American Idol 2012: What Should The Top 13 Sing This Week?

Jeremy RosadoSkylar LainePhillip Phillips

Once again, we’ll be weighing in on what your American Idol 2012 contestants should sing each week based on whatever the theme is.

This week the American Idol guys will take on songs by Stevie Wonder while the girls pay tribute to Whitney Houston with her songbook. Here’s just one person’s opinion on what the contestants should sing. Feel free to tell us what you think your favorite contestants should sing this week.

Jessica Sanchez: “Greatest Love of All.” One of Whitney’s powerhouse vocals, I think American Idol’s little powerhouse could do great justice to the song.

Hollie Cavanagh: “I Have Nothing.” Another big song for another big voice, I think Hollie would handle it well. It might be a better idea for her to finally do an upbeat song, but that can come later.

Skylar Laine: “I Will Always Love You” (in the style of Dolly Parton). Since no one will ever sing “I Will Always Love You” like Whitney did I think the song should be banned from the choices. UNLESS Skylar decides to sing it in the style of Dolly Parton (or the original country version). I think Skylar’s raw country sound would pay great tribute to how the song was originally recorded.

Shannon Magrane: “Saving All My Love For You.” Shannon is teetering on that line of fading into the background, so she needs to sing a well-known Whitney song. I think this hit could help her step up her game a bit.

Elise Testone: “Where Do Broken Hearts Go.” I think Elise could put her raspy, soulful spin on this song and have a moment. Just her behind the piano. I really want to hear this now.

Erika Van Pelt: “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay.” Someone needs to do this song. It needs to be done close to the upbeat remix and if anyone can handle it, it’s Erika. It might be the best move for her since it’s not a really really well-known song, but it happens to be my favorite Whitney song (in a guilty pleasure kind of way).

Phillip Phillips: “Higher Ground.” Since I think Phillip can take any song and put his spin on anything, it really doesn’t  matter what he sings. But I’d love to see him do this one. His soul added to some funk could lead to some great results.

Joshua Ledet: “Superstition.” I’d rather no one sing this song since it’s overdone, but since someone WILL sing it, then I think it should only be Joshua. I think he’s the only one who could really handle it. And handle it well, I’m sure he would.

Jermaine Jones: “My Cherie Amour.” Since I don’t really think Jermaine’s voice works outside of a doo-wop group from the 1950s, I’m never going to know what he should sing. So this one is as dull and as boring as I think he could turn out to be.

Heejun Han: “Signed Sealed Delivered.” Since Heejun always has to be silly and goofy, he might as well do one of Stevie’s silliest songs.

Jeremy Rosado: “Lately.” I think with Jeremy’s silky smooth voice, “Lately” could be an amazing performance by him. BUT he’s a wild card pick. He might need to do something more well-known like “You Are the Sunshine Of My Life.”

Colton Dixon: “We Can Work it Out.” I think Colton could put a nice indie-rock spin on this. Someone’s going to sing this song, I’m sure. I hope it’s Colton.

Deandre Brackensick: “I Wish.” I think someone already did this song. Maybe even Deandre. But my thinking is this: if a song was performed before Top 12/13, then it doesn’t count. It can be done again.

I’ve found it hard to choose what the Top 13 should sing because I don’t know of them that well yet. What would you like to hear the Top 13 sing?




  1. Yeah your a genius Shannon perfect i totaly forgot about that yeah i hope every song ir right

  2. I can’t ever see Jessica winning. She will go home like Pia did. It will be a shock elimination. She just boring. The top 3 will be Phillip, Colton & Shannon.

    • Jessica is boring? Are you kidding me?? Watch out for the ‘acrobatie’ of vocals of her. FYI Singing of Whitney Songs is Jessica’s forte! I would love to see Jessica singing “I wanna dance with somebody”…

      • I agree with you that Jessica and Jeremy are 2 of the best singers this Season.  It all depends on who America votes.  I personally believe that it’s about time people recognize and support  true talent, regardless of race, color, or creed. 

    •  and you think Shannon is not? come on…she’s the least entertaining girl in the competition. she has a big voice but kinda stiff.  

    • i like it that you like Shannon, i do also
      so many people say she will be one of the first to go
      hope not

  3. I agree with Hollie and Jessica. I think Hollie and Erika can also do justice to All The Man That I need. And I Look To You with Jessica, she will kill it like her version of The Prayer. 🙂

    • Yeah i love your top 3
      Jessica number needs to be like 6 so the sAve will arleady be used

      • Well actually Erika isn’t in my top 3. I just think the song fits her because of her alto voice. My top 3 girls are Jess, Hollie and Elise. 🙂 For the guys I have 4. Colton, Phil, Heejun and Joshua. 

  4. i think jessica sanchez should sing the “all the man that i need ” or she can break the glass of this season by singing “i will always love you”.

    • brilliant suggestions.  but as we all know, it’ll NEVER HAPPEN.  so goes american idol

  5. this will be an interesting week. coz nobody can top Whitney and Stevie Wonder. so, it will show the difference between the great singers and mediocres.
    just hope the judges don’t go all praising and you-in-it-to-win-it thing. 

    • Make it or break it tonight is a big night first impersions are great and normally decide voting base

    • but these are the american idol judges.  that’s what they do.  there hasn’t really been an honest and frank critique since simon cowell.

