sanchez, the show could end tonight and declare her the winner.  Her performance was absolutely beautiful.  Steven Tyler nailed it when he said “She just made 40 million people cry”.  I hope Jessica stays strong and becomes the next “American Idol”.

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