Lee DeWyze Album Debut Sales Are Worst Ever For Idol

Lee DeWyze Live It Up

The other week Lee DeWyze, the winner of last season’s American Idol, debuted his contract-awarded album, “Live It Up.” If you missed that news then you wouldn’t be alone because according to the results, DeWyze had the absolute worst sales numbers ever. Ever!

“Live It Up” sold a measly 39,000 units in its first week making it the worst winner sales ever and worse than any previous runner-up’s sales as well.

To put that in perspective, Kris Allen sold 80,000 copies the year before. David Cook sold 280,000 the year before that. To find the best sales record you’d have to go all the way back to 2003 when Clay Aiken sold 613,000 as the runner-up.

If American Idol wants to hold its ground then it’s going to need to get some serious star power on the show this season and then make sure one of those singers with sales potential actually wins the show. How much longer can this show be considered legitimate if it continues to disappoint in its original goal: producing singing sensations who can sell mega quantities of albums.

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  1. That really is too bad…have not heard on what Crystal is doing lately with the single she recorded…I wish them both luck…this is not a very good start 🙁

  2. Thats a real shame. But I think the recession will have a lot to do with it. People just don't have that extra cash. I still believe that Lee was the best, and deserved his win.

  3. In the end, it`s the final numbers that count, not initial sales and Lee certainly deserves to sell well, but bad numbers don`t mean it`s a bad album or that he`s not talented, maybe it just means that Idol is not as good a vehicle as it once was, does`nt bode well for the upcoming season.

  4. Wow.. I wonder why..; BUT wait until like Crystal, Didi, Siobhan or Tim releases theirs. ITs gonna be BIG, I doubt that..

  5. Low sales doesn't mean he isn't a good singer. there are many factors such as promotions and stuff. Lee certainly has talent no matter what the album sales show.

  6. I'm not totally surprised…..unfortunately this Idol Season, to me, wasn't the best…..It was like the Season Taylor Hicks won. I've seen Lee on all the talk shows and his single from the CD, SWEET SERENDIPITY, started to grow on me. I hope for his sake that the CD starts to grow on the public or else he will end up a ONE CD WONDER…

  7. Sorry to keep beating a dead horse, but Lee's poor sales reflect what some of us keep harping about. The unlimited text voting doesn't translate into music sales or concert ticket sales. Until Nigel changes the voting and limits text voting we will never see a true winner on Idol again. If text voting had been prevalent in the early years of Idol, the winners would have been Justin over Kelly, Bo over Carrie etc.

  8. @Stormy…..If that would have been the outcome back then I don't believe AI would still be on the air now……Not to beat a dead horse but after Season 8 and the ADAM/KRIS controversy, AI is on thin ground unless they really do something about the voting NOW!!!!!!!

    After last season and they let SIOBHAN go, to me, the show got boring. They really need some exciting new artists to keep us wondering what they are going to sing next week….SOMETHING EXCITING…..We have enough LEES' out there already!!!!!!!!

  9. Poor Lee…it's not his fault…he IS A GREAT SINGER….I'm sure other up and coming artists not affiliated with American Idol had poorer record sales when they first started out than Lee's. Lee is a sold singer…It's American Idol that maybe needs to go away.

  10. @Kris sorry to disappoint you, but the young opera sensation Jackie Evancho who had nothing to do with AI, record sales were reportedly higher than Lee's during the first week of her CD's release!!!!

    She was a contestant on AGT, and even though she did not win, her CD is still making noise in the sales and music industry department!!!

  11. Same goes for Susan Boyle, who also did not win. And Adam Lambert has outsold Kris Allen in music and concert tix. Change the voting.

  12. @Stormy…..Well said…….totally agree with you…….that Jackie is one heck of a singer….

  13. I liked Lee, and yes I'm young and voted for him, but not a million times! I thought he sounded great on TV, but was very disappointed in the CD. Except for one or two songs that were just "OK" the rest were just forgettable. I don't think he's going to be any superstar, but then nowdays, how many can be? I also bought David Archuletas CD which doesn't seem to be selling that fast either, and I think it's 200% better and LOVE HIS VOICE!