  6. What the judges do is they dont disagree one likes them they all do
    one dont they all dont
    gosh it is like they are reading off what to say oh wait they are remeber paula on jason castro i didnt like your second song and they said he havent sung it yet and she said well this gets me confused

    • I’m afraid I can’t understand your post at all. Did you mistype some things?

      • Yeah my keyboard is acting up it left out all kinds of words i typed
        what i was trying to say is paula one time told jason castro she didnt like his second song and he hadnt sung it yet
        and the first part is the judges argee always if 1 likes them they all like them.

      • I agree with that Rj, It also kind of seems like they are reading scripts. Even on the voice last night Blake was obvious about the fact that he was reading a script.

    • I remember when Paula did that
      wow that was crazy, she commented on his song he had not sung yet
      and I agree, none of the judges have a mind of their own they all agree on the singer or they all dont like the way the song was sung. if they could only make an honest comment..

  7. My prediction is the top 3 will be Hollie, Joshua, and either Jess or Phil. I tend to lean towards Phil just because Jess is considered such a frontrunner.

      • I hate his voice. But it does not mean America hates his voice. I think he will ride the vote til the top 3 and him or Josh will be eliminated.

    • No Joshua will not be there Joshua is so forgettable
      American idol has the intendecy to keep a black man for a while
      i think 5 or 6 is his highest

      • Well, I didn’t think about that…
        lol how about Hollie, Phil, and Skylar? Skylar won’t win, but she will make it pretty far.

    • I think Phillip is one of the most talented 20 year olds I have ever seen…except Casey Abrams of course!

  8. Hi Branden,
    Love your choices !! I say it fits well for most of them.
    And you are right, Jeremy should do a more popular Stevie Wonder song,
    You are the sunshine of my life is one ! Another one I’m thinking of is an older song he made when his daughter was born called “Isn’t she Lovely”
    that should melt the hearts of many grand mamas watching , he will move on for sure ( right Salvx?) LOL

    • Absolutely! Jeremy needs to make up for last week and prove he has what it takes if he is going to gain any fans this week. And he needs to gain fans if he wants to stay.

      • I dont like Jeremey,
        but I loved the song he sang last week
        it was so good
        but yes he needs to get more current

  9. I am crossing my fingers for good performance and results shows this week. Nevertheless, I do not think that ANYONE should go before Jermaine Jones. Big Giant (as I call him) is just not that good of a singer to make it to further. If Deandre keeps singing the same way, then he should be the next to get the boot. After that, I’ll just go along with how America’s votes go. The rest are super talented and are all sure to deliver promising performances.

    • So, calling him Big Giant keeps you from mixing him up with the Small Giant on the show?

  10. Oh Branden – this is one of my favorite parts of the season – where you and Matt figure out what the contestants should sing and how the vote should go.  I like both of these assignments (Whitney and Stevie) for the contestants.  I don’t know any of them well enough to think about what they should sing – but I like your suggestions.  It should be a good week.  Looking forward to it.

    • I agree. I like this part of the season because right now it’s so perfectly obvious who is going home: DeAndre, Jeremy, or Jermaine. Later is when I get nervous for my faves.

      • We all have been watching Idol long enough to know that its not always the way it should be……..Since Season 8 I don’t put anything past these voters……We can even go back to Taylor Hicks Season (5?))…..Its not always the way it should be…….according to us anyway…LOL…..
        Idol is interesting now that we have the Top 13…….I like Branden’s picks….

  11. Anyway, I hope Hollie does an upbeat song either this week or the next. Wouldn’t want her to catch a nasty case of the PTS. Pia Toscano Syndrome. 

    • I like Colton but he is no James Durbin….Seriously!!!!!
      HeeJun should be the first to go, including the wild cards but he has a following and once the teens find their phones he’ll be in like flint!!!!!
      I would love to see him on a sitcom or do standup comedy…He is a natural but singer….Nahhhh!!!!

      • he sings very well, I like him
        but he is no way a winner or an IDOL of singing
        not with the likes of Philip, Hollie, Jessica, Shannon,

    • no way
      James Durbin was way so talented
      and could sing great
      a little loud sometimes
      but he was great

  12. I have really been missing an all girl finale.what do u think of Hollie & Jess for the finale???????

  13. I love Whitney, but I think this could be suicide for the girls in this competition.  I do think some of them could handle the songs, but they need to put their own spin on them.  The only way someone should sing “I will always love you” is if they do the Dolly version (and imo…Dolly is also one of the great voices and gifts of our time).  Randy is always saying to leave Whitney’s songs alone…so I’m curious to see what he is going to say this week. 

    I really do not want to see the girls get picked off one by one like they usually do.  Remember season 3, when most of the top 12 was girls.  I long for those days.  I’m not saying I do not like the guys, but something just does not seem right.  Seasons 1, 6 & 7 are the only seaons that a guy was voted off first.

    This is one of the most talented groups on a whole we have had in a while…so I hope it does not disappoint. I just really want to see Colton and Hejuun go home early.  They both have talent, but Colton is too much like other artists out there, and Hejuun has an okay voice but a memorable personality.

    This is still my favorite singing competition, so I’m hoping it stays that way.

    • Kris……in regards to your statement about Adam….Yes, he is talented, confident and appears arrogant.  I saw him in Concert and he is unbelievable.   He can be as arrogant as he wants.  He puts on some show.   He doesn’t need broadway at this stage of his career.   Kris Allen appears to be very sweet and he was my first choice during the auditions until I heard Adam.   No comparisons…….Kris could not hold a candle to Adam in Concerts……..Sorry………..
      BTW I also own Kris’ CD and I loved two of the songs on it….Adam’s Cd I loved them all.

