Simon Cowell Quits American Idol After 2010

Buckle in for your last season of American Idol with Simon Cowell. According to his brother the King of Cruel will follow Abdul’s footsteps and leave the Idol Judges’ panel after American Idol 2010 but, unlike Paula, Simon has a new job lined up:

“A press statement is being prepared which will confirm what everybody expected: Simon will leave Idol at the end of 2010 to concentrate on bringing the American version of The X Factor to U.S. TV in 2011,”

Per Simon’s latest contract he’ll finally be able to bring “The X Factor” to the States and presumably he’ll be taking the lead with the judging role there as well.

Should American Idol continue on without its captain now that only Randy “Dawg” Jackson will be the only original judge for the 2011 season? Would you watch a show judged by Randy, Kara, and Ellen DeGeneres?

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  1. I love Ellen, but she is a comedian not a music icon like the other judges. Paula was incoherent at times but she knows music. As for Simon, he is AI and without him it will be a disaster.

  2. You have to be kidding. The whole show is Simon. They might as well give it all up. But, one can’t blame him for wanting a change.

  3. I would watch. (I love Ellen! And I have always been impressed with Kara’s intelligent comments. Randy is a staple and is necessary as the lynchpin.)

    Whether I would continue watching is another thing, but we shall see.

  4. I won’t be watching it this season. I can’t believe that prefessional people though Ellen Degeneres was the best judge for the show. I mean did nobody else want the job or something? What does she know about music? She is a comedian, actor and talk show host. Did I miss the musical background. Siman is probably leaving because of that.

  5. First Paula, now Simon? It’s clearly the demise of American Idol. I’ll give next year’s idol a pass, so I won;t be missing 2011 at all.

  6. I don’t love Ellen – I can’t stand Kara – and Randy is ok. Bring on the XFactor Simon, and I’ll be there. American Idol has been a joke for quite a while now. This past year was proof positive of that fact. The best guy did NOT win. And we all know what I’m talking about.

  7. American Idol without Simon is not worth watching. Paula I don’t mind leaving, but
    just Randy of the ‘old crew’ is not enough.
    I think the Idol idea is over and it is time for something new!

  8. I am not sure if I will watch it now! I didn’t care for Kara last year and Paula drives me crazy, BUT now with Simon leaving!!!!! Give me a break! I thought we were searching for TALENT with professional judges??? The show is becoming a JOKE!

  9. Paula’s gone. Now you’re saying Simon’s leaving next year…I doubt very seriously if I’ll ever watch American Idol again …if that happens. As much as I like Randy, American Idol just won’t be American Idol without Simon. I really enjoyed watching Paula, Simon, and Randy as the judges…they were so cool!

  10. i dont really think it is about the judges, its about american talent that needs to be found. its about oppurtunity to people with talent. after all the final judges are us, and what do we know about music, besides it sounds good or it dosnt.

  11. I really don’t think the show would be american idol without Simon! Simon is the show truly! so I think with out him it’s gonna die; but I love the XFactor idea! love it….

  12. I barely watch as is but whether or not who judges it gives people a chnce they didnt have before to make their dream so they should keep it around

  13. Honestly, as a lot of people have said, American Idol won’t be the same without Simon. I wouldn’t watch it.

    And, as much as I love Ellen, she is not a musician. How can she be expected to detect talent?

  14. Amerian Idol is a singing competition no doubt but Simon Cowell makes it interesting. Why would a person like Ellen want to be on the show when she knows nothing about music. It was bad enough her being a judge on “So you think you can dance”. BORING!!!

  15. I agree with a lot of the people, Ellen is just not what I would expect for a judge on American Idol, Maybe on a show like Last comedian Standing. Everybody loves to hate Simon…It will not be the same without him…I probably will not watch next year..

  16. I would watch without Simon, however, I plan on NOT watching this show because of Ellen DeGeners!!

    I love this show,but she does not need to be on this show.

  17. Ellen will be a good judge. She has the “Paula” quality of kindness and she actually is very in to music. It will be different without Simon and Paula, but growth means change and last year was kind of dull as far as the judges go so I think it is time for a change. Kara is taking some getting used to but she knows her stuff and I am sure Ellen will be equally hard to get used to in that position but I am sure people will watch. If for no other reason, just to see what does happen.