  14. I have bought this CD and think it's really good. People are always going to complain about something from the voting rules to the judging. If you are all going to complain so much about the workings of the show…simply don't watch. Text voting has nothing to do with it. In the early years of AI have you ever tried for an hour to get through to vote for your fave? With texting you don't have to hearing a busy signal in your ear. If you don't like Lee, or Kris or any of the others…don't listen! It's that simple. Why do you guys continually go on a site like this and degrade someone? Fact of the matter is…he has a record album, he is making money….can any of you say the same?

  15. I'm new to this sight but when I read the rules I said hooray for a blog site that allows for an open exchange of ideas without descending into grade-school flame wars. It also appears that newcomers are welcome so I don't keep getting ignored if I'm not one of the clique.

    OK, now to the thread. Simply put, a new method of voting is definitely in order… NOW. I have no idea of how the contestants sound live during the competition but some of the judges comments have been bizarre to say the least. And I agree that Siobhan got the shaft. Of all the idols in the top 12 last year she may have been the most accomplished singer. I know some folks didn't care for the "shriek" note in some of her performances but, to me anyway, it showed that she was putting everything into the performance. I kind of remember Danny Gokey's horrifying scream when he was imitating Steven Tyler and the judges just laughed it off and Allison went home though she could easily keep up with Adam musically. And I can't remember if she ever missed a note. Probably did but she was so consistently good in any genre I've probably gone into denial about any rough edges she may have. It seemed that Simon hated her outfits even though Lady GaGa makes Allison's wardrobe look downright drab. Only a few more weeks now! WooHoo!

  16. @yankeegirl What you don't seem to understand is that maniacal text voting for a cute semi talented guy may be cheating a more talented singer from getting through to the next round. "Don't watch" is not an answer. The unlimited text voting is akin to illegally stuffing a ballot box during an election. It does not represent the popular vote and it does not translate into music sales or concert tickets. And it gives the false winner expectations that will eventually lead to letdowns. It isn't just wrong, it's cruel. And if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

  17. Again…change the voting system…"the powers that be"…Nigel…are you listening, need to hear this over and over again…did I read somewhere that they are going to have a "Save" again…????

  18. @Stormy, agree with you again! Hint, hint @yankeegirl, Lee DeWyze!!!

    @Rose, yes they're doing the save.

  19. @ Angela…Not sure if I like the Save…perhaps they could just do without it…jmho…still…looking forward to the new season. AI really needs an exciting year. 🙂

  20. @BJ….Welcome to the site…….I love this site and I;m sure you will too. I totally agree with you regarding Siobhan, she was my favorite last year too. Regarding Allison…..She opened for Adam and she was great…….We seem to like the same music.

    @Angela, Rose & Stormy…..I don't know if I agree with this save…..is it really helping anybody???????

  21. I'm going to have to agree, the voting system can definitely throw things off a bit. However, the sad part is to the people who are searching for "exciting" and "different". I say that because in my opinion Lee is the most genuine and humble artist thus far, AI or not. Lee represents the thousands of young artists who have big dreams but never had the opportunity to make it big. Lee is a regular guy with amazing talent and his modest personality shines through. The media doesnt need any more Lindsay Lohans, Britney Spears', or Miley Cirus' to corrupt the youth who look up to them. "Exciting" and "different" doesn't always mean good news. Unfortunately, thats entertainment in today's society.

    Go Lee!

  22. No matter what the sales are for Lee's album, I still believe he was the BEST of the bunch. I think with the economy the way it is world wide, that would play a big part in people buying CD's I know has for me. Chin up Lee, don't ever think you were not the Best of that group of people.

  23. Well…May be some are still impressed by Adam Lambert's music inspiration which is a kind of no boundery pattern. I wish new season can find a very talented one…real one again.!

  24. I have been wondering and looking for an album by Lee dewyze, because I absolutely love his voice and type of music. He does have star quality, I just think the marketing strategies was not good enough, I never saw it advertise anywhere. Is it even in South Africa??

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