      • To Phyllis G…

        I am not arguing the fact that he is super talented, and probably great in concert…but I do not like his arrogance at all!  Maybe he is a great person…but all I can go off of his reactions and the way he acted on the show.  I’ve heard Adam’s CD and I could not stand it at all!  I think he is a much better singer than the songs on his album. 

        I also do not think you can compare Kris and Adam in concert, because they are completely different artists.  In my honest opinion, what Kris did to Kanye West’s song (although I cannot stand Kanye) was more genius than anything Adam did all season.  I was certainly shocked when Kris won, but was very happy with that outcome.  I do think Adam will probably outshine Kris with their careers though.

        I also have to take some offense to your statement about Broadway.  I do not know what you mean by he does not need Broadway at this stage in his career.  That statement is putting Broadway beneath mainstream music.  So many famous arists and singers turn to Broadway at some point, but that does necessarily say anything about their mainstream music careers.  Not everyone can do both broadway and mainstream music.  Personally, I believe he is better suited for Broadway than mainstream.  I know he has a huge following with his music…I just do not like it.

        That is just my opinion!

      • Well i think kris is better
        adam sucks
        and if that wouldnt enough
        adam shoved a man head in his dick

    • Dont belittle the ability of Jessica to sing Whitney’s songs.She could sing it very well with flying colors my dear. Jessica raised up singing and listening to Whitney’s songs so definitely if there is one contestant in AI   2012 who could sing all Whitney’s songs is Jessica Sanchez.Promise!

      • I am not belittling anyone of them in regards to their talent.  If you actually read my post, I mentioned that several of them could definitely handle her songs.  I just think that trying to sing it like Whitney is not a good idea…especially “I Will Always Love You”.  That song is one of the most overdone songs in history…as great as it may be (Thank you Dolly Parton).

        Jessica could probably sing any of her songs…and so could Hollie.  I just do not want to listen to someone trying to sound like Whitney.  We are looking for the next star that can stand on their own.  All of the AI contestants that have done well with their own careers all have a sound of their own.  I can listen to a Kelly song, a Jennifer song, a Carrie song or even a Jordin song and know it is them.  I can also listen to Lauren Alaina and know it is her.  That is going to be the challenge for any contestant, but I think quite a few of them can do it. I’m excited about tonight.

    • Please leave a message after the beep
      yeah this is stevie i was calling to say i love you oh well bye

  14. I feel that choosing Whitney and Stevie’s songs as the first theme will separate the good from that not so good and hopefully bring the best out of the one who  will win this competition.  The producers could not have picked a more tougher selection since most of us if not all of us are very familiar with both Whitney and Stevie.  I am sure I can follow and sing some of the more popular ones by heart without looking at the music sheets, Now please I did not say that I can sing it good, alright? 

     No predictions for me since I am still not convinced who can win or who should win this year.  I can only say I like one guy in particular who may
    do well if he will develop the confidence quickly. No, it is not Philip, sorry to
    say and 2 girls who, since we have no more choices but to like them, there are no more after that unfortunately, to think out of the thousands upon thousands of singers  that competed across the USA , that’s it???????

    • that’s because they all auditioned for the voice!  what a collection of really brilliant singers.  even the rejects outshine most of the idol contestants this season.  and the judges (even christina) are a lot better than some of the judges on idol.  but we must give credit where credit is due.  if it weren’t for idol, there would be no ADAM!!   (you KNOW i had to get that in!!)

      • I COMPLETELY disagree!!  I do think there are some talented singers on the Voice, but overall the better singers are still on Idol.  This year is better than last on The Voice, but there are only a few that stand out on The Voice.  Nobody has really wowed me yet on that show except for maybe the opera singer. 

        I do, however, love the set up of the show and I love the judges (except for arrogant Adam). 

        Some amazing people have come from Idol that have really pushed their way into the business.  (Adam is not one of those people…he has talent, but I do not like him and I really do not think he is going to have the staying power like some of the other greats)

      • to kris, as cliched as it sounds, everyone is entitled to an opinion.  you are certaily entitled to yours.  however, i truly believe that adam lambert will stand the test of time and will still be making great music twenty years from now.  as far as adam levine is concerned, you’re 100% right, even though he is slightly cute and has a great body!!

      • To Pr63…

        I completely agree about everyone being entitled to their opinion.  I actually meant to state that in my comment, and I apologize I did not.

        Adam Lambert is certainly talented, but I think he is more suited for Broadway.  Do not get me wrong, I love Broadway.  Adam actually started out as a favorite of mine, but I completely lost respect for him when he started getting arrogant throughout the competition.  That always loses me when contestants get that way; arrogance is such a turn off.  I did not even take notice of Kris Allen in the beginning, but I liked him more and more throughout the competition and I love his album.  Alexis Grace should have been the winner that year and they should have used the same on her.  James Durbin was last year’s arrogant one…but I don’t think James was anywhere near as talented as Adam was/is!!  I can see Colton being the arrogant contestant this year, but not sure yet.  Either way, Colton is forgetable to me and sounds too much like other artists on the radio.

        As far as Adam Levine…he is hot and has a great body and a grea voice…but again, he lost me with the arrogance.  With Christina, I see her more as confident, and there is no denying that girl can sing!!!!  Whether you like her or hate her, she knows what she is talking about.