  18. Yes! Will miss Simon’s comments as they are always true….but can’t wait to see what Ellen has to say -love her! (she was so funny on “SO you think you can dance”)

  19. I didn’t watch alot this time.. did alot of fast forwarding throught the ad parts. I just thought that the talent is going a little to the wayside. I have to agree Simon is the show and Paula was pasrt of that. Simon leaving will make it “too nice”. Ellen is GREAT, but will she be able to help them to the winner circle? As she said in an interview, she is just like the viewers at home. So shouldn’t she be a guest judge? Kiara, (spelling), is talented however she got to me right away… she would critisize someone but if Randy, Simon or Paula said something else then she would jump in with them…! Seems odd. I wish they would have gotten Kristen Chenowith… that ladys rocks… gorgeous voice like and angel and she can act her tooshie off.

  20. OMG!! No Simon No Idol sorry— I love Ellen but as an Idol Judge no I think not
    I am very sad but it was a good run

  21. No, will not watch Idol without Simon. Not even sure will watch it this coming season without Paula. Idol should quit while it’s ahead was a good show but seems it’s seen it’s better days.

  22. NO WAY! this will be my last year watching it if they go (especially simon….he makes the show!!).

  23. I’ll definitely be watching Simon Cowell when he goes to the X Factor. I’m really going to miss Paula, Simon, & Randy on American Idol, but after next year…good bye to American Idol for me.

  24. No I will not be watching American Idol this year……….Ellen can in no way replace Paula and I cannot stand Kara…And if Simon leave’s You can kiss American Idol Good==Bye………………

  25. Real disappointed to hear Simon won’t be back after this season. I don’t see how the show can go on without him since he made it worthwhile to watch. It should be interesting to see who they would get to replace him.

  26. LOL – who will they get to replace Simon? Hmmm. I have an idea!! How about Geraldo Rivera? After all, he’s qualified – he has 2 ears.

  27. I live in the UK and the X-Factor is rubbish. I much prefer American Idol. The X-Factor is more like Britain’s got talent. Also I thought American Idol is the X-Factor but for America.

  28. love simon!! I will watch his final year and then idol will be all done for me. He is the only one who tells these kids the truth. He is rarely wrong. The others blow smoke…

  29. I live in the uk and love American Idol. Paula Abdul,although beautiful and talented, never seemed to make sense anyway so no great loss there!! Simon Cowell leaving the show will be a hugh miss but, there must be someone else that can step in.Someone with some proven talent would be a start!!Unlike Paula’s replacement!!
    I can’t believe in a country with the amount of talented stars in it as the US they see fit to have Ellen “totally unfunny/ musically untalented” DeGeneres sit on the judging panel.Have they ever seen her talk show??!!
    Did Simon help choose Paula’s replacement ready for next year to make sure his X Factor show will be a sure hit I wonder?
    Whatever happens the powers that be need to choose either a top music mogul or an outspoken rocker as Simon’s replacement. (P.S Not our Ozzy because you need a replacement who doesn’t need subtitles)!
    Or perhaps….the queen of pop Madonna?

  30. I cannot believe Ellen DeGeneres will be a judge. She is not funny, she cannot sing or dance and she will just tuen people off. What were they thinking??????

  31. Once Simon leaves American Idol will be over. There just isn’t a show without Simon. Maybe I’ll watch the country version of American Idol, not sure of the name “Country Star” or something like that. It’s not so bad if you like country music but it doesn’t really challenge the contestants like American Idol did with the variety of music.

  32. I am 61 years old and have been watching American Idol now for about 5 years However, I will not watch this program as long as Ellen Degeneres is a judge. Paula would be so much better. She knows nothing about music and she doesn’t really make me laugh. If you drop Ellen maybe Simon would stay on.

  33. In french we have a word who is : dégénérée… I think meen the same in english. Kind of stupid. I agree with Marcus when he say that he don’t understand WHY WHY WHY the choose Degenered to replace Paula.

    She sound unrealed. She is not musician.

    And If Simon is leaving too… Where American Idol is going : nowhere… a real nowhere.


  35. i love ellen but i think paula’s sudden departure has left a scar and with simon gone american idol is basically “sh** out of luck”. american idol consists of 3 main strong points. paula- the sweet girl that cant say no. simon- the big bad english man that everyone fears. and last but not least randy- the bigg dawgg. with only one of the origional judges left, i must say i will abjure american idol. i beleive the ratings will fall and it will crumble. so lets make this season the best and let it be filled with both sad and humorous events!

  36. and for all of you dissing ellen i must say that is not verry kind-tho it is a free country. i am a big fan of ellen and altho she is not specifically music related, i think this will be good because for those who are fans of the ellen degenres show will note that she sings and dances verry frequently on her show and she does have some musical knowledge.