      • to kris, alexis grace was incredible.  why she didn’t get further than she did is a mystery to me.  as far as arrogance goes, i think it was more that adam is an actor and he could have been playing a part.  but i truly believe he’s genuine.  a niece of mine met him at jingle ball in miami and said he was terrific, taking pictures and signing autographs with people backstage, and also fooling around with the little kids.  then again, i admit i’m biased.  none of the boys this season are too impressive. and yes, colton is in love with himself.  we’ll just have to see who come out number one.  i don’t think it’s gonna be one of the guys.  the girls far outshine them

      • to Pr63…

        I am behind Hollie Cavanagh 100%!!!

        I like several of the girls through.  Some of the guys are okay.  My favorite guy was Creighton and I am really upset he was not put through as a wild card in place of Jeremy!

      • Im really laughing, :),   The Voice and IDOL have great singers
        between both shows, IDOL has more its been on longer
        but I have to say in my Opinion
        The X-Factor had no talent on it
        okay that was rude, it had some talent, but medeocore at best
        except for Rachel  I loved that little gir

      • To Sdoce…

        I so agree about X Factor.  I loved Rachel Crow and felt she should have won hands down!!!  Almost everyone else on the show was a joke!!  My biggest problem with last season was the judges ganging up on Simon for no good reason.  I know LA is big in the business, but I don’t think he knows what he is talking about and was completely rude to the wrong people.  I’m always saying…”if so and so is voted off the show, I’m no longer watching”.  But usually I will continue to watch anyway, but when Rachel was voted off, I stopped watching completely.

        The funny thing is, before they created the top 12, they actually had some talented singers…but the judges got rid of all of them.  Rachel was great, and that girl who was a rugby player was AMAZING!  I was hoping she would try out for Idol.  I might give next season a try, but I do not have high hopes. 

        The Voice is a great set-up with great judges, but the contestants are only okay in my opinion. 

        For me, Idol is still the best with the best talent. …that also goes for SYTYCD.  I think Nigel knows what he is doing.

  15. As I’ve posted before:  Joshua should sing “Yesterme, Yesteryou, Yesterday”  and Jermaine should sing “I Just Called To Say I Love You”.  Skylar should do Dolly’s original IWALY.  I’m not a fan of  Whitney so I don’t really know her songbook.  I believe the guys are going to have a harder time with Stevie’s songbook than the girls will with Whitney’s.

    • Lol, Well I guess we will have to see templar… Whitney Houston songs are going to get compared to the original right now, so IDK.

      • You may be right, but I’m taking Idol’s audience into consideration.  My impression is that most Idol voters are from the south and midwest.  The only Idol winner who was from north of the Mason-Dixon line is Lee DeWyze and you can see where that went.  1 – Texas, 2 – Alabama 3 – NC,  4 – Ok.,  5 – Alabama 6 – Az, 7 – Mo.,  8 – Ark,  9 – Il,  10 – NC.  No  one from the northeast has won.  So, I don’t think Whitney is a big fave with this audience.  Since there are a lot of mature women in the voting block, I believe Stevie is better known to them.

  16. I don’t care what the rest of them sing, if Joshua sings I Was Made to Love Her, I will be a happy girl.

    • Phil will be gone before top 5.  He’s just too much of a Dave Matthews wannabe.

      • i am tired of that comparison…he is what he is…good looking, charming and talented….he is the only interesting person on the show…skylar second…heejun for laughs..the rest second rate.

      • On what planet are him and Skylar the only interesting people on the show? I don’t think any of them are without their personality.

    • Mary…can you really say that Phillip is the only interesting person on the show?  That seems a bit far fetched with the variety of talented singers we have this year.  Are you suffering from WGWG syndrome?

  17. The winner of american idol season 11 2012
    is Deandre
    and american idol is cancelled

  18. Whitney Houston  was a drug addict, she got a hero’s funeral.
    The real hero’s are the men and women in our military. When they die nothing happens. Lets give her a rest. She was not a saint.

    • Amen
      i sick of whitney she is in the gospel section she aint gospel
      she killed herself

      • Rj Phyllis was very politely explaining why people are sad over Whitney’s voice.  She didn’t say she was the best singer ever but if you were honest with yourself, you would know that her talent was really remarkable. There is nothing wrong with disgreeing with how others think, but there is no need to be obnoxious in doing it. 

    • No one is saying she was a saint.  No one is praising her for her heroism.  Once in a lifetime a great singer with a God gifted voice comes into our lives.  Whitney Houston was that singer.  She is being praised for her singing.  Unfortunately she made bad choices in her personal life. 
      Our military are our heros.  They put their lives on the line everyday for our freedom.   Individually, these men & women are not famous but collectively they are.  I live in Vegas and at every show I go to the entertainer acknowledges our armed forces, invites them to stand and we applaud them..They are our heros!!!!!

      • @ Phyllis  G. AMEN Phyllis for what you said about Whitney. God gave her such a gifted voice. It was like one of those WOW you voices. I was so upset when she hooked up with Bobby Brown. Whitney was raised in a gospel and church situation. She was beautiful. And had the voice of an angel. No she was not a hero!  And yes our troops are the real heros. I am not sure anyone said Whitney was a hero, or an angel. But it is still sad the way she died. It is sad the way she lived afer Bobby Brown. It’s too bad her family couldn’t have done something to help her. But when your kids are grown theres not much you can do. Her Mother Cissy actually went with the police to her and Bobby  Browns house and drug her out to rehab. But Whitney was too far gone in the drug scene for rehab to work. I hope that the family can keep Bobbi Christina off the drugs. I know she was doing them while her mother was still alive. I am so in to the voice that I have not picked anyone from AI yet. Have a nice day!  Sherry K

      • actually, RJ, she is considered one of the best singers of all time by almost all major music sources.

    • She was a very talented singer and most all her songs were hits
      and everyone loves her songs
      but we as people glorify are talented singers and actors and actress
      so sad that we do that.

    • I do like Phil Phillips but I want to see more of his performances just like the other 12.  Its really to soon for me to have a favorite.  I’ve only heard some of these singers just once (full song).

  19. Kris……I always say at the beginning of the season…lets agree to disagree.
    As you can tell I am a hugh Adam fan.  What I meant about Broadway is that Adam is sooo good in Concert that he should be touring now and not being tied down to a contract to perform on Broadway…
    I love Broadway and to see Adam on Broadway would be a dream come true but if you are an Adam fan (and I am)….watching him on stage in Concert is awesome.    This is what I like about this blog….We are all different and we all like what we like……no disrespect……Just my honest opinion…..

    • Hi Phyllis:  One should also take into consideration the fact that, while prestigious, a stint on Broadway is not nearly as lucrative as touring.  Why should Adam play small Broadway theaters when he can pack  much larger venues?  At this point in his career, he needs to keep the big machine rolling.

      • Hi Templar…..Being born & raised in New York….Broadway Theaters are considered the BIG stage but you get what I was saying about ADAM…….He was born to perform on stage in Concerts!!!!!!!!!

      • lets see how many IDOLS have done broadway
        Clay Aiken
        by the way I like him on this years Trumps Apprentice
        Jenifer Hudson
        who can name more
        I know there has been

  20. I’m not sure if I’m glad or upset that nobody is singing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody…”

  21. Jermaine – Send One Your Love
    Deandre – That Girl
    Jeremy – My Cherie Amour
    HeeJun – You Are the Sunshine of My Life
    Phillip – Boogie On Reggae Woman
    Colton – Sir Duke (great song for the Piano)
    Joshua – Uptight

    Jessica – I Will Always Love You
    Hollie – Exhale
    Shannon – Saving All My Love
    Skyler – I Wanna Dance With Somebody
    Erica – All the Man That I Need
    Elise – I’m Your Baby Tonight

    • Agree, super agree! Jessica should sing I will always love you because i know that she could belt out and will give a new rendition to the great song of all time and could elevate her into another level. Jessica is the only AI 2012 contestant that could  sing that song &  if only Whitney  could only  hear her sing that song now , Whitney will rise and congratulate Jessica for giving justice to sing her signature  song.

  22. One comment regarding Jermaine for the “Jermaine bashers” out there.  The guy doesn’t just have a ‘Harmony Bass’ — he has the skills to maintain melody and stay on key.  And let’s face it — he won’t be pitchy — with that said — he will surprise you with some coaching on what he can do with some song choices…..

    He has to play to his strength — but I think he has way more range than some may give him credit for….. I like him…..and pulling for him to do well.

    I love this group — no real complaints about any of them…..

    • I think Jermaine is going to suprise alot of people because we have not had the chance to really see what he can do. When he had to sing with the Cowboy( thank goodness he is gone) Jermaine blew that kid away! I am rooting for Jermaine and like Jimmy said I think he has great potential!

      •  I am with you on this Marty,  besides we have not seen and heard a good Baritone singer for a long time, Barry White and Lou Rawls comes to my mind, I know these guys are 70’s music but styles can be updated to reflect today’s music.  My hope is the voters will see Jermaine’s unique tone that can add flavour to this almost boring season 11.  Tonight’s show is a test to see how far and how interesting this compettiton will become.  Sorry to say , I’ve tried to convince myself that I am excited to see this group of 13 but I have been spoiled by many other shows this year that are far better.

      • He has a beautiful voice
        but he is not a STAR or an IDOL
        his music will not be in demand
        he will not go far

  23. Is it just me, or do any of you really hope that Deandre chooses a Milli Vanilli song sometime this season?  I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear him do “Blame it on the Rain” — just so I can have a Deja Vu moment in my 40s!

  24. America’s Top 3 are
    1. Phillip
    2. Jessica
    3. Heejun
    Followed closely by…
    4. Colton
    5. Joshua
    6. Hollie

  25. Jessica could totally pull that off…. 😛 But I’m kinda curious to know how Skylar would perform if she chooses that song… 

  26. I contest that Jessica’s voice best fits “I will always love you”  I think Hollie’s voice is better suited. 

    Jessica like to go on runs and add exclaimation points to her notes.  It might be hard for her to hold those notes without the tendency to stop early.

    Hollie could handle this song…i think.

    • I might get slain for this, but I believe America is going to get bored with Jessica fairly quickly.

    • She sang this song when she was 12 yrs old – > youtube. She sustained notes at that time simply incridible. It’s already expected that Americans will say to a singer performing ballad song BORING. they don’t realize that ballad songs are very difficult songs to sing. 

      I rather suggest that Jessica must sing ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ coz of her youthful appeal + confidence rather than sining I will always love you (this song is even better for adult singers).

      • no, you just want america to see and watch how Jessica will give a new rendition with the greatest song of all time and Jessica could sing it very well..Jessica showed up her versatility with her past performance which is not stereotyped and a lot of movements. 