  37. and yes i think peirs should of been on the show, maby perhaps fire kara and put him on? -just saying- ^.^

  38. Does anyone know about the XFactor? Does this program search for singing talant in the USA, as well as the UK?

  39. I am a HUGE fan of American Idol and I believe that the show will lose alot of veiwers because without simon and paula the show will be nothing.I mean I love those two and I believe that the show is gonna die without them and I think that simon and paula should stay.I know paula left but I believe that she was the show along with simon.I am a Idol fan And i cant stand ellen degenerous she knows nothing about music and she is not cool.I dont think ellen should be a judge on Idol.She will ruin things for the show and she will definitely make things worse for the show.I dont think its right to replace simon and paula with people who dont know a single thing about music.I ersonally will watch this season only because of simon but if thy continue without simon they need to cancel the show because its nothing wsithout simon paula and randy.I also feel bad for randy because they were all friends and now he is going to be the only original judge.I say have a poll of viewers to keep all the original judges on Idol.I say yes to that.Please keep the original judges.Veiwers will decrease and the show will lose me u need people on the show who know music not comedians,actors,or people who know nothing about music.

  40. I am not sure if I will watch it this season. I will see how it is without Paula. Even though she didn’t always seem to know what was going on, I liked her. I don’t know why they replaced her with someone with no musical background. I know I will not watch it next year. It will not be the same without Simon. I think the show is really going down hill.

  41. AMERICAN IDOL HAS TO CONTINUE!! People don’t watch it because they adore Simon; they watch it because of the fantasy of seeing people’s dreams come true — and the laughter of seeing people who think they are great but are horrible. I’m not a fan of Ellen; I agree that it was a mistake to bring her on. It makes the show about being controversial instead of staying Neutral, plus you need people who know something about music to base their judging on – otherwise why should America listen to the judges? However, I don’t despise anyone; and I will still watch the show in future years!!!!! =D

  42. No Way….Ellen can not replace Paula…Kara is a B&%$#! Randy is Randy…but, without should die…enough already…its time to put it to rest…

  43. I can’t believe all of the negativity aimed at Ellen! I absolutely love her! While she may not have any musical experience she certainly has experience as a performer, which is a huge part of being an American Idol. I think she is very in tune to what the public likes, and I think it will be a great fit. As for watching the show after Simon leaves, I don’t think it will be an issue because I don’t think they will continue the show without him.

  44. i think they should let mary j blidge be a judge for 2011 or queen latitafah because the have a musical background

  45. I love Ellen and think she will be an asset to the show! She does have vast knowledge about music, and what she does not know-she will make up for with her sparkling personality and comedic skills! It seems a lot of people are dissing her about being on the show-and I say poo-poo to you! She will be great, we will miss Simon though, surley Ellen will add some interest though!

  46. Negativity is being aimed towards ellen because she craks on every celeb when she has the chance and now shes gonna judge a show she has no right being on after cracking on it
    i say absolutely no ellen

  47. American Idol is American Idol I must agree, Like a few others have stated It’s about the contestants not the judges, Don’t dog it until you have proof it’s going to suck by watching it first, But I must add Simon will be missed.

  48. I have no idea who this Ellen is. Never even heard of her. I, for one, will be watching it this year. I would like to see who she is and am quite happy to have no previous opinion of her so that I can judge her solely based off of how well she does on this show. I think you all should do the same thing. Give her a chance.
    But, I must say, it is not going to be the same when Simon leaves.

  49. I have loved this show and the talent it brings forth. tothose who complain about who does or doesnt win…we are the ones who vote the winner. Not always the right one but face it, if they make it to the finals, they have a great chance of a career that succeeds!!
    As far as the judges,…honestly Paula drove you nuttz but she was part of the show and will be missed, Simon leaves and I think its over and while I love Ellen, she is NOT musically inclined and her strong features as a comedian and talk show host only brings a bit of a “joke” to the show……………not a good choice and makes it a total sham!

  50. You don’t have to be a musician to appreciate musical talent. All of us who vote each year can attest to that. I think it is a great venue for people who would otherwise never stand a chance.

  51. How do any of you know for sure that Ellen knows nothing about music, just because that is not her talent doesn’t mean she knows nothing about it. It doesn’t necessarily take a musician to know what sounds good and to recognize talent. Also agree with some of you that it is about the contestants, not about the judges.

  52. Can’t say wether or now I’ll watch. Simon is an mainstay and so is Randy. At least Ellen will add some lightheartedness to the show and we WON”T have to watch Paula (in whatever stupor she was in) hang all over Simon. I love the show, it is an absolute must see for me, I’d have to see who will replace Simon before I cast my vote on to watch or not to watch.. But, I am positive that it will never be as good as it was without Simon.