      • Just remember that “I will always love you” is Dolly’s song.  She is the genius behind it.  Granted Whitney made it famous with her amazing version, Dolly is the amazing singer and songwriter behind it, which is why she owns the rights to the song.  The song was originally supposed to be for Elvis, but he wanted the rights to the song and she would not give them up.  Dolly is a smart and amazing woman.

  27. COLTON DIXON IS GOING TO WIN just had to say that and i think he will do good at 
    We Can Work it Out

  28. Just a comment on the James Durbin-Colton thing… I don’t think Colton is copying James Durbin because Colton has been that way ever since (even before James Durbin became a James Durbin), even if you check his previous performances. Plus Colton is not just about singing, he has a deeper musical talent compared to James Durbin (who’s forte is just to scream his lungs out). Genre wise James is a heavy metal and Colton is alternative-rock.

    • I think the same thing i mean i like James he rocks he was my favorite last year but Colton has always been like that i think Colton has more potential tho i think he could easily win in the next couple weeks we can probably decide who has a better shot i think for sure p2 will start going down in performances and Jessica will to the thing about being a alt rocker the way Colton is is that he can pretty much do a twist on any song yes its a risk but it will always work out for sure no doubt i think Colton has the best shot at this his voice and appearance is going to win Americas vote.

      • Here’s a wacky observation.  I think James would have done better if he wasn’t already a daddy.  Those teen girl voters like to imagine they have a chance with the cute guy they’re voting for.  With Adam/Kris they took the married without children over the alternative lifestyle.  With the two Davids, they went for the hot guy over the baby.

  29. Jessica: I think she should sing “All the Man that I Need”, it’ll be the perfect Whitney song choice for her.

    Skylar: I agree, “I Will Always Love You” country version will suit her.
    Elise: She should do “I Learned from the Best” or “You Give Good Love” 
    Shannon: “Saving all My Love for You” or “Run to You”
    Hollie: I want to see her sing “Greatest Love of All” or “Miracle”
    Erika: I want her to sing “I Have Nothing”. I think she can nail it off. 🙂

  30. I would like to hear them all sign the blues or some gospel. They all have that type of voice. 

  31. I have watched Jessica Sanchez on YouTube since I discovered internet and am really excited to be watching her once again! I’m currently living in Australia which means I’ll be watching everything on YouTube! Now I wish Jessica would sing “All the men that I need” or “I will always love you”!
    Go Jessica im rooting for you!

  32. Jessica Sanchez /Joshua Ledet were the only guys judges stoop up for their performance. They are my favorite…

  33. hello.  Wow what an amazing lineup. Think they let a good one go at the 42 tho and I believe they wasted a wildcard opportunity with that young girl.
    My moneys on Jessica or Joshua

  34. My Song Choice for them:

    Girls (Whitney Song)

    Jessica Sanchez- “Run to you” ( she’s good at vocal dynamics that’s why before I wanted her to sing “I believe in you and me”  but jermaine already sang it so instead I chose “Run to you”)

    Elise Testone- “All the man that I need” ( she has a husky voice, perfect song for her)

    Skylar Laine- “I will always love you” ( perfect song for her because she has a strong country voice)

    Shannon Magrane- “Didn’t we almost had it all” ( she is one of the contestants who sings very clean)

    Erika Van Pelt- “I have nothing” ( she has a strong big voice she will slay this song)

    Hollie Cavanagh- “Try it on my own” ( she has a nice control on her voice)

    Boys (Stevie songs)

    Philip Philips- “Higher ground” ( he has the rocker voice vibe at least he gets to sing a more up beat song)

    Heejun Han- “Overjoyed” ( Jlo said he has that buttery tone so I am sure this SONG + HEEJUN’S VOICE = SWEET SERENADE for the girls)

    Joshua Ledet- Living for the city( totally a DIVA so I’m giving him this song)

    Colton Dixon- “Knocks me off my feet” ( I imagine him in the piano while singing this song… there’s a word… PERFECT!)

    Jeremy Rosado- “All is fair in love” ( I bet he love Stevie song I know he will pick this song and he should he needs to be remebered)

    Deandre Brackensick- “As” ( he has the skills he  will kill this!!!! my favorite stevie song)

    Jermaine Jones- “Lately” (this is the only song I know that would fit him “my cherrie amour” has always been sung  in auditions he shouldn’t sing it)

    Please comment and like if you agree :)))

  35. i love jessica and josh.i was very proud of them.
    vote for them. Hey  I will always love both of you. i would like to see that they will be finalist idol 12 and runner _up!

  36. i think  its going to be  erica, philp, colton.   i love  idol it dont matter to me  who wins  they all get a record  deal top 12.    i love  the little spitfire  they call reba she good .  it a good choice   if the all do what was picked .  good luck  everyone.