  53. I’m not sure if I ‘ll continue to watch AI after this season… I’ve enjoyed it for several years, love watching the candidates as they progress from amateur’s to “stars”… but I’ve really enjoyed the judges… despite Paula’s shortcomings, she softened the blows handed out by Simon & Randy. Without Simon, the curmudgeon, the show will definitely have holes. I’ll miss them both.

  54. It would depend on who replaces Simon for me to make a decision on whether or not I would continue to watch AI without him. I enjoy listening to the judges’ comments as much as I enjoy hearing the talented contestants, and I must admit that Simon has always been my favorite judge. Paula’s just adorable and added a kind air to the show; she would make a contestant feel good about themselves even when their performance was not top notch. I have not yet formed a concrete opinion of Kara (sp?), and I am a little sad that Randy will be the only original judge left. But Randy has the ability to be soft at heart, and he can also let a contestant know what they are doing wrong. I am a fan of Ellen, and I think we should all give her a chance before we crucify her. I would have that opinion of any newcomer to the show. So, I guess I’ll just wait and see how this all pans out. I would truly miss AI if it was taken off the air. This show has a unique quality that no other current program possesses. It would truly be missed.

  55. The judge is out on Ellen…must wait and see. I agree with the world that Simon is key draw factor. Although the best talent does not always win the true talent will be successful anyway. 2009 result was ridicuous. Adam has more talent than all the other top ten put together. Lose because he is gay? Probably. But then he has only lost “Idol” title….he will be a super star.

  56. I don’t think the selection can be as good without Simon. He’s the only one who really have the right ears in there. This is such a gift to have ears and being able to hear all the little notes and wrong ones. I’m sad to see him go. I don’t think the show will ever be as good once he will be gone ;n;

  57. I think Ellen will be honest, straight forward and funny. I think Simon should stay with the show. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A lot of times because an actor/host/judge is popular on one show, their head gets big and they leave thinking they are going to be as popular on another – not thinking of the fans who made them that way. Same with Paula – should have committed to the show.

  58. even though simon is the negative one most of the time….it will not be the same witout him….he makes it funny…nd its not goin to be the same witout him:(( really im goin to say it one more time its not goin to be the same witout randy, simon and paula:((

  59. Kara is a fllower not a leader therefore sucked as a judge. Ellen is a very poor replacement for Paula havig no music backround whatsoever.. And the show without the truthfullness & proffessional knowledge given by Simon is no show at all!! This will be the begining of the end of IDOL. BYE!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Isn’t X-factor going to be the exact same thing as American Idol. I mean it’s a competetion for singers also. The only difference are the rules and stuff…but still…They should just scrap American Idol so talent can focus on X-factor

  61. Last year was the LAST year for my family to wath AI. It was the best year for AI but in the end it wasn’t about the most talented. Simon could see the end coming for this show. it certainly was the end for us.

  62. Without paula, Idol is still okay, or so I think.. but without Simon, no way.. he is so good, his and paula’s comments are the only ones i’m listening to. No way! No Simon, no Idol!

  63. This will be my last season of American Idol. I don’t think Ellen is qualified to be an AI judge, and is no replacement for Paula. As for Simon, he will be sorely missed and I think AI should quit while it’s ahead. This should be their last season as well. Don’t get me wrong, AI is a wonderful show and I am a big fan, but it just won’t be the same!

  64. I think Ellen will be fine. At least I’ll be able to drag myself to watch it. I never cared for American Idol but because Ellen joined the cast sign me up! Until the auditions ends.

    For those of you complaining she has no idea about music HELLO she works in Hollywood. They get voice lessons all the time. She knows what good music and bad music should sound like. Really? You can put a monkey up there and he can tell you if someone sounds good or bad! It’s OBVIOUS! Especially in the auditions, most of them are horrible and they only show like 2 or 3 good singers in one episode. If they only showed all the good singers during the auditions a lot of people wouldn’t even bother. American Idol was always a joke but now it’s more entertaining. =D

  65. Hell no I wouldn’t watch. Simon, Paula, and Randy made the show. When Kara came on last season I went from watching live to recording the shows. I can’t stand Kara, so I fast forward any and all comments passed by her. Now that Simon is leaving, I too, will not be watching what was once my favorite show.

  66. I can not stand Kara, she had the stupidest comments, I don’t think she knew what the hell she was saying. They should have just stayed with 3 judges, and when Paula left, they should not have brought in another 4th judge, that knows NOTHING about music. I can not stand looking at her wierd eyes, I was not going to even bother with AI this year, I figured I would catch clips of simon and randy judging. Simon, bring Randy to X Factor with you, if that is your new challenge, offer Paula a job and you will have a HUGE hit.