    • Imsick and tired of the top 3 is going to be blank blank and erika
      Erika went home elinmated arleady didnt make it at all
      but the judges cheated for her she will not win or will get top 5
      im sick and tired of erika she is so boring and sung im on the edge of glory that should have not her off jen should be in that place and im not even a jenjam

    • I felt sorry colton i thought he sucked i always feel sorry for a few
      like him and heejun and they make it what american idol
      this year is pretty simple  colton sucks

  37. This season is going to be a nail biter for sure… Once Jermaine, Jeremy, and DeAndre are gone… they are really going to have to duke it out. Well, here’s my prediction for this season’s eliminations:
    13- Bottom 3: Jermaine, Jeremy, Erika- Jermaine will be eliminated the first week. No question about it. A lot of people think he STOLE a spot from other contestants, and the ones that like him (like me) like other contestants more. Goodbye Gentle Giant.
    12. Bottom 3: DeAndre, Jeremy, Shannon- Much like the top 13, there is no question that Jeremy is going home in this week. Nice kid, arguabley one of the best male SINGERS, but, alas, American citizens don’t seem to like him.
    11. Bottom 3: DeAndre, Shannon, Erika- I think the first semi-shocker of the season will be Shannon barely missing the tour. She seems to have a lot of fans on here but I’ve observed that many of them are the same person (you know who you are) changing their username.
    10. Bottom 3: DeAndre, Erika, Heejun- After weeks of riding the bottom 3, DeAndre finally goes home. He does not match up in terms of talent to the rest of the contestants. 
    9. Bottom 3: Erika, Heejun, and Skylar- It didn’t matter who I picked for the 3rd person, because Erika is going home anyway. This week also marks the week America starts to turn against Heejun. Judges realize that if they use the save, they will have given her 3 or 4 chances. They don’t.
    8. Bottom 3: Skylar, Elise, and Heejun- Elise is sent to safety, and everyone knows Heejun is going home. Nope. Skylar booted in shock elimination! But, of course, thank goodness for the judges save! They use it on Skylar.
    8&7. Bottom 3: Elise, Heejun, and Phil- Phil is sent to safety, keeping him around another week. Heejun and Elise are sent packing.
    6. Random order this week. The 3 left are Jessica, Hollie, and Colton. Jessica is sent to safety. Hollie and Colton are standing on the stage. The final person in America’s top 5 is……… Hollie. Our top 5 is Phil, Hollie, Jessica, Josh, and Skylar.
    5. Ryan sends Hollie and Phil to one side of the stage and Josh and Skylar to the other. Tells Jess she is safe and asks her to stand with the one she thinks is safe. She refuses. Hollie and Phil are safe along with her. The bottom two are Skylar and Josh. Skylar goes home.
    4. Tells Phil he is in the top 3. Then Jessica. Hollie and Josh (best friends, btw,) are left on the spot. America’s top 3 is Phil, Jess, and Hollie.
    3. Jessica eliminated in a BIG shocker!!! Does not make it to the finale!!! Since the perceived front runner never wins, A lot of people are predicting this.
    Finale: In my best Ryan Seacrest impression, The winner, of American Idol, 2012, IS……….. HOLLIE CAVANAGH!!!! Sweet, likeable, dorky farm girl from Texas with a huge voice and immense talent. Where have we heard of that before? Season 1. Kelly. EXTREMELY POPULAR ARTIST.
    Anyone agree?

    • I actually like your order for the most part, and especially your top 3 and winner!!!

      I would like to see Shannon make the tour though.  I really like Jessica and Phil, but I think Hollie is great and is just so much more likeable.  I also just love her story with how she tried out last year and almost didn’t make it to Hollywood (and even agreed that she was not that good, but glad they gave her a chance).  Once she got to Hollywood and we saw a clip of her in the first round, I completely took notice!  I didn’t think she was going to make the live shows last year, but I am so glad she came back!!! 

      I am someone who votes via text as much as possible within those two hours given to us; I am not going to mess with voting for any of my other favorites I might like, because I want her to win so bad!!  I just hope she does not disappoint (and I don’t think she will).

      Jessica is great, but I think Hollie’s album could be a little more original than Jessica’s.  Phil could also put out a great album if he keeps that same feel, but is given great material and stays away from Dave Matthews.  I love Dave Matthews and he is almost a clone of him with the way he moves, holds his guitar and sings.  I think he is so adorable! 

      I think Idol will be lost if Colton wins.  He is way too much like other winners (David Cook and Lee Dewyze).  I do not like David’s voice (David Archuleta is so much better…I saw his Christmas concert and his voice was AMAZING!…granted I was one of few grown men in the audience), and Lee is so forgetable.  I bought Lee’s album for some reason and have only listened to it once.

      • Good!!! You’re a holliepop too!!! We can’t let her get voted off!!! She needs as many votes as she can get because she is literally the only person they didn’t show any singing from in Hollywood or Vegas. Even DeAndre and Jessica got SOME face time.

    • A little to soon to predict the WHOLE season but I like your thinking!!!!!

    • not bad, but we still have a long way to go.  the problem is that with this batch of finalists there is no one who is really SPECTACULAR.  how many of these kids would we all go to see in concert, spending hundreds of dollars for a ticket??  not to mention the tee shirts.

      • 3 in particular for me: Hollie, Jessica, and Erika. The ones I would NEVER go to a concert for are Jermaine, Jeremy, Phil, DeAndre, Shannon, and Colton. I would go to Heejun’s comedy show if he had one LOL. I have not decided on Josh, Skylar, and Elise. 
        As far as spectacular goes, isn’t it a little early to say that as well? With some of them, we’ve only seen one performance from them. I guess we will have to see, but with the pressure of performing in front of millions of people, you have to admit, the finalists did pretty good.

      • they DID do pretty well.  i think we’ve been spoiled by the likes of hudson, daughtry, mcphee, lambert clarkson and underwood.  do you think any of the finalists can compare??

      • @13d928286da444cd034887610bfc9879:disqus Ya know, we won’t know til the season is over. But what I do know is that there have been a grand total of 121 finalists on Idol (I’m not that obsessed, I used a calculator) and there have been 5 or 6 that have really stood out, the ones you mentioned. I think Jessica and Hollie will both have good careers. I will have to see how they do the rest of the season to REALLY tell if they have star quality or not. 
        For example, Pia, last season,  had a great voice, but could not do faster more upbeat songs. The only ones with the real “it” factor were James, Lauren, and Casey. And even they had their not so perfect performances. (i.e- Casey’s smells like a teenage spirit) That’s what is exciting about American Idol for me is no singer is perfect, but you root for the one that you think has the ability to have a career in the music industry. All of the people you mentioned are VERY talented and have that kind of factor. Hollie might be able to sell a lot of records, but like I said, she might catch the Pia Syndrome. Jessica might catch a different case of the Pia Syndrome, in that she gets voted off because she peaked so early. 
        Anyway, We will see who wins or gets the most records sold. I think by the end of the season, though, you will have one or two new names on your list there.

  38. Kris…..Totally agree with y ou about Rachel Crow…..We were all bummed out at our house when she was voted off.  I hear that she is going to be doing a comedy sitcom……She could sing and act.   I just love this kid.

    I love all these singing and dancing reality shows.  SYTYCD is awesome.

    • That’s great!!! She has a deal with Nickelodean. Can’t wait to see more of her singing. Great things are coming from her for sure! 🙂

  39. Pr63……..Normally by now I have my favorites like the people you named but this year I don’t feel that I’ve  heard enough of them singing.
    They pimped Grimm & Heejun and those were the only two that I remembered and I didn’t like either one of them.    I’m trying to keep an open mind tonight.

  40. Jessica should sing I will always love you like how great Whitney Houston sang the great great Song of all Time.Jessica could sing it with flying colors knowing her voice power ! Jessica please show them that you could do it !

  41. Boys

    Phillip Phillips – I know that he has already
    sung superstition, but I could see him doing it again. If he doesn’t sing that,
    then I could see him doing something interesting with Part Time Lover.


    Deandre Brackensick – I can really hear him
    singing Part Time Lover, especially if he does something similar to what Matt
    Giraud did. Also, listening really close to the lower tone to his voice, I
    could hear him doing really good on For Once in My life.



    Joshua Ledet – I can really hear him killing
    Living for the City. If he doesn’t do that, then I could see him rocking out to


    Jermaine Jones – I think if he picks any other
    song than Ribbon in The Sky, he is going to have a hard time. That is the only
    song I can hear him doing tonight.



    Colton Dixon – I really think Colton could do
    Higher Ground, and rock out to it pretty well. If he doesn’t do that, then I
    could also hear him doing something interesting with Part Time Lover.


    Jeremy Rosado – I think his first choice should
    be lately. I think he could do something pretty good with it. If he doesn’t do
    that, then I can definitely hear him singing Isn’t she lovely.



    Heejun Hun – I really think he will sing Isn’t she
    Lovely. It just sounds like a Heejun song. If he doesn’t sing that then I could
    also hear him doing something good with Lately.



    Skylar Laine – I could hear her singing How Will
    I know, that is if she doesn’t cheat and do the Dolly Parton version of I will
    Always Love you.


    Erika Van Pelt – I really think Erika could do I
    Wanna Dance With Somebody, and do the song justice. I can also hear her big
    alto voice doing One Moment In Time.



    Jessica Sanchez – There are so many song that I
    can hear Jessica doing. I think she could shine if she does I Will Always Love
    you. If she doesn’t do that I think she would kill the Greatest Love of All. I
    also think she could smash I have nothing. Whatever she sings, I’m sure that
    she will do a fantastic job.

    Hollie Cavanagh – I really think Hollie could do
    Run to you, and do it really well. I think she would also do a great job with I
    have Nothing.


    Shannon Magrane – I think this is going to be a
    difficult week for Shannon, no matter what she sings. But, I think  she could attempt to do Saving All My Love
    For you. That’s about the only song she has a chance of doing a decent job on.
    Whatever she sings tonight, I think she is going to be in trouble this week for
    some reason.



    Elise Testone – I think Elise could do something
    interesting with When you Believe. If that doesn’t happen, I could see Elise
    having a stellar performance with All the Man that I Need.

  42. josh is the best tonight he is a really good singer voting for josh tonight but you know  there are alot others that are good but josh is the best but guess what it was pretty what he sung today

  43. Heejun made it….
    You see not many people think and feel very cruel like you!
    You must have very cold heart who has very narrow perspective.
    People want to be connected and share sadness and happiness through
    Music not just singing like a robert or machine.
    They need an Idol who make them smile in everyway.

    • ..its too early to say goodbye for  heejun, he is likable and funny but i think he has 2 to 3 weeks more in the show, that is my prediction. 

      • I don’t brame you ROjasramonson….I mean Branden.
        Heejun may not be No. 1 American idol.
        But describing song for heejun was really mean and very cruel.
        Even disrespetable. Hate for that.

  44. My prediction next week for the elimination of A.I. contestants are the following:
    Bottom 3:1. Shannon Magrane2. Jermaine Jones3. Heejun HanBetween Jermaine Jones and Shannon Magrane will be eliminated.Please like if you agree.

  45. RJ, Are you telliing me to shut up about Whitney Houston?  Since when did it become your business to tell ANYONE to shut up! I am entitled to my opinion the same as you are. when did you become moderator of this blog. I do not care what you say! She had an awesome voice until she got in to the stupid drug scene!!!!!

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