  67. Michelle, it is more than just sound. only someone that knows nothing about music would say that.

  68. American Idol must end there is no point to leave it without Simon and he has his head in American X Factor. It was good as long as this lasted but is time to move on. Simon place is a shoe too big to fit in.

  69. Simon was a big part of American Idol without him it will be boring watch. Simon comment good or bad make the show alive most of the time he knows what his taking about

  70. AI IS Simon and Paula–He tells it exactly like it is and she ALWAYS finds something nice to say. Without both of them, there is no show. I’m not happy about Ellen, but will watch because of Simon and Randy. When Simon is gone, I will be too.

  71. Ok IF Simon leaves the show will not be the same
    Already bad enough with the 2 women they have on there now….
    I like Randy ,but dont think I’ll be watching it anymore… Sorry Dawg…..But the women on there are killing the show, and no Simon….

  72. Ellen? What in the world are you thinking? For the first time I will NOT be watching AI. Now, Simon is heading out? Who is in control there? Sorry, dumb question…NOBODY!
    Fire Ellen and find a person in the music industry. Keep Simon….He is the show!

  73. Ellen is a silly goose!. I hated it when they let her be the host of the Academy Awards.. She should just do her talk show and leave it at that. Personally, I don’t find her funny at all, and will not be a good judge on Idol.

  74. Victoria Beckham was the guest judge on American Idol last. Frankly, if we could get her as a judge I think things would be interesting.

  75. American Idol should of kept Paula, Simon and Randy! They are American Idol. and the three always made it interesting. They could of replaced Ryan he does not make the show. Paula, Randy & simon did. Like ellen as a comedian/ talk show host!

  76. I really like Simon, he makes the show ,and he is very honest in what he says,for the most part I agree with him.

  77. AI producers now you have done it. I could have gone 50-50 about Paula staying or going. But Cowell leaving is the killer for this show. Frankly, its been dying for some years now anyway. Simon is the man, that’s it. You could lose Paula and Randy but Simon is the show. Randy can’t hold it up next year because he doesn’t have the swagger of Cowell. Karla is a dope. Who out there can replace Cowell, no one. I predict Idol tanks next year.

  78. Simon will be missed, as Paula is missed. They were great as judges. Ellen should remain a talk show comedian, don’t mingle with the american idol judges. It’s not your place. I don’t enjoy watching Kara. So now we’ll have to watch “Kara and Ellen”? Don’t ruin the show. Find other judges.

  79. Let’s face it, after Simon leaves there is no American Idol. Simon and Paula were precious together, as well as funny. I’ll be waiting for the X-Factor in 2011… when they both will be on.

  80. I think the show will suffer without simon being there but i dont think it will be the end of the show! Lets give ellen a chance! Shes really funny and i cant wait to see her! I just wish she was on the show from the beginning!

  81. OMG ! Simon ! Please re-think this decision ! I Believe The American Idol Ratings Will Drop Drastically If Simon Were To Leave The Show !! Its Bad enough that we lost Paula , Which is Missed So Much And Now Losing Simon !! Good Luck Because the ratings will Drop ! American Idol Is A Very Popular Show and People Love Watching Simon on their ! The Show Will Not Be The Same And NOR Will Be The Ratings !! Re-think It Simon , You are loved By Millions !

  82. I just cannot believe Simon is leaving. Simon made the show quite interesting. I still might watch, but Paula AND Simon gone next year, American Idol won’t be half as fun.I hope Simon would re-think it.

  83. After a few episodes of AI this season, don’t see any thing different or anything that can keep it afloat once simon leaves. Thousands tried out but there is no real appeal to the show like before. Now as for the judges, randy, okay but not simon, kara, is annoying, ellen, still don’t know why she is on this show, and some mysterious replacement for simon to be named at a later date. All that spells falling ratings. Heck, even this year’s show is a drag. Nice work AI producers, I guess you wanted to end the show on a somewhat high note.

  84. I have been watching American Idol for the past few weeks, mainly because I really enjoy Simon Cowell, though at times I don’t agree with him, there is no doubt in my mind that without him AI will lose a great deal of their viewers. This season just doesn’t seem to interest me, as it did when both Simon and Paula were on AI together. And I guess, now that Simon is leaving, American Idol seems to be fading as something I enjoy. AI going to one hour didn’t help either.

  85. who is going to replace simon next year it should be rayon c creset let me know who

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